Monday, January 11, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But I Want To Go To Forks.

What do you MEAN Edward doesn't live there anymore?!

So a long time ago I did a post on the wonderful town of Forks, Washington. At the time, I was thinking to myself "I will never set foot in this tourist trap." But as is the case with almost all Twilight-related stuff that I may initially consider WAY too fan-girly/geeky/over-the-top/impossible for me, my resolve has weakened. Considerably. And as is the case with many an implausible and ill-conceived notion that I find myself ruminating over these days, I blame Jenny Jerkface.

Here's a timeline!

Me approximately sixteen months ago: Forks? What's a Forks?

Me approximately fifteen months and three weeks ago: Forks?! TWILIIIIIIGHT!!!!! I love Forks!! But I would never go there...

[fast forward to this weekend]

Jenny Jerkface three days ago [not sober, making a late appearance at Mr. Snarky's birthday party]: We need to go to Forks.

Me three days ago: No. [I have written off more random seemingly-hair-brained ideas than this... I obsess. JJ Obsesses.]

JJ two days ago [sober; not dropping it - go figure]: We NEED to go to Forks.

Me two days ago: No. You're crazy. I can't go to Forks. I don't want to go to Forks. Why on earth does anyone go to Forks? [nervous laugh; I know I am starting to sound unsure; JJ will surely pounce on this crack in my resolve...aaaand she does.]

JJ early yesterday: We WILL go to Forks.

Me early yesterday: Mr. Snarky will freak if I go to I can't afford it...

New-in-it-DEEP-Twi-convert-Myg to me yesterday afternoon [leaning over and whispering auspiciously to me during her virgin viewing of NM - and I believe not at the behest of JJ]: So when is the Twitarded field-trip to Forks???

Me last night: If I sell my possessions and raise money for this on my own, how can Mr. Snarky really deny me??? I need a vacation... Plus it's for the blog... He won't mind if I fly across the country without him and go on vacation with you and not him, right? Right??? [note: Mr. Snarky will mind - on many levels - if I fly across the country without him.]

Let me state for the record that I have never not ever wanted to go to Forks. Why the fuck would anyone go to Forks??? Stephenie Meyer picked the location because it's the rainiest spot in the United States. She's been there.

Stephenie Meyer in Forks. If I knew how to photoshop a pic of RPatts in there I would, but I'm gonna leave the "Hoh" thing alone...

But none of the movie footage was shot there. The actors never shacked up there. You can't stay in the "Robert Pattinson Slept Here" room at the local motel (although you can sleep under a poster of Edward if that floats your boat). And for some reason, I suddenly want to go there.

I call dibs on the Edward bed [Bella's totally getting covered up with a towel or something]. Sorry JJ, you get the Jacob bed, but I promise not to turn you in to the dude from "To Catch A Predator."

I want to go despite the fact that it has Twilight cache in name only. And that I am almost guaranteed bad hair days. And that I know I would be better off planning to set-stalk Breaking Dawn when they start filming it in Portland or Vancouver or some other location that is definitely NOT Forks Washington (which could possibly happen as early as this fall!). I should go to the Chateau Marmont or the Isle of Wight or L.A. or Barnes and take my chances on having a Twilight-y adventure. Anywhere but Forks. It is SO unlikely that any major players from the cast would go there that RPatts and KStew SHOULD go there and sleep (and other things) under a poster of themselves and laugh about it just because nobody would ever think to look for them there. But I have the feeling that Twitarded (and Mini-Edward) are going to Forks. For real this time. I went from "Never!" to "Well of COURSE we have to go - it's our duty as Twitards to make a pilgrimage to Forks at least once in our lives or we won't get into Twitardia!" faster than you can say "mippple." [Sorry - saw NM again yesterday and revisited Nipple-gate.]

A t-shirt that says "Dorks in Forks"?! Yup - we'll need two of them. Do they come in sparkle? Btw these pic from the Forks "Dazzled By Twilight" store's "Hall of Fang."

Because where else can you let your Twitarded freak flag fly on this level??? I mean seriously - it's probably the only place on the planet that has out a HUGE black-and-red Twilighty welcome mat for us and all of our nutty antics. Which is one of the reasons why I want to go there and not set stalking. I just don't have the constitution for set-stalking. Especially not the way it is now. I mean, it's going to be NUTS for Breaking Dawn. BONKERS. I am more ballsy than I used to be but I would make a terrible set-stalker. Trust me. But I could do an excellent job of making a semi-condoned Twitarded spectacle of myself in Forks. They do have a bar there, right?? Or at least a liquor store? Oh never mind - I'll just bring a really big flask...

This had better be a real place, with nice lighting and a liquor license, or I'm leaving.

P.S. Have you been to Forks??? Want to go there with us?! Do you live there? Near there??? When is a good time to visit? Bad time?? We are open to any and all input [that's what she said], travel tips, and suggestions for ways we might embarrass ourselves while we are visiting!



    {bounces around shrieking, possibly knocking things over in my excitement}

    Did you really think I wouldn't wear you down? I'm relentless, darling STY. Mwah!

  2. now this is something i would have to join in on lol.

    i've been to Forks; went in July. hubby surprised me and we took 3 of our BOYS lol. it wasn't exactly the trip i had planned but it was still fantastic.

    i've also set-stalked. i live an hour or so out of Vancouver and i'll admit, Forks was way funner.

    and when you go, don't forget reservations for dinner at Bella Italia in Port Angeles. the mushroom ravioli is really fabulous!

  3. Thanks for your blog, ladies! I love it!

    I've been to Forks...last August. The only thing I recommend is getting a motel reservation before you go. Because if you think you're just going to get one when you arrive, you're going to be S.O.L.

    I was only there for a day, but would've liked to spend more time there. I know - that's not where they filmed the movie. But you'll want to drive to Port Angeles, etc.

    But GO and have fun!! It will be great!!

  4. You guys can come with me! In July me and 30 my closest Twilighty friends are meeting from all over the U.S (and Canada in my case) in Forks foor 4 wonderful days of debauchery! and drunkness!

    I have been there before last summer and had a blast. we didnt do a lot of touristy things cause im a cheap bitch but it was pretty cool!

  5. My friend celebrated her bday last November in Forks. They had a blast. Cheesy but whatev. It's F*CKIN' FORKS! They did a guided tour of all things Twilight-y. Then they drove to the beach. That's La...Push...if you didn't know. I know you're Team Edward so you might not want to go in July because the Quileutes have some kind of festival/shindig going on. If you go during that time and heckle, I can't guarantee them Injuns won't tie you up and roast you over the fire. Vamps don't do well in fire, remember?

    There's lots of shops totally taking advantage of all things Twilight-y so you might consider throwing stuff on eBay to make extra cash for the you-know-you-have-to-get-it souvenirs. If you go in September or October, I would totally join that bandwagon. I've been on a Contiki vacay, I know how to run a tight ship.

    For the record, I went to Vancouver last myself! It was awesome! Toured all the film sites. Even took some pics with me and pocket Edward. So if you want to splurge and stalk, er, see RPattz and company in Canada then I recommend the last two weeks of September. Weather is GORGEOUS!

    You can see my pics on FB. Yes, I'm a fan of yours. :)


  6. Can I come, can I, can I. Maybe we can get a group rate. I know lots of GF's who want to go also. JJ's acting a little like a FF Alice right now isn't she.

  7. Haven't gone. Was close to going.
    Wanna go.
    Only 6 hr drive away.
    Don't know what I'm waiting for.
    Put on my list of to do's, SOON!

    If you go to Canada-Ahe, don't forget your passport. I don't think that Dudley DoRight will let you come home. LOL.

