Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Can't Men Refill Ice Cube Trays? A Mini Rant by Jenny Jerkface

This is a serious question (and a sweeping generalization), people. I know I'm not the only one who deals with this and I want to understand why men seem physically incapable of refilling a mother fucking ice cube tray.

I'm not trying to harsh on ML, don't get me wrong. He pulls his weight around the house, sometimes even more than I do.

But he doesn't refill the ice cube trays. Ever.

What the fuck?

This makes me feel stabby.

It's not like this is an arduous task, or one that involves heavy machinery or even much fucking thought. The ice cube tray is empty, you go to the sink, turn the fucking faucet on and fill it up. It doesn't even weigh much when you're done!!

Maybe he's drying it. Yes, that has to be it. He's going to let the tray dry so it will be... well, dry, when he puts MOTHER FUCKING WATER in it.

If he ever uses that as an excuse I'm going to nut-punch him.

Technically, ice cube trays don't really need to be washed, or at least not every single time. It's not like you can get salmonella from ice cubes and we're not freezing fucking piss in them. Of course, if I ever find out someone is filling them with urine those empty, neglected ice cube trays are going to be the least of my problems.

I just don't get it.

But it makes me want to punch a kitten, dammit.

Admit it, you've all been there. There is always something the S/O or roomie does that makes your ass clench in irritation. What is it?


  1. I'm pretty sure they think it's not their job!

  2. My S/O makes me ass clench when he informs me of things rather than taking action to complete a task...

    I.e - Informs me that the trash is full, rather than just take the FUCKING TRASH OUT HIMSELF! BARF! The time it takes to find me to inform me could have been spent.. oh I don't know.. TAKING IT OUT.

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!! WTF?!?!

  3. They never replace the toilet roll and always leave the finished ones lying around. Like it's really going to walk itself to the recycling bin!
    Boys and men who just can't aim straight...that fuckin does my head in!
    Finding empty cartons or packets of food/drink that were left in the fridge instead of being chucked in the bin - shoppings already been done people!
    It's fuckin endless...

  4. JFC I have this problem too!!!!

    MrCC totally pulls his weight around the place but fuck if he doesn't refill the fucking ice cube trays. Just last week he put them from the dishwasher to the freezer with NO FUCKING WATER in them!!

    Must be on the y chromosome.....

  5. the toilet roll gets me... Never replacing it and then if he **shock horror** does he always puts it on backwards so the pretty print runs the wrong way!!! Augh!! really pisses me off!!

  6. Thank GOD we have an ice machine in our freezer. My pet peeve is putting dishes in the dishwasher--he doesn't do it. He sets it next to the dishwasher or in the sink, but never in the dishwasher. He calls it "my job". It's just sooo easy to just put it one place as opposed to another!

  7. truelypreciousladyOctober 24, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    I am so glad that I have an ice maker is all I can say!

    My gripe... The flipping toilet paper roll! He can grab out the fresh roll when the one on the holder is out, but he cannot for the life of me take off the empty tube and put on the fresh one... Makes me nuts! Instead he leaves the fresh one on the counter so that I can change it for him. I have asked him, "hon why can't you just change it out whilst you are perched upon your throne?" For this, he has not given me a sufficient answer...

  8. @katrina...that pisses me off more when it's put on backwards

    More pet peeves: dumping their shit where they stop, toothpaste spit over the vanity, oh and finding empty beer bottles hidden all over the house and he says 'they're not mine'. WTF, I'm not stupid! You stink of grog and the farts are lethal for fucks sake! Gimme a fkn break!!!

    Fuck,I must have a short fuse! Sorry, that's my vent for today!

  9. Replacing the toilet paper roll was a HUGE one in our house until I got one of those dumb containers to hold the extra rolls so they're right by the toilet. No excuses now, buddy!

    I will NEVER EVER get him to put his dishes in the dishwasher. DRIVES ME INSANE! He'll rinse them off, even actually half ass wash them sometimes and then rather than taking the one extra step of putting them in the dishwasher, he leaves them in the sink. FOR DAYS.

    It's a battle I can't win.

