Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twi-Tardy Photo Series Continues!

OK, folks - JJ and I are each dealing with our own personal hells at work this week - and we are massively sorry, but we are slacking... I won't bore ya' with the gory details, but suffice it to say that most of our conversations today were filled with "Why me?! WHY?!"-wails of much-deserved self-pity. As you can imagine, in the evenings, alcohol has been required to ease the pain of the day. So now seems like an auspicious if not perhaps too soon time to share another you-may-have-missed-this-but-even-if-you-didn't-you-probably-forgot-how-effing-awesome-it-is pic from the Twarchives...

For your viewing consideration, may I present to you an out-take from the Vanity Fair photo shoot - this originally surfaced some time back in January [holy crap did I miss a lot of stuff in January!!! wtf was I doing, anyway?!] - I know this one got around and even was a "Twilight Friending" meme, but I wasn't doing much in bloggyville back then and I guess nobody wanted to be my Twi-friend at the time [whaaaaaa!!], so...

All I can say is that this pic is fantastic and I think that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Cam Gigandet all ganged up on Taylor Lautner, little-brother-style... Clearly, hilarity ensued:Seriously, is it just me or does Rob totally have his fingers poised to clamp down on Taycob's nip?! Purple nurple, anyone??? [I could have have went any number of ways with this, but it's late and he's waaay too young for me to be talking about him like this and I feel dirty now...]

And fine - I swore I would post this pic on a regular basis just because it's awesome and makes me melt so what the heck - can you ever really have too many pictures like this? No. You cannot.

"Goodnight, Snarkier... I'll come tuck you in in a minute..."


  1. That was a great pic of some of the Twilighters; and it's not just you. He is definitely giving him a purple nurple :) The RPat pic is smoldering. It looks like he's about to go do something very James Bondish :)

    Oh yeah, I tagged you in a post. Check it out @

  2. I love the pics from the GQ mag. and I adore that Vanity Fair photo shot. A friend of mine has dubbed the one of Mr. Pattinson and Kristin as “a whole lot of sexiness going on.” Long I know but oh so very true.

    I'm trying to find a "hidden" spot in my house to hide this GQ pic of Mr. Pattinson, a place Mr. K and the kids can't find. ;)

    Sorry about the bad work week. :( BLAH!

    You ladies sure are popular cause just like "for the love of pictures" I seem to constantly be writing about you.

  3. i LOVE the GQ photos! that pic is on my lie! i love it that much! and my husband doesn't care! woot woot!

  4. I have that GQ magazine. I went on a mad hunt for it! He is now on my bedside table.

  5. If you haven't seen this, hopefully it will cheer you both up. Hitler was not dazzled by Breaking Dawn....

    It kills me everytime.

  6. For how many times I have looked at that photo I never noticed the true positioning of his hand--definitely purple nurple. How did I miss that?

    cutangiek--I keep my intact GQ next to my side of the bed with all my reading material. My husband doesn't seem to notice...and there Rob is staring at me with those bedroom eyes every night and every morning. No need to hide it.

    Thanks STY and JJ for the great blog--you two are brilliant and freakin' hilarious.

  7. I love the GQ photos, infact my GQ magazine is wrapped in plastic, (I know, I know, I didn't want it to get bent or have water spill on Edward's, I mean Rob's beautiful face). I have to admit I have stared at the New Moon Wolfpack picture about a million times today. Damn them, why are the wolves soo hot! Has anybody seen that pic.. I'm Team Edward, but I'm just looking.

  8. @ Honolulu Girl - I have my suspicions that STY also has a copy of that mag wrapped in plastic somewhere. When it first came out they put a whole wall of that cover out in the newsstand at the train station. Oddly enough, I seemed to stumble every time I walked by it. Must not have been looking where I'm going...

  9. Sigh...I love that GQ pic of him...I have that magazine in my office and look at it frequently, in addition to my giant Edward poster on my wall. People think I am weird!!!