  8. I'd love to but would have to get Mr. CC on board. I need dates. I think a flight out of Buffalo might not be too expensive. But we're flat broke so we'll see. I really really wanna go though.

  9. Let us come with you!!!

  10. I forgot to add that we were actually talking about this last night with my side of the convo essentially being "PLLLLEAAASSSEEE if there's something organized can I go?"

  11. forks is mneh. i grew up in the area though, so i remember it before twilight hit. just a shitty logging town. la push on the other hand is a nice place to visit. rent a beach house and stay a few days. tide pools and beaches and waves! its just like the movie but better.

  12. I puffy heart this post! I have this overwhelming urge to go...but know that nothing was filmed there etc etc etc. Plus my bf would think I was now officially nuts.
    I do however think I'll find a way to somehow sneak it into the trip I want to take to Portland or Vancouver in the Fall...hmmm...why the Fall? Jk... Maybe we can all hook up with Malicious Mandy =)

  13. I am up for it! (That's what he said.) Sign me up, I just have to figure out how I'm going to fly with my pteromerhanophobia. :o/

  14. I'm going this summer! My BFF promised to take me when she goes with her Mom. It's gonna be an all expenses paid trip (belated b-day gift). Woooo Hoooo! I will have to pawn my 4 kids off on my Mom while I go (the DH may be working out of the country at the time), but who cares!?! Im goin' to Forks!

  15. kiiiinda wanna go up there with you. i took a road trip from dallas to portland/seattle/vancouver when they started filming nm, but i, too, suck in the set-stalking department. the only pic i got with edward was when i stood in front of a twilight poster in front of the hmv superstore (or whatever that was called). i knew rob had crossed the street near that store in previous weeks, so i had hopes he'd go back there.

    my friend and i did NOT go to forks, though. i had the same thoughts you did, STY. they've never been to forks, it was just mentioned in the book.

    but your let-your-freak-flag-fly comment has made me want to join in...

    i went in late march, and it was cold... and on the trip home, i drove in some scary-ass snow in washington and montana... and wyoming... and colorado... (i'm a texan, i don't see much snow.)

    anyway. please, let me know when. i've got some frequent flier miles that are begging to be spent.

    my word verification is iReel. seriously. i am.

  16. So I really wanna go! But I live in Canada. And don't have a job at the moment. ><

  17. Never been. Will go.

    Make sure you give us notice. Because if you're getting shitfaced in Forks, I'm getting shitfaced in Forks.

  18. Welcome JJ and STY my name is VitaminR and I will be your tour guide from Seattle to Forks and, if we survive and/or do not get arrested, I will lead you back to Seattle again. When we return to the metropolis of Seattle we will all have colonics to cleanse the alcohol impurities that will surely have pickled our insides. That's it, sit back and let your eyes glaze over as you encounter the wonderment of the Olympic Peninsula. Now buckle up and don't forget to hold on tight to all those action figures. Bottoms up!

  19. My friend in Vancouver (the one I went to the New Moon premiere with) went to Forks with her best friend and their daughters.

    They had a BLAST! They stayed at a place on the beach in La Push and are dying to go back.

    I'd like to go when I go back to "The Couv" to see Eclipse!

  20. I wanna go!!!! I have a contact that lives aprox 100 miles from Forks!!! I've been saying I have to go pay my respects~ Fanpire in TN PS. My Twipeeps here want to go too!

  21. If you go the end of June, we could maybe meet you there?

  22. oh @VitaminR that all sounds awesome - hell you can even sign us up for the colonic because I think you might be right about having to do something extreme to counteract all of the impurities we'll ingest when we take over Forks!

    We will definitely keep everyone posted on this trip!

    : )

  23. @VitaminR: Where's your sign-up sheet? I already have my name tag ready
    "Hello! My name is: Wendy (and I'm a Twitard)"
    Geez, sounds like I'm introducing myself at an AA meeting

    wv: djiker, there will be a drunken jerkface hiker in Forks

  24. I've been on the Twitarded Loop of Extreme Funness Trip aka Forks/La Push/ Port Angeles, three times now. Forks is like walking into Disneyland for the first time. Literally everywhere you look, there is something Twilight related... And EVERYONE is in on it! If you approach a police officer and call them Charlie or Chief Swan, they will respond to you and play along. The locations that Stephanie Meyer picked out for the book are noted on a map when you walk into the visitors center. And every store has a twilight section, even a few stores dedicated to ONLY twilight stuff. La Push is BEAUTIFUL! Port Angeles is meh. Really not that exciting. Spend more time exploring the area around Forks. We had terrible service at the Bella Italia, so we opted out of ever doing that again. But its for the experience right?! As far as when to go.. Feb. is rainy, April was sunny and cool and September it was warm and sunny. Overall i think its a must for any Twilight fan to do! You HAVE to go! Then come back here and post about it so we can all giggle and gush about how Twitarded we all are!

  25. my sister and i have decided recently to actually make the trip. cuz you truthfully can't be a crazed twilight fan unless you make the pilgrimage (in my opinion), and hell if your gonna go might as well be on that side of the country while they are filming.

  26. i got a group here that would FER SHURRRE get all up on the forks dabachary haha these girls are hard core haahaa i grew up i nthe area so i know the weather well end of summer augest ish is like the best time or septemeber most sun i n those months!! GROUP RATESSS are totally gonna haveta be an option tho haha there will be alot of us i am just guessing haha

  27. What sucks is that I’m from Cali, now that I moved to Hawaii, everything costs money to fly to. Where was forks when I fucking lived in So Cal? Goddammit I could have driven up there on some freaking road trip. Oh, well. Wasn’t meant to be. Wait, is the Twitarded 2010 Convention?

  28. Ahhhhhh, Forks...sounds nice and magical. But I HATE rain, and cloudiness for that matter. I'm also not a fan of frizz. So, I'm not quite sure if a trip to Forks is in my future. However, I saw a documentary on the Reelz channel once displaying all the cool Twilight stuff and it looks really fun. Not to mention my mini Edward pestering me with guilt trips that he is probably one of the only mine Edwards' to not go and wah, wah, wah, cry, cry, cry...I swear, sometimes he is such a little girl. I swear, if a tiny plastic vampire entices me to spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket to go across the whole country so some guy at First Beach can yell "The Cullen's don't come here!" at me, I may finally commit myself. Anyway, have fun if you go.

  29. How about we all meet up in Seattle, and drive to Forks in a giant tour bus that's stocked with LOTS of booze and has a top-of-the-line A/V system for us to watch Twilight and New Moon on. Playing a Twilight/New Moon drinking game while we watch is def a MUST.

    I'm thinkin' t-shirts that say:
    Twi-Tour h00rs

  30. So want to go to forks, but have to wait for my s/o's 30th (which is in 2013) and save $$$$. Flying from Australia to Forks is expensive.

  31. I went there last year on an unrelated trip. BUT I made my husband take a picture of me in front of the sign. It is a completely charmless town. Port Angeles is cute though. My biggest thrill was driving past Kalama and seeing the high school up on the hill.

  32. Oh, also, there's a sign on the road to La Push at the turnoff to Rialto Beach that says "No Vampires Past This Point." Pretty cute.