  10. Biggest pet peeve with one of my exes. When he couldn't find things that were right in front of him.

    Douche: Honey, where's my wallet?
    Me: On the counter.
    Douche: Where?
    Me: Right on the edge of the counter where you left it.
    Douche: I don't see it.
    Me: It's right there. Just look down at the counter... where I'm pointing.
    Douche: I still don't see it.
    Me: It's that brown folded leather thing on the counter. It's right in front of you!
    Me: *exasperated sigh* Here! Right HERE! *picks up the wallet that is right in front of him and shoves it at him*
    Douche: Oh.

    Yeah, oh. Dumbass.

    And another pet peeve. Same ex. He would ask my opinion and then two seconds later call his mom to ask her the exact same thing. Ugh! Don't ask me then! And get off the nipple already!

    I'm seriously not that bitter about our relationship but he keeps invading my dreams lately so now he's pissing me off on a whole other level of consciousness and that's just wrong.

    Great post, @JJ. And please don't punch any kittens. LOL!

  11. If I start listing shit my hubs does that posses me off, I won't be able to stop! Although the other night he used the ice cubes and I was watching him veeeeery closely and nearly shit myself when he actually refilled the ice tray! What a good boy! Now toilet paper, that's another story! Oh and I love it when he tells me he's out of socks and underwear...just his way of telling me to do laundry. He's lucky he's cute because if not, he'd probably be fertilizing my gardens right now!

  12. Um ya, PISSES not POSSES... Fucking hate typos.

  13. My husband puts garbage in the sink. WTF? Garbage goes in the garbage can! It's not like the garbage can is in another room... it's right next to the sink. So infuriating.

  14. Today is the motherfucking perfect day to ask this question, so thanks JJ, for the opp to rant!

    There are so many things Mr. Monster does and doesn't do that piss me off. Firstly, the man seems completely incapable of putting any of his clean clothes away. WTF? I will put a laundry basket of clean, folded clothes in front of his drawers and he will then rummage through said basket, scattering the clothing all over the bedroom floor. Never does put it away. Over the years I've given up, and simply kick it into a pile now. I don't give a shit whether his clothes get dirty again on the floor since he seems to not care either.

    He does something similar with dishes. He just doesn't "see" messes, or things that need to be picked up and put away. I think he was born or raised missing something vital in his brain. Selective something or other. Pisses me off to no end, and is the cause of much marital dischord. Might even be the reason I leave him someday. That and my deep lust for Rob....

  15. you know what makes me feel stabby?
    When my husband tells me the place is a mess and it's CLEARLY all of our son's effing toys that threw up all over the place! Just because I birthed him doesn't mean all his shit is 100% my responsibility! JESUS! OH GOD! YOU JUST MADE ME SO RAGEFUL THINKING ABOUT THIS! to scream

  16. My boyfriend tosses his dirty boxers on my bookshelf. It's like he thinks they are out of the way because they're not on the floor.

    My teenager prefers to stuff food wrappers in the couch cushions rather than carry them ten feet to the trash can. I'm not much for housekeeping, so the first time I noticed her habit it had been going on for months. Dozens of candy wrappers and baggies and chip bags wadded up under the cushions. I blew a gasket; fortunately for her she was a couple of states away at the time. I did take every last one and put them in her bed, but the behavior has continued unabated. I would stop buying snack cakes and such but seriously, that would punish me too.

  17. Doesn't wash a dish. Ever.
    When he was bachelor, he only did dishes on Thursdays. Everyfuckingthing had its day.
    Clearly, I wasn't going to just wait until thursday, so I have become the official dish washer. Every. Dish. Ever.

    The skill of dropping some water in the dish before it gets abandoned in the sink comes & goes. He eats oatmeal for breakfast, and seeing that cementing glop bowl makes me stabby. (My new favorite word!)

    Lucky for you, I don't have time to elaborate on the Crumbs on the Counter issue. Suffice it to say, he foiled my attempts at fixing THAT unfortunate habit by sweeping the crumbs ON TO THE FLOOR.

    I relieve hostility by ensuring the wet spot goes on his side of the bed.

