Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spoiler H00rs Unite!


If you're trying to preserve your Breaking Dawn Twi-ginity, you may want to read this post with one hand over your eyes. You've been warned. I don't want to hear any whining that I breached your Twi-men without protection and you'll be looking to collect child support in nine months.

In typical Twitarded fashion, all of this news is... no longer new. I think we should still get credit for posting it before the actual movie is released. I'm going to wax poetic for a moment about how excited I am to be a Spoiler H00r this time around. The peer pressure was insane during the making of the last two movies. LatchkeyWife tried desperately to break my resolve on staying pure. I'm not sure when our relationship jumped into a time machine back to senior prom night, but that woman was relentless about getting into my Twi-panties. She came thisclose to wearing cement shoes.

I was a total Spoiler Hoor during the making of Twilight, but I had no one to share the SQUEE!!! with. Mr. TK watched the trailer so many times I would often catch him humming the music. That might be related to how many times I uttered the phrase, "I'll swallow if you watch the trailer with me again." It's very refreshing to have a group of fans (with vaginas) to share my excitement. Humor me for a few more minutes and let's squee together while we look at pics from the set.

The cottage: It's a lot less Unabomber-y looking than I expected. I like it. Not enough to live in the wilderness away from civilization, but I like it.

Alaska: I'm guessing this will be where the Denali clan lives. My initial thought was that I can't wait to see Jack Nicholson smash through the doors with an axe, but it doesn't look that much like the hotel from The Shining.

The costumes: These are supposed to be costumes from the movie. Um, aren't they still filming that? At the risk of sounding totally creepy, what are they wearing right now? Also, I hate Edward's modified military jacket. A lot. That coat could do double duty with a civil war re-enactment group. I freaking love Bella's outfit though. I need that whole ensemble in at least four different colors.

This needs no caption. I would just like to draw your attention to the wedding ring. I don't know how all that snow remains intact when in contact with this level of hawtness.

I will leave you with a quote from Jasper. Jackson Rathbone was interviewed about the filming and certain key [cough] honeymoon [cough] scenes. You can read a longer quote here, but I've pared it down the the important part.

“It’s a PG-13 movie, but also it is what it is and it’s a union,” Rathbone said. “They are consummating their relationship and they don’t just do it once, let’s put it that way.”

All I read was "blah, blah, blah consummating blah, blah, blah, they don't just do it once." When do the tickets go on sale?


  1. Uh, yeah. "They don't just do it once" has me all a-quiver. As does that wedding ring. God damn. I can't wait to get married...Naked except a wedding ring? Mmmm.

    So yeah. Tickets, please!

  2. The. Wedding. Ring. Kills. Me.

    Oh god, is it November yet?

    w/v - Ellba. I'd rather have Wedard, thanks.

  3. I expect the movie to suck, but there will be some hella good eye candy to make up for it. Can't wait for that!

  4. Did you just say "Blah blah blah" when quoting Jackson? You're fired from my life.

    I'd say jk but I'm not kidding. In other news, this movie needs to come out right fucking now.

  5. Ok firstly, how is it that in that ridiculous pose they've caught him in, does Rob still manage to be so delicious?! HAWT DAMN!! Plus, why is he wearing a winter coat??? (or is this a 'between the scenes quick-cover-the-actors-before-they-die-of-frostbite' kind of shot?)

    ALso, I love that the mannequins with the outfits on, have attiude (check out their poses lol)

    I cannOT WAIT for this movie to come out...fuck...movieS. (still peeved about the seperation...couldn't we just do one long marathon like Gone with the wind? Intermission in the middle to change underwear and procure additional snack and face cloths? (to wipe the drool away).

    It will all come down to the wigs and the birth/cesearean scene for me...

  6. @Jaymes--I'm sorry. I couldn't hear what you were saying over the sound of my own awesomeness.

    @Linda--Now I need them to remake Gone With The Wind with R & K starring.

  7. The wait for this movie (and the next) is insane, I may just lose interest in the twi by then. its been a bit over two years already.
    I guess I have to fill the Rob dought with Bel ami, WFE and FF and a trip to fffoooorrrrkkkkksssss to fill the time in between.

  8. @TK oh dear, I'm sorry. I wasn't aware that you were partially deaf. My bad.

  9. @Jaymes- If and when TK ever sees JRath live (wait, have you TK?) she will never utter the words blah blah blah in relation to Jackson. Ever.

