Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exclusive Breaking Dawn Sneak Preview! [Spoiler]

Ah, yes, it's Saturday! And because I'm a mature, responsible adult, I've been utilizing my time efficiently by cleaning, cooking, food shopping, trolling YouTube for my daily Twilight fix. Er, I mean the fix after the one I get from making the rounds to all the blogs and websites we follow. I guess I need a lot of fixes. Or professional help. One of those. Anyhoo, some of the videos people post on there are LMFAO-hysterical, others...not so much. A few were downright dismal--bafflingly bad, even. However, I stumbled across this lovely little gem and it's definitely snortle-worthy (not sure how I feel about the music, but it's worth it - trust me).

This actually may be the only way that they will be able to get Breaking Dawn made without getting an NC-17 rating, so would-be screenwriters and directors, pay attention!

When I had wiped away the tears and fully recovered from that one, I remembered that lovely mmMoxie once sent us a link to another video that, I kid you not, had me pounding my fist on the desk because I was laughing so hard it hurt.

Like just about everything we've put up on Twitarded of late (but for entirely different reasons), this video is potentially offensive to almost everyone, so naturally, I asked JJ's opinion on whether or not I should put it out there. We all know that JJ is very sensitive to content that might be inappropriate...

STY - I'm thinking about posting the Hitler video...
JJ - Yes! Do it!
STY - But do you think that would offend people???
JJ - Are you seriously asking me that? In case you missed it, I posted a picture of Edward with a dildo. I might not be the best litmus test for offensiveness...
STY - Point taken. Regardless, I guess if we can post a picture of Edward with a fluorescent-orange vibrator, we can post the Hitler video. One week, two dicks!

So, here goes. And thanks again, mmMoxie! [mM, I don't think you are a Twitarded follower - gasp! - but I wanted to give credit where it's due!]


  1. Dying. Dying of laughter, and everyone else is in bed, and I am trying to do it quietly so I don't wake them up. So funny that I am writing in run-on sentences.

  2. hahaha........."i should have just rereadharry potter like my psychiatrist told me::


  3. OMFG that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can't wait to show that to several people. Offended? Me? Naaah. That was just freakin' brilliant. The subtitled dialog was perfect. Ha!

  4. Ooops I got so caught up in the Hitler video I completely forgot about the first one. That was funny too but not nearly as funny as the Hitler one. Hee! Hee!

  5. Too funny! Offended?! Ha! Takes a hell of a lot to offend me:) The music in the first video is Muse. It grows on ya after a while;) Or maybe not...

  6. Hey STY. I am a total follower of Twitarded. are you kidding me? You guys crack me up and inspired me to start my own blog with my fellow twitarded friends. I'll send you the link once I figure out how to get it fully up and running (I'm pretty PC-dumb). Thanks for the props on the video & I'm glad you guys liked it. The person that made it is a comic genius!

  7. omg! peed my pants!!!!! thats all i can say!

  8. Girls,
    I'm cleaning out my blogroll- adding pretty buttons to my "special bloggy friends who rock" affiliates page. I couldn't leave you guys out. But I'm still missing the triple dog dare button.

    So I had to make up my own in the meantime...hope you don't mind:

  9. I'm laughing my ass off trying not to wake up the house and resisting the urge to wake up fellow Twitards right now!

    I don't know what I liked best - "... humping Renestard's leg..." or the animation version of Charlie happily accepting vampire family and demon spawn daughter!'Kay!"


  10. What a perfect way to start my morning!!!

  11. @mmMoxie - oops! sorry for the false accustion - lol! in my defense, i DID look through the list of all the gorgeous "girls of twitarded" and didn't see your name [but i DO see a calendar in our near future - lol!] - either i am lame and i missed it or you use a different name? one of those... : ) anyway keep us posted on your blog's progress!

    @pillowbiter - ok i absolutely positively just spewed tea all over the place (when WILL i learn to not drink and blog? note to self: no beverages ever! too messy) - OME you kill me!! i'm so gullible that i'm scrolling away on your post like "wow we are so lame but that was SO nice of PB to do that for us i wonder what it's gonna look like la-la-la...SHRIEK!!" too funny! i'm crying.

    @lilu & GivMeVenom - glad i could do my part to up the snorteling factor - i would have definitely woken someone up if they'd been asleep when i first looked at that video!

    @VitaminR70 & AJ - yup, i am thinking that it would take a LOT to genuinely offend any of our regular readers - lol! i probably offend more easily (but the more i hang around jj the more desensitized to offensive things i seem to get - lol)!

    @IPW4F - the captioning in that clip is brilliant! whoever put that together deserves a prize for sure!

    @kdgrimmer - those vids are totally pee-in-your-pants funny - when people posting on youtube get it right, they REALLY get it right!

    @Marybeth - glad I could start your day off right! i know a leisurely stroll around the bloggy block always does it for me... : )

  12. Stacy (formerly SEJ207)May 3, 2009 at 12:43 PM

    OMG loved the Hitler video but man, am I the only one who loved Breaking Dawn? Seems like for a lot of people it's the red-headed step child of the series... I guess I just longed for Bella to be turned! (I do hate that baby's name, which I don't even want to type for fear of misspelling it.) And let's just get it out in the open... I don't think there's anything (with the exception of killing puppies) that will offend me!! Keep it coming ladies!

  13. Ladies - in case you can stand to laugh any more - my daughter (who patiently accepts mom's obsession) just let me know there's versions of all 4 books + Midnight Sun on YouTube by the same brilliant animator. It's LOL day for sure!

  14. You girls are awesome!!! I just found your blog and I´m sold. Definitely following from now on!!!

  15. "Stephenie farted in my face." ROTFLMAO....too hysterical! BTW, you guys rock!