  18. Now I don't feel so alone...Toilet Paper? "Hey Hun, uh...we need more toilet paper in our bathroom!" Didn't you just leave that room? I always grab a new roll if I've used the last of it. Wet towels left on the bed after his shower. Isn't that what a friggin' towel rod is for? To hang up the wet towel? Or using the last of something out of the fridge and not writing it on the erase board on the fridge. Thanks for all the lovely ladies making me feel like it's not just my husband.

  19. Oh my god...totally looking forward to moving in with the S/O and/or marriage. Barf. I think I'm just going to make him my Mad Men housewife.

    @tankergirl: Pft...his side of the bed is ALWAYS the side that houses the wet spot. Fuck if I'm going to be touching that all night.

  20. (Hmmm. I like the wet spot. Does this make me a crazy pervert?)

    Anyway, what I hate most of all is how, when he DOES occasionally do things you've been nagging him about, he does them wrong, and maybe even breaks stuff, so you will regret asking, and not ask again. That kind of works.

  21. Ok, I don't have the ice cube prob because we have an ice maker.

    HOWEVER, the way my s/o does the dishes bugs the FUCK OUT OF ME. He washes them so much and so in detail that you'd think someone had shit all over them. He'll take a plate that has had a piece of toast on it and wash it with hot waster and soaps as if it's had a greasy steak. Really?!?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for soap and hot water, but do you really have to rinse off every effing dish with hot water, set it aside then go back and wash each dish in detail? REALLY? Can't you just quickly rinse the gunk off, then put a little soap on it and wash???


    Thanks, I needed to vent.

    XO J

  22. All of the above!

    Mine will almost never do dishes. NEVER does laundry and won't even put his up after I wash, dry, fold, stack... I have resorted to stacking them on the floor on his side of the bed just to get them out of the living room. The ones I hang up? They hang on the door frame where I put them until he decides to wear something. Everything else stays - including the hanger that said piece of clothing was on...

    Other things he doesn't do:
    Ice tray - check
    Making tea (he drinks a freaking gallon a day) - check
    Leaving his dishes and trash in the living room - check
    Leaving his trash on the kitchen counter three feet from the trash can - check
    Toilet paper roll on the floor - check

    I have one nobody has mentioned yet - he will bring the mail into the house and deposit all of it on whatever surface strikes his fancy. We have piles of mail all over the house, and he will not bother to throw away the junk mail. I eventually have to go around the house to gather it all into one pile and go through it. He could get something important and NEVER know it unless I hit him over the head with it. If you're not going to do anything with it, don't get it out of the box!

    Last one - our second grader has an agenda that the teacher uses for notes about his behavior at school and reminders about other things. If hubs is home when the child comes home, it would be very helpful if he would go through said items and sign the freakin agenda. Does he do this? Hell no. I may not get home from work until 7:00, but this is still on my to-do list - along with figuring out what we are having for dinner - really???

  23. My husband never ever puts the cap back on the toothpaste!!!! There is a reason he doesn't...its because there is such a big ball of yucky toothpaste stuck to the end he can't get it back on. My two boys 10 and 7 are starting this disgusting habit now too. This really PISSES me off! I now buy my own toothpaste and hide it so no one else can use it.

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  25. ...Hm. Totes have an ice maker. But I do hate it when The Bentist squeezes the toothpaste from the FUCKING MIDDLE. So much, that we have resorted to having two separate toothpaste tubes. Not that this is a big deal....since he's a fucking DENTIST. We aren't hurting for oral hygiene supplies.

  26. Oh so MANY things about the hubs piss me off! Dishes.. nope! he wouldn't DREAM of doing them (although even if he did, I would just end up re-doing them)
    And don't even get me started on the toilet seat! I have gone so far as to tell him that the next time I get up in the middle of the night only to sit in his piss, there will be divorce papers waiting for him when he wakes up! And I'm only half-kidding. My hubs is mostly deaf, but sometimes I think he has "selective hearing", you know? Glad I'm not the only one so infuriated!

  27. Sounds like ML and Mr Loo share some brain matter. Thing is, mine puts them BACK IN THE FREEZER empty. He and I have had this discussion so many damn times, I have simply given up on the idea of ever having ice cubes in any liquids ever again. And I giggle with sarcastic glee each time he goes for a cube or two and realizes he's just fucked himself.


