Sunday, April 19, 2009

Edward Gets a Twilight Tattoo

Well, not really. He figured that would be like getting Bella's name tattooed on his arm - everyone knows that getting your lover's name inked on you is a guaranteed relationship killer.

A few weeks ago Edward and I were perusing 1000 Tattoos. I was interested in getting some ink work done and Edward decided he wanted one, too. He hoped to find a nice picture of a mountain lion that he could have tattooed on his back.

Unfortunately, when we went down to the studio to make our appointments, it turned out that Edward couldn't get one after all. The needle was no match for his hard, cold, marble flesh! He was a tad disappointed but still offered to come with me when I got mine.

So, on Friday, STY, Edward and I hustled off to the tattoo studio so I could get inked. To be honest, STY and I spent a good deal of time plotting how we were going to get pictures of us and Edward at the tattoo studio. Cameras were packed, cell phones were switched to silent and Edward was tucked discreetly into STY's purse.

And then our excursion was totally thwarted by one single man. He was young-ish, your typical beefy looking tough-guyfrat asshole boy and he was assigned to the chair in the same room as I was. As he and his entourage flooded into the tiny room, STY's expression went from I'm-the-ninja-with-the-camera to uh-oh-Houston-we-have-a-problem.

My back was to those fuckers but STY gave me a subtle shake of the head and returned her camera (and Edward) back to her purse with a sad, little sigh. She did, however, manage to snag a couple of pictures with her cell phone but we were hoping to involve Edward in the whole process.I DO NOT have elephantitis of the tit - it's the chair.

Almost there!

Edward approves (but he's still mad he got stuck in STY's bag)

We had plotted for so long that we were just plain fecking disappointed that Mr. Whiny-baby-bitch (he whimpered the whole gawddamn time he was getting his tattoo) and his gang had to ruin it for us that STY made one last desperate attempt to take a picture of poor Edward.

We tried, we really did

Oh, and to Mr. Whiny-baby-bitch - you suck for ruining our plans. And your tattoo was crooked.


  1. I am SO laughing right now! Not at the tattoo but because you actually have one of those $130 Edward action figures! the hair as real as they claim it to be?!

  2. LOL! I hate to disappoint, Koolio, but Edward didn't cost $130.00. We got him a long time ago but I think he was actually under twenty bucks.

    If I had enough money to buy an Edward that expensive I'd... well, I'd have a whole more more tattoos than I do. :)

  3. Okay so now you have to dish where you found an Edward doll for under $20 because my 8 year old daughter would totally want one!

  4. Your tattoo is really pretty!!
    Too bad Eddie couldn't get one. The mountain lion idea was completely amazing. MUCH better than a Cullen Crest tattoo.

  5. @Koolio - I think STY ordered them online. Hot Topic? It was a while ago.

    @EtomyB - Thank you!! I love getting tattooed. I was really tempted to go on a 'please, please think about getting a Twilight tattoo for a LOOOONG time before you do it' tangent but refrained. I have more than a few tattoos and in general, getting names of bands, books, friends, lovers, etc., is usually a really bad idea.

  6. I freakin love the new ink!

    I will be getting my 3rd and final tattoo soon. (stupid hubs...says no more ink..ugh) So send lil Edward to me and I'll have my ink-guy(Mundo) take a picture with him. Maybe give him never know! Oh....or a tiny heart on his tiny hiney that says "JJ Forever" Ok. Fine.


  7. Nice!!!!
    Poor Eddie tho-but think of the carnage-he totally would of tore the whiny-baby-bitch head off anyways.

  8. I love it!! Of course he couldn't get a tatoo, the marble flesh...I love it!!!

  9. LOL! Mr. whiny-baby-bitch really was a wussy. Edward would have totally taken his head off.

    Thanks for all the comments!

    And, Edward with sleeves would make him even hotter! And more badass (if that were possible).

  10. @koolio - JJ is right - you, too, can own your very own mini-Edward for the low, low price of $19.99 at Hot Topic. You might be thinking of the Tonner doll, which has "real" hair (mini-Edward is all plastic) and is larger and a lot more expensive (as well as a tad creepy imho).
    : )
    If you buy one online, do a search for "Hot Topic coupon code" before you make a purchase - you can likely save a few bucks!
    : )

  11. What a lovely group of people on this blog! :)
    Seriously, not just saying that.

    I've been debating a tattoo for years now, even have a friend who is a tattoo artist and my husbands got them, but I am such a wimp. Maybe if I had my very own "min-Edward" to hold my hand while I was getting one I would be brave enough to do so??? hummm... food for that.

    Love the new tat and thanks for the great blog. Gives me something to aspire too. ;)
    (Boy I'm a kiss ass for sure. LOL)

  12. LOL! You make me smile with Edward and all his pics. Love them. Oh and your tatoo is soo cute. What does it represent?

  13. That's a sweet tat JJ!! You should have taken a pic of whiny-bitch crying over his tatoo. Or told him to grow a pare, or something in general to make him feel like the douche he was for ruining mini-Ed's trip to the tatoo studio.

    We, well, I should say I, got my mini-Ed at Hot Topic for $16.99. He likes to play guitar hero with me!

  14. @cuteangieK - If you're afraid of tattoos hurting - they aren't as bad as you might think. If you ever want to chat about tattoos, send us an email. I love chatting about tattoos nearly as much as I do about Twilight. And thank you for the kind words!! We love them!

    @Honolulu Girl - Thank you!! The tattoo is actually a brooch that STY picked up for me at an estate sale a while ago. I just thought it was really pretty.

    @Aunt_B - I heard once that the reason women have the babies is because men are too fecking wimpy to deal with the pain. After seeing Mr. whiny-baby-bitch, I have to agree. We were afraid his entourage would cause a stink, since it would look like STY was taking pics of them, and not me.

    I love guitar hero!!! Just ask STY, lol. Or not, actually.

  15. Although she refused to get "STY" in a nice banner under the new tat, JJ knows that I now refer to the new works as "my tattoo" since I found the brooch. And there's nothing she can do to stop me.
    JJ is the only one I know who plays Guitar Hero as if it were a fighter game. If you could get extra points for cussing and faux-guitar-smashing, she would be unstoppable. I, on the other hand, suck at GH big-time (I've got no rhythm. at all.).

  16. Great tattoo! It's beautiful! Kudos to STY for finding that brooch for you.

  17. STY is like a bloodhound when it comes to finding really great stuff like that. Between you and me (and everyone else who reads this) I've totally seen her shove little old ladies out of the way at yard sales. ;)

  18. Why Ms. JJ you aren't a Jerkface at all! LOL
    Oh I will be taking advantage of your offer. :)

    My birthday is this weekend and I've been saying for years now that it was my deadline! But as always, I'm extending it. ;)

    I'm thinking I need to email you and find out what ya got. Wowzers look at me jumping into this blogging world. I'm a total noob!

    Aunt B I'm loving the thought of Mini Edward playing Guitar Hero. :)

  19. @cuteangieK - Aww, ain't you sweet! Definitely send an email at and I'll get back to you.

    I'm a huge fan of tattoo and, as STY can tell you, I take the whole thing very seriously.

  20. This is the greates thing ever! I love your wity sense of humor! Elephantitis of the tit... bahahaha! :D

  21. Geez, $130 for that peice of crap Edward?
    Fuck me.

  22. Cool tattoo tho'

  23. I laughed for a good 5 minutes @ I DO NOT have elephantitis of the tit - it's the chair.

  24. This is the greates thing ever! I love your wity sense of humor! Elephantitis of the tit... bahahaha! :D


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