Monday, October 4, 2010

We Did It! And No One Got Arrested. We Think.

We came. We saw. And we mother fucking conquered.

I wish I could come up with some eloquent speech about how intensely fabulous these past few days were and just how wonderful, witty, and lovely all you dirty h00rs are and how great it was to meet you in real life.

But I'm fucking jet-lagged as shit and I'm almost positive I killed a mother load of brain cells this weekend so -- you all fucking rock. The end.

Want to know what else rocks? Washington State. For all of you who have never been, I highly recommend putting it on your "to do" list (right after humping RPattz, of course). It is a stunning state, visually. Just for the record, while I'm good at some things (like giving blowjobs and acting like a douche), I suck at others. Like taking pictures.

Gus and Paul (the team officially responsible for documenting the mayhem), on the other hand, do not. Suck at taking pictures, that is. I'm sure they have hundreds upon hundreds (at least) of photographs and hours of video of this trip that we'll get to see. Eventually. Until then, you're just going to have to deal with my suck-ass pictures.

See? I can't even take a decent photo of our fucking photographer.

Latchkey Wife and STY. Looks like I'm not the only one who is Oompa Loompa sized after all.

Kalaloch Beach

I think I totally offended some nice-looking family by pretending to butt fuck VitaminR70 when she knelt down to draw something in the sand.

The Hoh Rainforest. There are no words to describe its beauty. Just go.

This picture is Latchkey Wife doing her best "fetal-I-just-got-my-sorry-ass-dumped" impression. We thought we were SO clever doing this but then we got back to Forks and Lindsay Rae was all "OMG, we totally reenacted the dumped scene in New Moon" and I was like "oh, that's really great" but inside I was like "You fucking bitch, you stole my idea." And then forty other people told me they also did this (even though it's technically kind of illegal to even step foot off of the trail) but whatever, I'm putting it up here anyway. Awesome minds think alike and all that. And apparently we are all equally comfortable with breaking the law when the need arises. Big surprise there...

I have to admit that when we were planning this trip, I was a little worried about the potential reaction of the local townsfolk. I mean, let's face it: if one hundred thirty raucous bitches showed up in my town, I might have to find a crowbar and kick some ass.

It doesn't look crazy but trust me, it was.

For the most part, the townspeople were awesome. There were more than a few stories of the Forks Police pulling up near crowds of Twitards walking to their motels and either telling us to settle down or just plain heckling us.

What? It's perfectly responsible to be posting on a Mustang at 1:00 am on the main drag of a small town, right? Right??

On Friday night, there was quite a mixture of Twitards and locals at The Lounge and every one had a great time.

The locals. Our arrival totally skewed the guy-to-girl ratio in Forks, I think. There was much rejoicing by the local men.

I love this guy, his ass-tat, and his willingness to bare it for us. 'Nuff said.

Twitards whooping it up at the Lounge.

I can't tell if she's drunk or being dipped. Probably a little from Column A, a little from Column B.

I did try to talk to every single one of you and after a day or two I started to notice something. So many of you were saying the same thing -- "I really wish (fill in the blank) could have made it out here. That would have been really awesome."

So, to all of you who couldn't make it to Forks with us, you were sorely missed. I promise.

The entire time I was in Forks, I sort of felt like this was one weird dream. Meeting all of you was really great, even if I was afraid that you might all realize that I'm not actually funny, I'm just an asshole.

It's going to take me a little while to wrap my head around this, I think. In the meantime, I'm going to curl up in a blanket and watch Twilight, because in New Jersey it is currently overcast, drizzling, and chilly.

For some reason, I'm okay with that now. It was perfect welcome-home weather-- like I brought a piece of Forks home with me after all.


  1. #1? No way.
    Just wanted to say how awesome it was to meet you in person! You are hilarious and adorable and completely awesome. That's all. :) And that's plenty!

  2. It sounds like everyone had a kick-ass time! I love the "100% Choice USDA Beef" ass tat. Hilarious!

  3. Glad to have you back at the helm, clit clot. The pictures look great. I spied a few familiar faces. I do feel cheated out of pics of the Forks gulag. At least one of you could've taken one for the team & been arrested Punks.