  28. Don't hate me.

    My cat hating hubby let me get a kitten this week. I've been so thrilled about my little furry bundle of love that I can't think of anything he does that is very bad. Of course I have been married a couple of times before. He is much better than the previous husbands. All a matter of perspective.

  29. Mr. VitR put his beer cans in the sind upside down. When I confronted him about this he said it is to 'drain all the liquid out'--JMFHF! Seriously? Pour out the excess and put it in the recycling bin! He also never rinses out cans when they are done (soup, refried beans, etc.). Instead he puts them in the sink where all the food dries on them and then I wast a gallon of water rinsing them to be recycled. He leaves his shoes in the middle of the path through our house....seriously in the middle. Oh and he NEVER does dishes. In fact I am staring at about 45 min. worth of dishes right now. On the rare occasion he does do the dishes he always leaves about 10 things unwashed....never finishes the job.


    Thanks for getting me all pissy JJ. More Presecco please.

  30. Jesus...typo-acolypse up there. Please forgive. i blame it on the excessive drinking I am forced to do to endure above behavior.

  31. I think Mr. NotSmitten is just incapable of refilling/replacing things. The ice cube tray, the tp roll, the garbage bag. It's very frustrating and he's completely oblivious. Then again, on the rare occasion that he does hang a new tp roll, he hangs it the wrong way. *sigh*

    He also opens new containers of stuff (jam, pb, ketchup) but leaves the mostly empty one in the fridge or cupboard instead of throwing it out or cleaning it for recycling. That shit bugs me.

    Lucky for him I pick up the slack, since I'm perfect :)

  32. My biggest thing has been that Mr.PT won't open his mail,pretty much EVER. He says that nothing good ever comes from the mail,it's always bills so he doesn't open it. He doesn't want me to open it for him either. He's been like this forever..well at least the 13 years we've been together. We seriously have boxes with his old unopened mail in them. He bought a shredder once because I gave him crap for throwing it out without destroying it(hello identity theft.)He wouldn't even open the mail to shred it and was jamming a few in at a time so surprise surprise it broke the same day. The kicker is he gets all pissed off when a company starts calling because he owes money on something! If he would FUCKING OPEN his mail he'd know what he had to pay! The opposite has happened too where he had overpaid the cable and we had a $300 credit because of it. *sigh* I gave up on ice trays years ago so we never have ice at home. I can't wait till we buy a house,our fridge WILL have an ice maker in it. Oh,and I also have my own tube of toothpaste because he won't put the lid on it and gets it all gunked up. I love him but sometimes I worry that the stabby feeling or the cast iron frying pan upside the head feelings may win out :P

  33. Uggh,I meant Mr.CT not keyboard is an asshole,that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

  34. LMFAO at this list! It seems like it's the same things - maybe we should start a school for them with classes like "Changing the toilet paper roll 101" with diagrams!!

    It seems it's not just my hubby with the few irritating things but it's rubbed off onto my 15 y/o - neither one of them can wipe their toothpaste out of the sink, take the returnable bottle bag out to the garage when it's full or take the trash out! I think the trash thing sets me off more than anything - here's a hint: if you can't fit anything more in it the can, TAKE IT DA FUCK OUT!!!

    @TwiredJen - OMG, my hubby does the same thing with dishes. That used to be his chore after dinner but I swear to god he analized (yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose!) to the point it took him about an hour to freaking do them and it was just pots and pans as we have a dishwasher!

  35. ahem Alright. I can not believe that mine is the only one who does this... Okay, here goes. He opens a cabinet door AND.NEVER.CLOSES.IT...WTF???
    I mean he is right there - he is within arm's length for God's sake... He must know how to close it; it's just the fucking reverse of opening it!!!
    It used to bother me. A lot.

  36. I'm totally cracking up over here because I completely relate to so many of these peeves.

    The laundry thing also makes me stabby. I wash and fold the shit -- all he has to do is transfer it from the basket to his fucking drawer. This never happens.

    @Lumedog - I shit you not, I once went on strike and didn't fill up the ice cube trays and ML goes in one day and is all, "how come these are empty??? Now I can't have my whiskey." HAHAHAHAHA!!

