Monday, October 25, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Can Do Me But He Must Dress Like Robert Pattinson!

I have a bit of a crush on Jimmy Fallon. It started a few years back when he was in the movie Fever Pitch which basically ended up following my beloved Red Sox in their quest for their first World Series championship in 86 years. Did you know that they actually rewrote the end of this movie? In the original, the Sox lose (as usual), but when it was apparent they would finally win, the ending to the movie was rewritten and actually filmed at the World Series. I fucking love this movie. And even though I'm fairly certain Jimmy is not a true Sox fan, his portrayal made me believe he was the biggest fan ever. And it made me love him and possibly want to let him do some dirty stuff to me.

I'm not an avid watcher of Jimmy's late night show mainly because I'm too fucking old to stay up that late. But when I first saw his series of videos and the website called "Robert is Bothered" I pretty much nearly shit myself. These videos are pure fucking genius. The other day at work, I was having a completely sucky day so I went online to find something to cheer myself up and decided to visit Jimmy's website. It totally did the trick... I giggled through the whole collection of videos.

I haven't included all of them so go to the website to view the others. But here are some of my favorites.

Robert is bothered by technology - more specifically, the iPad. Since I recently bought one and am completely fucking addicted to it, I was dying laughing. What he says about the greasy fingerprints made me nearly piss my pants. Anyone with an iPad know exactly what he's talking about.

Sequels really bother Robert - especially New Moon. Why? Maybe because he's not in it much? And because it has a stupid title. He likes Twilight 2 more for an appropriate title. Or maybe he's just not a fan of werewolves.

Valentine's Day seems to be a thorn in Robert's side... and combined with his ungrateful, emotionless girlfriend's plastic attitude towards his gifts, he's not a big fan of this holiday!

And the piece de resistance... the video that solidified the fact that Robert Pattinson could be a great comedic actor if someone would only give him the chance. I only wish it was as long as the others - I feel totally gypped. Rob in that tree kills me. Dead.

You have to admit, while Jimmy is basically poking fun of our precious, he does it with class. The fucking hair kills me and totally has the outfit down - right to the Cullen crest wristband. And for some reason I just love it when he hisses at the camera! Makes me wish even more that SNL would invite Rob to host and maybe bring back Jimmy as a guest for the same show. I seriously think he would be pure genius.

We've all thought about the possibility of RPattz hosting SNL... maybe it's time we start a Facebook campaign like fans of Betty White did! So who's with me? Oh, and who's going to start the campaign? Fuck me, if one of us here at Twitarded is responsible, Rob will be Betty's age before it gets done.


  1. FIRST! That man is too freaking good looking.
    RPattz, not JFall. Sorry. Totes distracted by the 5 seconds of Prettay in the last video.

  2. Hahaha I saw these videos a while back (specifically the one with Rob and Jimmy and the Harry Potter vs. Rob Pattinson ones) and I think I peed a little....or a lot.

    If only we could have gotten Jimmy to come film in FOOOORKS with us (obviously first choice would have been Rob but if not, I guess I'll take Jimmy)....we could have gotten a "Robert is bothered by all the crazy Twitards" vid. Of course he really wouldn't be "bothered", more like flattered and turned on by all of our hot asses.

  3. OMFG, I've totally crushed on Jimmy Fallon since SNL, he cracks me up. Robert is bothered is fucknig priceless!

    I'd love to see Rob in a variety of positions-er I mean genres. He could totes do comedy if the right role came along.

  4. I've been a Bothered fan since day one. "Edward" vs."Harry" is hysterical. And blow-up doll Bella is a hoot. I wish there were some new ones! Maybe with the Eclipse DVD release.

    I attended an awesome college - the Alumni Association booked the IMAX for opening night of the new Harry Potter. Way cooler than some lame baseball game.

  5. PMSL...thx LKW,I'd only seen the one with Rob in it.

    Wonder what Rob would've done with blow-up Bella if it had been included in the skit? hmmmmm

  6. LOVE Jimmy Fallon! I've had a crush on him since SNL when he used to always break character during the skits. 'Bothered' vids are awesome and cheers to Rob for being such a good sport. His appearance on 'Bothered' is almost as cute as his MPV skit with 'Les Grossman'.

    I read a while back that Rob said he would be too scared to do SNL. @LKW, I bet a good bj would relax him good and proper though and I'm pretty sure that's one of your designated duties, right? Get on that. And when I say 'get on that' I mean, well... I think you know what I mean. :)

  7. I'm SOOOO glad you posted these. I absolutely love them too. I could watch them over and over and over! Ok, I will, thanks!

  8. The day that Jimmy Fallon tweeted that Rob was going to be on the show is the day I broke my cardinal rule of never putting up a blog post at work. I was ridiculously excited and it turned out to be even more epic than I hoped it would be. Did you not fall in love with Rob even more after that?!

    You know we're baseball fanatics at my house, so we own Fever Pitch and love it. Jimmy was excellent in it. My daughter and her boyfriend are big Red Sox fans and go and see them whenever they play the Twins in MN, which isn't too bad of a drive from IL.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Off to bed. It's late for us old folks ;)


  9. I love Jimmy Fallon...and my favorite skit is the cork soaker one from SNL.
    I love the way he gets star struck by his own guests too. He's adorable.

  10. ::Singing to the tune of I Love Rock 'n Roll:: I love Latchkey Wife! Let's get The Pretty on SNL now, baby!

