Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peter Facinelli Sweetens the Twitter Pot!

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You must, must, must follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter... We're sure you know the deal by now, but we'll let him explain it in his own words -

Or get the story here from BlueTinted -

Suffice it to say that he REALLY wants to win AND he said he would give his Twilight "director's" chair to one of his followers if he reaches 500,000 by Friday! And we don't want that chair. We fucking NEED that chair.

Yeah, we're that selfish. We both follow Carlisle, er Peter on Twitter because we think he's great and all but we never got our lazy asses together to do a shout out. Until now.

Because we have to have that chair.

I've already figured out the custody schedule. STY can have the chair on Mondays, Thursdays and alternating Wednesdays. I get it Tuesdays, Fridays and... you guessed it! Alternating Wednesdays. I figure we can switch off weekends (for all intents and purposes, Friday no longer counts as 'weekend' in my book), seeing as how we both entertain a lot and probably could use the extra chair. Which no one but us will be allowed to sit in. Or touch. Hell who are we kidding - we're going to be choosy about who even gets to SEE it.

It's going to be great. Not only will we have Peter Facinelli's director's chair but we will also gain notoriety in our little town because, boy is it going to be real weird to see the same two freaks dragging a big ass chair three blocks every day.

Wait... what did you say, STY? It's not the whole chair? Only the fabric? Oh. [Major sad face] Ohhh...

Ah fuck it, I want it anyway. Miiiine.

OK, STY here - I told JJ earlier today that I REALLY wanted to do what we could to get the word out! I think Peter Facinelli just seems like a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy who doesn't act like a celebrity fat-head. He's been tweeting people right and left to make this happen. He might even tweet YOU! Or give you his director's chair!

And for those of you who are as technically challenged as me, believe me when I tell you that signing up for Twitter is the easiest thing in the world to do. You don't have to send anything to your phone (or your email) if you don't want to! You won't even have to do anything with it again - check it at your leisure, or don't. It takes five minutes, tops. Even if you type really, really slow.

1. Go To Twitter and sign up
2. Click on "Find People"
3. Type in and select "Peter Facinelli"

That's IT!

If you need some additional motivation:

He treats his wife (Jenny Garth) like a princess (even when she's gimpy!).

He went to a military base and spent ALL DAY signing autographs and taking pictures the day the DVD was released (he even cancelled his flight to make sure he got to talk to everyone!).
He has a good sense of humor!

...and a great ass!

Don't disappoint us. Or Peter. Or Carlisle. Or that butt.

Go to Twitter now and help make this happen if you haven't signed up already! He only needs about 250,000 more followers. There are a gazillion Twilight fans out there and it'll be lame if we can't take a moment or two to give back. You know what? After you sign up, have a friend sign up to follow him, too. Carlisle will thank you and it's always good to have a hot vampire doctor on your team if you can swing it.


  1. JJ and STY:

    Oh, was I sweating bullets! (Let's just say that a typewriter got me through college, so computer technology is not exactly my forte.)

    But I did it! I signed up for twitter, and now I'm following Peter.

    And speaking of peters...or was the ass that did it. For me, his ass was the straw that broke the (technology) camel's back.


  2. Thanks Mrs. R!

    Now get out there and recruit a friend! For Dr. Pelisle! (oops that sounds wrong somehow...)

  3. Oh, ok only because he has a nice bum! :)

    Is that really his bum or some guy you know? haha

  4. God I heart you guys!! That is a great ass!!

  5. I wouldn't tease you whore flaps - that's a still of his ass from some move called "Supernova" - enjoy!

  6. Ok, now that I've seen actual footage of his begging. I'll follow him. You know on twitter you can never be sure with the celeb accounts. BUT I believe.. I believe.. Ok, I'm following him.

  7. P.S. I heart Mr. Snarky like nobody's business and lord help me for saying this but if that was his ass I wouldn't be blogging... (and jftr Mr. Snarky has a fine ass!)

  8. That IS his REAL twitter account. No joke!

  9. Ouch! I just smashed my cup of T on my tooth! That's his moneybox alright, WOW!

    Ok, I'll go friggin sign up and Tweet or Twit whatever you call it? Just gotta check out to see if I've chipped my bloody tooth first!

  10. Phew! Couldn't imagine explaining to the dentist how I'd chipped a tooth, "well you see, I was watching this video of this guys arse and my hand mouth coordination went way off and clink, next thing I knew cup was hitting tooth, nice arse though!", ha ha

    I hope he wins purely because of his arse. :)

  11. Soooooo, I found you guys through the Twilight Widower. At 31, married for 2 years and a Buffy fan from years ago, I vowed, "That Twilight crap. I'll never read it. And what's Cedric Diggory playing a vampire sporting lipstick anyway?". Yet, I find myself here, having read the series in a week, which also coincided nicely with the DVD release, laughing along with (note: along, not at) you guys.

