Sunday, February 7, 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender = Awesomesauce

I have a confession to make.

I can't fucking wait for this movie to come out.

You see, prior to Twilight, I had a thing for Kung Fu movies. And not exactly Bruce Lee kung-fu movies but only because the overdubs made me insane and slightly stabby. After awhile, I couldn't even watch the action because I was too focused on the fact that their lips weren't moving in sync with what they were saying.

Once Upon a Time in China, The Seven Samurai, Legend of the Drunken Master, Akira and even Crouching Tiger, Pooping Dragon - I love 'em all. Oh, can't forget Kill Bill, either. Both volumes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is shaping up to look pretty fucking amazing. There is martial arts, awesome looking special effects and all around potential for death and destruction.

Plus, it has the extra added bonus of Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, a member of the Water Tribe. Even better, he's not wearing a ridiculous fugly wig AND he doesn't look like he needs to take a shit. Badly.

Here's the trailer, in case you missed it.[note from STY - had to replace this since the original one was pulled from YouTube]

The Last Airbender is actually a movie based on a television show on Nickelodeon a while back. I know, I know - I'm waaaay to old to be watching a cartoon series. Bite me. It wouldn't be the first time I went gaga over something totally age inappropriate, after all.

Now, M. Night Shamamamamlam's last few movies have been utterly disappointing but I'm holding out that he can pull this one off. Fingers crossed.

Since this is Super Bowl Sunday and I couldn't be bothered to muster up a whit of excitement about it, I was just going to say fuck it to the whole thing and go read some Twilight porn or something.

Until I found this, which is supposed to air tonight during the game:



  1. Hi there - it's so cool to know that you also love avatar. I'm also looking forward to the live action version. My husband, daughter and I are huuuge fans of the animated series.

    Last year my daughter chose to be Katara for halloween. i had a seamstress custom make her costume...

    see link here:

    Anyhow, thought you might get a kick out of that. It will be cool to see Jackson Rathbone as Aang!

    BTW - Your blog is one of my favorites!!!!

  2. This clip is so amazing!!!! and jackson as sokka looks really really good...i watched the avatar cartoon in nick or well i used to watch it and it was a really good serie and i am SO excited to see this movie!!!

  3. OMG - can we all go together???? The only thing that could drag me away from Rob and my secret fantasies, is this movie. I just hope M Shamalamadingdong doesn't screw it up!

    I am a Kung Fu fanatic - I even watch Kung Fu Panda with my girl so I can watch the evil snow leopard get his furry butt kicked - LOL.

    And I can so indulge my Jacksonitis with this movie - can't wait! Thanks for posting the trailer.

    and BTW, you totally rock, I just started following your blog and I enjoy it immensely. Keep up the good work for those of us not brave enough to do this ourselves.
    A Michigan Rebel

  4. Funny how I can totally tell who is posting (u vs STY) via the tone of the post...I knew it was you Jenny, right away ;)

    My bff is super into seeing this movie, because she's a dork...I have no interest, other than the fact that Jackson is in it. Now, I will HAVE to see it...and that gets my bff all giddy and shit.

    I'm also not into the Superbowl this year. Plus I worked till 3...wanna know what I did at work? BLOG..yes new post. Woot Woot...and a shout out to Twitarded is included.

    PS I thought you'd like to know the word verification for this comment is "Stian"...not sure why it made me giggle...considering it's spelled wrong.

    xo Twired Jen

  5. Kinda sucks that it has the same name as "another movie". Wish this one had come out first. It looks more interesting.

  6. My son and I love Avatar!
    Two years ago...Santa gave both of us Book 3 on DVD. This past year for Christmas my son asked Santa to give Mom a Katara costumes. Its a trip being a kid with your kid!

  7. Sweet! Thanks for the digs on this film. I just saw an add for it and, much to my friends/co-conspirators, I like M. Knight Shamalamalamalama's stuff..even Lady In The Water (Bryce Dallas Howard is in it not seeming like a harpy who conveniently *italicize* ended up with Rachelle Lefevre's part as Vctoria).

    Bring on the Fu! or the cock-blocking version cok-fu!

  8. The ad was one of the first ones of the night. No Jackson that I saw though :(

    I was waiting for this ad though and it never showed so I searched for it and here it is - it reminded me of you and I mean that in the best way possible - enjoy

  9. Ugh. M. Knight Shyamalan lost me forever with "(What's) The Happening" when he tried to make tays-in-da-win* seem menacing.

    *"Nell" reference.

  10. I am really looking forward to this movie, especially since seeing 100 Monkeys a couple weeks ago. I have a major Jackson crush, right behind the Precious of course, and Boxer Brief Kellan is a very close 3rd. Jackson is unbelievably charasmatic in person, and it should transfer well to screen. I love the cartoon haircut, and glad he ditched the My Little Pony wig.

    M. Knight Shamalamadingdong is way overdue for a good one. The Sixth Sense was so good, and then it was crap after crap. Pleeease let this be worthy!

    LOL at Crouching Tiger, Pooping Dragon!!

  11. Man the series is just genius, no matter how old you are. We have no kids and started watching because all these online fans seemed obsessed when I searched this movie/series. It really will be a fantastic movie

  12. Normally, I wouldn't see this movie. Not in a million years (unless RPatz was in it). But, my son is super psyched to see it and he's only 9 and I won't let him drive yet, so.....I'm stuck.

    When he used to talk about "The Last Airbender" I figured it was just a euphemism for farting. Don't blame me. He's a boy and he talks about farts a lot. How was I supposed to know it was a tv show?

