Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things That Make Me Go *THUD*

I was half-awake and leisurely scrolling through Twitter earlier today when I came across THIS indescribably delicious picture... I swear, just when I think I might finally be getting a grip on reality and getting over all this fan-girl nonsense, something like THIS comes along and pulls me riiiiiight back in (admittedly, I don't put up much of a fight, but still). I need to be in high school, I need a locker to hang this in so I can kiss it every day, and I need it STAT. In the meantime, I made this the wallpaper on the laptop that I kind of share with Mr. Snarky, but I am sure he will be totally fine with it. Probably. Or maybe he won't notice. Oh and it's the wallpaper on my phone now, too. Jenny Jerkface wussed out a little but she did set it as the picture that comes up when I call her, and then told me I need to call her. A lot.

It doesn't really matter if you have seen this elsewhere already because you know you wanted to stare it it for a few more minutes and now I have conveniently provided you with an excuse to do so, because I am swell like that (you're welcome).

Clicky to enlarge (or as Kate @ ROBsessesd said, "click & lick"). Image from ROBsessed & TwiCrack Addict (I love you Lorabell - DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG! indeed).

While we're all drool-y and already working to put out the fire in our collective pants, we might as well watch choice video or two...

This one is by Raezworld and has a lot of pics I haven't seen recently (plus you guys know I am a sucker for a nice, sloooow camera pan)...

This second one was a present by someone really special who may or may not have been with us at the New Moon premiere. Lorabell My super-secret friend made JUST FOR ME! Some of you may remember "The Great Picture Debacle" where a lot of bloggers got into trouble (or were afraid of getting into trouble) for posting these images because the douche nugget who took these photos was all greedy and didn't want to share the leaked outtakes and called in his goon squad lawyers (yes, I agree that people have the right to protect their work but C'MON - you can't keep shit like this from us!!!) but now they are everywhere so I think can safely share it now.

Hopefully you can enlarge this but I am having a tech-y-fail moment so apologies if it doesn't work (but tiny RPatts is still hot and I love the song she used!).



  1. STY & JJ :) this is what I did to Rob's new pic hope you like it:) lamia

  2. Yum...I didn't mind starting at it again on your page at all. I hear you ladies...when I'm bored at work *gasp!* I scroll thru your I am doing now.
    Twired Jen

  3. Damn! is right. This photo can be nowhere on my phone because I will end up staring at it and crashing my car and threatening the well being of my family and all around me. Yes, best to view in the safety of my home. Damn!

  4. I have made a decision. I am going to take my husband's paycheck, buy a new TV...plasma is my guess, mount it over my side of the bed...for the sole purpose of playing that tiny Rob video on a constant loop. See ya!

  5. Oh, STY...

    Here I was doing all these adult things today - trimming rose bushes, laundry, taking my son shoe shopping, all the while thinking to myself, "see you are a grown up! You are acting your age!"

    And then I pop over here to see what is going on, and all maturity vanished.

    My dear God in heaven, that guy makes my heart flutter and my panties melt.

  6. That pic is so freaking hot I don't even know what to say. Beautiful, beautiful man.
    My husband, son & I were in Blockbuster today trying to stock up since we seem to be getting snowed in again & he pointed out a Rob video to me - he's so great with my obsession he even feeds it.
    Also, I just recently sent a link to this blog to 2 of my newly converted friends & hope they come for a visit - Hi Martha & Sharon.

  7. DAMN!! I wish I was his lover too! I love videos with Rob pics I've never seen before, and RomeRob is sooooo fucktastic! I've seen this new pic all over the web today... it's like a new pic of Rob comes out and millions of women start panting. I think I can hear the collective groans from around the world!!

  8. I would just like to point out that I didn't "wuss" out on putting that pic up as my wallpaper.

    I'm slightly attached to the pic I already have. So there.

    Plus, I couldn't fucking figure out how to change it. Don't judge me.

  9. yes.. it is the tweet photo...and the desktop background... and the new background on my netbook.

    i swear to the big dicked statue... if they do an outtake pic blast of this photoshoot... I will officially give up and just hand over all my belongings (and myself) to Rob...
    he owns me already..might as make it official!
    thanks for providing yet another place for me to droll like an idiot...

    maybe I should split my earnings between you and Rob... you certainly take up most of my work time!

  10. Man that Selena song is classic dreamy cheese and I love it with that video. Have not heard it in ages and that was perfect.