    Yah baby... Been there! Went for the Twilight DVD release and it was awsome!!! Everyone is so nice and they put up and welcome us twitards.... You need the "Forks Makes Me Wet!" T-shirt
    They do celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day around about Bella's Birthday in September it's suppose to be packed with ton's of twi activity.
    It's a ferry ride and a bit away for me!!! Wooooo

  34. Forks is practically in my backyard so as I'm reading your post, I'm thinking, No STY and JJ, don't waste your money. It's a blink and you'll miss it kind of town. Local newscast last night even mentioned that Forks had the most rainfall it has ever had in one day yesterday and that's saying something. BUT, if you bring your own 'good time', it might be all right. I have no doubt wherever the two of you and your friends gather would be a blast. If you like things green, then that is the place to be. My wv was conifo. We have alot of conifo trees here!

  35. I've had such an urge to go to Forks for awhile now, and, after reading your post, I'm absolutely dying to go. It's like the vampire mother ship is calling me home.

    I just now mapquested and learned that it's a 22 hour drive, but I'm thinking I could do it in 12 if I drive like a... never mind. Anyway, make this Twitarded adventure happen and I'll do my best to get there. F-Kat and Z Any Mouse - are you up for a road trip???

  36. Well I never entertained the thought, up until now. Suddenly, I want to go to Forks - but this is nearly impossible for me, because I'd have to spend thousands of $, since I live half a world away.

    And I would want to go to Forks not only for the Twilight stuff, but I love nature and I love rain. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm insane. Who here isn't?

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  38. @Erica you got the right idea girly! Groups of crazy Twilght bitches going through forks on a tour bus full of booze. I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT! If I have to steal my grandma's heart medication, sell my flatscreen TV and even increase my husbands one yearly bj to two, just to appease him....I will be there! Let's do this organized and make it freakin' cumtastic!!! I would love to stay near the beach, as they have a house I have checked out online. If you need help with trying to coordinate and/or book anything, please let me know as I did get lots of info because of a romantic trip in Forks that never materialized.... stupid RL always pops up at the most inopportune times! Like having hives all over your body(ME) and having allergies making ya sneeze and snort every 10 seconds(HIM). That's what happened to my hubby and I the last night we tried to plan a romantic night away from home. One way to Remedy that, Twilight girls only, he's banished!! ha ha ha ha

  39. Forks Party Bus sounds like a perfect idea. Big group of Twitards that don't have to stay sober enough to drive.

    I've visiting my mom July 23-30. She lives a couple of hours north of Seattle & has lured me out with promises of a Forks road trip.

    Going with a group sounds so much better. Mom refuses to read Twilight. Last summer when she visited I forced her to watch Twilight. Didn't do much for her. Are we really related?

    Will there be a PayPal button on Twitarded like there was for people who wanted to help you get FSE?

  40. I disagree, I think that they have totally visited Forks. If a whole town band together to basically sell 900 million items all with my face on it, I would go, wouldn’t you? If only for morbid curiosity? And I’m pretty sure the wolfpack went to the res (ps I should NEVER say the phrase ‘the res’ out loud ever again). I’m sure if you butter up the right resident you would be able to find out where Kstew and Rpattz boinked.

  41. Oh and I'm totally in. Even if the only way I am allowed to go is if I bribe my husband with a Chuck
    Palahniuk Tour of Portland.

  42. OOOHHHH! I SOOOOOO wanna go!!!!!! Money and hubby might be a problem though.....hmmmm, what could I sell???? LOL

  43. i went last summer with two crazy Twi-hards (also a Twi hard myself of course!) and since we brought our own kind of craziness, we had SO MUCH FUN!! We got to leave the hubbys and babies behind - we were up at 3.30 AM to catch the ferry from BC, had McDonald's in Port Angeles and drove to Forks. Let me tell ya - absolutely GORGEOUS countryside. Forks as a town is meh, but the townspeople were fabulous, friendly, we bought all kinds of useless Forks stuff and fun Twilight stuff and then made the drive to La about STUNNING - the reservation is, well, a reservation, but 1st Beach and the area is beyond words in beauty! We went back to Port Angeles for dinner at, you guessed it, Bella Italia (sooooo yummy) and we took all kinds of ridiculous pics with mini-E (we tired him out!) Go, I say! GO!!!!!

  44. I am so totally on for this - please keep me in the loop!

    Would be great if we could somehow combine it with the release of Eclipse as well... I'd be coming from the Ireland, but would totally consider it. If I can get time off and can afford it, totally there!

    Could this be : Twitarded-Con 2010????

    On a side note, I was flying back from Oz last week, and two Twilight-esque things happen.... the first was, due to the fact that they hadn't updated the movies since the previous month, and its a really long flight, I started watching random films to pass the time, one of which was "Under the Tuscan Sun" there is a scene in it in Montepulciano. Its in the plaza, with clock tower and all - all I kept thinking was Where is Edward?? Will Bella come running through the crowd??!( ha, ha...) and the secondly, and cause of alot more excitment... The pilot on one of the legs of the flights was called Evan CULLEN!!!! I swear, I heard EDWARD CULLEN when he made his announcement at first - had to listen again to the 2nd time he said it, otherwise I would have been knocking down that door to the cockpit a visit ( Oh my!!).... With delays it was a nearly 48hrs travelling, so delirium had well set it!

    Had great images of Captain Edward Cullen flying my plane though.... YES PLEASE! :-)

  45. Wah, not fair. You SO have to go to Forks, just for my vicarious enjoyment. I live in the UK so there's no frickin way I'll ever get to go so PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY, PLEASE? *Alice pout* I wanna see Mini-Edward giving it large in Forks.

    By the way, Forks will be way more exciting than the Isle of Wight. OK, we know that The Precious and Blinky Stew recently went there with the Brit Pack, but honestly, that's the most exciting thing that's EVER happened there. Like, seriously. Normally, people just go there to die.

  46. So do I hear a Twitarded convention in Forks is in the works?

    Count me in! :)

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  48. I'm there! Count me and my niece in as "2" for the Twitarded Forks Convention!!!!!

  49. WELL!!!

    First let me say that I am really really surprised by how many of you have been to Forks already - some of you more than once! - and by how many of you already have trips planned AND last but not least by how many of you would be willing to go along with us if we made a giant drunken Twitarded play-date out of it! I think Chief Swan and his minions are in for a rough weekend trying to keep us all in check!

    @Erica - YOU are brilliant. LOVE the party bus idea! omg can you imagine us all disembarking in Forks?! See above comment about the local constables being kept veeeery busy...

    @Twilove1 - "It's like the vampire mother ship is calling me home." LFMAO!! that's it EXACTLY!!!

    @OutOfMyElement - we'll DEFINITELY be bringing our own good time - no worries there! lol...

    OK! So bottome line:
    - JJ and I are the worst faux-hardcore Twi-fans EVER because we have never been to Forks and a ton of you guys have.
    -we WILL work to rectify this sorry state of affairs
    -we WILL keep you all posted on dates, etc.
    -this will likely happen and will likely be as close as we come to TwitardedCon2010 (because let's face it, unless all of the "panel discussions" are about how to mix a cocktail and blog and finding that perfect ration of alcohol-to-funny-to-ability-to-still-use-the-keyboard, or maybe "hiding your rob-porn stash from your s/o," i have no clue how JJ and i could keep anyone entertained at such an event).

    oh. my. gah... i think this is gonna happen. and mr. snarky is gonna be piiiiiisssssssed. ugh. ok time to start rooting through the basement for shit to hock on eBay!

    : )

    p.s. Jenny Jerkface, HOW COULD YOU TO THIS TO ME?!? i swear four days ago i was all "she's fucking nuts and there is no way in hell i am ever going to Forks." and now i'm all "ome this is going to be the best trip EVER to some podunk logging town that is filled to the brim with overpriced Twilight-themed crap!!!" I hate you.