    TK I'm a h00r & have always been one. I mean in the Twi world of course...cough...*looks around*

    :) XOXO J

  10. The only time I would utter "blah blah blah" to Jackson is if he was telling me a story and his talking was slowing down the process of him sticking his P in my V. And even then I don't think it would be a problem. Dude can play harmonica and guitar at the same time..

    And Jen... "I mean in the Twi world of course" - good one.

  11. I wish I could see the cottage better. I'm not impressed by it at all. Robward on the other hand, I honestly want time to hurry it's little ass up. That coat it not flattering him at all, but DAMN he looks good.

  12. I am trying really hard not to go off on his completely fucked up hair!!! Why didn't JJ mention that in her post? Not even the bad hair....hell not even an Amish hat and a poorly placed crocodile/alligator can make him look bad...wait, what are we talking about? Oh yes, BD Spoiler H00ring....I am in....legs spread wide.....I need more. The lack of spoilers has left me, well, needing to seek release elsewhere. Come on Summit throw us a gawd damn bone! Metaphorically speaking of course.

  13. "They don't just do it once" I haven't heard good news like that in forever!

    v/w lethee , yeah lethee git it on! (more than once)

  14. Fantastic this post and cool ideas really i loved that and great posting . interesting story and nice pics .thanks for nice posting

  15. Yes! "more than once"..'bout time someone starts f'in like rabbits ;)

    My Jackson Cherry is still intact, but even still, I'm not sure I would hear blah blah blah from any of the Twi Guys. Then again, if Rob were actually talking to me I have a feeling there would be a 4th of July magnitude aneurysm happenin in my brain-rendered ded. I would surely embarrass the fuck out of myself *loss of bowel control*

    Yes-the waiting sucks..ha unintentional pun-I was just going to say that at least True Blood will be on for 3 months, to help ease my Rob DTs...

  16. My Breaking Dawn Twi-men has been fully and completely breached already because like any self-respecting Twi-h00r, I blog around. A lot. I have needs.

    I love the cottage and it's exactly as I pictured. Ringward is Yummy but I can't recall him with the Denali's after the wedding. Time for a reread I guess.

    If Jackson says "it sizzles like bacon", then I trust that it will not disappoint. Seriously, I would hope that it wouldn't be a once and done thing.

    Does anyone know for sure where Part 1 ends? I thought it was after they realize Bella is preggers with she who will not be named.

  17. I still can't believe you managed to remain pure. You. Pure. Does not compute. :)

    Imma proud spoiler h00r. Preferably in picture format, but I'll read the ridiculous and annoying plot changes too.

    Great, for some reason I'm now picturing some sort of h00r cheer and dance.... thanks for that Jaymes and RobzSinger! :P


  18. Bella wearing bad-ass, high-heeled boots?! Alice must have picked those out.

  19. Uhm...They have Bella wearing riding breeches??? WTF? Does this mean I can go out in mine after riding & not be stared at funny? Doubtful. On another note:


  20. In my recent Vancouver escapades with @Twi-Lin & @Tipsy-daisy we found the cottage set. From what we could see from the road it was very nice, nestled into the woods. Ish the Fish was the security guard and we had a nice chat with him. He seemed to like my hair for some reason..

  21. I wanna know how Jackson knows about the sex scenes? He wasn't in Brazil when they were shot. Do you think he's talking about vampsex?

    I'm with Amers425... I yet to see Bella wear anything this cool so that must be a Bellavamp costume and Alice *had* to have a hand in it.

  22. Call the wig designer! The picture of Jackson in that article is totally how his hair SHOULD look in the movie. blonde yes, made for a muppet, no

  23. Fucking fucker I need this movie RTFN!! And TK, I can't believe you left this key part of Jacksper's quote out:

    “Oh yeah,” he laughed. “It sizzles, man. It sizzles like bacon!”

    I love bacon.

  24. All I can see in this post is the picture of Rob with his wedding ring on. Gadddamn.

  25. "It sizzles like bacon." BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMFG!! I may have to give him a giant kiss if I ever meet him. That is too great.

    PS - I love bacon too LKW. ;-)

  26. Mmmm Bacon. I like me some meatz.

  27. I can't fucking wait for November!! And yes, the wedding ring... *sigh*

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  29. Call the wig designer! The picture of Jackson in that article is totally how his hair SHOULD look in the movie. blonde yes, made for a muppet, no


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