    I also refuse to buy strawberries because ML will eat them and then place the "top" on whatever surface he is near. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to tap out an email and ended up resting my elbow on a slimy green strawberry top.

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  38. OK, here's another one I haven't seen any of you ladies share yet. Mr. Monster, when he does undertake a task of any sort, takes out the tools for the job (whether it's wrenches or the vacuume cleaner), does the job, and walks away without picking anything up or putting it away. ?????? You don't notice that there's a pile of your shit right there where you left it? WTF?

    Mine also looses his wallet, keys, and anything of importance on a regular basis and asks me if I've seen them. I used to engage in this treasure hunt with him until we ended up in an argument about it, but now I say "nope, haven't seen it" whether I have or not. Stupid git, he should keep track of his shit. Not my job, I'm busy doing his dishes!

    It does help to know I am not alone!! If all men are this irritating, why are we with them????????????????? Perhaps we should have a "what we love about our men" post to offset this?? Or not...

  39. yeah the laundry... Mr. NotSmitten also thinks the laundry magically puts itself away.... the last 2 times I went on a business trip for a week, the clean and folded laundry was still sitting there in the basket. waiting for me to get home apparently.

  40. wait, I've got another...

    after dinner, along with his own dishes, he also takes all the cutlery out of the serving dishes and pots and puts them into the dw. Sooooooo, after I've loaded my and the kids dishes, I go to put the leftovers into containers and there are no fucking forks or spoons with which to transfer/ladle the food out. what the fuck is with that? Irks me every time!!!

  41. My favorite - my husband will say to me (and I fucking quote): "I unloaded the dishwasher/put up the laundry/took out the trash FOR YOU."

    Like it's my fucking job! You'd think after 5 years of marriage and 23,578 fights over that exact statement, he would get a clue. But no.

    Its like he needs recognition for doing the normal day to day shit.

  42. I bought a toilet paper roll holder that only requires that you slide the roll on. You don't have to pop out the little spring action thingy, you just have to slide it on the hook. Neither my dh nor my two boys have figured out how to do this. It's truly shocking because they are all pretty smart.

    My dh is completely awesome so I don't have a whole lot of things that he does that bug me but after he shaves, he leaves the sink top all wet. I realize this is hardly the end of the world but it drives me nuts. I now leave a wash cloth on the side of the sink so I can wipe it off before I lean into it and get all wet. We've been together forever so I have learned to live with it and solve the problem myself.

    I'm sure I have lots more things that I do that bug him but he never tells me so I love him even more.

  43. Lmao, you guys are killing me! I have two sons who for the life of them cannot put their used up snotty tissues in the trashcan. They either try to shoot a two-pointer and miss, where it will linger on the floor until the pile of tissues is the same height as the trashcan, or (and this is a lovely surprise when entertaining guests) they hide them under the throw pillows on the couch. After years of threatening bodily harm, I finally found a solution. I charge them $1.00 for each tissue found on the floor or in the couch. Like Harry Potter waiving his magic wand, the tissues are now landing in the trash.

    Mr. Mouse, sigh. Slurps. Like baaaad. Soup, coffee, beer. Slurp, slurp, slurp. Drives me insane.

  44. I've been told by friends that I should praise Mr. NotSmitten everytime he does a chore (especially when he takes initiative), like he's a puppy or a little kid. Supposedly this will reinforce to him that he should do more in order to make me happy... Nope. No way. I refuse. I get no praise. I just get more work.

  45. I really can't complain - Mr. XKR came pretty well trained, and has responded to further training in the last four years of marriage. For a man, he does well chore-wise, and reading these comments makes me feel pretty darn lucky. Personality-wise, though, sometimes he's so oblivious that I consider smacking him with the frying pan (the cast-iron one, not that lightweight nonstick junk from Ikea) to see if he's still got a pulse.

  46. Oh that is TOO FUNNY! I've had many roommates & family members that did not refill the ice cube trays. I am obssesive about it (mostly because I like ice in absolutley everything & I am a compulsive ice chewer).

    I also hate it when people just keep piling dirty dishes in the sink. Higher & higher. UGH!! It's so much easier if you just do it everyday or two!