  50. "Are you serious Clark?"
    Of course I want in on the action too. I've been wanting to go too. Hello FORKS!!!
    You'd better not be kidding about all of this, it seems you have quite a few peeps interested now. Shannon and I will be coming all the way from Texas. Keep us posted PLEASE!

  51. Nabs and I have been planning some kind of Forks/Portland/Set-stalking pilgrimmage for a few months now. If we are all planning a Twitarded convention in Forks we might be down for that for shizzy..
    Although STY - I have the same hubby issue as you I think..."WE CAN'T AFFORD IT!"

    OMG I wanna go so bad.

    Nabs and I are even going to camp the whole way here b/c we can't afford plane tickets so if anyone wants to meet up with us in St. Louis and make our way up...we are down.

    Come one..Twilight campouts! I'm fucking stoked. We would have the coolest caravan eva!

  52. @kimberly - while a good 49% of me is still saying "omfg what have i gotten myself int?!" the 51% in charge says "let's DO this thang!!!" - plus there's no way in hell JJ is going to let me back out of this now - i must have talked to her five times last night and all she could say was "FOOOOOOORKS!! WE'RE GOING TO FUCKING FOOOOOOORKS!!!" - you don't know her like i do - she is on a mission - already quoting airfare, etc. - the last i heard from her was text that said "you guess it) "Soooooooooo going to FORKS. good night. mwah." so despite the shock i feel in uttering the words, Twitarded's going to Forks! (and when Jenny and I return to our home-town and find that we no longer have S/Os because they dumped our crazy asses, we'll finally get to move in together and start Twitardia all proper-like.)

  53. @Snarkier Than You -- Please use me!! I am more than willing to help organize things for this. Whatever you need help with, just ask! I may have to drug myself to get on a plane, but I will drag my sister with me and get to Forks! Yay!


    @STY - My enthusiam is infectious when I relentlessly badger you with it. I'm glad you've come around because I had no idea how I was going to drug you (and Mr. Snarky, for that matter), drag your ass on a plane and get you to Forks undetected.

    @Stoney - I would LOVE to do a little camping but I'm going to take a guess here and say STY would draw the line on that one. So I need to make sure her ass gets on a plane.

    @Erica - Epic idea. We need that. All I'm saying is it's going to be reeeeeeally interesting if I break my "haven't been behind the wheel of a car in nearly 4 years" streak in a different state where I have no clue where I'm going.

    Oh, and I WILL go to Hoh forest. Cuz' I'm a ho.

    We will keep you updated on the deets!

  55. @Stoney - I am seriously going to have to sell some stuff to make this happen... I just have to figure out what - lol! maybe i need a fund-raiser bake-sale - lol!

  56. @Jenny Jerkface - you ARE a disease!! a pox upon you and your infectious enthusiasm!!

    p.s. Mr. Snarky is gonna KILL you. and me, too. ML's gonna help him, and Gizmo and Quato are gonna watch and cheer them on.

  57. Count me in 100%!

    I've been trying to convince my peeps to make a Forks roadtrip (or plane trip since it's a 1 day, 19 hours trip by car according to Google Maps) but they aren't feeling it (they think I'm slightly nuts).

    I would love to hang out with you ladies there. I love the drunken party bus idea. :o)

    I just found this flight from Seattle to Port Angeles too (the write up cracked me up):

    Let me know if you need help planning! I was thinking of going anyway this year but I would love to go with fellow Twitards.


  58. STY & JJ - meant to say, count me in if you need help with the planning etc .... Happy to help out with whatever I can help with/do from over here in Eire!

  59. I'm so behind on posts but you aren't the only ones who want to go to Forks - I do as well. I'm ashamed to admit it. But, if you decide to venture out of you and JJ and invite other Dorks to Forks, please count me and my broke ass in.

  60. @TJB - I think you just coined our logo for this little escapade "TwitardedCon2010: Dorks to Forks" - lol!

    p.s. those little rubber feet with the toes that people wear as shoes FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT. just sayin'. i fall all over myself staring every time i see someone wearing them. but i am sure they are uber-comfy - lol! : )

  61. ...and we'll definitely take the people who might have mad party-planning skills up on this!

    we will work on details and get back to ya'!

  62. @JJ-RT "haven't been behind the wheel of a car in nearly 4 years". No worries. My plan strictly prohibits Twitard bitches from driving during our pilgrimage. We'll get a non-Twi-infected driver. Someone like, OOOO I dunno, Mr. Snarky? ;)

  63. This Twitarded, cupcake making mother of four who has not left my hometown in fucking 10 years is soooooooo going to Forks with you along with my equally sheltered and twitarded best friend. Mr. Purple is just going to have to deal. I am willing to sell an organ to get there. Just tell me when

  64. @PurpleCupcake - selling an organ! brilliant!!! oh wait i think mine are up well... nobody would buy mine - lol!

    @Erica - no WAY is Mr. Snarky coming along! besides, driving is the ONE area where we are at odds. we are both 100% absolutely positive that the other one is the worst driver in the world. i have come close to kicking him out of the car on the side of the road on random highways. it's BAD. this will never do... maybe we can hire one of those nice original wolf-pack dudes...

  65. Oh holy fuck! Can I go??? PLEASE! No one here (Chicago) will go with me. Whenever, however, I want to go!

  66. OME, I AM THERE. I think my organs are probably too destroyed to sell, but I might have a few eggs left.

    Seriously. Nail down a date and post it. I will call Bella Italia and make a reservation for 50, and tell them to stock up on the wine. HOW FREAKING FUN would it be for everyone to go together? EEEEK!

  67. @STY-LOVE the wolf-pack idea. We need a bit of eye candy for the trip.

    Question: What happens when we all have our way with said wolf-pack dude? Who's gonna drive the bus?

    I think, just to be on the safe side, we should hire more than one wolf-pack dude. They can take turns driving while we, ummm, play.

  68. COUNT ME IN!!!! I've only been there once for a day trip, but it was a lot of fun. It's only an 8 hour drive for me; you guys say when and I'll be in the car!

  69. Reallyreallyreally?!! I keep flipflopping on this, thinking that I can do it and then that it's crazy and I shouldn't and then here I am again truly considering it (I think I actually hear Forks calling me. Do you hear it too?). Anybody else in California? I could start driving from San Diego and just pick Twitards up along the way.

  70. this is a "go," divorce or no... because at least if Mr. Snarky divorces me, i will still be alive, which i s more than I can say if i werer to tell JJ that we're not going to Forks.

    this is the email i got from her first thing this morning:


    bitch is fucking hopped up and there is no stopping her once she's on a tear like this without suffering dire consequences. i can make it up to Mr. Snarky.

  71. I think that it should be called "Fork Me Twitarded 2010." It sounds dirty, therefore it's totally fitting! If that's the name we use, I claim ownership of it! :o) Squeee!

    I would also like some date suggestions because I have other things to plan with my hubby's "permission," such as the Eclipse premiere and a possible TwiCon... ideas??

  72. Well I went all the way to Italy for Twilight, I can't possibly turn down going to Forks!

    Anyone afraid of flying - find a good hypnotherapist and make an appointment. I am not kidding, it is what I did and as I stated above I just went to Italy and had no issues at all. I know an excellent person in Allentown PA.

    I like the idea of a bake sale - cupcakes and cookies! I am sure we can come up with something to help out those requiring funds.

    Keep us up to date!

  73. Some things of interest:

    The Quilliute's have an open drumming circle on Thursday nights.

    Did you know that they may be filming a reality show in Forks?

    There is a shuttle bus from Forks to Port Angeles. Great for a group dinner at Bella Itallia!

    Forks celebrates Stephenie Meyer Day around September 13, I've emailed for an exact date. Accomodations book up quickly for these types of events.