  16. ok STY, Now I'm visible as a follower. I'm a dork and didn't set up my profile. Anyway, if you happen across my blog please be kind. Its in the very begining stages and my friends are even less computer savy than me. Enjoy your Sunday!

  17. Pillow Biter ROCKS MY SOCKS!
    Oh my holy goodness. Your new button on her page is for the Win!

    @JJ & STY- You both just TOTALLY my day, as always. :)
    I heart youtube. Have you guys seen the Blah Blah girls?

    @ MrsFierceShoes - that was my favorite line too. LOL

  18. Those are hilarious :-) I love the Hitler video, thank you for bringing that into my life. But I've been catching up on my Twitarded and I'm alittle upset that you guys keep apologizing for your racy posts. I love your sluttiness, don't ever change. -Maria

  19. @Stacy - we promise that no puppies (or kittens) will be hurt in the making of this blog - lol!

    @GivMeVenom - I came across the BD vid first and was in tears - i thought that i should probably do them in some order but i didn't have time to watch the others, so... i will definitely be going back to check out the rest of them - such a brilliant idea! love it...

    @Hannah - welcome! like i keep saying, the more of us there are here at Twitarded, the less nuts we're all going to look! : )

    @MrsFierceShoes - thanks!! And I LOOOOVE your name - oooh i love me some shoes... not as much as Twilight, but a LOT - lol!

    @mmMoxie - cool - thanks! And nobody can possibly be more computer-illiterate than me, so no worries! despite the snarkiness, i CAN be nice - almost always! : )

    @cuteangiek - i am in total agreement that PB rocks and that button thingy is hysterical (my usual sunday morning: make tea, go onto blogs, spew tea out nose), but we will have our own logo this week - i was hysterical when i saw the one PB made for us specially (and frankly embarrassed that she but it together so fast and we can't seem to make it happen - lol) but even WE don't want to go that far with that particular photo! : )

  20. and @ anon - don't worry - i think we're done apologizing, and everyone is stuck with us for a while - we're not losing our interest in Twilight OR parting with our smutty ways any time soon!
    : )

  21. stephanie farted in my face!!!
    LMAO..Brilliant. I don't know how the inspiratiion came (but of course i want to know)- but fantabulous. so irreverant! "team trilogy" LOL..
    can't wait for your next one!

  22. Love. LOVE!!! stick man BD. Thanks for this post.

  23. Thank you. Wow. Frackin' hilarious.

    "Stephenie farted in my face". Pure genius!!!!

    And I too love your smutty ways - don't ever change!

  24. Oh the Hitler video is the best! I'm going to show my husband because he'll love it. Hitler was not Dazzled! SM farted in his face. Love it. That was awesome. Ok, I'm going to think you else I can get to watch it. Oooh my sister will think it's funny!
    Thanks for posting!

  25. I wish I had that kid of creativity...that was flippin hilarious....

  26. the first clip i thought was hilarious, the one with hitler i did not wacth

    Why?? because i am dutch and totday we celebrated our liberty because it's 64 years ago that world war 2 ended, en we were freed of the nazi's so i can take a lot but i choose to skip it!

  27. Absolutely hilarious.

    I am only about six weeks into my Twilight obsession, and I thought I must be going crazy. It's nice to know I'm not alone! Thank you!! I've read the series a couple of times through and just last night watched the movie for the first time. And the second time. What the hell?!

  28. @ Melissa - oh you are SO not alone - lol!!! Six weeks in and already you've read the books more than once and watched the movie twice in one sitting? Welcome to the club - you've got it bad! : )

    @ Non - Totally respect your right to skip it - perhaps not the best day for you to watch it - but glad you enjoyed stick-figure BD - harmelss and funny as hell!

    @ Momma T - I don't even think I could draw stick figures that well - lol! It was dang clever - the other versions/books were pretty funny too, if you haven't checked them out!

    @ Special K - not sure we could change now if we wanted to - and we don't want to - lol! Now that the smut floodgates have been opened I don't think there's any going back... : )

    @ KinTheFlo - I'd love to hear from the person who made those - they're definitely hysterical! There some other similar stuff on YouTube, too, if you're looking for a laugh (although searching for "Hitler" anything on the web/youtube might be dicey - be careful! lol...

    @ Corr & Honolulu Girl - glad you liked them! I'm always happy to do my part to make people snortle uncontrollably at their computers. : ) (if more people start doing it then maybe I won't seem like such a freak...)

  29. @STY & JJ--You are seriously helping me bridge the gap with my husband and Twilight. First the pornographic fanfic and now the Hitler video--he loved it. That was a little odd to mention "pornographic" and "Hitler" in the same sentence....I am feeling a little dirty right now. :)

  30. The whole 'Stephenie farted in my face' thing absolute killed me. I was freaking crying so hard.

    @vitamin R70 - You slut. LOL. Twenty bucks says, if you're willing to search for it, there is a fetish out there {{shivers}} I might like kink but even I'll pass on that one... LOL!

  31. @JJ--I too will pass on the search of that particular topic. Who knew someone (you) could call me a slut on a blog (your blog) and it would make my day. Thanks JJ.

  32. WOW lol im glad you liked my video so much!! I'm the creator of the breaking dawn vid. This totally made my day!

  33. OME!!! Laughing so hard at the Hitler clip! Trying not to wake up my babies in the next room. "I miss heroines that I don't want to stab with rusty scissors". Still laughing so much I can hardly type. Thanks for re-posting. I'm so new to Twilight and the blogosphere in general. Twitarded is far and away my favorite blog. I don't know any other Twitards personally, so you all make me feel almost normal. Sigh.

  34. Dying. Dying of laughter, and everyone else is in bed, and I am trying to do it quietly so I don't wake them up. So funny that I am writing in run-on sentences.


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