Monday, March 16, 2009

You Like Us! You Really Like Us!!! (A Little...)

We finally put the "Twilight Top Blog" link on our page last night, and despite the fact that it still says "110" on the widget here as of this posting, and I was getting ready to type out out a groveling post if that's what it would take to get us at least into the top 100 so that I could stop dying of embarrassment, I've just found out from the Twilight Top Blogs site (which I guess updates more frequently) that we've moved up to #93! I'm aware that this is still not exactly an accomplishment that most people would crow about, but I have to say I am tickled! I also have to confess that I am not 100% sure how this ranking thingy works, but if people are voting for us, thank you thank you THANK YOU! We [heart] all you other Twilight fans, bloggers and whatever it is you call the people who run the many websites we frequent (webmasters? I have no clue - please see post below for a full commentary on my technical ineptitude). Woo-hoo!!!


  1. Thanks, TwiCrack! We like you, too!!! (And we bow in awe of your top-ten status...): )

  2. I like you :) Plus I posted a link to this site on our Twi F.B group encouraging people to drop by.


  3. Thanks -Corr! We'll definitely check it out!


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