  4. It was amazing to meet you all-I had the time of my life. Thanks so much! love yas!!!!

  5. OMG - did a burst of your own laughter ever take you by such surprise that you choked on it? Yeah, I just did that when I saw the photo of LKW curled up on the forest floor. I think I feel safe admitting that here.

    I don't know what you're talkin' about @JJ 'cause your photos are fuckin' AWESOME!! They make me wanna go back to Washington to see these places for myself.

    Can't wait to see Gus & Paul's photos and vids! I'm assuming they survived the experience relatively unscathed?

    Glad y'all had a great time and made it back safely.

    Oh, and thanks for leaving TexasKatherine to babysit us non-Forks-goin' lewsers while you were gone. She is awesome. Now please tell her to get her ass back to "Going Down?" ASAP.

  6. Ladies, this was easily one of the top ten best weekends of my life. As in, ever. Fucking epic doesn't even begin to cover it.

    I'm still recovering, but holy shit, what a fabulous time.

    And while we're on the topic of missing our friends who weren't there AND doing probably illegal things in the Hoh Rainforest, I give you this:!/video/video.php?v=132913710091428

    Once I figure out how to post it on youtube, I will!

  7. Feeling sappy tonight. And jetlagged. And I am sure still hung over from Saturday- but wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing trip- just love all of you bitches. My shoe collection feels sad and pathetic after meeting JJ, You are Adorbz! smooches

  8. Not funny? You asshole.

    Not only are you just about the funniest munchkin I've ever met, you are easily one of the smartest, generous and sweetest people I've ever met (and if you were trying to hide your heart behind all that cursing and sarcasm, my bad). And I'm not just talking about those under 5'2". I mean all of us.

    JJ, I am so fucking proud of you, sister. For the community of hos you and STY and LKW built right here at Twitarded and having the balls to make it real, to bring it to Forks, to fly your freak flag and wave it high. To be you, because you are some brand of awesome I am totally buying.

    Thanks so much for letting me tag along.


  9. BUWAHAHAHAHA!! I love you, bitch. I did not steal your idea. I love LKW curled up in a ball on the forest floor! I'll have to send you mine. And I was not drunk (yet) when that pic was taken of me dipping Derrydown Green. JFTR.

    So far, I am completely inundated with pics from everyone. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to make it through them all. But I will. Do we have plans for a pic pool we can all add to and see what sort of tomfuckery went down? Hmmmm?

    Okok, we could wax fucking poetic about our weekend all night long, but I have a feeling it will be stretched along more than one post. So I'll back off and just say I loved meeting you guys, I'm so glad we're just as fuckawesome as we seem online, and THANK GOD THERE WAS NO DRAMA.

    P.S. I can't wait to see all of the driftwood dick pics. You know you weren't the only ones, right? This is the shit that happens when you get 1282364 Twitards together and God gives them phallic instruments on the beach.

  10. First of all I'm stoked that STY miiight just be taller than me. That's awesome because I feel like a giant most days but around her pretty face, I felt semi-short.

    Secondly, JJ it looks like you are pretty stacked in that pic on the beach w VR70. I'd bend someone over on the beach too if I was hung like that! You are too cute, I seriously wanted to hug you and put you in my pocket every time I saw you.

    Seriously it was SO awesome to meet everyone. I know I didn't get to talk to you ladies much because, well I'm kind of a pussy when it comes to talking to people I don't know in person if I'm not completely trashed. Which unfortunately I wasn't because I was sick with freaking vertigo all last week/weekend so I couldn't drink much. But I did say a few words to you both and I think at one point I caught STY off guard by giving her a huge grin while wearing fake fangs.

    This trip was one of the top 5 weekends of my life and I want to STY, JJ, LKW, Myg and everyone else who contributes to this blog for making it possible. Without you sluts, we would never have had the largest group to grace the town of FOOOORKS with our fucked up presence.

    So's illegal to wander off the path in the Hoh??? Oops! We filmed a vid off trail but it wasn't a scene from one of the movies....we'll email it to you at a later date. It may or may not be amazing. Hint: it is.

