Friday, May 8, 2009

Wanna Be a Vampire?! Pillow Biters Wants to Help!

Love Twilight? Secretly (or not-so-secretly) want to be a vampire? Well, head on over to Pillow Biters and enter her first-ever contest!

Ok, she can't really make you a vampire (although I'm sure she would help you there if she could). But she has some really great artists who can make you look like one - at all the stages... The rules are simple so check 'em out!

The rules according to Pillow Biter:

A- Sign up as a Pillow Biter Blogger follower or Twitter follower. Leave a comment to this post with your follower screen name in the comment box as an entry.

B- Already following me? No worries. Recruit a friend, then leave a comment to this post with your follower screen name, along with your recruited friend's follower screen name as well, both in the comment box.

C- OR, if you're already following me, come join my forum, and leave a comment to this post with your forum screen name, yes, in the comment box.

D- Are you a manip enthusiast? We're dying here for something other than a black screen with the words New Moon. Make me something yummy. Send me your original New Moon poster along with your follower screen name.

The lucky winner will win a vampirization manip - check it out at Pillow Biters!
I would totally do this if I didn't always end up looking like a four hundred pound linebacker in pictures - I'd give Emmett a run for his money. I am only slightly more photogenic than Snarkier Than You - and that's b-a-d...


  1. You guys rock- thanks so much for the shout-out! Oh, and btw, that picture was taken in great lighting, after an expensive haircut, and 20 pounds lighter. ;)

  2. no, YOU rock!! for reals... and the stuff you put together for the contest - the graphic and stuff - looks fantastic!

    if i win i am sending you a pic from my wedding (7 years ago - i looked goooood if i do say so myself - not that i am a total train-wreck now but still...) so i'm all for a tiny bit of stretching the truth here! plus you'll photoshop my chins down to one for me, right?? lol...

  3. Hey, if you look anything like you do on your banner, you're one smokin' chick with fangs!

    No, no, I can't take credit for any of that. I'm a point and click kind of girl.

    My "Vampire Me" gal did the graphics and manips; anything beyond the writing of words is way out of my league.


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