Friday, July 2, 2010

Time is Running Out... Join Team Osa Bella NOW!

[Note from STY: No clue what "Team Osa Bella" is? No problem! Go here first if you need details. Then pull yourself together and get your butt back here! We'll wait. And we'll have tissues.]

Hello citizens of Twitardia. I, VitaminR70, am here to briefly interrupt your Eclipse (holy shit balls was it freaking good or what?!) viewing high and Osa Bella reading love fest…or is it the other way around? Anyhoo, I am here to give you your Team Osa Bella update. At the time I am writing this post we are 106 team members strong and have raised over $2,700 in pledges!!!! That is just fanfuckingtastic and makes my Twi-lovin’/Rob lustin’ heart sing with pride. Seriously, that amount of money is amazing. BUT, would I be a good Team Captain if I left it that? NO WAY! I know we can do more…we still have a little bit of time to make an even bigger difference. How do I know this? Look to the right….how many followers do you see there? Yep, over 1,500. Just think…if 106 of us can raise $2,700 to help kick cancer in the ass….imagine how much money 1,500 of us can raise? We have the power…I can taste it.

See - Rob can taste it too….it is finger licking good this fundraising stuff…..fingers….licking…oh, uh, sorry…got distracted there…now where was I?

There is no minimum bid here my fellow Twitards. If 1,500 of you pledged $1 that would be…oh come on…don’t make me spell that one out. If 1,500 of you pledged $5, well that would be $7,500! I am not an idiot…I know we are not going to get 100% participation here, but, if even 1/3 of you got involved it would make the impact of this team so much greater. While this money is to buy a one-shot from our fabulous Myg in the The Fandom Gives Back Auction, it is really about turning this little obsession of ours into something amazingly good and real. I say “Why the fuck not?” If money is tight you can also help out by spreading the word to your other Twitards and Twilight-loving friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Any little bit helps. So there you have it. There is my plea as your Team Captain for Team Osa Bella. We have until midnight on July 3rd to make this happen Twitards…let’s do this.

I have one last card to play to try and win you over…if this doesn’t launch you into action…well I honestly don’t know what will…

Let’s band our vajay-jays together and do this! Twatwaffles Unite!
Image from Melbie Toast

It is so simple….just click below and pledge. You are my people…make me proud.

Love, VitaminR


  1. Who are we forwarding our receipts to?????

  2. Receipts can be sent to me at . Please put 'Team Osa Bella Receipt' in the subject. Thanks!

  3. You know, looking at that second photo of Rob could get me to empty my savings account to save capybaras in the Outerbanks. And I'm pretty sure there aren't any capybaras in the Outerbanks.

  4. I would give up things, lie, cheat and/or steal for that face to be thisclose to mine. just sayin'...

    and btw i fucked up and the link wasn't working to the pledge sheet put it's all good now!

    : )

  5. Fantastic news about what you've raised so far! Team Osa Bella kicks arse.

    I think I probably speak on behalf of all non-US twitards when I say we are behind you in spirit! You know I'd donate if I could...

    BTW that second shot of Rob rendered me speechless there for a minute... and that does not happen often. Right click, save!

  6. You know how we are always talking about how we enter Twilight into ANYthing ~ well...

    Has anyone else seen the news about the bears in NJ?
    I was seriously ROFFLMAO!!
    Just a coincidence ~ I don't think so!!

    Love you Myg ~ and your fantastic story!


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