Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are You Coming To Forks? If So, READ THIS!

I'm sure most of you are aware by now that we've finally made the Twitarded Goes To Forks blog LIVE! What? You didn't know? Have you been living under a rock for the past week? Have you not been paying attention to our every waking tweet on Twitter? Or has real life been giving you an ass fucking like it has for us these past weeks? Whatever your excuse, you don't have one now...

What? Twitarded has a new blog? Where the fuck have I been?

If you missed the new blog, please click HERE. But read the rest of this first and then you can click over.

We really need some information from all of you that are daring enough to embark on what is surely going to be an amazing fucking trip this fall. Do you see the bright red button to the left of this post? If you haven't already clicked on it, DO IT! There's also one on the Forks blog if you happen to be perusing shit over there.

This photo has no relevance except that it's fucking HOT and it made me moist.

Preparedness and timeliness have never been our forte here at Twitarded so we're really trying hard to plan some really fun fucking events in Forks. And to do this properly, and to make sure we have enough room for everyone, we need your help! Many of you have already filled out the form and thank you VERY much for that. So far we have over 50 travelers signed up but we know there are more of you out there... lurking...

Very soon we'll be posting lots of really awesome and helpful information over at the Forks blog so you'll want to add it to your favorites, or check it often. This will most likely replace the Facebook event page for where to go for "everything you need to know" so be sure to bookmark this bitch.

On another very exciting note, we here at Twitarded have decided to have a contest. Wahoooo, a contest!! We need a groovy banner and a button for the new Twitarded Goes To Forks blog and since we seem to be creatively challenged around these parts, we want you guys to help us out!! The only requirement is it must say Twitarded Goes To Forks. And if you would like to use the official Twitarded font, it's called "Marker Twins." The banner should be somewhere around 900 x 300 - some of you who make loads of awesome banners probably know better than I do. The button should be 200 x 150 or so.

The winner will received a FREE Twilight Tour this fall in Forks! Or if you're not coming to Forks, Snarkier Than You will draw a random prize from the Twitarded gift closet. All entries are due by Sunday, July 25th and we'll announce a winner within the week! Please email entries to Go forth and be artistic!


  1. Alas I like graphic design skills. Ah well, I've dutifully filled out my info.

  2. I would love to enter the contest but I didn't get the creativity gene. Thank you for posting THAT Rob picture. I get so horny looking at that photo, it fucking gets me every time, and that's always relevant!


  3. I'll be in Forks in just 8 days. (Damn non-refundable tickets purchased before the Twitarded event was planned.)

    Let me know if you need any advance scouting around.

  4. I'm not going to be able to go on the Forks trip and I was jealous of everyone who is going, until about a week ago when Summit officially announced that parts of BD will be filmed in Baton Rouge. Yeah, that's only like a 4 hour drive from Birmingham, AL, so I'll be going there instead this fall. I am so hoping that the pretay will be there filming and it's not some lame ass wolfpack only shit.

  5. RL has definitely been getting the best of me lately, and I'm behind on EVERYTHING. But, miraculously, I actually clicked on that red button (it has a gravitational pull) a few days ago and gave y'all my info for FFFOOORRRKKKSS!!!

    See, I can be timely and responsible when it comes to the really important stuff. I seriously can't wait to meet everyone! :)

  6. Damn it. I suck at graphic design shit. But then again...maybe I'll win because of my LACK of skills!

    On an awesome note...I GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEKEND! So yeah...just wanted to make sure to tell my fave Twi-peeps.

  7. Lindsae----Congrats!!! That is amazing news! You are part of a whole new generation of Twi-relationships...the kind who's going ahead with marriage with their S.O. knowing they are marrying a Twitard. This is VERY different from those of us who have been hitched/involved for a while and their poor, unsuspecting husbands/S.O.s fell victim to our obsession.

    Yep, anyhoo, what was I saying? Oh yes, congratulations!!!!

    Register please for the trip and make us Forks planners grateful.



    That is all.

  9. I is not all.

    Just so you know....I stumbled upon that first pic a few days ago and have been in total lust ever since. It makes me want to do saucy things.

    NOW...that is all...for reals.

  10. ooooh.... I may not be going to forks, but I have some evil art cooking >:)

  11. When you doods are planning your 'activites' for FOOOORRRRRKKKKSSSSS... all I ask is that it involve some semi-regular posts and a helluva lot of tweets for those of us living vicariously through you lucky bitches!