    I'm not sure whether my Husband is comforted or concerned that I pull out my Twilight DVD and a bottle of wine when he's not home. It has to be a silent appreciation though, I have a reputation to uphold as a company director and for reading good choices in literature. This, I would never live down.

    Nice call on the bat-shit crazy fangirls. They make me point, laugh, cringe and then sob.

    Keep up the great work!

    PS: The chair's mine! bwhaha-mwhaha-hahahah-sorry.

  12. Ok I didn't know it was that easy to set up a twitter account.. you had me at great ass.. done and done!

  13. Nice shout-out JJ and STY. I have been following the madness. I think it is pretty cool that all the Twilight actors on Twitter seem to be responding to the fans too. I have come very, very, close to sending Billy Burke a tweet...I heart him and all his Vitamin R goodness.

    As for the chair back--love the custody arrangement--it sounds like a real custody arrangement actually--it is called a 5-2 split. You two are always thinking ahead and so by the book. Ha!

    @Twidenial--Welcome to this happiest of places.

    Tweet! Tweet!

  14. Thanks for the welcome VitaminR! This place has a cosy, non-stalkery, but stalkery in good way, kind of feel about it.
    1/4 of that sentence was almost English.

  15. OMG I caved too early I should've held out for the ass shot!!! Dammit! But I followed all the same! luv ya

  16. I've been following Mr. Pelisle (tee hee) for a couple weeks now but if I wasn't, that ass shot surely would have convinced me to! (I'm very jealous of Jennie Garth right about now! Lucky bitch!)

    OK, my verification word is "flecopo" - is it just me or does that sound kinda dirty?

  17. it's pretty amazing how accessible he's been. twitter can't be all bad?

    I'm actually kinda having fun with it.

  18. JJ and STY:

    Please have mercy! Stop making Peter out to be such a sexy saint!

    I am already clinically Twitarded and terminally Robsessed... I becoming FACINated, on top of all that?

    P.S. Hello to you, Twidenial!

  19. @Twidenial - Welcome to the madhouse!! We hope you stick around.

    And I can't help but scroll down to that ass. A lot. It's a nice ass. Very nice...

  20. I am going to have to re-watch Supernova. And you are right, if I wasn't already following Peter, I would after that nice shot. But I may have to do it while the hubby is gone. He might not like that I freeze-frame it on that shot...

  21. You need to find the video of that ass shot and post it!!

    Mm.....I feel a new obsession forming.....Dr. Cullen's ass.

  22. Ok, so you can all call me a stupid twat, douche flap or whatever?! BUT how do you Twit or Tweet? I signed up but then what?

    Looking for "How to use because you are a dipshit" and FAQ's and canny find?


  23. I just want everyone to know that I was sitting on the sofa two inches from Mr.Snarky when I downloaded that photo - TWICE! - and then uploaded it to the blog. I have never been happier that he is oblivious to my blogging. Especially since the last time he happened to glance over and see what I was up to I was in the middle of a heated email exchange with WTForks?! regarding Taycob's peen (if you saw that pic of him commando in his sweats, you saw it I'm not mentioning it ever again! Now I have to go get the door - I think that "Catch a Predator" dude is waiting for me. again.).

    @Twidenial - welcome!!! and don't worry we only go all pedophile-y ever once in a blue moon. or new moon (ha!). ok maybe we go there more than i realized but it's summit's fault for casting someone underage and we're only semi-sorry.

  24. @Limey_1996--It kind of works like status updates on Facebook. The odd thing is if you reply to someone that becomes your status update on Twitter--I find this a bit odd and disturbing--I think my last "tweet" is still some response to JJ from days ago. Is your name the same on Twitter? If so, I will try and find you. I am really not the person to answer this question because I am a Twitter lamo but thought I would try and help you out.

  25. Well, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has no freaking clue about Twitter. It took me forever to figure out what RT meant, for crying out loud!

  26. @Vitamin R - Cheers so much! I would truly appreciate that big X coming right at ya! Apologies if I cannot figure out how to reply back, but pls know that I'm friggin trying. haha Plus trying to be discreet whilst doing this at work with lots of sighs and shuffling paper around but that only works for a bit before people start giving you the WTF look.

    @JJ - ERm, what does RT mean? haha

    Do we have to send CuteButtCullen (aka Peter Fancywhatsit) a Tweet for it to register, or just typing in his name would suffice? We are definately all Tweettarded, haha


  27. @ Limey - All you have to do is sign up to follow Peter and you're automatically in the running!

    @JJ - Uh, could you tell us what RT means because I'm retarded when it comes to Twitter!

  28. Er, I think RT means 're-tweet'? I'm pretty sure that's what it means. Either that or it means 'Jenny Jerkface is a fucking idiot who can't figure out twitter.'

  29. @Latchkey Wife - Groovy! Thank you much.