    Pacific Inn Motel is smack dab in the middle of the town and a decent place to stay.

    The Quileute Oceanside Resort is breathtaking.

    Hmmm there are even rental houses available...

    There is a small place that sells booze. I don't know what the twilight lounge is, it wasn't open when I was there. Supposidly there is a bar there, but I never found it we just found the store that sells booze and drank at our hotel before we went out to the dvd release party...

    If you need help with planning ect. let me know.

  74. I said this on FB already,so I said it again here...
    Here's a FORK to stir the pot.

    @Red-Bella...Great to know!

    Yea, everyone who has been there and know of the details should leave the info for others.

  75. I forgot the purty plz and spank-you!

  76. twi-obsessionwillbethecauseofmydivorceJanuary 12, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    I live in WA state and I've never been to Forks, blasphemy! I know. It's like a fuck long 8 hour drive from where I live in Eastern WE and I really have no one to go with anyway, I'll def. have to consider joining the party if you go! I have however been to the Portland area Twilight filming sites and had a blast! I think if you guys are going to make the continental pilgrimage across the country you might as well do the whole experience. That's what I've heard a lot of fans are doing that come from a far (both Forks and Portland only a 4 1/2 hour drive apart). To stand in the parking lot at Kalama HS AKA Forks High and be where HE stood is surreal. Also, standing outside of Bella's house in St. Helens, OR is totally fuckawsome. There's a sign in the tree out front that read you're welcome to take pics from the street but please don't try to peek in the windows LMAO! I totally can picture you and JJ trying to climb the tree to Bella's window in a drunken stupor!
    p.s. Sept. 13? around Bella's B-day sounds like a good time to go! Lots of Twilighty fun stuff happening in Forks around that time :)

  77. twi-obsessionwillbethecauseofmydivorceJanuary 12, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    Argg typos! I meant to say Eastern WA... all right screw it, I'll just admit to living in Tri-Cities WA. Anyone else live near me? I'm in desperate need of a Twitard BFF, there's no way the hubs is going to let me drive up there alone.

  78. @Dangrdafne I am actually looking into a hypnotherapist. If I can't find one down here in SC, I may ask you for more details on yours! So it works well? Doesn't feel like it's "wearing off" or anything? :o)

    And I think that September sounds awesome! Just in time for my birthday!

  79. @JJ - Nabs and I fearless we will lead the poverty stricken Twitards in a camping caravan across the US!!!! And I promise we won't eat each other if we get stranded in the rockies!

    @STY- Seriously...sell "special brownies" I bet you'll make bank. I seriously am going to have to give my hubby a blow job every night to convince him to let me do this shit.

  80. @STY - Seriously, you have debated this for that long? I wanted to go to Forks after I saw the first Twilight and I hadn't even *read* the book yet! In the middle of New Moon I was all, yeah. Gotta go.

    No brainer! You and JJ HAVE to go. Of all people!

    Mr. Snarky will go for it - just get a contact (through blogging, of course) to book Mr. Snarky's band at a few clubs in Seattle. Drop him and his posse off there. You and JJ and the Twitarded clan go to Forks for a few days and barely avoid lock up. Remeet in Seattle for plane home.

    Problem solved.

    I want to go, but given maternity leave and lack of income, I have already sold everything not nailed down to the floor, except for the guitars. If I do that, Mr. Myg WILL divorce me. Think of the children, right? Alas!

    Maybe I can take up a collection. I'll put a canister on the counter at Quickcheck and see what happens. Otherwise, I'm going to have to hit the Twitarded reunion tour of Forks.

  81. There is NO Twilight Lounge in Forks! The town, which you can blink and miss, has 2 bars. There is a lot of flannel, and chew. But shit me and my best friend had a blast there, and the locals all know about the Twilight Fans so it's a good time. The Twilight themed room was actually really nice, the details are fantastic and you can buy a set of black towels that have "Twilight" on it in red stitching.

    1st beach sucks, it's a little strip with mostly rocks. 2nd beach (someone got SUPER lazy with the naming here) is beautiful! However it is freaking hike that almost killed me. Through the woods though you could so imagine the wolf pack watching out for you, it looks so much like the Victoria chase scene, love it.

    The drive from Seattle to Forks is long, but you both will LOVE going through Port Gamble, it's this super tiny super quaint town that you have to stop and walk through. It will take you like 15 minutes tops but they have a food market during the day.

    I agree with the others that have said you need to stop at Bella Italia, perhaps either on the way to or from Forks because it's an hour away from Forks and a pain to drive to just for dinner.

    OH - and the Park Rangers on the way to Forks are ANAL. I freaking got pulled over by a damn Park Ranger for speeding!! So watch the speed through there lol.

    And tell the Twitard Nation when this trip is taking place, how much fun would it be if we all took over the town of Forks??? Let the insanity ensue!!!

    I'll shoot some pictures from our trip your way later this evening : )

  82. Please give us plenty of notice on the dates to give us time to convince the hubtards that it's a good idea and save up our money!

    (Gah!! I was just writing this and my boss came into my office and surprised me. Good thing I didn't have that post up from several days ago with that gargantuan peened statue!!!)

  83. @AnnaBella - Yes it worked for me. It has not worn off and the person I went to gave me the CDs of my sessions to use as a refresher if and when I need it. You also learn how to self hypnotize yourself if needed. Mind you this is not hypnotism where you cluck like a chicken or anything. The website for the person I went to is:
    She may know of someone for you to go to in your area. I hope this helps.

  84. Please count me in, too! Just give me advance notice on dates and how much it's all going to cost. I don't drive but I can totally contribute on the 'entertainment" part. STY and JJ, I've done destination events so if you need help (FOR FREE), I'll gladly volunteer my services. I've no qualms calling people for best possible deals and putting together a fun-filled itinerary!

    This will be an awesome trip. I've no one to share my Twi craziness with and can just totally imagine how fun it will be surrounded by people of the same kind. Haha!

  85. OMG, that's it! I'm going! If all of you are going to be there, hell or high water, I'm fucking there!
    Do you think that there are enough B&B's in Forks to house all of us?

    Plus I bet you make the news with this shit, as we all descend upon the sleepy wet town.

    You should start selling Company Sponsorships. Hehehe. We'll wear their logo on our tshirt.

  86. I have been to Forks multiple times, in various is fun no matter when you go BUT if you want a hotel, you must prebook. Even if you want to go camping (there's a great little spot 'on the line' so you'll be safe) you should book ahead.

    Just a heads up though, the Dazzled by twilight store is way too much fun and you might need to hitchhike home after hawking your car/plane ticket/tricycle to buy merch.

    You could also head up to Vancouver Canada afterwards and see the sets. Ask TOtwicat to hook you up with our friend Brodie, a fellow Twinerd who knows where everything is!

  87. I love the Twitarded blog and am actually an unofficial queen of, that you just haven't met yet. You want to talk about flying a freak flag...I am the owner of DBT et al and cannot wait to meet you ladies. You crack me up and I am just like you. We LOVE Twilight fans and enjoy every new experience with every one of them. One point I'd like to make is that though there was no actual filming here (thanks Guv! There SHOULD have been...)the entire town is captured firmlyl and accurately in the book saga. You will see street names and places that are described to a T, you will also see where Stephenie took a little poetic license with things. But I always get a charge when I am driving through town and hit a street name that is actually in the book. Forks is real my dears, and the possibility of shapeshifting werewolves and vampires is present in every rain drop. Come see me when you are here, we will have BIG fun!!! Annette

  88. All I have to say is that ML ditched me for a month last August to go on tour with his band so he can't say ANYTHING. Mwawawa. Payback is a bitch!