    Mini E (or Swagga E, or Swagward as he is now known as) wants to thank everyone for all of his Twitarded swag. He was a very popular man on the dance floor Saturday night. I'll have to send pics of that too. If anyone gets a website together to post all the pics on, let me know! I have some awesome Swagward shots to post.

    Lastly.....we did almost get arrested! Me and my roomie Amanda (Amandakmelby on twitter) were getting in to our cars to head back to the hotel on Saturday night because we're lazy bitches. As soon as we turned the car on, a cop (we'll call him "Not Charlie") swooped behind us, made us get out and do a drunkies test (not sure what its called). We failed. Well actually Amanda failed because she has crazy eyes or something. But she wasn't drunk, she just fails them all the time even sober as a bird. I failed because I was drunk and I told Not Charlie that. Soooo he made us walk back to our hotel. Which we didn't want to do because a few local boys were being creepsters. Telling us they were the real jacob and edward. I said to the main creeper, "Sparkle Bitch!" but he couldn't. FAIL! I'm pretty sure they were the guys that hassle Bella in Twilight after she leaves the book store. No need to cast actors, they just found those guys and paid them.

    K this is too long (thats what she said).

    Thanks for the memories. Love you all to pieces!!!! The end.

  11. I'm so glad to see this post! I missed you all so much and I was excited all freaking weekend for all you h00rs!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics and feel free to dump Pocket Cat with the rest of the mafia in jersey now since she went to the almighty motherland.

  12. I still can't wipe the grin off my face. What a great time with a bunch of awesome women. We HAVE to do that again with all of you who weren't able to go this time. The scenery was absolutely .....can't even fine words to describe the beauty. Wow.
    Thanks to all of you for your warmth and humor!! And special thanks to my daughter (My After car)for gently coaxing me to go!

  13. Oh also the creepy local boys said "You know what would be funny? If we all went back to your hotel room."

    Yeah, you know what else would be funny? Not being murdered!

  14. Had a fabulous time! Like JJ, there were some peeps I really wanted to meet but didn't for some unknown reason.

    Just to add another pick-up line from the local Bieber boy at the bar....

    Bieber Boy: "So where are you from?"
    Me: "Texas/Scotland"
    Bieber Boy: "My boss is from Texas/Scotland"
    Me: "Oh that's nice, what do you do?"
    Bieber Boy: "I work at the trash depot so that makes me a dirty boy"
    Me: "Oh that's good to know.....sorry I have to go now"


  15. JJ! This trip was flat out awesome. Even though I needed medication to deal with my shyness, I am glad that I forced my ass to fly out and meet all you guys. I triple heart you, STY, Latchkeywife and VitaminR. You bitches rock hard. Forks was awesome!

  16. Foooooooooorks was a blast!! It was great putting a face to all the names! You girls rock!!!

  17. That driftwood photo cracks me up...because it's so casual. It's like you're all "I'm standing here with a driftwood dick" and VitaminR is all "let me fix the pixels on my camera" and both of you are all "this is totally normal behavior".
    Jenny...I would have loved to talk to you more but you know how it is with all the log trucks ruining our conversations. Loud fuckers.

  18. Beautiful surroundings and crazy Twitarded hos? Epic. I'm still processing the awesomeness of the past 4 days. It was wonderful meeting all of you, thank you for bringing such a fantastic group together!

  19. Saying I had a blast does not even come close the ABSOLUTE EPICNESS of this past weekend. It was so incredible (and loud) to have us all in one place. Getting to see, hug, squee, laugh and be a total hoor with all of you was worth the 11 hour schlep across the damned country!
    MWUA, MWUA, MWUA!!!!!

  20. Definitely an experience of a fucking lifetime! And if it can be repeated in 2011 - I'm SO there!!!

    One of my favorite moments - JJ snorting uncontrollably at various points in the weekend, with a climactic fit of it on Saturday night over the microphone! PRICELESS!!!

    The entire experience was so surreal and amazing. And to all those who didn't make it - the girls are even better in person!

