Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Survived The TwiBite Challenge! (Barely.)

We got our own customized badge!

So I should have done this well over a week or so ago but fml I am always laaaaate for everything (unfortunately you can just ask Jenny Jerkface or anyone else I know to confirm this - it's a problem...). In fact, I was so tardy in responding to the challenge that I actually received an email from JJ one morning that stated, very bluntly, "I SWEAR I WILL FUCK YOU UP if you don't answer the TwiBite challenge. For real. It's definitely been one of those things that if I acted on it as often as I thought about it I would have had it all done in a reasonable amount of time but nooooooo... Anyway, in the "hopefully better late than never" category, I wanted to direct your attention to Mrs. P over at TwiBite who has created "The TwiBite Challenge" and yours truly (and JJ, natch) participated! Aaaaand we almost FAILED! True story. But don't take my word for it - check it out (and you can find her "Best of the Challenge" post here! some of our fave bloggy buds and commenters have participated, so read them all!) - Mrs. P and Lisa from 17 Forever teamed up for this epic two-parter! We answered all the questions (mostly) including the one about how we'll lure Robward home with us, the one about our S/O's KStew blog, and the one about strip poker with the Cullens! Mrs. P knows how to ask questions. Believe us. We know. Click here to go to there (you know you're intrigued now...). And if you think your twatty enough to take the Challenge yourself, ask Mrs. P

While you're there, you can also read about Mrs. P's YouTube video contest - winner gets a hundered smackeroos AND a TwiBite travel mug! No kidding. If I knew how to make videos, I'd be all over that action - Snarky's gotta get the "FOOOOOOOOORRRKKS! Fund" going, kids!


  1. Hello ladies!!!! Your challenge was definately a classic...Lisa and I had our hands full; that's for sure!
    Thank you for the Contest shout-out...I just extended the deadline b/c no one was entering. Thank you!!!!
    Mrs. P

  2. P.S.---the link to your challenge--not the best of the challenged, the one to your challenge is not working.

  3. Hellloooooo darling! We had a blast with the challenge, even if we did almost fail. ;)

    And I fixed the link. Thank you!!

  4. What's this? I'm off being a good first-time Beta for Mrs. P's new FanFic set to debut and get back online to this post? Total fangirl moment.

    You two know that you are my heroes and the reason I was inspired to start my own blog in the first place. I "met" Mrs. P through Twitarded, too. So I also owe you for finding me my super bloggy BFF. Tag-teaming the Twitarded TwiBite Challenge was a blast. Mrs. P may have been emailing me, too, wondering where your answers were, STY. LOL! And like I told you via email, it took me almost as long to submit the answers for my TwiBite Challenge.

    At any rate, thanks for the shout out. Mrs. P rocks, and I'm just glad to be her roadie :)

    And one more thing . . . FFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! You do know that Mrs. P and I are going to be there, don't you? Can't wait!


  5. JJ + STY + Mrs P + Lisa = hysterical

    Thank you to all 4 of you for always keeping me laughing!!

  6. I loved your challenge answers. You guys are all the best!

  7. I love the TwiBite challenge, such a good idea. And Mrs.P. is full of them... ideas, I mean.

    I may not have met everyone at Twitarded, but it is because of Twitarded that I met a lot of awesome women from around the globe.


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