    I think we are definitely leaning towards September. I don't know if I want to be there for the 13th because they'll probably jack up the price of the hotels and whatnot, so I would tentatively say last week in August/first week in September. Once we get an actual date pinned down we'll let you know. Soon.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. @twi-obsessionwillbethecauseofmydivorce
    I am in Coeur d’Alene! My best friend from HS were talking about going over sometime. Her parents went last August and were saying there’s all this Twilight stuff here. It was funny cause we both could not believe that they took their own little tour, having not read the books etc. We are only 3 hours from each other. We’ll have to have further discussions!

    @Myg…that is a great idea! There are clubs around that area that could possibly book them, make some $ to pay for trip. Win-Win!
    We might have to bake our asses off if that fails or take some hobo-lishious photos to sell if people decide to camp across America, lemon aide stand, kisses from Twi-hoors for a dollar? Somethin’! LMAOROTF!!

  91. My pulse always quickens when I watch the weather report on tv and see Forks on the map. Usually next to a rain drop.

    @vitaminR - we really have to get together since we're both here in Seattle!

    I ditto the offer to tour you ladies around. You haven't lived until you've had a ride on a Washington State Ferry.I haven't been to Forks post-Twi as none of my friends are willing to indulge my craziness.

    But the giant party bus idea sounds fab!

  92. I live in Seattle - easy distance - so I've been there twice and would LOVE to be part of a Twitarded takeover! When I went the first time I wore my Twitarded shirt and the second time I took my dogs and they wore their shirts.

    The Twilight Lounge is super cheese, and super fun. It's only been there for a few months and as far as I can tell it only opens on the weekends. They have a karaoke sing-off, and really it's mostly locals that were there when I was, so it's fun to see into how Forks has totally embraced the Twilight thing. The town had zero economy after logging went to hell, so the locals are very nice to any visitors.

    Lots of lodging options in the area can be cheap, too. Cabins run by the Olympic National forest in Sol Duc or Kalaloch are pretty close and can sleep at least 4 so that cheapens it up a bit, too.

  93. Ok, this is highly dorky, but I made up this site for us...

    (Don't sign up yet! There's nothing to sign up for! LOL!)

    This doesn't have to be used or anything, but I am super-excited and want to do what I can to help make it happen!

    @Dangrdafne That sounds great, thanks! I think it will be very helpful considering I want to fly across country at least twice this year and hopefully to England next!

  94. Are you forking kidding me?!! I went to bed early last night for the first time in months. I came to work and avoided blogging until my lunch break for the first time in months. And what's my reward? Just found out I'm going to Forks, Washington . . . with STY, JJ, VitaminR, Latchkey Wife, Twilove1 (Z Any Mouse and F-Kat are SO going), and Dangrdafne just to name a few???!!! One word for you bitches . . . SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    For the record, I've been on board the TwitardedCon 2010 bus since day one, so if this is as close as we're going to get to making it happen, I'm all over it like Bella on Edward's back running through the forest.

    Looks like I'll be needing to get a pair of Bella rain boots (you know which ones I'm talking about, JJ!).


    P.S.: "i have no clue how JJ and i could keep anyone entertained at such an event" Now that's just crazy talk, STY!

  95. @kittyelvis

    You , me- VitaminR - who else is in seattle? We need to form a local Twitard chapter!

  96. @kintail - YES! Seattle Twitard Chapter! I know there are more of us...

  97. U grrlz r so funnee ~ not sure the Pacific NW is ready for this!?! Took great-niece (the twi-pusher!) last summer for a whirlwind 5-day tour of the "twilight zone" and many other places I've always wanted to see: Seattle is super (attended an amazing pow wow there); Tacoma has the fantastic Museum of Glass; on a long day trip, we did the movie sites and had a superb Italian lunch in old town St Helens (where g-n also tried on prom dresses;)plus the spectacular Columbia River Gorge n waterfalls; o'course the hilight was an overnight trip to Forks (stayed in the Dew Drop Inn's Bella Suite, pictured above ~ reserved the day before!) Ditto what GTA & others said - loved LaPush, shopped til we dropped (not all stuff is overpriced n locals ARE friendly), had yummy chicken soup and Vitamin R at The In Place; the drive to Forks via the Hood Canal, Port A and Crescent Lake was glorious, as was the drive down the coast (Ruby Beach, Lake Quinalt etc.) Was hoping to escape the TX summer up there, but they were having a heat wave and the sun shone the entire trip (sadly, no vampires in sight!) Not sure if you can access, but my pix are here:
    Can't wait to see yours and hear all about it!!!

  98. You guys are making me even more excited than I already was!

    And I love the idea of a west coast Twitarded chapter. I've been to Seattle before - we drove down (up?) to Portland, OR and even spent some time backpacking in the Olympics. It's beautiful out there. Can't wait to go again. But this time we're going to be a fucking mob scene. GAAAAAH1!!! So excited!!

  99. I've been following this blog for awhile now and don't think I've commented before, but I feel the need to add my encouragement to your Forks venture!! I'm only 8 hours away, and I've never contemplated making the trip, probably because hubs already thinks I'm obsessed enough.

    @twi-obsessionwillbethecauseofmydivorce & @rottymama - Hey from Spokane!


  100. I got a GPS system for x-mas 2008 and one of the first places I put in there was Forks!!! Because you never know when I might just get so fed up with my life/family that I just jump in the minivan and drive....

    and yes, my screen name has always been want2Binforks so that should answer your question :)

    I keep telling my hubs to find a work conference to go to in Seattle so I can tag along. Although it would be much more fun with my twi-friends than my barely tolerant hubs, twi-hating 9 yr old daughter and 6 yr old wolfy boy.

  101. @tsharee-RT "If I have to steal my grandma's heart medication...and even increase my husbands one yearly bj to two, just to appease him....I will be there!" LMAO! Your dedication to "The Cause" is humbling.

  102. Holy Shit! This is so fucking fantastic I love it! I love the party bus, love, love it. But we would need to keep it for the whole weekend because you have to drive everywhere on the Peninsula. I will look into cost on this. I already looked into it for my birthday.

    @Kitty_Elvis--looks like we have some discussing to do when we meet for lunch next week.

    @kintail--would love to meet up sometime. Which hood do you live in.

    @My After Car Is an XKR--I think egg donation is a fucking brilliant fundraiser idea. I am done using my eggs.

    @17foreverlisa--You are so sweet! I am just as excited!

    @HonoluluGirl--You must sell you eggs and come...Yay!

    OK I really need to go get some work done now. This is always how I envisioned TwitardCon going down. Nothing too organized just a clusterfuck of Twitards. Perfection.

  103. @Poohbar - oh my - Twitarded and the proprietor of the Dazzled By Twilight store hanging out?! Sounds epic! Oh and I want one of everything, please! On second thought, two of everything - JJ and I don't share well when it come to Twilight stuff - lol!

    @17ForeverLisa - i think i need to buy those boots. and/or hiking boots. one of those. ugh.

    @Dangrdafne - it's funny that you went to Italy but not Forks! ok not really because how cool was Italy?! but still - and you are awesome. just sayin'. : )

    @AnnaBella - no idea what you've created there but i think i like it!! thanks!

    @Myg - Unless someone can teach me that move that the A-Team used to use to get Mr. T on a plane, Mr. Snarky is not getting on a plane. And if he DOES gets on a plane and goes anywhere other than Florida and his folks find out about it, I think he's out of the will - lol... (seriously his family would KILL me...we take freaking AMTRACK to visit them! and not often...)