  47. Thank heavens for automatic ice makers. DH refers to housework as my job. It drives me effing crazy. Like "baby, I picked up kiddo's toys FOR YOU." Like wtf ever, I pushed that kid out of my vagina, the least you can do is pick up his shit from time to time!!

    Oh but my biggest pet peeve, him leaving his shoes in the middle of the walkway instead of just putting them in the hall closet. He can't take 3 freakin' more steps to put those babies behind a closed door. He'd rather me trip over his big ass size 10's and break my neck.

    That man has a death wish for me I think.

  48. Since I'm single, I'll just say I'm glad I only have to deal with the fact that my ice cube trays are sitting in a drawer in my kitchen somewhere because my freezer is too full to set them in there without spilling water everywhere. I think this is largely due to the part I have no vodka in the house right now so I don't need much ice. I should buy vodka. Thanks for the reminder!

  49. We live together and we never forget to do anything. Our cats Jasper and Bella piss us off though. Those bitches be crazy...fighting all hours of the night. They also forget to cover their poop in the litter box. Seriously drives us crazy. They scratch on the surrounding floors, walls, etc. but not over their poop. I think we raised idiots.

  50. @Vermonstermom4Edward.. Uhm yeah, I guess I got pretty well trained too like mr.XKR and living by myself for way too fucking long you learn that no one's gonna be doing it for ya. But I do like the tp rolling out over the top toward me and makes no sense otherwise.. Anywhooooo.. I can't help but think what the fuck makes it all better for all of you? How is it all this madness doesn't translate into getting the fuck out?!? I want to read that post for sure. I need to learn here, ladies, err, dearest twatwaffles.
    And no, I don't call mom all the fucking time either, in fact, her messages are 90% needy. ...k, still lover her tho, yattayatta.

  51. I'm gonna say ditto to @LKW's "If I start listing shit my hubs does that pisses me off, I won't be able to stop!" Cuz right now his number one offense seems to be breathing but I am going to rant a little so bare with me. Hubs suffers from all of the above offenses, not changing TP roll *check*, "I'm out of socks"/do the laundry cue *check*, can't operate the dishwasher door *check*. Now for the rant - hubs is constantly leaving the pan he made scrambled eggs in on the stove ALL FUCKING DAY! This would not be so bad if we used non-stick pans, but nooooo he insists that we use stainless steel pans and he never fucking washes them. Would it kill him to put some fucking water in it? JMFHF!!! He also seems to think it is my responsibility to clean, wash, pick-up and take care of pretty much everything a house could need, including the lawn care! The proverbial cherry on top of his recent offenses would be the fact that life has been crazy lately and I hadn't vacuumed in couple of weeks, so I vacuumed the entire house, I'm talking under-the-furniture vacuuming here. I pointed out to him that I vacuumed and it the conversation went something like this:
    ME: Hey, did you notice? I vacuumed the entire house?
    Him: No. But it's about fucking time. (deadpan, no joking tone whatsoever)
    ME: (left fucking speachless with a I'm-gonna-fucking-kill-you look on my face)
    Him: Why are you looking at me like that?
    Me: (leaves room, shaking head before actual homicide is committed)
    Just for the record, I have been living with the hubs for 12+ years and he has NEVER EVER, FUCKING EVER vacuumed our house.

    @Twired Jen...I'm thinking you shouldn't bitch about the way your s/o does dishes, just be glad he does them.

  52. My dear husband only leaves the toilet seat up when he has been drinking heavily, which is a weekly occurrence . Will actually pull out extra TP and leave on the toilet lid, but will not replace the F'ing roll. He doesn't do dishes, because 12 years ago I got on his ass about doing them wrong. He doesn't even know where to find the vacuum, much less use it. I'm just counting down the days til the kiddos go & I'll leave soon after!!!

  53. Mr Bumpkin and I have been together 12 years. He looks after the garden and I look after the house. I cook and he does the dishes. BUT even after all these years he doesn't seem to know where the dishes and pots and pans live. So he just leaves them on the counter. With the knives and forks. I consider him a work in progress.

  54. I can't help you there. It's seriously one of the few things he'll do without prompting.

    Now, he doesn't always do it well (uneven ice cubes anyone?), but he does it.