  11. Can'!!

  12. I'm supposed to be getting ready for my and Mr. AnyMouse' anniversary weekend away from the youngsters, and what am I doing instead? Yup, gazing at pictures and videos of HIS HOLY HOTNESS.

    Note to self: Put your hands up, and step slowly away from the computer...NOW!

    P.S. 18 years married, and I can't stop myself from thinking it's practically as long as RPattz Hottie Hot's lifetime. Arggghh!

  13. Someone please tell me how to make this pic the wallpaper on my phone...I'm retarded when it comes to shit like that! I have to have this sexy ass Rob on my phone everytime it rings :)

  14. That last little RPatz video. Damn I wish I was his lover!!! fuck me! Those photos. No, I haven’t seen all of them... where can I get my hot hands on them. JFC.

  15. @Z Any Mouse - Happy Anniversary! I know Twilove1 is off seeing her puppy love, Donny, in Vegas. Something tells me, she'll have stories to share with us and you won't ;)

    @JJ - I first saw this pic over at My TwiLife and her post said that word on the street was there would be tastefully naked models were used in the photoshoot, too. I told her that I never get that kind of news on my streets here in rural Illinois but to find out if we're talking female models, male models, or both. LOL!! I think I skeeered her.

    I love the yummy black and white image (my favorite!), love the clothes he's wearing, but I'm not loving the hair. I'm hoping that they let him run his fingers through it and sex it up for us. *sigh*

    And has anyone read the report yet that David Slade says he's back editing Eclipse after the first director's cut was viewed by the studio because it needs more Edward in. WTF?! New Moon is over. It sure as hell better have lots of Robward in it. My guess is that there's too much backstory and new vampire battle currently. I haven't been on twitter, so maybe people are talking about it. Anyone?


    P.S.: Love the tiny video; perfect pictures - perfect song.

  16. ahhh....collective groans around the world - you got that right! Thanks, STY, I've been all over Twitterland following this pic..nope, don't mind at all that it's reposted here. I'm happy to have the excuse to (sigh) gaze at more pretty.


  17. Jesus Christ! Im so glad to be home in Twitardia because when I saw this on Twicracaddict I had to reel in the crazy, big time. PG13 does not describe the orgasmic reaction I had to this particular picture. My comment about a disclaimer against licking the screen still was kinda bluecollar for some of the more restrained tweeners over there.

    But seriously, my bitches, this had to be the most fucking delicious piece of Rob porn we've ever had.

    And just when I called him Captain Caveman last week. *rolls eyes @ self* I should never doubt that underneath the scruff is the fuckhottness we all know and love.

    *kneeling at the alter of Robward, begging for forgivness.*

  18. First off - I seem to be the only one who hasn't seen the new pic, but it's pretty.

    Secondly, Tiny Rob - DAMN! I wish I was his lover. That song is perfect for the fuckhawt pics in the video. I think STY and I have an affinity for the exact same Robward pics, cuz those make me squirm and smirk like a kid who just ate the last cookie. Nummy!

    And Lorabell deserves a a Sparkle Peen Award for making such a vajayjay pleasing video. The kitten is purring and Mr. SV may come home to a tiger. (I'm knee-deep in CWAIA.)

    THANK YOU! I knew I'd hop on Twitarded and find at least a laugh, but I was SO happy to find the tiny Rob vid. I must go watch it again, and again.

  19. LOOOOOOOOOOL - I heart you BIG time! I can't believe you posted that video :) I wish I had the balls to post the pics but I'm too ascared of getting Mrs TCA in trouble - DAAAANG, I wish I was his lover... or KStews but whatevs ;)
    - Lorabell
    P.s. FOOOORKS! :D

  20. After copious viewings of the Tiny Rob video, I have to say that last pic makes my insides melt into a puddle of lust.

    And I'll have that sweet, sexy song stuck in my head all day, which means I'll be picturing the video, which means I'll be in a state of hair-trigger unicorn-ness ALL DAY! Watch out Mr. SV!

    Lorabell is a genius!


  21. @Lisa...That's my fear too...that Eclipse will have too much back story. I mean we certainly need some...but not ALL.

  22. Damn is correct. What beautiful perfection he is. O.M.G. When will we wake up? When he's 40? 50? Doubt it. I hope KStew knows how crazy lucky she it. Damn.

  23. She is. Not she it. Although, She-it! She has RPattz rubbing his lovely rpattiness all over her! DAMN!

  24. I am uploading my Lucid Dream subliminal video tonight in the hopes of meeting up with him and doing more than just stammering, sweating, swooning and slobbering.