    : )

  104. Sounds like a good excuse to visit my cousins in Seattle! I've been to Port Angeles a few times; it can't be hard to get to Forks from there! Now I just need to raise the money for airfare and a rental car.

  105. @ JJ--see what you did, it's like you let the "scent" out. Everyone's in a frinzy!

    @ poobar--Welcome! We will have to stop by your store(s), if that's correct. Don't tell the fire marshall!

    @ Twi--Hi ya neighbor {{Wavin}}

  106. @AnnaBella - You are welcome. I would hate for anyone to miss out on travelling just because of a phobia that can be dealt with and for a Twitard to miss what might be TwiCon 2010, that would be a sin! Good luck and if I can help more in any way, let me know.

    @ Lisa - I was wondering where you were. It is rare that I comment before you :) I also concur with your shock at "i have no clue how JJ and i could keep anyone entertained at such an event"

    @STY - I'm awesome?? What did I do to deserve that praise, thanks, you made my day.

    @all - does anyone know how to make a map online that we could all post where we are located so we could find each other more easily?? I though MySpace had something like that but I could be wrong. I tried looking it up on Google but I wasn't quite sure what words to search with and my finds were not too helpful. Just wondering.

  107. Sorry to post again so soon but I had to share my funny... I went back to my Gmail inbox and the ad on my page was "Hiking Boots on Zappos"!! Hmmmm, I think it is definitely telling me I am going to Forks!!

  108. @Dangrdafne--HA! That's definitely a sign from the TwiGods.

  109. twi-obsessionwillbethecauseofmydivorceJanuary 12, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    This is sooo crazy I can't believe the response you guys are getting... now to figure out how to lie, cheat, steal and blowjob my way to go with you.

    @Twi and @rottymamma HI! {waves}!

  110. I've been thinking (I know shocking) but there can't be too much walking on this trip. I suspect a lot of us will have bad knees from all the blowjobs we'll be giving.

  111. @Cullenary Curser - LMFAO!!! It's killing not being on twitter today btw. Am I missing anything?

    @Dangrdafne - *waves hello* You know me well :)

  112. Well shit, ain't I a jealous ho now! I fucking HATE all of you for even having the option of, not only going to Forks, but going ALL fucking together. You bitches!!!

    Okay, now, that I've got that out of the system, I can say: Have a nice trip and don't for get to write!

    too-doo-loo (wave of the day)

  113. @Cullenary Curser - Thanks for the gmail chat :)

    @Jelena @ Twiholic - You are supposed to be writing Chapter 5 of The Canvas not cussing us out. Now get back to work! xxxooo

  114. I keep reading the comments and now I'm even more excited than before, as if that were possible!

    @Dangrdafne- I love the idea of a map to show where everyone is from so we can coordinate travel plans

    @JJ & STY- On a future post, could you write something that we can print out to show to our hubbies/SO's to explain this madness and convince them that, although we know we are certifiably insane, it's imperative that we go? Nobody commands the English language and bends it to their will better than you two!!

    @17foreverLisa- Yay! I'm so glad you're on board!

  115. I am going in September, around Stephenie Meyer Day, to be there with, you guessed it - all the touristy - Twilighty folks. I've had my B&B reservation since November... And I am 30. So I am asking all the adults to come out and play with me:) We'll go to La-Push, Port A., hit up the shops. Oh, but I will say I did incorpoate some non-Twilight stuff in there - like hiking in the Hoh, whale watching from Port A, soaking in the Hot Springs of the Sol Duc, and a 2 day stay in Seattle (gotta see the newborns!) to check out the Seattle touristy places and all. Who's up for joining me?

  116. I didn't have time to read all of the lovely comments or the entire article *too excited*.

    YES! Got to Forks! My sister and I went in August and LOVED it. The people are amazingly friendly, the town is small but cute, the beaches are effing beautiful, no fast food anywhere, and the ratio of espresso to human joints is crazy! We drove all over the peninsula from the Mahak reservation (salmon and beautiful jewelry) to Port Townsend, The hot springs (which are more like pools in the mountains) to Ruby Beach and La Push.

    Do it! And take pictures.

  117. Wow this has the makings for the best road trip eva!!! And I would really look forward to talking about all our fav fanfics with you guys--like a traveling Twilight fanfiction book club.

    who am I kidding? I'd have to sign over my house or something to go.

    So you guys go and have a blast, just promise me you won't do anything reckless like cliff diving or riding on homeboys' motorcycles without taking REALLY, REALLY GOOD pictures!!!

    But tell you what I'm going to do for the TWITARDED cause....I'm going to hold down the fort here on the East Coast in the greater metro area for any Rob sightings because
    1) I'd suspect Forks is the last place Rob's hanging out
    2) With all of you guys gone my wait time in line to meet and do him, oops I mean...greet him, just got shorter!!!

    Hey..maybe you guys could go right around the time of the NY premiere of "Remember Me."

  118. @Twilove1 - Woo hoo!!

    @Twifiltered brain - Brilliant follow-up comment. LMAO!

  119. Bloody arsehole Atlantic Ocean.

    PUH-LEASE tell me you'll do this in september. Flights from the are UK cheaper then and a bit more time to save the pennies.

    Bus, booze and Birds. I loves it.

    @sty - you don't need to do a thing to entertain us! We just want to gather and make merry with you and other twitards :D

  120. I can't believe the # of comments you've gotten on this post! LMFAO @ blowjobs for Forks! And I am sooooo with you all! I wanna go! Don't really know why since we all know nobody will be there, or has ever been there but I really want to go to Bella Italia & have the mushroom ravioli! lol (And maybe some...or alot...of wine). Of course,I live on the east coast so that means an expensive plane ticket but if I can swing the ticket, I'm there! Now on to convincing my husband...;)

  121. I live in Seattle and have not yet been to Forks....I am so in.

  122. So this means that there is a possibility that if my three friends & I go the same time you guys go that we may get to actually meet you two ladies?? OOOooooo!!! Too much fun!! That would be FANtastic!! :-)

  123. @spellbound - not that JJ has been all over expedia, orbitz, etc - but it's cheaper to go from the east coast to there than it is to travel along the east coast! i can get cheaper airfare from NJ to WA than I can from NJ to GA (which i how i am rationalizing this trip to Forks in the face of my family guilt-tripping me about not visiting them in Savannah - lol). so check it out - might be cheaper than you think!

    : )

    We will absolutely positively keep everyone in the loop on dates, etc.! JJ has a trip already planned in March so it would likely be late summer-ish.

  124. @STY - So do you two have the whole NM DVD release, Remember Me, and SXSW saga figured out yet?

    @VitaminR - How much are you charging for room and board? I'm putting my request in early ;)

    @mysharona - You have to come with us. Can you imagine the drunkity-drunk tweeting we could do?! xxxooo

    @spellbound - Hope everything works out and we get a chance to meet in person :)

  125. If there are any people coming from Canada, meet me in Victoria and we'll hop on the ferry to Port Angeles together! :)

    Just let me know the dates and where I have to book my hotel!

    I'll be coming from calgary- solo!

    It sounds like Forks is going to have a serious cougar problem soon! :)

  126. Oh, and here's the ferry schedule

    Not too bad, $29 USD for a round trip!

  127. I went to Forks in June and had fun - we stayed in a "cabin" (which turned out to be a trailer but it was new and clean) very close to LaPush. It was cool - they have this big sign up that says "No Vampires Beyond This Point" by the I recommend that vs. a hotel - you get more of a local feel.
    Forks is really small and a little cheesy but I got a little thrill when I stood in front of the "Welcome to Forks" sign and the high school sign. The high school students were cool and helped us find the school sign,though it was apparent they thought my fellow 30-something friend and I were out of our minds. You have to check out LaPush and the beaches. 2nd Beach is actually a lot nicer than 1st Beach. You guys are going to have a blast! It is sooo worth it.

