Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Funny! aka "I Noes Gots Title But Iz Funniez!"

As Lorabell at TwiCrack Addict likes to say, FNAR!*

So I don't know about you, but I am glad that this week is OVER! It's probably the first full five-day week I've had to pull in a little while (yay me for never taking vacation days until December!) and it felt like an eternity had passed between Monday and Friday. And not the kind of eternity that's filled with frolicking blissfully in meadows all day and hot vampy lovin' all night. The other kind. You know, the sucky one.

Anyhoo, in between planning our sure-to-be epic pilgrimage to the promised land (I was promised there will be vampires - good looking ones! and booze...) and cussing each other out, Jenny Jerkface and I have been very busy! We have LOTS of fun stuff in store for later this weekend [read: Sunday night], but as usual we are running behind schedule (er, or if we HAD a schedule, we would be behind...) so will need a little time to pull our collective asses acts together. In the meantime, we'll try to keep everyone entertained with a random assortment of videos and other Twilighty hilarity.

This vid falls into the "Poking Fun of the Precious" category and it's possible that they miss the mark in a few spots, but there are a few laugh-out-loud moments, at least if you have an increasingly juvenile sense of humor, which I apparently do.


P.S. I'm still pissed at Jenny Jerkface for ditching me - AGAIN! - on dvd-release weekend so that she can go to some podunk little music-y thing [fine, aka "probably the biggest and coolest annual indie-rock extravaganza on the fucking planet, South by Southwest/SXSW"]. I told her months ago when we first discussed the possibility of her abandoning me on a uber-important Twilight-related weekend AGAIN that if she was going to attend SXSW and not go to a midnight release DVD party with me that she had better start a fucking band, and she hasn't. She's better get that going, stat, because I'm waitin'... "Jenny & The Jerkfaces," anyone???

[JJ's Note - Clearly, she hasn't seen my admission on Twitter that I do, in fact, know how to play an instruments. And quite well, frankly...]

  1. Jenny Jerkface JennyJerkface @SnarkierThanYou told me if I ditched her for SXSW again I better learn an instrument STAT. i can play the skin flute..

*"FNAR" = "For No Apparent Reason"


  1. Like I've said before and I'll say it again, the skin flute is a much cleaner instrument than the rusty trombone! LMAO!!!!

  2. Under Mrs. P. It's been awhile :)

    @STY - We've been missing/asking for you on twitter. Thanks for the post, though. You are dedicated! Loved the video.

  3. Funny in some spots. I love the Edward rainbows and Alice's boobs are totally out of proportion. The lack of blood erection thing is an interesting thing they point out ;)

  4. Dude...I am such a light weight. I'm wasted. I think it's a sign that you are truly drunk when you proclaim how wasted you are.

  5. @mmMoxie - That and tweet TMI like I'm doing. Gah!!! Damn you and your Drunk Mad Libs. Terrible idea.

  6. @Lisa - I seem to recall it was YOUR idea! I'm having fun :)

  7. What do you mean FNAR?? There is always a reason to post a pic like that! and for the love of the Precious ~ THANK YOU!!
    I may have to go panty shoping now ~ well... after every picture you post of him ~ (after I recover from my "Rob-a-tonic" state)
    but it is sooo worth it!

  8. Lack of blood = no erection. I will stay in my realm of suspended disbelief! It's more fun there! My name is Cleo and I'm Queen of Denial...

    (well, actually it's Jan but I digress...)

    Laughing with tears!!

    And yes....I do have the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy!

  9. "Who needs Bella..." Almost fell out of my chair!

    Bring on the Forks trip! Playing that instrument is gonna come in handy convincing my husband that I neeeeeeed to go!

  10. That pic! OMFing RobTylerward!!!! It just cracked into my top 10 fav pics of him! Now this is a vision, Alice!!!!

    His hair is like the SEXED UP version of Jason P. early season 1 BH 90210! Love it!!! I need the next pic that day when he ran his long fingers through it, please.

  11. I can't get over Jake licking his own balls, lol. You all KNOW what I'm thinking, gah!

  12. Is this a genuine pic of Rob or is it some fabulous manip? O please tell me it's reaaal. But I'm sure I've never seen it before and he's wearing a very unusual romantic kind of shirt, not the stuff he usually wears, even for photoshoots. So ?...

  13. That cartoon is so fucking hilarious!

    I watched New Moon for the 4th time on Saturday night, and the thing that bothered me the most (which I had never noticed before) was that in the first scene, the dream sequence... why isn't "Gran/Bella" wearing the same clothes as Bella, when it was really her reflection? Bugged the shit out of me!

  14. That video was surprisingly accurate.


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