  21. For sure one of my top 5 weekends of all time!!!! Seeing all the fuckery live was just enough to build abs of steel, falling off my chair with Heineken spewing out of my nose at The Twilight Lounge was a ton more fun than my living room!!!
    So much thanks to JJ, STY and LKW for putting this fab, fab idea of really going to FFOOORRRKKKSSSS!!!!
    I think a pic pool is an awesome idea, I want to see every ones fucktastic times!!!!

  22. I have loved reading the tweets/blog posts/pictures/etc. from everyone about ths tip! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about doing it again (when I can go too)! xoxox! Sculfy

  23. I have three words that explains everything from the last few days of my life...

    This describes the scenery, the local people, our bar wenches, the crazy twat waffles that I met, and last, but definetly not least, the women responsible for 120 of us getting together in a little town, under a nearly constant cover of clouds and rain (except the 3 days we were there!)...our "sponsors"...

    Jenny Jerkface, Snarkier than You, and Latchkey Wife!

    My only regret ...not getting a picture with them! Although Jenny did buy me a drink!

    Love all you Twat Waffles,

  24. So now that I've actually talked to you, I heard your voice reading this post to me in my head. Is that weird?

    This trip was AMAZING! Serious hardcore letdown now that it's over. I want to hang out with you guys every weekend. Would totally, absofreakinlutely, 100% do this trip again. *singsong voice* Reeeeunion!

    @Jaymes - you crack me UP! Your comments had me laughing. Out loud.

  25. I know you are probably tired of hearing it, but I wish I could have been there!!!!! Judging from the pics I've seen so far, and the posts and the tweets, I missed an EPIC time *sniffs*. I have met 17 Forever Lisa and Mama Cougar, and if the rest of you chicks are anything like them, I know I would have LOVED meeting you all! I can't WAIT to see more pics and VIDEO! That should be freaking awesome.

  26. I'll always wonder if my name was mentioned as one of those who "could've made it out here" Nah. Probably not.

    It was fun for us back in her RL, getting drunk tweets and pics at all hours. Kinda like back in college, being an RA.

    Myg posting the last chapters of Osa Bella from Forks. There is a symmetry in that action that is just perfect.

    @TexasKatherine was a perfect guest host: like Phyllis Diller and Otis had a love child.

    And "if one hundred thirty raucous bitches showed up in town," you'd be taking advantage of the two for one drink specials. Don't kid us.

  27. Here it is, ladies - for your viewing pleasure, a tribute from me and Toefunny and Billi Cullen, live from the Hoh Rainforest, for our missing sistah Hypoallergenic Vagina:

    Enjoy :)

  28. Okay, I'm soooo tired and still awake so I'm going to make this shit quick.

    First of all, I'm still super emotional about this whole trip. Which is kind of weird for me. You might get a super sappy, emo post from me soon. Just sayin'.

    Secondly, and I know someone else said it already but... we had no drama.Which is fucking great. Because we're awesome women.

    I want to give a shout out and a hug and kiss to every single one of you. Seriously. I especially loved the mom and daughter crews. (@Casch and XKR and Charla and her beautiful Moo - jeebus you guys were so beautiful together). I know there were more and I'm sorry for not remembering.

    For all of you who brought your moms (or for all of you who brought your daughters) - you are absolutely fucking amazing. Me and Mommy (not a)Jerkface have had a rough go of our lives together back in the day and even thought we're close now, I still want to hug all you mother/daughter couples that went. You're beautiful.

    @Adonicass - You were mentioned. By more than one. :)

    Ok, I'm delirious. puffy heart you all.


  29. OMG JJ, I was just thinking I brought a piece of Forks home with me as well. It's drizzly and cool and I was off. Eff yeah to a day in PJ's!

    This trip was amazing and I'm not sure that anyone can quite put it into words. For now I'll just say I love you all. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime.

    xo J

  30. I'm so happy you guys made this trip! I even got over the jealousy of not going myself, and while you were away I just lived for the updates on the blog and on Facebook (I don't Twitter, I just don't get it).

    So thanks for the tease of these pics, can't wait to see more images and also various stories of fuckery and mayhem that I am confident ensued. If you go again next year, wild horses won't keep me away!

  31. @Twired Jen Cute little flushed faced Zane made the post. How adoreable was he??

    The locals were awesome!!