  128. hey ummmmm... you want to go when I am free from school, yes you do, because you want more real-life Pacific Northwesterners on this trip. K? Yes, yes you do.
    p.s. I'm pulling out the "I lived the first 21 years of my life 10 minutes outside of Port Angeles" card. It's the only card I have.


    @Spellbound - I've been checking flights out of NJ and they are between 250 and 300 buckaroos. We'll try to pin down a date asap because the sooner we book flights the better.

  130. @WonderWoman.....


  131. @Poohbar/Annette--how long have you been lurking here? I love that you are a full-on Twitarded reader. I have actually talked to you in your store in Forks. You told me that my unopened Pocket Edward with "ming reader" on it will be a collectible someday. He still sits in the package. Are you still running the tours of Forks? Can we please get a group discount and private tour? I don't think you would want your regular patrons on our tour. Unless they like Creative Cursing and pooh and fart jokes. Heh-heh. So great to have you here...and many congrats on the success of your stores.


  132. Holy crap! Forks will have to add a new holiday to their calendar.

    So, I was trying to think of a way to get Mr.G's okay to go without him being too suspicious (he still makes fun of my obsession). Taking suggestions from earlier comments I just flat out said "I'll give you a blowie if you say yes" Of course he said yes immediately to which I replied "Thanks, Forks is gonna be so fffuuuuuunnnnnn!" I'm going have to bribe with bj's more often - Thanks ladies!!!

  133. Is there any chance of the Forks trip being the last week of July? My flight to Seattle is already booked & I would LOOOOOVVVEEE to be part of this. Damn mother had to reserve tickets early because she was using frequent flyer miles.

  134. I totally want to go. Set up a Twitarded trip and I'm sure we can offset some of the expenses ;-)

  135. Arrrgh... I saw the name of this post and avoided reading it and the comments all day because I knew I'd be fucked once I did. Now I'm comment #135 or some shit! While I admit that I was hoping for a TwitardCon in NY for Eclipse, Forks is, as someone put so aptly, the mother ship. I gotta go! If even half of the above vowed participants make the trek, that poor town won't know what hit 'em and will most likely sue Stephenie for exposing them to the Twitarded plague. I'm cool with that.

    @Twifiltered Brain - Opportunistic bitch. I'd do the same thing:)

  136. Just a question for you all.... Which airport would you be best to fly into??

    Would it be Washington? Or Seattle? Portland? Sorry would be coming from O/S and totally clueless about what would be best...

    Also anyone else considering coming along, coming from UK/Ireland???

    JJ - I agree with your idea of heading over just before the 13th September. Everything would likely to be booked out, and all prices hiked up. And more importantly if we went before then, we would be more likely to have run of the place to ourselves!

    I wonder if hotels,etc would give a large group discount???

  137. I want to go. My sister lives in WA State but no where near Forks.

  138. Twibitches on parade...what could be better?

  139. I'd love to get to go I want to go to Forks I have not posted any comment on here before but a friend reads your blog everyday and I will now start ... I'm a crazy twi fan Mom
    heres my facebook group..

  140. The interwebs seemed to have eaten my previous comment. this is a sadness, because in all honesty it was the best comment in the world.

    i wish i could remember it...

    i said the first thing that came to my head, and it just so happened to be, the best comment in the world, it was the best comment in the world.

    look into my eyes
    and it's easy to see,
    one and one make two,
    two and one make three,
    it was destiny!

    this is not the greatest comment in the world
    no, this is just a tribute.
    couldn't remember the greatest comment in the world,!
    this is a tribute, oh,
    to the greatest comment in the world,
    all right!
    and it was the best mutha fuckin' comment,
    The greatest comment in the world!

    ps...aren't you glad i commented again. *snort*


  141. Hello, ladies :)
    JHB here, and just wanted to drop a note to say hello. I will go to forks at some point, after @AnnaBella makes all the plans for me and just tells me when to swipe the credit card. But that's the kind of relationship we have :)
    LOVE you girls-hell, I'm the one who got AnnaBella started!!!

  142. I work for the phone company that services Forks, the Cullen's totally don't have a land-line phone or internet. wtf....I would so go there to visit. We did have a kook-wad that called in to move her service there from another state... a far away state because she read the books. I mean I am all about it but why would you move somewhere you have never even been? Seriously.

  143. Stopping by late to say that my BFF lives in good ol' WA and went to Forks with my Pocket E in tow and sent me the most hilarious pictures. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  144. ok...
    so I'm uber late to this post ~ RL has kicked my ass this week! (and a few FF updates) but FFOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRKKKKSSSSS!!
    Fuck yeah ~ I'm in!

  145. i wanna goooooooooo!!!! i feel like a whiney 3 year old... but i REEEAAALLY do! *pout*

  146. I'd love to get to go I want to go to Forks I have not posted any comment on here before but a friend reads your blog everyday and I will now start ... I'm a crazy twi fan Mom
    heres my facebook group..

  147. i got a group here that would FER SHURRRE get all up on the forks dabachary haha these girls are hard core haahaa i grew up i nthe area so i know the weather well end of summer augest ish is like the best time or septemeber most sun i n those months!! GROUP RATESSS are totally gonna haveta be an option tho haha there will be alot of us i am just guessing haha

  148. my sister and i have decided recently to actually make the trip. cuz you truthfully can't be a crazed twilight fan unless you make the pilgrimage (in my opinion), and hell if your gonna go might as well be on that side of the country while they are filming.

  149. I wanna go!!!! I have a contact that lives aprox 100 miles from Forks!!! I've been saying I have to go pay my respects~ Fanpire in TN PS. My Twipeeps here want to go too!

  150. Never been. Will go.

    Make sure you give us notice. Because if you're getting shitfaced in Forks, I'm getting shitfaced in Forks.

  151. So I really wanna go! But I live in Canada. And don't have a job at the moment. ><

  152. I'm going this summer! My BFF promised to take me when she goes with her Mom. It's gonna be an all expenses paid trip (belated b-day gift). Woooo Hoooo! I will have to pawn my 4 kids off on my Mom while I go (the DH may be working out of the country at the time), but who cares!?! Im goin' to Forks!

  153. forks is mneh. i grew up in the area though, so i remember it before twilight hit. just a shitty logging town. la push on the other hand is a nice place to visit. rent a beach house and stay a few days. tide pools and beaches and waves! its just like the movie but better.

  154. My friend celebrated her bday last November in Forks. They had a blast. Cheesy but whatev. It's F*CKIN' FORKS! They did a guided tour of all things Twilight-y. Then they drove to the beach. That's La...Push...if you didn't know. I know you're Team Edward so you might not want to go in July because the Quileutes have some kind of festival/shindig going on. If you go during that time and heckle, I can't guarantee them Injuns won't tie you up and roast you over the fire. Vamps don't do well in fire, remember?

    There's lots of shops totally taking advantage of all things Twilight-y so you might consider throwing stuff on eBay to make extra cash for the you-know-you-have-to-get-it souvenirs. If you go in September or October, I would totally join that bandwagon. I've been on a Contiki vacay, I know how to run a tight ship.

    For the record, I went to Vancouver last myself! It was awesome! Toured all the film sites. Even took some pics with me and pocket Edward. So if you want to splurge and stalk, er, see RPattz and company in Canada then I recommend the last two weeks of September. Weather is GORGEOUS!

    You can see my pics on FB. Yes, I'm a fan of yours. :)



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