    Oh my god that first picture is SERIOUS jawporn. Right click, save.

  12. Hey All! I was able to go to Forks last June. Its a quaint little town nestled in a beautiful setting. The people there were awesome. Be sure to check out Dazzled by Twilight and take the tour. Not in Forks though- I also ate where they filmed the prom scene at Viewpoint Inn- amazing scenery, went to "Bella's house, and Kalama HS where they did the first Twilight movie school scenes. Most of these were in Oregon. I'm from Ohio so it was ALL very cool and you wont be disappointed going to Forks!! Hope you all are "dazzled"!

  13. Congratulations on your engagement Lindsay.

    I haven't completly made my mind up on the trip to Forks. It will be the first time I have ever been away from my little girl so I'm not sure if I can do it. I will decide by the end of the month so I'm not one of the last minute bitch's that mess up your planning :)

  14. @Lindsay Rae - Dayum!! Contragtulations!! Are you going to have FSE stand up at your wedding? ;)

  15. @ Lindsay Rae - Wooo Hooo! Congrats! I definitely think FSE should stand up at your wedding! Bwahahahahhaha! If your fiance would go for that, your wedding would go down in twitarded history!

    I totally understand all of you who have little ones and how hard the idea of leaving them is. I have four and I'd be lying if I said I am not freakin out! I've NEVER left them even for a weekend. But here is what I decided....I deserve it DAMNIT! And so do you!!! After a lifetime of servitude, sacrificing everything for the husband and children I (you) love dearly, it's time. I'm doing something that's totally about me and I'm giddy! Yep, many of the women I know (my age) think I'm nuts. I don't give a shit. I'm flying across the country with my best friend to hang with bunch of awesome people we only know by their psuedo, bloggy names. If my family has to eat fast food for four days, so be it, they will survive. And since my husband has traveled every week for his job our entire marriage, this may give him a better appreciation of my job.
    So come on. It's ok to be occasionally selfish. I plan on comming back from this adventure a happier mom & wife. (whew...glad I got that off my chest.)

  16. @LindsRae-congrats! glad he's making an honest woman out of you:)

    um, i wasn't invited to forks...(dramatic pause)

    but i would make u a banner if i didn't ride the short bus when it comes to technology.

    on another note, i love that picture!! thank you for posting and making my monday oh so much hotter. *melts*

  17. Sorry, no graphic design skills here either. BUT...I second the idea to post random updates from FFFOOOOORRRKKKSSS for the ladies left behind!!
    Twitarded in that poor small town?? They won't know what hit 'em!

    Um, and I must say, there is never an excuse needed to post more pics of the precious! Damn, I love that pic ;D

  18. I'm coming to Seattle and will probably get to Forks for the day (plans have changed since besties from college are going to meet me in Seattle for a reunion). So I'm kind of coming with you but won't be staying at Forks Motel after all. Not sure what category this puts me in now....

    RL has totally kicked my ass today. I got offered a killer job that I really wanted, and then two hours later was informed that they offered it to me by mistake, thinking I was the other candidate. WTF?? I spent an hour in the fetal position. I need some serious Rob porn and FF to take my mind away from this clusterfuck. All I can think is that if this bitch is that disorganized I wouldn't have wanted to work for her anyway. I've probably been spared a hellish job! Oh well.....Rob will make it all better! ;)

  19. @Purplecupcake - you make a great case so if I decide to go I might have to lean on you for suppose when I'm missing my little girl.

  20. @Lindsey_Rae Bachelorette party in FFFFOOOORRRKKKSSSSS!!!!!! Hell to the fucking yeah, baby.

    @PurpleCupcake I am totally with you! This will be my first overnight away from my babies (they'll be 20 months old) and I'm all, gaaaahhh! Can I do it? But I need this, badly, and cannot fucking wait! We will share kid pics and fret over how badly they're eating and how late they're up together, and then we'll go get silly looking at Bella's truck or whatever the shit we end up doing there. Deal?

    @Vermonstermom - okay, somebody somewhere is in dire need of a nutpunch for making that call. Where do I send Uncle Louie?

  21. @Lindsey Rae - CONGRATS!! That is such awesome news. Celebratory shots in Forks, that is all! Oh and my advice - elope! That's what I did and I'll never regret it.... all those people looking at me? Yuck!

  22. @Mgy, all the way up to Vermont! I'll make Louie a sandwich or maybe some pasta would be better...

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