  32. It was such a great weekend! I loved getting to meet everyone and to those of you who couldn't make it you were there with us in spirit and in our thoughts. It is just so amazing what this group can do as a whole. Big puffy hearts to everyone!

  33. Jealous, yes... but also kind of excited because one of the fics I am totally fan-girl over was missing their beta due to some "drunken Forks vacation" so I got to fill in as beta!

    Thank you unknown h00r for going to FOOOORKS!!!

  34. PS: it's drizzly and rainy in San Diego too... did someone from San Diego go to Forks this weekend and bring the weather home???

  35. Oh, OK, and who knew that Icy (author of the most fabulous FF MOTU) gave a fucking shout out to all you Twi-hoors who went to Forks!! It's in the author's notes of her new chapter of MOTU II. I sure hope you all know that she is in the process of writing the sequel....oh, my!!

    That was nearly as awesome as the end of Osa Bella, which pretty much slayed me. But then, Myg is sly and cunning like that and she's always slayed me. Laters, baby. ;)

  36. I'm salivating thinking of all the inappropriate posts you will have in the days to come!

    I can't wait to hear all about Forks!

    Glad you guys are back. We missed you. Though TK did a great job. :)

  37. I am all teary eyed reading all these comments. I knew this trip was going to be great, what I didn't know was how emotionally charged it was going to be. Everyone was amazing. For me this was all about so much more than our shared Twilight obsession. I am still trying to wrap my head around what exactly that this point all I know is it was and is something really positive and good. Thanks everyone for a fanfuckingtastic weekend.

    PS- Twitarded HQ did discuss creating a Flickr account where everyone can upload photos. Stay tuned for more info on that. Xo

  38. I keep writing and then deleting cause there are simply no words to describe how awesome my trip to Forks was. I got to spend several amazing days in the land of Twilight with beautiful, friendly women who totally "get" me. I love you all! And a special thank you to JJ & STY for bringing us all together in Twitardia and all of the fabulous people who worked so hard to make this happen. You rock!!!!

  39. Yup, no regrets. A very inspiring weekend.

  40. See, even though I didn't go, I still feel like I was there. You all made me feel like you brought me on the trip with you - with the tweets, the photos, the professions of love. I can't even imagine how much all of you bonded when I feel this way.

    Hopefully, one day there will be another Twitarded convention, and I'll be there.

  41. I've been on twitter every chance I've had this past weekend and have seen a fair number of pics - looks like a blast!

    Hope you're all on for Forks2011 - I looked up flights this morning. Am staring down the barrell of a cool $2500NZD... ouch. So best it be decided stat if we're doing this thing!

    Can't wait to read more posts in the coming days about all the hilarity xxx

  42. OMG!!!! I had such a great weekend! You ladies are the best! It was so great being with other women that do get me and I didn't have to pretend!!!! Thank you again for organizing this amazing trip! I heart you all!!!!

  43. I just found your blog tonight...I sooo wish I had found it a few weeks ago! I really wanted to attend the events in Forks this past weekend, but had no one to go with. I live here in Washington state (Tacoma) so it was not that far for me to drive. Since my family thinks I've gone completely NUTS with my Twilight "obsession" as they call it, I couldn't find anyone that wanted to make the trip. It sounds like ya'll had a fabulous time!! I'm curious, where did you fly here from? I will be following your blog from now it!!

  44. If you ho-bags do go again, I don;t think there's any way that I could resist coming, whatever it takes.

    The end.

    V/W - acocatu - Fuck me, some of those Twitards look like they've seen a coc a tu (not the bird)

  45. So, other than spending the weekend in the fucking motherland, the top moments of the weekend? STY telling me I was hilarious after watching the movie (who needs rifftrax-we made our own, bitches!)
    And getting my picture taken 324563234 times with my tank top! I had to warn my hubby that may end up on the internet!

    Thank you, Twitards, for making the trip happen and letting all of us douche monkeys tag along! I owe you a big leg humping the next time I see you!