  10. Stacy (formerly SEJ207)April 23, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    God those GQ pics make me drool all over myself... kudos to that photog!! Holy shit batman!! And dude, I totally thought "purple nurple" when I first saw that photo too! Love it!

  11. @Stacy/SEJ207 - yeah i almost went into shock the first time i saw that pic, too! and you changed your name - woohoo! not that i don't like maine, because i do. : )

    @Momma T - i don't have the guts to out myself at work, but my closet if a virtual wonderland of twilight and r-patts stuff! too bad i can't hang out in there often - lol...

    @Honolulu Girl - yup JJ is right - i bought one to paw through and one to save. she knows me too well... and that wolf-pack pic was drool-worthy - r-patts has his work cut out for him before they shoot the bell-tower scene!

    @VitaminR70 - thanks!! And any more trips with Edward to share with us??? I loved that...

    @mmMoxie - cool - I will have to check it out later!! stupid work/office blocks youtube... i wonder why??? lol...

    @Cullen Hiney Tingles - LOL!!! OK, you win the prize for my new fave name - that cracked me up! And I thik I posted like three different times about my hunt for tht magazine - it was maddening but totally worth it when i finally got my greedy mitts on it!

    @kdgrimmer - well, i can't put mine on the fridge, but at least DG didn't question my sudden interest in GQ! : )

    @cuteangieK - cool! i will have to check it out when work is not totally consuming my life! ok, tonight. because i am that vain. if i was a celeb i wouldn't be able to stop reading about myself - lol!

    @for the love of pictures - thanks for the meme - i hope i can do it! and i was totally thrown by the apparent nipple-twisting going on. d-i-r-t-y boy, that r-patts! yum.

  12. @cuteangiek - where do you write???

    i swear i will never keep track of all this stuff - lol!

  13. *sigh* I freaking heart the crap outta the GQ pic!

  14. @VitaminR70 you are my hero! My husband is a "teaser" I would NEVER live it down! ;)My friend and I are finding secret places that we can stash Mr. Pattinson, so we can see his face without having to explain.

    @Snarkier Than You I <3 Google Images. ;)

    I'll tell you where I write but it's not any good! LOL I'm random and ridiculous. I started about two weeks ago officially but have been posting Super Secret Twilight Notes on FB for a few months. When they changed over to New SucksBooks I decided to get a blog. ;)

  15. @Snarkier Than You...I so wish I had more up my sleeve with Pocket Edward but, alas, my duties as a mother, wife and worker bee prevail. You should just be like me and watch it over and over again....I still laugh...especially considering we had no plans to do anything like seriously just happened. The video portion was even an accident--my digital camera was unintentionally switched over to video. There are some tentative plans to go back out to the peninsula and break treaty and go to La Push--we shall see. For now just keep watching--thank for the nice ladies rock! Sorry for the shameless self promotion. :)
    @cuteangiek good luck with the hiding places. Let us know what clever Rob placements you come up with. I need to be subtle as well. Especially since, well, I am in cougar territory when it comes to age difference.

  16. @VitaminR70 You have totally given me a new mission in life. I promise to give you a heads up when I finally find the perfect resting place for Mr. Pattinson.

    Oh and the p to the s: My friend and I call him Mr. Pattinson because we feel it makes him sound older thus making us feel not as dirty. LOL

    Proving we have completely lost it. But he is just so yum yum. And I seriously NEVER say that about celebrities! Well, there is my George Clooney crush. ;)

  17. @cuteangiek I hit the motherload yesterday when I found the Twilight Sweethearts Conversation Hearts on clearance at my neighborhood grocery store. So, with the excuse of my daughters being present, I bought about 8 of them. So, now, the boxes are conveniently laying all over my house in various states of depletion (of the candy). It is not scruffy Rob but I get to look at him in Edward form in almost every room in my house. Someday I will need to clean them up but for now I will enjoy this secret placement and the joy it brings. I am seriously sick.


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