  25. I have fucking DIED and gone to heaven,Tiny Rob now owns me ...and hard, i have never seen most of those pics, and now my girly parts are all tingly and shit, i might have to step away from puter and go ravish mr. power....but then again i could use some more robplay before i do that!!!! U guys FUCKING ROCK!!!!! and as in an earlier post ..HOW IN THE HELL DO I SEND THAT PIC TO MY PHONE!!!! please dm me if u can, i MUST HAVE THAT PIC!!! LOVE YOU HARD!!!!

  26. Normally I'm not rendered speechless by that many Rob photos but this one ranks up there with the Vanity Fair pics. Which I might add make me want to faint like a tween at a mall signing but not before squealing so loud I burst an eardrum.

    Yum, yum, yum! Thanks for posting!

  27. Love it- Click & Lick!

  28. Thanks STY...after the crapstastic week I've had, 2 glasses of wine + ROBporn = made my weekend.

    I have that Selena CD & listened to it last weekend. I'm glad someone made that vid 'cause I was thinking the same thing. Kudos to both vids.

  29. I hadn't seen most of those pictures in the second vid and all I can say is HOMG... he's wearing sweatpants... I can't even... so hot.

    I came across this blog a few days ago and I've been back reading posts and laughing my ass off. I feel like I've finally found my people! I love you guys!

  30. Ok, at risk of being strait-jacketed and thrown forcibly out of Twitardia, I have to confess that *whispers* that new shot just doesn't do it for me all that much. I mean, it's quite a nice pic, but it would never make it into my faves folder.

    The vid was fab, I was new to the blogosphere when they were just unveling for the first time and I remember finding a site that hadn't deleted them yet in all the panic and clicking and saving for all I was worth. Sad to see the vid doesn't have my fave 'crawling across the floor towards the camera' shot.

    And STY, if some of the readers haven't seen these pics, they must have missed the OPattz vid too, you should repost or link back for them :o).

    Just wondering what the photographer was kicking off about the pics for too, becuse I think I've only ever seen one of them used, once on the cover of a French magazine? Selfish bastard obviously just wanted to keep the precious for himself ;o)

  31. @Stan - the crawling shot (yes, I know just which one you are referring to...gah...) is the first one in the video -- at 00:10- 00:14 or so. I think you must re-watch!

  32. OMG, Bloody kids must have distracted me at that point! Rewatch? Oh, ok, if I must... ;o)

  33. Damn is right! Although, what is with the weird vest? He needs to lose that. And the shirt. And those sweatpants are practically falling off anyway...

  34. Just watched both videos. I just...I mean (blink, blink)'s just...(shakes head)...can't imagine...WOW! *thud*

  35. KStew had better realize how lucky she is - sheee-it - lol!!

    welcome @lyrakl - if your a Twitard "of a certain age" and have a good sense of humor (and don't offend easily!) you're in the right place!

    oh and i am sure there is a better way to do it but with my very limited tech skillz i actually made that pic the wallpaper on my computer then took a pic of that with my phone. it came out pretty good, considering - lol!

    i think that you can find a lot of the pics that are used in the video over at ummm...lion & lamb love/everglow - someone actually thought that the new pis was from this shoot -

    not sure if the photographer just gave up or what since i know that he had a fucking fit when the first got leaked. it was from interview magazine i think???

    @Stan - are you feeling ok?? should we send someone to check on you? because if you don't think that pic is hot, i am worried about you - really, really worried.

    : )

  36. @ STY, LOL! Had another look but, *shrugs* sorry :o(. I think I just loved the VF shoot so much that maybe nothing will ever match it.

  37. This new picture makes up for those doofy and incredibly unsexy EW out takes. This is the Rob I want to dirty things to.

  38. I was listening to that song "Breaking the Habit" on the radio just the other day and also thinking I should get over the fangirl nonsense. But when the DJ said it was Linkin Park I thought "the band SM likes, had a song on Twilight, and EC and BS each had the CD of? That is a definite sign!!!" So yep still a fangirl now with a new pic!

    Rob in a tux @4:13 (Oscars?)

    Look at him just sitting there idle like James Bond with those long beautiful fingers.

    Those long, long fingers should never be idle.

    Still shaken and stirred by Rob.

  39. *crying* I can't make the tiny rob video work ..any tips?

  40. sophie b. hawkins?! haha. LOVE IT!


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