  46. OI! FUCKAHS! jj, sty, lkw, vitr.

    with all my heart:

    ~derrydown green x0x0

  47. i SO WISH I could have been there :(

  48. Wow. What a fucking fabulous wknd that was! I was a Forks virgin (even though I'm only a few hours away) and I could not think of a better excuse to pop that cherry then to see all of you gals in person! I had so much fun and the party Saturday night was just amazing! And JJ, you are too cute! It made me so happy (and maybe a little fan girl crazy, sorry about that!) to get to meet you all. And that you were my size! It made me SQUEE a bit. Ok, a LOT! LOL

    You bitches ROCK!!!

  49. Thank you to Twitarded for putting this whole trip together.
    Thank you to the Twitards for going on the trip.
    Thank you to Living with Edward and DangrDonna for going on the trip of lifetime with me.
    Thank you to the Forks Motel for our great room and perfect place to hang out.
    Thank you to Dazzled by Twilight or Twilight by Dazzled to some ;) for everything but especially our awesome tour with Travis.
    Thank you to my hubby for supporting me going on this trip.
    Thank you to everyone I met for accepting me.

    Really and truly thank you to JJ, STY, LKW, VitR and Myg - I truly love each of you like a sister and I thank you for your friendship. It was amazing to be able to hug each of you and tell you how wonderful you each are. Until we meet again.

  50. This BY FAR was the best trip to Forks I have had!! It was my 3rd time going (I live in WA). Myself, Patches, & two other great ladies all piled in the car to come see you guys! It was really great to finally meet you! JJ I do have to say that I just wanted to give you a big sqeeze when I saw you. You're so tiny & cute! Anyway, you all were fantastic & thank you for the spectacular memories! Can't wait to upload photos! **SMOOCHES**

  51. Gas for 14 hour (each way) road trip........................$300
    2 night stay @ Forks Motel..$240
    1 Soda & Absolut for JJ.....$5
    Cullenary Curser shaking her fuckawesome clevage for me..$0.25 (inserted in said clevage)
    Meeting all of you and getting to hang out on my knees in JJ, STY, and MYG's room....PRICELESS!!!!
    Thank you *ahme* ladies so much for everything this weekend. I'll never forget how awesome it was. *sniffs*

  52. I'm so glad the Twih00rs had a fantabulous trip. The pictures are ahmazing.. cna't wait to see the pros pics.

  53. And again, a song from the Twilight soundtrack (Radiohead) comes as I'm reading this post. wtf?

    Thanks for the pictures, JJ! I can't want to see more. I wanted to be there with you all so badly and to know I was there just a mere 2 weeks before you sucked big fat 100% Choice USDA beefballs.

    I hope a trip like this happens again. Really.

    Glad you're all home safe and sound, probably now wondering where all your mystery bruises came from.

    w/v: sydness. I have a sydness that I missed out on this epic adventure.

  54. @norcaltwitard - Jeebus. I forgot about that. LMAO!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. awww, I'm reading all these comments and getting totally verklempt.

    Thank you all again for taking the time out to come with us. I know that how far some of you traveled (Sweden and Australia, holy shit!!) and I hope that everyone has come away from this experience with a couple new besties. Because you all are fucking amazing women.

  57. Ok, this trip was like some kind of fucktastical dream!!! I would say makes top 5 best weekends ever but who am I kidding, I cant think of a more awesome weekend so Im just going to come out and say #1!! All you crazy batches were sooooo much fun. And speeking of getting arrested, Im surprised my sister and I and our little late night crew didn't get arrested during our 4am *extremely* drunkin strole threw sleepy little forks, because our laughter and general tomfuckery im sure were not quiet. JJ, SKY, LKW and every one else who got this shit going THANK YOU SOSOSOSO MUCH!! We should most def do this again next year, can you imagine how much more kickass it would be reuniting with everyone we partied with this weekend!! Oh and all the pics of the Mini E/Mini J orgies are priceless!

  58. Been reading your blog every day since I discovered the saga 18 months ago.  I rarely comment, yet somehow felt I know y'all well enough to twitter-stalk all weekend...there's just something so thrilling and liberating about this community (and Twilight?) - and y'all did it proud!  If TwitardedCon2011 happens, I hope I'm there to thank JJ, STY, LKW, Myg, TK and all you crazy commenters/other bloggers for the joy you've given me without even knowing!

