Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TwiCrack Addict Goes Broken Arrow; Breaks Treaty!

Well now she's gone and done it! It would appear that an out-of-control TwiCrack Addict has broken the Quileute/Vampire treaty! This pic, lifted shamelessly off of her blog, shows the cold, hard, and irrefutable evidence: OME in front of Jacob's house - clearly "on the res..." Oh TCA, what have you done?!

Ok, for reals, TCA has been sorely missed as she tries to balance visiting with the fam and set-stalking in the mysterious (and confusing to some) "Vancity" while simultaneously working on fully developing her holiday muffin-top (note: if you don't come back from a vacation carrying a few extra pounds, you didn't do it right).

And let me tell you - we HAVE noticed that she's been only posting about as much as a normal person might, and not at the super-powered-OCD-blogger-level that we have all come to know, love and, dare I say, require. In fact, yesterday was our busiest day ever here at Twitarded, and I think at least some of the folks who came our way were desperate TwiCrackheads in search of a fix.

Like most Mondays, yesterday was initially looking pretty bleak. Long work-week to face, the weather here in the North-East absolutely, positively refuses to believe it is spring, and like a lot of you probably did, I had a too-much-Easter-candy sugar-hangover.

But then, things started to look brighter almost immediately... Letters to Rob had posted for our Monday viewing pleasure not one but TWO "Best of Rob" vids - woo-hoo! Since I barely have enough time to manage my current level of Twilight obsession, I don't usually spend a ton of time on YouTube (this is also possibly due to the fact that YouTube is blocked at my office), and I had never seen these compilations before (this might be a good thing on some level, since I STILL can't get that "Sex on Fire" song out of my head...). And they were effing h-y-s-t-e-r-i-c-a-l and really made you remember why you fell head over heals for Robward in the first place. Because he's funny and charming and awkward and self-depreciating and calls himself "a big hard tool" - yeah, that's why.

Later, JJ and I were pleased to notice that we were getting more visitors than usual. We actually ended up with about twice our usual number of hits, and while it probably wouldn't seem like a big deal relative to the traffic other blogs receive on a daily basis, it was about twice what we'd been averaging (not that I obsessively monitor our stats or anything...). Let's face it - this is just us ranting and raving, no real gossip, no new and exclusive R-Patts/cast pics, just me and JJ - so we were pretty happy about it! And after checking our stats (did I mention I visit Sitemeter every two seconds?), I realized what was happening: TwiCrack's fellow addicts was getting restless and needed something anything puh-lease!!! to tide them over. Hope we helped a little! We feel your pain...

I wouldn't exactly say we're taking the blog seriously, but we're trying to keep everyone as entertained as possible! I even went and bought one of those digital voice recorder thingies so that I can make a note of idea for things to write (JJ had one and it seemed like a good idea at the time...). Unfortunately this hasn't been working out quite the way we'd planned... We have both experienced the exact same problem: the second you put that thing in front of your face and hit "record," it has the same effect as the flashy thingy from Men In Black and essentially leaves you staring at it dumbstruck and without any clue whatsoever as to what was so important in the first place. So usually what gets recorded is a litany of swear words.
[note to self: google-image search - while at work! - for "men in black flasher" ill-conceived, possibly fire-able offense...]


  1. I definetely lurked on over yesterday...and not because there wasn´t any Twicrack, because you guys are fucking (let´s bond over potty mouths) hilarious!!!

  2. Gasp!! How COULD you drop the F bomb?! So uncivilized.

    Yay! Pottymouths unite!! I bet we could swap dirty words (personally - I find 'douche' to be insanely versatile)and make a few sailors blush! ;)

  3. The biggest reason I love this blog is for the pottymouthness of it all. And hello? Douche is my favorite word! Thanks gals for the entertainment!

  4. Your so funny! I can't believe they broke the treaty! I'm so upset...hehe

  5. ok so I have a list!!!! it goes:
    (in no particular order)

    Twi crack
    laurens bite

    Thats it!!! Thats all I need.
    You guys rock

  6. Yay. And now I'm all star struck and silly 'cos you replied :)



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