Saturday, February 13, 2010

Robert Pattinson Videos To Keep You Warm On A Cold Winter Night

OK so Jenny Jerkface had a whole post written about the Details pics and the outtakes and stuff and I RUINED IT. Literally. Like I sort of erased it. It was an accident!!! Here's what happened: if I am in a post draft and JJ is in there at the same time, when I save it or close out, it erases all of her changes (and vice versa). And then she had to head out to Brooklyn to see ML's band tonight, so she didn't have time to rewrite it. So we're screwed. FML. I suuuuuck!

To make up for it, please enjoy these videos!!

[Note: so I almost fucked JJ over - again!! - by posting this video before it occurred to me that it might be the very same video that she was already planning on using in HER post! And lo and behold, when I went back to check, it was! But no worries - I checked with her and she doesn't think we should wait before we ptmfs either - yay! I'm lucky she's suck a good sport, that's all I'm sayin'...]

You may have seen this already, but it's smokin' effing hot and I MUST have it here! I first saw it over at True Blood Twilight and had to go douse myself with cold water after I had watched it several [dozen] times. We'll have a LOT more to say about all of these pics - and RPatts' self-professed vagina allergies - but for now let's just bask in the moment...


Also watched this one at True Blood Twilight - it includes the Vogue pics that have been released thus far - thanks Honolulu Girl!!! You rock! I am not sure how much of this I can take (but I am going to find out - bring it on!) -


  1. I'm starting to fall for the glory that is Rob with all the images from the Vogue and Details shoot. Or maybe I'm just reaffirming my love for Norman Jean Roy the photographer. Either way I'm happy!!!

  2. I'm happy, too!! I think these photo shoots are making everybody happy! Well, everyone in the Twidom, anyway.

    : )

  3. How does he NOT have a boner in any of these pics? Am I the only one that was looking for it?

  4. I don't know how much more I can take either, STY. But I am more than willing to find out.

    Catherine - I was looking for it too :)

    But seriously, what is up with the vagina comment?! I would like further explanation on that one.

  5. @Catherine: (Mrs.P is gonna totally kick my ass for this & 17foreverlisa will smooch me...)
    BUT..he only has a boner for Kristen ;)
    JK I was totally wondering the same thing myself. Though a lot of those top models aren't very attractive...Plus with all those cameras on you, I'm sure sex is the last thing you're thinking about.
    @STY: Bravo for posting that vid...Holly Hell he is a God.

  6. this shoot boggles my mind. that man is glorious.

  7. Hawt. The first video reminded me a bit of some of the fanfic - the hardcore-looking girls, and then the blond looked tied to that tub (was she? I was looking elsewhere)... thanks for the videos! Now I have lots to drool over when the hubs leaves for his show tonight.

    The real reason I'm leaving a comment, though, is my w/v: punpimp. Couldn't let that pass.

  8. I'm not big on vaginas myself and am always amazed that men like it down there, so I can understand Rob's aversion. Besides, I'm sure only HE knows what he meant, being that it was Rob saying it. It could mean anything!

    And I wouldn't be surprised by lack of boner - these models seem awfully asexual to me or something.

  9. This video make me puddle. I've seen it like 4 times, and still can't stop drooling. He is ridiculously gorgeous.

    The way I understand the vagina comment is that he was around naked women he didn't know for the 12 hour photo shoot and was uncomfortable. I know if I was around random dick for 12 hours, unless it was The Pretty's or my s/o, I might uncomfortable as well. Just my thoughts.

    @musingbella - reminds me of MotU. Fifty Shades!

  10. LOL - US Weekly has Rob's vagina quote as their top story. Oh, Rob...

    W/V: bangean. Now everyone thinks he's bangean TomStu.

  11. Seriously.....that Details video renewed my interest in ALL things RPatz. I was getting really REALLY bored and not giving a shit. He was no longer at the forefront of my mind but now.....NOW oh yes NOW!

  12. MAYBE the va-jay-jay comment was intended to get all of us creepy old chicks that want to do naughty things to him to back off? Just sayin. I've got news for you DIDN'T work. I for one only want to do naughtier things to you now.

    Also, I think he was just being funny - he's just a big hard tool afterall.

  13. STY. He doesn’t like Vaginas, because I wasn’t there. He only likes my Vagina. Okay? Got that!

    BTW, I am so littering my window in Forks with pics from the Details Mag.

  14. All valid points about the lack of boner. btw, have you guys found the article? I'm blind I think.

  15. @STY did you mean to say this?
    "I'm lucky she's suck a good sport,"

    Love these videos!

  16. The videos are awesome. I especially like the song in the second one...who sings that?

    The vj comment was probably just to create buzz...get more press, especially right before a new movie comes out. Even so, speculation could start about him being...*gasp* Wouldn't that be the ultimate buzz kill?! It would be the only thing that might cure me of my fascination with him.

    As far as the no boner thing...who could get one with those toothpicks they call models? If they had real women there, prancing around naked all day, he wouldn't have lasted 12 hours! Poor bloke would have had to go rub one out every half hour or pass out from a raging case of blueballs.

    Rob, Your Royal Hotness, if you want a good stiffy, check out a real woman with some curves on her. I could easily cure you of that allergy.

