Sunday, October 31, 2010

Filling your treat bags with Halloween fan fiction

Happy Halloween, cock goblins! It will be all treats and no tricks here at Twitarded. I've got a few dark fic recs for you in honor of the holiday. Fair warning: these are not fluffy, upbeat little stories full of rainbows and bunnies. These are the shadowy back alleys of fan fiction.

Let's start off slow with some one-shots, or the Saturday Night Specials of fan fiction. These are quick and dirty and get the job done with a modicum of words.

First up is The Green Dress by littlesecret84. The official summary is "Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen cross paths one evening. This will be a night that he never forgets." I really can't say more than that without giving away the entire store.

Next on the list is one I just found yesterday and it blew me away. I love historical fiction and this was amazing. Very few people have the talent and the patience to research the little details of a time period. The Canonical Five by EchoesofTwilight rocked my socks. The official summary reads "What if before he became the respectable patriarch we all know and love, Carlisle was a killer? A very famous killer. DARK. M for disturbing themes and lemons. Entry for the There Will Be Blood contest." I kind of want to marry the author. If you are not familiar with Jack the Ripper and some of the lore surrounding it, you might want to wiki that before reading. It stands alone, but I'm a nerd who gets off on reading history.

I heard the Chief's daughter was here...

The last one-shot I have for you is This Mortal Coil by the incomparable eddiescherry aka @moijojojo, The writing is so amazing I want to throw my laptop out the window and never attempt writing again. Official summary: "One soul in peril, the other lost for eternity. What begins on a dark night at a cliff's edge, will end in a way that neither of them could have foreseen." I don't even feel worthy enough to expound upon that. Just read it. Someone (I don't know whom) made this incredible banner for her.

If you're in the mood for a longer story, I highly recommend Incubus Anomaly by elusivetwilight. "Incubus: a sex demon that visits women in the deep dark of the night. Edward relies on his special gifts to consume his prey. What happens when he meets the one woman immune to his unique abilities? M for dark lemons and dark themes" The lemons in this are crazy hot and she writes a very good Darkward. Yum.

Those of you looking for a tamer fic should check out Deconstructing Dracula by hmonster4. "Fear, insecurity. They manifest themselves in different ways. An opportunity to spend 6 months in London working on a dissertation sets the wheels of fate in motion, radically changing the lives of 4 people in ways they never would have expected. AU/AH." It's brilliantly written and explores the different facets of the novel that started it all. No, not Twilight; the one before that.

If you haven't already, go give these stories a looksie and leave them some love. I can't believe some of these fics only have a handful of reviews.

That hurts my heart, TK.

Do Rob a solid [ahem] and check out these babies. Have a safe and happy Halloween, h00rs!


  1. First. Haha! Thanks for the recs...I'm always looking for some good fic to read while I'm waiting for updates *hint, hint*. Its been almost 2 months since one of my favs has updated! *coughes* Going Down *coughs*. Excuse me, I think I'm coming down with something. Oh and @TK, I lurve that pic of Rob fondling his nipple. SQUEEEE!

  2. One more thing...Happy Halloween to all my favorite h00rs :-)

  3. Literally took me 2-3 rereads of the paragraph containing "It's brilliantly written and explores the different facets of the novel that started it all. No, not Twilight; the one before that" before I figured out which novel you were referring to, even though it's RIGHTTHERE - because what do you mean, that's not Twilight? Srsly, my brain is functioning at a minimal level these days.

    Happy Halloween to everyone!

  4. Happy Halloween everyone!

    I had one of your recs on my 'to read' list already and will add the others too. I have a story to rec to you TK, since you like historical fiction, as I do. You must read Beyond Time by TKegl. It's absolutely amazing. The writing is beautiful and you'll feel like you're right there in the moment, Chicago 1918.

  5. While I am taking classes, one-shots become my best friends. In and out and you are done *ahem*! So, THANKS for those recs. :)

    And your longer story rec's are awesome!!! I have already read Deconstructing Dracula and LOVED it! Super HAWT and a great story line. Emmett is super sweet in this one as well...and I wouldn't throw him outta bed, either!!

    I just read Incubus Anomaly last weekend. [Hey, just because I "should" be doing homework, doesn't mean I always do!] Anyway, I really love Incubus Anomaly. Bella is a bit badass in this one and I am super excited to see where this one is going to end.

    Thanks for the rec's and HAPPY HALLOWEEN you clit danglers!

  6. Oh, and IGiveUp...I really like Beyond Time also, but I am quite a few chapters behind :( Damn schoolwork is really cramping my style!

  7. I really like Darkrooms and Safe Lights by sleepyvalentina. She's about 12 chapters into it, but this Edward is creep-tastic. You really need to read this one!

  8. I am SO busy at work but now I really just want to go and check out all these fics. Thanks, TK. Thanks a lot.

    I am reading Incubus Anomaly and it's fucking really good.

  9. I wanted to credit Heather Dawn for making Moi's banner. She is crazy talented.

    @norcaltwitard--Don't make me use my mom voice on you. I'm working on the next chapter. I promise.

    @IGiveUp--Thanks for the rec! I added it to the list.

    @Lila--That one is on my list. I love all of her stories.

    @JJ--Get back to work.

  10. Thanks so much for including me in your roundup, TK! I loved writing TMC, & I'm thrilled when readers enjoy it. x

  11. I love, love, love Incubus Anomaly but am sad about it not being finished. I am a greedy FF whore. Glad you're working on GD, TK, so I don't have to whine about that one, either.
    Thanks for the other recs, too.

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  13. Awesome, thanks for the recommendations, TK! And I could just use a nice assortment of one shots to get me through while I (curse, yell, physically assault my computer) patiently await new chapter arrivals from fics I'm currently obsessed with.

    They all sound delicious. Hmm, which one to start with first... decisions, decisions.

  14. Thanks for the recs! With these added to my wait list, I now have 28,597 to read! I am soooo (happily!) ff stupid!

  15. Thank you for the reccs. I have been off the FF, or on the wagon, whichever- I have not been reading any for months. All of my super stories hit a lull and my favorite one cheated on my senses with some dopey character and now we are on the outs. Does anyone get their FF mixed up? I sure do. I just had deja-vu from saying "hobbit hole"- it took me ten minutes to remember it was from UOEM. SO, I guess I'm on the wagon again. Time to read up. Thx.

  16. Thanks for the recs TK! Must go check out Incubus Anomoly. Only the first chapter was posted on Twilighted and I loved it but didn't realize there was more.

    But more importantly, when will we get more Going Down? I'm being as patient as I can, but srsly, need more here.

  17. ok.. well mine wasn't nearly as romantic either. I was 17 he was 18. only thing he had going for him was he was my best friend and his name was rob.. that counts right? Quit laughing.. His backyard on a picnic table and his mom walks out right afterward to get him to come take out the trash.. how convenient *wonders now if she was talking about me hmm*

  18. this story is awesome!

  19. I'm late to this party, but I just wanted to say thanks for rec'ing IA.

    @Smitten sorry about the Twilighted mess...during the whole LU scare, I got myself accepted over at Twilighted in case I had to move quickly. I really should finish what I started seeing as it's almost done.

    Thanks again, doll! xo

  20. Hey, this is a good one!
    I am happy that I came across this.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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