Thursday, June 18, 2009

'How Twilight Changed My Life' Contest Update!

And the winner IS...

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the contest and the "100 Ways Twilight Has Changed My Life" post! Sorry this is taking a little longer than anticipated... The submissions we received were absolutely FANTASTIC and I can't wait to get the list bask to you!

Just so you know I haven't been slacking, last weekend I spent several hours compiling all the entries into a central document so that JJ and I could go through them... Unfortunately, when I was about three hours and twenty-four-some-odd pages into the process, the unthinkable happened" my computer fried. Literally. As in "So THIS is what burning circuit board smells like! huh..." It was done, but a fork in it, over, kaput. Not to go into all the gory details, but the "geek squad" at Best Buy wanted over two hundred dollars - and two weeks! - to run a diagnostic and salvage what they could from the hard drive. Happily, I am chummy with the tech support director at my office, and after swallowing my pride (chanting "two hundred dollars...100 list...two hundred dollars...100 list..." to cement my resolve) and resigning myself to 'fess up to the abundance of Twilight-related madness she would encounter if/when she got in there, I asked for her help and she obliged. And told me that if I had any idea what-all the people I work with are looking at on their computers all day, I wouldn't feel the need to apologize for my tame-ish Twilight obsession {{{shudder}}}.

I probably would have just started the document over, but as you are all aware we had a Twilight emergency and our lives came to a screeching halt as RPatts came unresistingly close to JJ's office and she went out set-stalking. Work was left untended, cell phones were drained of their batteries, and we were semi-successful [thanks JJ! And when can I touch the eyes that saw Robward again?!] but when it was all said and done we were happy to get back to our usual gig of cursing and making fun of stuff (and ourselves).

We'll be having neutral third party choose the winners tonight (thanks Mr. Snarky!). You may or may not be aware that as some point I got all gushy and decided to just give away all of the prizes that we offered in the original post (rather than just having one winner) and also that one of our fabulous readers (Deb aka Red Bella at Wood Haven Creations) has offered to make two custom-embroidered Twitarded t-shirts! So we will have a total of five winners! But since this is our first contest and I didn't really think it through (live and learn!), I got myself into a bit of a pickle. So here's the deal: I said when we started this that the winner would get their choice of prizes. And they will. But now it's on a sliding scale of sorts. We'll select five winners, and the first person gets their pick of prizes, the second gets to choose from the remaining four prizes, and so on. So please check your email and get back to me when you can because I have inadvertently managed to ensure that I drag this out as long as possible (oops!).

Good luck - I hope I'll be contacting YOU soon!


  1. I am soooooooooo nervous! The suspense is killing me! RPattz hit by a taxi and this suspense all in one day is KILLING me! OK, I will pipe down. I think the numbing effects of alcohol are in order. Tell Mr. Snarky I heart him by default....allright I will stop.

  2. Fried Circuit huh! Ugh! BTDT only wasn't able to save anything.. The horror!

  3. Ooooo, I'm so friggin drump hump excited.. :)

    Ok, I'm calming down OM.....OM... does that shit really work I wonder?

  4. I'm so freaking excited that I almost fried the WORK computer at the hotel with my open water bottle...oops

  5. I'm so glad you didn't waste your time with the Geek Squad. They don't know their assholes from their elbows! Earlier this year, I took my son's computer to them and they said they were going to perform the same crap on mine as they were going to do with yours. They too promised me a two-week turnaround time. Two weeks later, having not heard back from them, I went back to find out that not only hadn't they started working on it yet and was asked by some rude GS manager, "Weren't you told that it would take at least a month?" AND "Didn't you read the contract in which it states that we can take as long as we have to?" (by the way, the contract doesn't say that)!! Um, why would I wait a month?! People need their computers, DUH!! They were not at all courteous or customer-oriented, I called them incompetent assholes and took it to a mom-and-pop place that had my computer fixed and perfect two hours later. Don't waste your time with them, seriously.

  6. @koolio - thanks for the advice! their prices and time-frame (even if they stuck with two weeks) seemed like a bum deal so i am glad that i am able to throw myself at the mercy of my techie friends every once in a while. i still need a new computer, but at least i didn't spend $200+ for someone to tell me that AND i'll get to install the old hard drive on a new machine when i get one (only the mother board fried. do not as me what that means; i am just repeating like a semi-clever parrot now).

    @aimee - yup, it SUCKS!! it was time to get a new machine, but the timing could not possibly have been worse!

  7. You guys are awesome for even coming up with this contest. What a fun way for everyone to share their Twilight stories.


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