    Now that I think about it, he's also in charge of toilet paper. Hmmmm...

    I've always said we have a lesbian relationship and I'm the man. I think these items bear that out!

  55. @Jaymes805 -- ha! it must be a single-gal thing! I don't use ice at all. Don't even own ice cube trays.

  56. The #1 thing Mr. does that makes me go arm flailing, I-am-done-with-you, batshit crazy is when he "does" the laundry and leaves me loads, upon loads of unfolded piles of clean laundry! I have woken up to every square foot of the living room under piles of wadded up clothes. Taking the clothes in & out of the machine is the easy part, Dipwad! The time consuming laborous part is folding it & putting it away! You are not helping me! Now, it's all wrinkled & I HAVE to deal with because it's all over the damn place! I also feel like it's his way of dictating how & what I do with my time. My heart rate is rising just thinking about it. This subject has been the catalyst to our biggest arguments.
    Gusgus, I keep him for a lot of reasons, the biggest being that he loves me even with all my crazy, he's a great father and he's good in bed.

  57. LMFAO! That is some funny isht! We had an ice maker when we bought our house, that has since gone tits up. No ice trays, I despise the things, mostly because of the need to be filled factor. Instead, if bf wants ice for his whiskey or wants me to have a margarita (tequila=getting lucky) he has to stop at the convenience store and grab a bag of ice to put in the freezer. lol It works pretty well most of the time. I actually just did a post on one of my biggest boy peeves. Not trying to pimp my blog or anything, but it's a rather annoying phenomenon. I call it Boy Disease. Could also be called, Can't Find Shit, or Put Away? What's that? lol

    Boys...grrr! Oh, we had the TP issues too...solved it by kicking him out of "my" bathroom. Love having a 2 bathroom house!

  58. I'm just sobbing reading all these comments - half tears of laughter, half some other kind, i think... i could throw mr. snarky under the bus HARD but since i already kinda do that regularly and he's a good sport about the blog thing which pretty much consumes our/my life, i'll go easy.

    ok i can't help myself...

    he doesn't see messes. like if he drops something on the counter or the floor or misses the bathroom trash can with a tissue or whatnot, it's like he DOESn"T SEE THE MESS. EVER. i once took a pic of my overflowing bathroom waste bin - there were tissues and tp rolls EVERYWHERE - and texted it to JJ - told her is was a fucking standoff... it took a few days and i almost freaked the fuck out once or twice, but eventually he got the hint.

  59. My very good friend announced - out of the blue - several years ago - this phrase "BOYS R STOOPID"!
    I use that all the time. It's just so appropriate sometimes.
    Same friend has a college age boy. I ask her how she raised a stoopid boy. She claims she tried but stoopid took over...!

  60. When I was in college, "filling the icetrays" was my roommate's and my euphemism for sex. "Don't come home after class, Adam and I will be filling the ice trays." "Where were you last night, you disappeared from the party? - oh! Filling the icetrays."

    So when I read the title to this post, I thought, "Poor Jen's not getting any peen!" Little did I know that ML was LITERALLY not filling the ice trays. Actual ice doesn't seem as important now, does it? ;D

  61. Mine's bitches at me for leaving papers here and there, but then he leaves banana peels in his hunger wake all the time. Seriously....and you get up my ass for paper???

  62. @Gusgus - Now, should you find yourself at the end of a "why the fuck can't you just..." Apologize, don't even hesitate, like you mean it. Try "I'm really sorry. I won't do [insert heinous crime against humanity] again. I know it makes you frustrated/want to kick kittens, puppies and rainbows/punch me in the junk because it means shit loads of work for you/I'm a tool/it drives you crazy. I'm sorry (note the extra apology). Won't do it again." Then go do/fix whatever you fucked up on and then do something nice for her.

  63. O.M.G. The person I live with drives me bat shit crazy. She's an awesome cook, but hates, and therefore doesn't do, dishes. Doesn't mind doing laundry, but despises putting away clean clothes. Loves playing with the dog and walking the dog but can't stand combing the dog, therefore the house is in a constant state of 'desparately needs vacummed'. But she's sweet, funny and sexy as hell so I live with it.

