Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Move Over, Mini-Bella: You've Got Competition!

Don't worry, Mini-STY and Mini-JJ, there's more than enough of me to go around...

I was going through the entries for our one-year anniversary a little while back and this one just stopped me in my tracks. I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair (and I think I frightened my cat, and she's used to my antics). I am going to let our brilliant Twitarded friend Cinzia explain - in her own words - how she put this crafty masterpiece together, but let me just say for the record how amazingly impressed I am with her handiwork. She cut and dyed hair! And made glasses for Jenny Jerkface! She made slutty little Twitarded outfits (complete with underpantz!)! She even found appropriately slutty shoes for mini-us!

OK, enough from me - Cinzia, take it away...

So I had this idea a little while ago (around Christmas) and I couldn't tell if it was funny or creepy so I didn't do anything. And then I saw the contest and I thought it would be fun to do. Alas I was busy this week (and I'm a huge procrastinator) so I didn't actually start until Sunday afternoon.
So you're all like "Get to the damn point."
OK fine, I will.
STY and Jenny Jerkface dolls!
Wearing Team Twitarded Shirts!
And actually wearing the Pattinson Panties! (with lips!)
Not only that, they attracted The Precious and he's even wearing a Twitarded pin because he's such a huge fan.
This e-mail was going to be a lot funnier but due to the fact that I have spent way too many hours attempting to make mini underwear (and hiding my progress from the males in my house who normally leave me alone but for some reason decided to hang around and annoy me) and the fact that at quarter to midnight I had on gloves and was putting baby oil on a doll's head (because I couldn't find vaseline) as I attempted to dye her hair red...I've decided that I've lost my mind and need to go to sleep. LOL
Anyways, I hope you think the dolls are funny (and not creepy) and I'll send them your way. (Well except for Mini E...he's my date for weddings) :o)
Have a great Monday!
p.s. - I had great plans for accessories but apparently none of the stores around me sell Barbie clothes or accessories which seems odd to me. In my vision there would have been a mini bottle of wine, a blackberry/cellphone, a computer for blogging, boots for JJ (I kinda found ankle boots). I was also going to make an "I'm with the Band" lanyard. Oh well, such is life...

Needless to say, move over, Mini-Bella: there are some new whore-flaps in town (and they've clearly been up to no good).

Nothing attracts Mini-Edward like flashing a picture of him on your hoo-hoo (true fact). Mini-Edward undies are like mini-vampire magnets!

P.S. I think that JJ and I had sorta come to an unspoken agreement that "The Underwear" were officially retired and would never make another appearance here, but we HAD to make an exception for this masterpiece! Red Bella will be pleased, I am sure.

P.P.S. Cinzia, we need these. Like we really REALLY have to have these. I see a special place for these gals on the trip to Forks, and I am not going without them!


  1. OMG i love these! that is so awesome! I want a Mini me to hang out with my pocket Edward and be best friends with pocket alice!!!!!! you ladies rock

  2. Those photos are absolutely precious, and very true to life as well.

  3. Fucking hilarious!! They need to make the trip to FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!! with us.


  4. Oh, heavenly Jeebus that is hysterical. Cinzia is a very talented woman! Amazing and awesome.

  5. These are fantastic! I am SO impressed! And yes, they need to come to Fooorrkkss!

  6. The creativity in Twitardia amazes me.

  7. Those are absolutely awesome! Cinzia, you are a goddess.

  8. LMFAO!! Cinzia, you are amazing. Never have the chicas of Twitarded been so amazingly depicted! The undies are priceless and the t-shirts are works of art. Too fucking funny!

  9. @Myg - Right?! We're totally not as fat as those heifer-size Barbie dolls but other than that, they're fucking perfect! Oh and my legs are least 4X as long as my torso, not just 3X...

    : )

  10. LOVE the new mini whoreflaps!!! Such a great likeness, too. ;)


  11. So awesome Cinzia! Not creepy at all.....unless there are some out takes from the photo shoot that should never see the light of day.

  12. AAAAGH! These are awesome!
    How great is that. You know you've hit the big time when you've got a doll of you!

    The panties are the BEST!

  13. Cinzia, officially no twitarded fan can top that. Good job!

  14. The dolls are really cutie and you did a really amazing job!

    But I kind of feel like a line was crossed with reproducing the panties in even in miniature. I'm not trying to be a pissy bitch here, I'm all for expressing yourself creatively. But if I'm going to use someone else's idea I at least get permission first.

    Case in point I asked hunterhuntington permission to make CW&IA themed panties and sports bra as the story is her intellectual property and I got in touch with the graphic artist who created the fan made art that I want to use for a twilight themed my version of Bella's Jacket.

    I guess I'm just saying it would have been nice if you asked permission first before re-creating them.

  15. Very creative, Cinzia!! That was such a funny idea.

    JJ & STY - I may bring my Bella & Edward Barbie dolls to FFFFOOOORRRRKKKSSSS just so we can create the Twilight alternate reality where the two cool chick dolls from Jersey beat Bella up & steal Edward.

  16. Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is just brilliance and craftiness beyond my wildest expectations. I am in awe!!!!!

  17. YES!!! JJ & STY immortalized in Barbie form!

    Cinzia - you are amazing! I LOVE these!!!

    I'm realizing we have some seriously talented twatwaffles and whoreflaps in Twitardia. I'm completely lacking in sewing/video/photoshopping creativity. Keep it up ladies!

    JJ & STY - I hope you bring these to FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKKKSSSSSS!!!

