Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twilight for Guys?!? Aaaand Other Random Stuff...

Tonight I am going to totally out-do myself in terms of randomness... Yes, yes, both of these videos are vampire-related, but that and the fact that I saw them both today is really the limit of what they have in common. Fuck it - I'm going for it anyway!

This one made me laugh out loud and then I sent it to a few peeps before it occurred to me that I was working from home while some people were, in fact, in their offices... So this is tame enough for YouTube, but it's a lot of tit for the office, if that's where you happen to be at the moment (although I suspect that a lot of people you work with may also think this is entertaining...).

At JJ's behest, let me say more clearly: NSFW. I think I am totally desensitized because I don't even think as much as I should about what's on my screen at the office. Oopsie! So you've been warned & stuff. Multiple times. But it's YouTube, people, not porn. Porn-lite? I've seen more tit on the five o'clock news...

And then I wandered around on the internets for a little bit because it was hotter than balls and my motivation level to do actual work-work was lower than it is on any average Wednesday and I found THIS over at one of my fave time-waster sites, HOT HOT JAPAN HOT.

If you've been following us for a while, you probably know we LOVE the movie "Let the Right One In" - we highly recommend it if you haven't seen it because it's just awesome and everything a vampire movie should be if you are making a vampire movie that doesn't star Robert Pattinson and sparkly creatures of the night. Er, and day. But I had NO idea that they were making (or have already made?) an American version! They've renamed it "Let Me In" and it will be released in October. And best of all, it doesn't seem like they're ruining it. Yet... Well, this particular one minute and thirty seconds of it look good. So it's off to a promising start.

OK I'm off to wait for the next chapter of Osa Bella!


  1. (un)patiently waiting for Osa Bella with you!

  2. OK...came to check on Osa Bella, but that shit was great! OMG...I may have to bring the hubby up to see that!

    oh and my wv is in waiting for Osa Bella!!! :)

  3. Okay, that looks like it could be very good/great. And thanks for the tip, "Let the Right One In" is streaming on Netflix. I'm going to watch it later after I finish editing the next chapter of Osa Bella. Everyone pipe down or I'll delay it until the weekend and send everyone to bed hungry.

  4. Dammit. I need to finish damn MoTU on my freaking phone so I can start Osa Bella.

    Btw, good job Team Osa Bella for helping the fandom. Those were some amazing numbers. Twitards rock!

  5. Hilarious!!!! Twilight for Men is priceless really.

    Now, waiting for Osa that shit. Myg rocks. Of course, so do the rest of you.....JJ would really rock if she would ever update 15 Step... ;D hint, hint!

  6. That movie looks really cool! I love that little actress from Kick-Ass!

  7. Dead-on-balls-perfect! I'd be going to forks if that were the movie!!!

  8. I love the lesbians but know one expected the werewolf to eat vagina!
    Best freaking line of the whole video HA!

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  10. "Let the Right One In" is a KICK ASS Vamper movie!! The preview looks amazing!!!

  11. Oh, Mr. MYG! We'll be good! :)

    You guys see the weather widget over there? 90 degrees in Forks?!?

  12. @mr. myg - Nooooooo!!! you are mean!!! ok fine - Let the Right One In IS awesome and you NEED to watch it. just not tonight. pretty please with robert pattinson on top. Oh wait that's not gonna work for you is it? damn... desperately trying to recall if i am aware of any of your 5. if you had a 5... which of course you don't because you have myg...

    @Toefunny!! @Hypovag!! I miiiiiiiiiissed uuuuuuuu llllaaaadies *cough*whoreflaps*cough*!

    @pam r & everyone waiting for the next chapter of osa bella - i hear you! sure i might have a bit of an in here, but i NEVER know exactly what the final product is gonna look like and i am as excited to read it as you all are! for reals... no pressure, myg... *whistles*

    @cf4life - there would be a LOT of guys in forks if that were the movie - lol! but at this point, i'm thinking that it will be a penis-free event. -ish.

    @HG - hurry up! osa bella is uh-maze-a-balls good and will ease the pain of ending MotU. I know.

    @mel - mr. snarky lol-ed at this one - what's not to love??

    @lablab73 - i need to see that movie! it looked so good... something else to pass the time during the next 18 month twi-drought. ugh!

    @jenmariejen - that last line slayed me, too! : )

    @agirlinthesouth - ikr? no pressure for you either JJ... nope...none at all...

  13. @STY Mr. Myg deserves a freebie 50 because he has me. But he's smart enough not to name them.

  14. @Myg: I saw what you did there. But thanks, and please, no self deprecation--I have no need for a freebie anything. Now, back to work. *cracks whip*

  15. no put the whip up, it's not play time. save the kinky stuff till after you post the new osa bella.

  16. Osa Bella Chapter 22 coming right up...

  17. @STY "Let The Right One In" was good but, dare I say, this looks even better? Holy shit that looks good! I will be sharing both these links with Mr. VitR...I am truly not certain which one he will appreciate more.

    @Mr.Myg--**waving** Hello!

  18. Hahaha.

    Loving the new countdown at the bottom BTW but god knows if I can wait 497 fucking days!

    Ummm, so, whenna we gonna talk about ECLIPSE???????????????????

  19. that first vid is hilarious, will be sending to the husband at the law firm - shouldn't be an issue;)

    that movie looks freaky! vampire children? hmm, idk. but i trust the twitards know their shit. you move, i magnets.

  20. What trumps Twilight? Shit that successfully makes fun of Twilight. OK, maybe not trumps, but feeds a different part of the brain. Wait. "Feeds" the brain or "feeds on" the brain? OK. Feeds. Yeah, like feeds it rolos pockets.

  21. Well, as a lesbian, that first vid offended me, to tell you the truth. Not the half-naked women. They were great! :D It's just was a painful reminder of the fact that so-called "lesbian porn" is made only to titillate straight guys and doesn't reflect true lesbian romance at all. Like the fauxmosexuality of Katy Perry's song, "I Kissed a Girl". Buuuut this is just one lesbian's opinion. Another lesbo may find it funny, but not this one. :/

    Having said that, here is a link that gives reasons as to why Twilight is a lesbian film. :D


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