  13. I understand. I left the boys to go watch New Moon (in the last theater in Milwaukee to have it) so they could watch the pooper bowl.
    I'd also like to point out that the entire theater was full. 2 and a half months after it has been in the theaters ;)

  14. I totally agree about the up and down nature of M. Night Shyamalan (uh, it's not that hard) movies. Loved Sixth Sense, liked Unbreakable, have been meh about others. Really liked the crazy artsy American Express ad he did.

    @caninecologne how cool about your daughter's costume!! Wow!

  15. Mr. VitR refers to him as M.Night Shamalamadingdong. Nice ring to it don't you think? The first vid is not longer working but the second one was...looks good. No stupor bowl for me today..not a football fan...I can't even tell you who played. I was busy cleaning out closets today. OK back to fanfic. Mwah!

  16. I am so stoked about this film, when the first clips came out in the theater what seem like ages ago the audience went ape shit. As time went on and another teaser trailer was presenter the audience once again went ape shit x20.

    Now as more time went on and folks were searching out details about the film I remember almost peeing on myself when the trailer finished and a group of teen boys yelled out - "Where the Asians be at in this film?" to which someone else screamed, "behind the camera you little douchebag."

    Yes, we can argue the point that most of the main characters on the TV show are Asian and that is not the case in the film. I care, but not enough not to see the film opening weekend. I should in all my woman of colorness be boycotting this film (well for the first weekend anyway) but I can't bring myself to do it. I love the show and I actually think M. Night will redeem himself with this film. If not, I'm going to stalk him in Philly and have him really seeing dead people - I kid, I kid.

    Thanks for posting this - I'm squeeing like crazy over here.

  17. Hi! I just now joined this site & immediately started laughing when I read about being over thirty & in love with Twilight! Hey -- I just turned 60 & I love all of it. The books, Edward, the movies, Edward, the actors, Edward, etc. I am a VamplovingNana on Twitter & Vamped on Myspace. I also love Stefan on Vampire Diaries. They could all hop back & forth & I wouldn't mind at all. Seriously, Rob, Paul, and all the actors on all series are very talented young people. This addiction is seriously so not for just teens/young girls. One question tho -- why is wanting "Robsten" such a major thing with everyone? I have never cared before who was with who as long as they're happy but these two young, talented people need to be together. Very strange!

  18. @TJB OMG "behind the camera"- srsly?! God that sucks. Eff em, go to the opening in your best kick ass outfit (and I do mean fuck-you stilettos and liquid eyeliner) and have yourself a fabulous time.

  19. Wigless Jackson + Fur Coat = SOLD!!

    Yeah, I've got Jacksonitis..and I've got it Baaaaad.

    I get violent when i see how they fugly him up in the Twilight movies...totally uncool.

  20. my cats name is momo. (im just sayin.) i want to see this movie so bad, and i love the cartoon. but...ZOMG jackson is sooo FuckHawt im about to proly going to stalk/capture him soon. so if anyone wants to stare at him while he is tied up in my closet im selling tickets.

  21. I think I've been looking forward to this movie just as much as Remember Me. After all, Jacksper is just as compelling to me as Robward, so they've got my support, even with their non-Twi stuff.

  22. JJ, I have to confess I've watched the cartoon *ahem* frequently and was a little disappointed the James Cameron film was not the long-anticipated Avatar movie. I'm kind of on the fence with Shamalamadingdong (I heart that, by the way) and hoping it does not suck.

    Must confess, I am developing a severe case of Kellan-Jackson-itis. Initially I was not crazy about either of them (the wolf pack and P.Fach got my blood pumping a bit more) but it's becoming a problem. Well, less a problem for me and more a problem for my spare time.

  23. @VitaminR - I totally refer to him as that too!

    And "The Last Airbender" - sounds like one of my college weekend.... didn't end pretty.

  24. @WordyDoodles I think the man when screaming at the kids about behind the camera, he was talking about M. Night. It's interesting to me that this is the one time that all of my friends regardless of race are really put off by the casting of a film. I guess this is a show that has them united and they want it to be exactly like the animated series.

    I like your idea of the stilettos & liquid eyeliner, but since I no grace & can't seem to figure out how to put on liquid eyeliner, I'll be strolling to this show in jeans and a plaid shirt. But I can dream that one day I can pull that look off.

  25. I've been watching the cartoon since it started because my niece and nephew are obsessed. When the commercial came on yesterday we all got excited for it. Oh, how I love when Twilight intersects with things the rest of the family is into so they won't give me crap about it!

    @TJB I'm with you. Offended by the casting...but still going to see it. At least it won't be anything like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  26. I l.o.v.e The Last Airbender. Cartoon or not, it's the best. And my 7-year old daughter's had a crush on cartoon Sokka since she was 5. I cry like a baby whenever Aang goes into the avatar state and his eyes and arrows glow. I'm such a nerd.

  27. LMAO!! My two boys suckered me into watching one of those Airbender Marthons one day... I sat and watched hours upon hours of episodes. I have to say I love them too.. I can't wait to see the movie. I love M. Night Shyamalan's movies even though the last couple were not so great. I think he puts excellent spin on on his movies that keep you on the edge of your seat.

    The excitement in my home for the summer is pretty extreme, with Eclipse and The Last Airbender coming out.

    As for Jackson Rathbone being Sokke ... this should be interesting to see, in my opinion, since Sokke is the comedic relief.

    Should be fun!

  28. I haven't watched the cartoon, by my son is just turning 6 and although he asked repeatedly I didn't let him watch it yet. That being said- I haven't seen an M. Night movie I didn't like- even the ones others hated. This is definitely my type of movie too! Oh, and I'm a little bit Team Jacksper so that's really a plus!


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