    @JJ - RT- could mean 're-tarded tweet?' or 're-tract the re-tarded tweet?' haha Or - 're-tards sign up here' in which case, I'm in. Oh and another thing where is the RT button? haha

    I wasn't going to admit this but... it just took me 20 mins to figure out how the frig to sign onto Twitter - Then I think I just Tweeted myself!!! Yes, complete mental case at your service. :)

  30. JJ:

    You are far from alone—I have no clue what RT means.

    And while we're at it—what does it mean to "pound" something or someone, as in "#peterfacinelli"? Am I just supposed to type that repeatedly into the message bar at the top, or will I look like an imbecile if I do that?

    Now, if you told me to "pound" Robert, I would know EXACTLY what to do....

    *lusty growl*

  31. @Limey_1996 - You fucking kill me every time.

    I will try to find you on Twitter and tweet you. It might take me a while though... LOL!

  32. @Mrs. Robinsane -

    I think you're supposed to write #peterfacinelli over and over again. And if you look like an idiot doing it you won't be alone. Cuz' that's what I've been doing.

    How come everyone else seems to know this stuff but us? Twitter might as well be in a different language for me. LOL!

  33. @PattinsonForever - scroll up in the comments! i wouldn't leave you all hanging like that..

    : )

    er..."RT"? (((sigh))) i am lost...

  34. @Mrs. Robinsane, hahaha Too bloody funny! I was thinking the same thing. How do you 'pound' somebody on Twitter? I thought I was sending CuteButtCullen a message but then I think I received it, as it showed up which I think is my home page?! Unless that's a copy of what I sent? Bollocks I don't bloody know? haha It all makes for good fun though. :)

  35. @Limey_1996--I can't find you on Twitter--do you have the same online name?

    @Mrs. Robinsane---Dirty minds think alike I second the sentiment on knowing what to do in the case of "pounding" Mr. Pattinson. Ha!

    @STY--does RT mean "Return Tweet" or "Reply Tweet"? I honestly have no idea. We should ask cuteangiek she is a Tweeting expert me thinks.

  36. @JJ- haha I crack myself up but I think I'm on Twitter overload or something, I feel like like that robot Johnny 5 on the movie Short Circuit - "need imput!" ha ha

    Ok, I'll try and sign on again.. ha ha :)

  37. Oh, ladies:

    I'm all at sea with this twitter business. Are you sure that "pounding" doesn't mean we're supposed to just search for Peter Facinelli under "Find People"? Or am I really supposed to type #peterfacinelli under "What are you doing?" And do I have to put in @peterfacinelli first?


    Furthermore, I get depressed when I even contemplate actually "tweeting" (that's the word for it, right? Clueless—I told you....) an accurate portrayal of my daily life.

    Hypothetical example: Commenting on Twitarded as laundry dries & pizza cooks.

    Then: Cut pizza for kids. Ate. Put away laundry.

    Ugh again, ladies!

    How can the life inside my head be so rich and expansive (like those rooms in movies, which look normal on the outside, but are gigantic, once you enter), and my outer life be so mundane??!!

    *must go—pizza is done*

  38. @ Vitamin R - yes, same user name but I probably messed it up and am Slimey_1996 or some crap like that. haha I'm gonna go check it out, well hopefully anyway.

    @ Mrs. Robinsane - Is it Pound = # right? God save us! haha

    Ok, now I am on a friggin mission! Limey to the rescue (just don't hold your breath as it could take awhile!)

    Work I hear you say? Could you please clarify that exactly? Money for bills, mortgage, car payment, life ins... WHAT??Oh, I'm supposed to make that, Hhhmm..

  39. Did you all see the report of Rob supposedly getting clipped by a cab this morning while trying to escape crazed fans? Fuck me.

  40. i just read! thats just insane!!! he needs a limo service... POPE STYLE!

    what the double fuck?!?!?

  41. Yes, I just read that too. Really hope it isn't true, else that is terrifying!

    @JJ & VitaminR - I think I found you on Twitter - not sure what I do now? haha I will figure this out if it bloody kills me.


  42. Latchkey:

    Check out Robsessed—Gozde has more details re: Rob getting grazed by a cab (it's supposed to be true).

  43. FINE!!!!!!

    I relented and signed up on Twitter. I felt so guilty for not "giving back" to Peter that I joined (I swore I never would).

    I'm actually following both of you too.

  44. I'm a software programmer and the Twitter software makes absolutely no sense at all to me. No logic whatsoever. Or it could just be my 30+ age trumps years as a programmer. It had to happen eventually.

    @everyone - saw on Twilight Lexicon it wasn't a fan induced collision. But it's got to just be a matter of time. These fangirls had better not kill off my visual enjoyment in the hope of getting some skin scrapings under their fingernails for future cloning experiments. Or something like that.

    @Snarkier than you - Summit have a lot to answer for. I blame his parents too. They are both equally at fault for what they produced.

    Damn it, work calls.

  45. @Jenny Jerkface - You may have to put up with me for a while sorry. You're my Twi-outlet without the mocking. And that's hard to find.

  46. @JJ, what movie is the butt pic from cause im so going out to buy it


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