Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back From Exile With Some Video Love

So I've been in exile this weekend. Actually I've been in The Forks - yes, The Forks... not that one unfortunately. There happens to be one in Maine too! Ok, so it's called "The Forks" and not just "Forks" but it's the same...right? I knew if I tried hard enough, I'd eventually trick Mr. Latchkey into visiting someplace remotely related to Twilight. Fucking SCORE! And he had no idea.

The Forks: East Coast... whaddup yo!

Basically this "Forks" is pretty close to East Bumfuck and Mr. LKW and I spent the weekend up there to do some snowmobiling on Saturday. My first real sledding trip ever. I'm pretty sure I was wearing every article of clothing I owned since I'm new to this particular outdoor winter activity and don't have all that fancy-schmancy gear that blocks wind and shit. Luckily it was a gorgeous, sunny day!

No worries... for the safety of our fellow sledders, I did not drive.

We spent the entire day covering miles and miles (probably close to 80-90 miles) of well-groomed snowmobile trails in western Maine. Our destination was Greenville, located on Moosehead Lake. If you're from these parts, and find yourself in the crazy little town of Greenville, you must eat at The Black Frog. They have the best pot roast sandwich in the whole entire world. So good I'm going to say it's my favorite sandwich of all time.

Mr. LKW enjoyed these long, straight stretches... just to see how fast he could go. I almost shit my pants a few times.

Little did I know that I would be without phone and internet service for the better part of our adventure. I actually get a little anxiety attack when I look at my phone and it says "No Service." Gulp! The main lodge had wireless but we didn't spend a whole lot of time there. And to top it all off, there wasn't even a fucking TV in our cozy cabin! What. the. fuck?!

I'm back home now... finally... after digging out from the foot of snow that fell in The Forks last night and crawling down snow-covered Route 201. Let's just say I had lots of catching up to do. Even though I'd been gone just a short time, it already feels like I've missed too much.

While perusing the interwebs this afternoon, I came across this undergarment melting video over at Robsessed. A lot of you probably all ready saw this because unlike me, you weren't in the middle of fucking nowhere. I'm afraid all intelligent thought left me soon after viewing this video. My vagina even ordered me to watch it again. And again. What a way to end the weekend!

Hopefully this will give you all some extra happiness to start the week. Just a little RPattz makes Monday morning feel less like a prison gang rape.

Oh and GO Packers!


  1. OMG, panty melting video! Glad you made it back from the edge of the Great White North, LKW. My brother in law is a die hard sledder. Has to get a new sled every 2-3 years, and it must be a Skidoo. He then spends gobs of money on matching clothing and accessories to match the sled, including the color. He even has special socks. WTF? He spends more on that shit than I ever could on Twi shit. I feel better!

    Thanks for the video. My vajayjay thanks you too! Gah, he is just friggin illegal!

  2. That vid! There is no way he doesn't know EXACTLY what he is doing when he tilts his head down then looks up & touches his mouth. Jebus fucking cripes, he knows he is killing us!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you LKW! I hadn't seen this one either and I tell you, The Pre-Tay is proof that there is a God and that he wants me to enjoy life. I can't wait to see the videos that will be made once WFE, Bel Ami, BD and Cosmospolis come out. Sweet Cheezits, though, I'm not sure I can take much more of HHH (His Holy Hotness)!

    Glad you had fun in the great outdoors, and that you're home safe and sound!

  4. Oh. My. Freakin. Gawd.

    LKW - I had a comment lined up re your snowtrip but as my vagina just took over my brain I have no idea what I was gonna write.

    Jeezus Kerrrist that vid is AMAZING. I've never seen it before! Hand in hair, hand on lip... whenever he touches himself (yep, I said that) I just MELT.

    Me and my freshly waxed nether regions (thank you STY for your inspiration, even if I am slightly L2P) are just gonna 'favourite' that vid on YouTube now... see you later, much, much later...

  5. No one, I mean NO ONE should EVER have to be separated from that....ever...even if it is just in the virtual internet sense. Luckily I know that LKW keeps some RobPorn on her phone (don't we all) as back-up in such moments....but there really can never be enough can there. Damn that video was hot.

    LKW welcome home bb.

  6. LKW - love your sledding story. I am in Sydney Australia - we have just had 6 days at 35c + and Sunday it was 43c - killer.

    A few years ago we went skidooing at a lodge 30 mins by plane north of yellowknife in canada - its was -40c- we didn't have helmets and I didn't have a beanie that covered my forehead - I actually had a brain freeze after about 5 minutes on the skidoo - lucky they had medicinal cognac!

    love the vid - panties melted - check!

  7. still looking for my vampFebruary 7, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    Welcome back LKW!

    I need a very very cold shower.

  8. Welcome back! No frost bite on the vag, I hope? No one likes frosty lips. No winter sports for me, thanks. Unless sucking down booze while the snow falls is a winter sport...

    Thank god for this video. It makes the RPattz drought go by quite a bit faster. Is it April yet? I could really use some Rob on the big screen.

  9. I've come to the conclusion that he is so hot my brain simply cannot wrap itself around the face and short circuits, which is why I end up drooling every time I see him...

    Missed you LKW!!

  10. Now that I've had a few moments to *ahem* compose myself after watching my new favorite insperbation video. I want to say THANK YOU LKW! I can always count on you for awesome Robp0rn. Welcome back :)

  11. OOOOH LA LA INDEED! I literally just stared at that video in wonder. He has to know what he's doing when he uses that sexy smile and touches his hair and stares into the camera? Surely?! Thank you Twitarded and LKW for wowing me once again. It's not very often that I'm rendered speechless. I dread to think how I would behave if I met Rob in person. Embarassment would definitely follow.

  12. Don't lie - I happen to know that your favorite sandwich of all time would involve RPatts and um that other dude you are totally sweating who it NOT RPatts... Nom nom nom...

    Hey, just because you haven't actually had it yet doesn't mean it isn't your fave.

    : )

  13. @STY - Oh yes, how silly of me. My all time favorite sandwich would be me between RPattz and Henry Cavill. I could die a happy girl.

  14. Yup, I've seen this vid & it fucking melts my panties every single time! That look around 0:48 KILLS meeee!!

  15. Love this so much - and whenever I comment on his gorgeous pics I often say "oh la la" concerning the song so this is perfect, lol. Soooooooo gorgeous and beautiful. Love him so. xoxo

  16. Monday has been a total anal rape so I haven't even had a chance to watch the video. I'm waiting until I have some alone time...

    LKW, I'm so glad you made it back from the wilderness. I wouldve freaked out if I had no cell signal. I might not have needed a cell phone anyway because you could probably hear my screams from the wasteland.

  17. I can't stop watching this video... that little bastard knows exactly how to make panties explode.

    @SoCalTwiNurse: Um yes, 0:48 is ridiculously HAWT!!

    He really give me heart palpitations.

  18. Welcome back to civilization. I don't normally watch vids but am SOOOOO glad I made an exception for this one.

  19. There are No. Words.

    OMG - the amazing hotness that is RPattz. When is it ever going to end?

    I'm not sure my vajayjay can handle much more of this [but I'm willing to give it a try ;-)]

    Thank you so much for sharing @LKW!

    CC x


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