  59. I'm an ass and had to cancel last minute like...been sniffling and moping about since, BUT I love the photos that have been posted.

    Please DO tell- will this be an annual event? How come the film doesn't have an opening up their in Fooorrrkkksss?

  60. You're not going to believe this, but that was totally my nice-looking family at Kalaloch Beach!

    My niece keeps reenacting it with her baton. Not nice.

  61. Great pix. Looks like you all had a fabulous time! Can't wait to see more and hear more of what went down.

    Any chance of a Forks 2011 trip?

    And a big thanks to TK for looking after us. She did a fab job!

    PS: @TK, please update Going Down, pretty PLEEEASE!

  62. @Fooorkspimp - loved your footage with FSE in the Hoh forest. Your acting skills are amazing *wink* and your facial expressions spot on!

    Would have been great to go, maybe next year?!

  63. JJ- Classic pics and post. Love seeing all you ladies having such a great time.

    @Fooorkspimp - the vid is spot on! Geez, so many talented twitards!

    Looking forward to pics and vids from Gus and Paul!

  64. @Scarlett Charlotte - there is no movie theater in Foooorks. They have to drive to Port Angeles. But I do think they have hella' big party events when a film debuts.

    Had a great weekend! I'm still unpacking and sorting through my treasures - haven't got to the pictures yet. It was wonderful to meet all of you! My daughter was impressed that there were others there like me - way too old to be this obsessed with the prettah. Well, she still thinks I'm a perv, but now she understands that's NORMAL !

  65. @ivegotitbad2 - thanks darlin! Haha, I did my best to be as twitchy as humanly possible. :)

  66. JJ, meeting you was as awesome as I’d imagined in my dreams. :) When I got home and showed my husband the pictures, he thought you looked like a “hot Velma!” LoL!!

    Tonight is the first night that I’ve gotten emotional about the trip. To read that it was just as important and awesome to all of you as it was to me, really makes me realize that what we all shared this weekend was something truly special. If this became a yearly thing, I would save every year for this trip! FOOOORKS 2011 FTMFW!

    It was so special to be able to share this experience with my mom. While she is a fan of the movies and books (watched them all, read them all), she was not a “Twitard” by any stretch of the imagination. After meeting all of you and getting to know you guys, she truly felt at home with all of you. She’d always known of my love and *ahem* obsession with your blog, Twilight and RPattz, but finally understands exactly what it means to be a Twitard. She now refers to herself as such. <3

  67. I'm so glad everyone had such a fantastic time and I REALLY wished I could have gone! I've decided that I need to post comments more so that when(yes,I said when) you guys decide to do this again you'll actually know who the crazy bitch is that runs up to you and asks for a hug and a picture with you guys :P

  68. I was telling my daughter, age 12, "Awwww, the Twitarded ladies had their weekend in Forks this past week"...She said, "Mom, you really should have gone"...I love her :)

    For now, I will live reluctantly vicariously through all you awesome ladies (I am using that term....loosely...hehehe - j/k) and enjoy the pics and reviews of your weekend (not to mention the cock props I have seen on The Facebook pics - I really need to get a "Twi-related" FB page, so I can covertly cavort with more Twi-Friends!)

    Here in Western Massachusetts, and probably most of New England right now) it's a drizzly, chilly, rainy mess, so we were talking about having another viewing of Twilight and The Precious this week...I had a chuckle when I saw that some one you had the same thought :)

    I really, really hope there is a Forks '11 (or '12) summit - cuz those plane tix from here to there were what nixed that idea this time around...but I will have time to eat lots of boxed mac & cheese to save up for next time! ♥

  69. Loooveed!!

    BTW I ALSO took a "Bella being dumped" pic in Forks! LOL! That's a classic uehauehae

    It must have been an amazing trip! Wish I was there aswell!

  70. Loooveed!!

    BTW I ALSO took a "Bella being dumped" pic in Forks! LOL! That's a classic uehauehae

    It must have been an amazing trip! Wish I was there aswell!

  71. #1? No way.
    Just wanted to say how awesome it was to meet you in person! You are hilarious and adorable and completely awesome. That's all. :) And that's plenty!


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