    Wait. I live by myself. Never mind.

  64. How when he does the dishes or cleans the bathroom, he keeps mentioning it to me like he wants some freakin award ceremony...uh guess live here too!

    How he acts like putting the kids to bed by himself is equal to balancing the national budget. They are kids. They are barely three feet tall and you are bigger and stronger than they are.

    When he needs something, he automatically asks me where it is before even looking for it, even if I am not in the room. They are called eyes and you use them to SEE things. Try it sometime.

    How after fifteen years together, he still freaks out if I ask him to help me cook. How can you be so freakin intimidated by a potato??

    Last one. I don't care if you sister or mom never had PMS. To be honest, the reason your sister or mom never had PMS is because they are bitches ALL THE TIME. I have hormones dude, and I swear to all that is holy, if you eat my PMS salsa again, I will not stop myself from calling out Rob's name in the bedroom anymore.

  65. @Anonymous "...swear to all that is holy, if you eat my PMS salsa again, I will not stop myself from calling out Rob's name in the bedroom anymore." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  66. I know this is two months later, but I have to share what I did that finally got hubs to stop doing most of the things that everyone else has mentioned. After being together for 8 years, I was getting stabby (I love that term JJ!) about pretty much everything hubs did (or didn't do). My mantra was, "I'm not your maid and I'm not your mother! Clean up after yourself!" Yeah, didn't work :(

    Finally, I got prego. And was miserably sick. Anytime I was upright, I was vomiting. The entire pregnancy. Seriously, the day my son was born was the best day of my life - and not just because I had a kid. Oh yeah, and my pelvis separated at 18 weeks so I couldn't walk without my bones grinding together. Then at 32 weeks, my hip popped out of socket so that it wasn't attached to my spine anymore and wouldn't stay in place.

    I laid on a couch for 33 fucking weeks. And I turned into my hubby ;) I didn't care anymore that my snot rags didn't reach the trash. Or that my dishes didn't make it to the sink much less the dishwasher. Didn't care that the trash was overflowing. Didn't care if there were ice cubes or clean laundry. Meh. Suddenly, EVERYTHING became hubby's responsibility and the messes I made were finally too much for him and he started cleaning up after himself.

    The spawn is now 2 years old and hubby still replaces the toilet paper roll, throws trash in the trash can, does laundry (ok, so he doesn't fold or put them away, but really, I can overlook that), puts his dishes in the sink instead of leaving them all over the house (which I seem to have adopted doing), and he even cooks. Now, when my slobbiness irritates him, I silently chuckle.

    Karma's a bitch. ;)

  67. I know this is two months later, but I have to share what I did that finally got hubs to stop doing most of the things that everyone else has mentioned. After being together for 8 years, I was getting stabby (I love that term JJ!) about pretty much everything hubs did (or didn't do). My mantra was, "I'm not your maid and I'm not your mother! Clean up after yourself!" Yeah, didn't work :(

    Finally, I got prego. And was miserably sick. Anytime I was upright, I was vomiting. The entire pregnancy. Seriously, the day my son was born was the best day of my life - and not just because I had a kid. Oh yeah, and my pelvis separated at 18 weeks so I couldn't walk without my bones grinding together. Then at 32 weeks, my hip popped out of socket so that it wasn't attached to my spine anymore and wouldn't stay in place.

    I laid on a couch for 33 fucking weeks. And I turned into my hubby ;) I didn't care anymore that my snot rags didn't reach the trash. Or that my dishes didn't make it to the sink much less the dishwasher. Didn't care that the trash was overflowing. Didn't care if there were ice cubes or clean laundry. Meh. Suddenly, EVERYTHING became hubby's responsibility and the messes I made were finally too much for him and he started cleaning up after himself.

    The spawn is now 2 years old and hubby still replaces the toilet paper roll, throws trash in the trash can, does laundry (ok, so he doesn't fold or put them away, but really, I can overlook that), puts his dishes in the sink instead of leaving them all over the house (which I seem to have adopted doing), and he even cooks. Now, when my slobbiness irritates him, I silently chuckle.

    Karma's a bitch. ;)


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