    Seriously...Love that we're talking about Jimmy Fallon. I lurv him. I have a thing for tall skinny funny guys. ...Dr. Sheldon Cooper, I'm waiting to jump in the ball pit with you... But Fever Pitch? OMG. WE LOVE THAT MOVIE. The Bentist is a H.U.G.E. BoSox fan, and I can deal with that obsession when the main characters in the movie ARE FUCKING BEN AND LINDSAY!!!!

    The "Bothered" series is fucking epic. I have been known to pull up the videos when I'm having a bad day, too. And you're right. Jimmy takes it to the most perfect level without making Rob look like a douche, or himself look like a complete asshole. Jimmy wins a sympathy fuck from me any day. Edward wig optional.

  11. LKW- Were you watching the SNL Jimmy Fallon marathon this weekend too? LMAO! I was watching it, and by watching it was reminded of a few things:

    1. Jimmy Fallon is HAWT!

    2. Jimmy Fallon is ridiculously talented and can pretty much impersonate anyone.

    3. I'd love to see Jimmy Fallon (as Edward Cullen) and Rob (as Edward Cullen) go head to head in a skit.

    xo J

  12. the blow up doll as kstew is spot on... no emotion bwahah
    and I CANT EFFIN BREATHE! the two of them together! in the tree! makes me wish i was the damn tree... someone start the campaign and make sure you forward the fb account page to jimmy fallon... he'll jump on the band wagon... maybe jimmy jt and rob could do a boy band skit. i would die.

  13. @ Twired Jen - I like your idea about Rob and Jimmy doing a skit together both as Edward. I bet that would be so hilarious!

    It seems like I heard that Rob said that he didn't think he could pull off comedy, but I think he would be so good at it! He's got that natural kind of non-chalant, "I'm clueless" personality that I think it would be easy for him to do dry humor without breaking character.

  14. LKW, thanks a million for reminding us of these wonderful vids, and for gathering some in so conveniently. I still remember how the studio audience shrieked with amazed delight when the camera cut to (the filmed earlier) Rob in that tree.
    And another standout reason to love Jimmy is that when Rob was making the rounds that week before Remember Me opened (I think it was then) Jimmy was one of the few, if not the only, who genuinely seemed to like Rob and not to feel threatened by him.
    On The View the hag Barbara kept talking about his genitals, in front of his parents, and the othe, mainly male, talk show hosts either didn't get it or pretended not to because, let's admit it, most men can't handle the hawtness of Rob and some really hate him out of jealousy. But Jimmy is either a true admirer of the delight Robward causes or just a confident guy. Hooray for that.

  15. I love Jimmy!! HE was so much fun on SNL and his show is great when I can stay up to watch. Did you see Him with Justin breakdown of Rap! LOL Priceless.

    Jimmy and Rob on SNL. What a wicked Dream (insert heavy Boston accent) Ohh, start a FB page for Rob !!

  16. Aww, hell...I didn't even realize there was a whole series of these videos!! I've only ever seen the one with RPattz in it! I'll go home and watch! (No videos at work, boo. Besides, my computer is in a very open place...)

  17. I love Jimmy Fallon and the skit with Rob in the tree is seriously the only proof needed of his ability to do comedic material. I swear I will start a "get Rob on SNL" campaign right effin now!

  18. Rob is flawless at comedy, and it's because of his nature! I love Jimmy's Edward impressions! Thanks for the reminder of how funny they are!!

  19. I love Rob in a tree...he's so hawt, especially with his rosy cheeks!

  20. I frickin LOVE JFall!!! Not in an I-want-his-skinny-ass way, but in more of a he-cracks-my-shit-up way!

    I just recorded the Best of Jimmy Fallon SNL episode over the weekend. His "Bothered" sketches have had me laughing my ass off since the beginning. And adding the Precious to the mix was EPIC!

    I just hope Rob keeps going back. ;)

  21. Maybe I could get my pet kangaroo to carry my ipad around lol!
    We don't get Jimmy Fallon here but I have seen those before and you're right @LKW Rob would be a great comedic actor. Loved it when he did the Les Grossman MTV sketch aswell but him in the tree-killed me dead.

  22. I teach kids with emotional disabilities, and my teacher assistant and I hiss and declare we are "bothered" frequently and it keeps us cracking up. Our students also find us amusing. I love these vids!!


  23. Oh my God! I LOVE Fallon and cannot get enough of the "Bothered" skits! I even love the way he says "bothered."

    @ Twired Jen Yup I agree, Rob as Edward vs. Jimmy as Edward would be pure fucking magic!

    And Rob in that tree?!? Priceless! It totally proves that he would fucking own a comedy part. Even though his brooding skills are a fucking force to be reckoned with, it would make my heart smile to see him in a comedy!

  24. I love the one with Rob oh so much. I was just so proud of him that he, not only did that, but nailed it....this squelched my fear of him doing SNL. We must get him on SNL. He would be brilliant. I am certain if he were on SNL it would boost their ratings into the stratosphere.

    Jimmy Fallon is adorable. I loved him on SNL oh so much. (tutorial for @JennyJerkface-SNL is Saturday Night is a live taped comedy can Google it.)

  25. Jimmy Fallon = awesomeness
    Would love to see RPatz on SNL! The 'bothered' skits are just too funny and Rob was such a good sport to climb the tree for one of them.

  26. This is one of the few times I actually like Jimmy Fallon. Yes he is cute but I generally disliked him on SNL (except him and Tina Fey on Weekend Update) Whenever he would start giggling and breaking characters during sketches I wanted to smack him. Bothered is hilarious though!


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