  18. Wow, I'm with everyone else on this - the creativity of Twitardia is definitely mind boggling.

    @red_bella - you're right. Thanks for reminding us of the way this process should work. I'm sure people sometimes forget they need to ask for permission, because they mean no harm.

  19. Cinzia! These are great!! How "did" you make the panties???

  20. OME!!! Those are fantastic!!! The amazingly talented Cinzia deserves respect...

  21. Holy Crap! I am blinded by awesomeness! Truly a work of modern art!

  22. What a great miniature representation of two miniature sluts. However, I think the JJ doll may be a tad too tall. I think Cinzia should have maybe hacked her off at the knees (or at lease mid calf) and stuck the shoes on her stumps. HAHAHA!!

  23. My life from now on will feel pointless, now that I hve seen this

  24. If that is the type of creativity you get for your contests, then I am no longer worthy of entering in the future....I only wish I had 1/10 of her talent!

    Great job!

  25. Awesome. All of my attempts at OOAK go horrifically wrong. You rock Cinzia!

  26. Cinzia, you are the Queen Twitard.

  27. This was a nice little laugh until I read "at quarter to midnight I had on gloves and was putting baby oil on a doll's head (because I couldn't find vaseline)" and then all I could think was "it puts the lotion on its skin" and it got really fucking funny.

    Don't kid yourselves; you people are insanely obsessed. But that has its perks out here in Husbandville, and it makes morning coffee several times more enjoyable. Hats off to Cinzia for destroying the creative envelope and going the extra mile--you make Van Gogh look like he was probably only dysthymic. Might I suggest a diorama?

  28. Oh, for Chrissakes please make a diorama. Please. Sponsor a Twitarded Diorama contest and secure a coffee date with the precious as first prize because I can only imagine the painfully wrong thigs Twitardizens can make Barbie do to mini-E.

  29. I love Mini JJ and Mini STY! A diorama is a great idea, and I even have a stockpile of Reebok boxes you can have (I hoard them because I have a 5th grader). Scene 1: JJ and STY's Forks hotel room, complete with stripper pole and trapeze.

    BTW, personally I don't think the underpantz should ever go into retirement. I know you're tired of the hoopla, but I LOVE THEM, never get tired of them, and think they are the most awesomest things ever! Red Bella did such a great job, and deserves a Twitarded medal of honor.

  30. Please give this girl SOMETHING - screw the random winner generator thingy - these dolls are BRILLIANT!

    I cannot believe the creative genius Twilight and Co. have inspired. We need to harness this for promoting world peace or something.

  31. Ummmm...errrr.....uhhhhh....I am honestly stumbling over words here. What can one say about something so, um...insanely creative?

    But, and I must ask this...why does it look like STY is rubbing a candied apple on JJ's tits and simultaneously kissing her coin slot?!?


  32. LMFAO! Cinzia, how in hell do you make mini undies with all of the details! I definitely want to see thee mini Twitards at FFFOOOOORKKKS!

  33. Is that a joke?? You want her to get permission to re-make miniature twilight undies? I think if permission was needed from someone it would be Summit ent.

    Love the dolls BTW!! HILARIOUS!

  34. OH MY GODDDD!!!! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Those are the bomb.

    WV: dirrob (I don't want him to die!)

  35. seeing as i'm the least crafty person i know, i am beyond impressed at the skill it took to make those!

    it's sweet and funny and weird all at the same time. when those attributes all come together, they form such good things.

  36. I know I posted a comment here last night and now it is gone...are you censoring me JJ and STY? I was half asleep at the time so who knows.

    Love the dolls! Pure brilliance. They must come to Forks. I have videos planned for those little mini Twitards. Big plans.

  37. Hi Ladies!
    Cinzia here!
    I was so excited to see this post. :o)

    Thank you so much for all of the great comments!!! I had a lot of fun making the dolls. :o)

    The panties took forever to make. Long story short - photoshop (which I barely know how to use), resizing in word, transfer paper, cotton t-shirt material, hand stitching (since they are so small they got caught in the sewing machine). They are totally not as nice as the originals.

    @ red_bella: I am so sorry! Honestly the thought did not cross my mind to ask you permission first. All I could think of was how awesome your panties are and how they got so much (world-wide) attention and how I thought the mini dolls should wear them because I thought it would be funny. Since the contest was to celebrate JJ and STY's blogiversary, and that your panties were pretty important in the last little while I thought it would be nice to include. Also, I figured since they were going to go to STY and JJ (who you gave the original panties to) and not to someone else or definitely not for sale, I didn't think to ask. I'm truly sorry for offending you and being rude and not asking permission first. You bring up a very valid point and I will definitely ask you (or whoever) next time I recreate something.

    @ STY and JJ - Thank you for dedicating a whole post to me! Yay! I'll put them in the mail this weekend. :o) You'll get them in plenty of time for FFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRKKKKKKKSSSSS!

  38. Those are the best dolls ever. Wow, that girl has major creativity! Awe inspiring work. And you call yourself a procrastinator? You were not the one who took many pics and then could not find her camera before the contest ended, and then found the camera on her dresser- which I would have found if I had actually looked for it. In case you were wondering, THAT'S a procrastinator.

  39. I LOVE IT!!

    I miss the Twi-bloggy world :( especially my daily twitarded update. Or actually blogging myself, sniff.

    Hopefully RL will stop flushing my head down the toilet soon


  40. hi there - just want to say, those dolls are super cute!!!! love their clothes and slutty shoes too!

  41. Friday night means Mad Libs at the SagaPalooza

  42. Cinzia: Adorable!

    Definitely expect to see a picture of them in the jail cell in Forks!


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