Monday, March 30, 2009

We're Not Just TwiTarded, We're TwiTardy

I am chronically late. Almost always. It's not that I don't care; I do. A lot, in fact. So I am late and totally stressed about it most of the time. In bloggerland, this means that I start a lot of posts that I don't finish because I get an idea and jot down some thoughts, but by the time I make anything semi-coherent out of it, it's too late/been done/old news (most recent example: a post titled "Is R-Patts a Stinker? It Just Doesn't Matter!").

Apparently my tardiness is rubbing off on JJ, because she's usually on top of things and is quick to chastise me for running constantly behind. So we're hanging our collective heads in shame that we didn't get to this sooner, but from Jenny Jerkface and me, a big thanks to TwiCrack Addict, Pillow Biter, and Danger Magnet for awarding us the "You're Blog is Fabulous!" award last week! We looooove reading all the other Twi-themed blogs out there, and frankly while we're still rather shocked that people even read us in the first place, getting tagged with this bloggy goodness makes us feel all warm and uber-gushy inside. Just like almost everything Twilight-related tends to do. (Really, who can blame us for being so obsessed with Twilight? Who doesn't like feeling smooshy inside?!)

It's our understanding that we're now supposed to spread the love to five of our fave blogs and then list five of our addictions. Or something like that... However, because we are so lame late, it appears that all of our most favoritest blogs have (of course) been duly noted for their wonderfullness. TwiCrack, Pillow Biter, Danger Magnet, Twilog, Inappropriate Twilight Obsession and the like - look at our blog list! - your witty banter and great posts nearly get me fired from work on a daily basis. If I have to explain to the IT guys why there is coffee sprayed all over the monitor one more time I'm pretty sure I'll be canned.

And things I am addicted to???
  1. Twilight/all things related to Twilight (obvs! I'm a relative newbie, but I fell hard!)
  2. Blogging (see above...) - writing, reading, staring at Sitemeter stats...
  3. The "orange" food group (includes Cheez-its, Cheetos, Cheese Doodles, Cheesey Poofs - you get the idea...) and all the other food groups, too (I am a total foodie)
  4. Hunting for awesome mid-century modern stuff at estate/tag/rummage sales
  5. Music. Almost everything, mostly indie rock. Right now I am obsessing over a couple of M. Ward songs. They say having a song stuck in your head--seriously stuck--is a sign of any number of psychological disorders, one of which is OCD. Is it wrong that this amuses me?
JJ here - STY suggested I post my other obsessions too (only because she thinks mine will somehow trump hers in the 'weird' department) so here it goes.

  1. Twilight. Natch.
  2. Music. Lots of it. All the time. Right now I'm absolutely addicted to Neutral Milk Hotel. Or Born Against if the train ride in is shitty.
  3. Trying to guess what communicable diseases my fellow commuters have and devising new ways to get them not to sit near me. (Edward used to work. So did picking my nose. I think I'm gonna just start growling at them now.)
  4. Tattoos
  5. This guy! He's my chicken.


  1. You need to post "Is R-Patts a Stinker? It Just Doesn't Matter!" I, for one, think it's still fresh material. Pun intended. :p

    And I want a ferret, damnit. But my cat is do friggin' possessive, I worry he won't take kindly to a new family member.

    Thanks for the nod! :)

  2. LOL!

    Ferrets are adorable, amazing, naughty, stinky and just plain wonderful. Oh, and they will rob you blind. I love him even though he's a squirmy and steals all all my stuff. They're tough critters, though. They get really sick. Just a word of advice - if you ever do get a ferret, make sure you set aside a whole lot of money for vet bills.

  3. Aww, I love you guys! I was going to give it to y'all, but I saw that you'd already been given it like 50 million times because y'all are so awesome! Keep up the good work and hilarious posts!!

  4. Aw, shucks! Thanks Whitley! Personally, we think all of you guys rock. :)

  5. Cute ferret!!! I am thirty and heart the Twilight books too - had to read them cause my 24 yr old sister in law would not stop talking about it. But I love it...
    glad I happened upon your blog!

  6. JJ! U have tattoos?! nd yes. i really am archivingg iit out today.


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