  17. @cullenlover07: DEFinitely MotU - I haven't been reading that all evening or anything... *looks around, hubs not home* alright, I have... again, HAWT. 50 shades, indeed.

  18. I didn't think it was possible, but he managed to out-hawt the GQ. This trumps GQ big time. BIG. TIME. I close my eyes, and all I see is that green bathroom floor covered in hawt Rob staring at boobs.

    UNF Rob.

    WV: imparfic... He's perfected the imparfic.

  19. Rawr.
    ( I got nuthin else to say.)


    Well ok then. my word verif is "focker"

  20. Holy fucking hell!!!! See, I told you every freaking time I leave town something big happens with Rob...and this is BIG! I like that I was able to share that first video with Mr. VitR and he even got a little enjoyment out of it..I am OK with that. BTW I am watching without sound as I am spending the night in my friend's parent's living room in their condo in Whistler..I promise I will listen with sound tomorrow.

    @HG-Love the video even without sound. Mwah!

    Ummm I may wear out my conputer watching that first vid over and over and over and over.

    Why can't watching Rob be a winter Olympics event? I am going to start a petition dammit.

  21. Let me be the first to say Happy Valentine's Day to all you Twihards!!!

    The Rob Drought is officially over, and we're all wet. Just sayin ;)

    @Twired Jen - You're right. I do love you Bloggy Bestie!

    @VitaminR - What events are you seeing at the Winter Games?!

  22. Oh my God, those videos are awesome! I am so happy to see that Rob has decided to appeal to a more mature audience and leave the twiteens to Taylor.

  23. Regarding about the Vagina "issue", maybe what Rob meant was his aversion to the word and not the literal? Ever wonder why we use heaps of nicknames for it?

    Vagina sounds clinical and sooo not sexy. ;)

  24. I just can't get enough of that first video. I mean GAWWWWD that's hot... and frankly some serious fanfic inspiration in my mind.

    Anyway, thanks for posting! I haven't loved a set of pictures this much since THE VF came out last year.

    And aside from making me all hot and bothered (which I always enjoy) it makes me feel like our little RPatzz is growing up... that means it's more okay for me (mid 30's mom) to "like like" him. :)

    Thanks Ladies!

    PS I hate blogger... sorry about your deleted work... I blame blogger!

  25. It SUCKS that it's so hard to find magazines like Details, GQ and others i Sweden. I managed to get a hold of the VF issue, and I'm guarding it like the precious piece of delicious Rob porn it is. If any of you ladies going to Forks happen to buy an extra copy of Details, pleeeease bring it to Forks! I'll pay for it in money, drinks, a song and a dance or whatever your heart desires.

    And reading the Details article (and others, I might add) I can't help but wonder: The way his mind works he must have the IQ of a genious. His brain is everywhere, simultaneously! How does he manage that without going totally nuts?

  26. Fucking unbelievable. He is so beyond hot it boggles my mind. I can't wait to buy the mag. That video is awesome. Rob is a god. It's such a bonus that he's also so intelligent, which only makes him hotter. I could care less about his vagina aversion. He's young, he'll get over it. Just think how many vaginas he's having thrust at him on a daily basis, poor baby. ;) I'm patient, I can wait.

  27. says that the first video was removed due to terms of use violation! Seriously?? Is there another link available, by any chance?

  28. For fuck's sake! Will my poor heart ever calm down? Luckily my Blackberry has good battery life and I can watch the pics maaany times but I keep on dropping the thing from having such sweaty palms!

    I live in South Africa and I wish I could also go to Forks :(!

  29. I... uh... um... what?! I... oh brother.

    The words, they will not come.

    but I prolly will....


  30. I saw the Details video by going to their website, very hot and yes @CullenLover07 and @musingbella definitely Fifty! I thought the article was so Rob. He just puts himself out there with the verbal diarrhea that I love. Of course he's uncomfortable with all the naked models even though the pictures show him as cool as ever. In my job I often have to swab dicks for STDs (glamorous I know), on those days I feel allergic to dicks too! Except for MrMartini's, definitely NOT allergic to his.

    @CullenLover07 and @Tracee...Maybe I'm jealous (ya think?) but I didn't consider these women attractive either, they don't look like real women, the one in the tub fucking scares me! It's Details after all, tryin'to go all artsy and vogue-ish.

  31. @Micki_Martini - Well said on both counts! Thank you!!


    Seriously! Just when I think this guy cannot possibly be any hotter, he cranks up the temperture another 20 degrees! Gah!!

    And I love this article!! I think I would see Rob in some of the gear they sell at Coco de Mer. Maybe not the horsie thing but there are some interesting things over there! (check their website!) Seems our boy is a bit of a freak - or he's been reading TaraSueMe's fanfic!!

    Love that he is agast at the thought of his mother watching porn on the new cable he bought her!

    Love that his filter is permanently on "off".....Mr. Verbal Diarrhea himself!

    Oh - the vagina comment. According to a girl on another Rob site, it's a British joke.

    An "allergy" to vaginas causes swelling of certain man-parts that can only be relieved with rubbing.....

    I wuv him....He just charms the pants off me every time!!

  33. @ To Twicat: OMG! That vagina allergy cracked me up! And it's totally a Rob joke... I think it made me love him more. I didn't think that was possible.


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