Friday, April 22, 2011

Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic...

Over the past two plus years, during all this Twilight hype and bloggy craziness, I truly thought my love for Robert Pattinson would begin to wane. I figured at some point, he'd do something completely asshole-ish like almost every other young actor who shoots to stardom - trash a hotel room, get caught with a hooker, or snorting coke off that hooker's ass - and I would start to care about him less.

WHAT? The finger??! How horrible!

So why hasn't this happened yet??! I have a life dammit. I have a husband that needs attention, piles of work on my desk and a house that hasn't been truly clean in over two years. Yet with each passing movie he does, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

It's been fun watching him grow over the years. To see him to become more comfortable in interviews. To see him let his sense of humor out in public a bit more. His giggle never fails to make me smile. He always seems to be so genuine and honest in the never ending string of interviews he does. And his constant self-deprecation and obvious embarrassment at the attention - it just makes me want to pat him on the head, put him in my pocket, and carry him around with me.

Let's have a little walk down memory lane with Ellen and Rob...since I really love her interviews with him. It's just fun to see him get more and more comfortable in his own skin. I'm pretty sure I could watch these damn interviews over and over again. And I'm starting to think that not even a Charlie-Sheen-level tirade could crush my love for this man.

November 2008 for Twilight

The nervous giggle kills me... (and he looks so young I almost feel bad about the dirty things I need to do to him. Almost.)

November 2009 for New Moon - Part 1

New Moon - Part 2

GAH-DAMN! I forgot how fucking hot he looks in this interview...

May 2010 for Eclipse - Part 1

Eclipe - Part 2

Now I need to go watch Eclipse again...

Aaaaand the most recent April 2011 Water for Elephants - Part 1

Water for Elephants - Part 2

I will forever call them "underpants" - as in OH MA GAH he makes my underpants so moist!

Happy WFE Friday everyone!


  1. I don't know that I've ever seen that 2008 interview ;) Adorbs ;)

  2. I just love how he always folds into himself when shy or embarrassed! So adorkable!

    Can we have a Pattin' Pattinson game in Forks?

  3. Wow, just wow. I hadn't realized he'd done Ellen (not actually "done") 4 times!? Did you notice how the screams upon him entering progressively got louder and louder each show?

    Gah! I haven't seen that 2008 interview all the way through, thank you.

    Admittedly, I kind of choked up watching these...he's evolved, yet remained the same. Self deprecating, adorkable, sexy and so honest. The NM one was my favorite...gah I loved his hair there. Clean cut but not too short or too long.

    I think I need to watch a Twi movie tonight.

    Love you LKW.

    xo J

  4. posted my comment to quick. W/V for that last one was drpla....DR. P LA thinks Rob needs to play a Doctor in LA!

  5. *** le sigh***. As a mom, I adore that his family makes the rounds with him to his premiers and some interviews. I think that is what helps to keep him grounded. He is such a decent person. I look forward to watching his career for many years to come.

  6. Yippee, I can mysteriously sign in after a year of tech issues!!

    As I sat in the theater(alone) at 10:30 am yesterday with many old ladies, I realized I have never been more in luv with Rob. I was in a funk all day after the movie, I just wanted MORE so badly. It has been several years for me as well and I think he gets better all the time. Not many get this. I don't even get this. You guys get it, and I love you all for it!

  7. Thanks so much for posting these! I hadn't seen the Eclipse one... I love his look of fear when Ellen tells me he has to play a game! He's so bloody cute. All these videos made me giggle like a mad woman, it made my day : )

  8. I love when Rob is on Ellen. She seems to make him more relaxed than other interviewers.

    I agree with @likeitlemony, his parents (and sisters) are his biggest fans and I believe are responsible for his gentlemanly behavior.

    @LatchkeyWife I can relate to the fact that I too fall deeper everytime I see The Boy. It's crazy, I'm an overweight, 45 year old lady with stretch marks but I think about this guy more than I do my husband. I fantasize about him while reading fanfic. Will my desire for him ever wane?

  9. I know and completely understand what you mean and how you feel. I absolutely adore him inside and out too and hang on every word, every expression, every laugh or sigh too. He makes the world brighter and more beautiful by being in it. And I don't see this obsession/adoration we have for him ending any time soon. What would we do with ourselves if it ever did???!!! :)

    PS: Lovin those interviews. And the recent WFE one with Ellen has gotta be my fave ever. He's just perfect in every way in it.

  10. I love that Ellen loves Rob. It is just such a great relationship and it makes him comfortable. Thanks for posting all of these videos in one place.

  11. I love the Ellen interviews. I love that Ellen wants to take care of him and she brings out the adorkable Rob that I love. The Jimmy Kimmel interview also killed me. The fact that he admitted to watching the MC Hammer cartoon killed me - not because I thought it was horrible, but because I used to watch it with a kid I babysat - a "kid" that is now the same age as Rob!!!

  12. I love that he is still the same just a bit more mature and worldly now. He is beautiful inside and long as he stays gold (and I think he will), I will be right here on the sidelines rooting him maybe, occasionally, thinking an inappropriate thought or two..or three....or four. Sigh.

  13. I love his Ellen interviews. So comfortable!

    I also love his hobo-ness, but really, would it be too much to ask, Rob, for you to pull your collar out?

    Oh god, I sound like my Mum. *runs and hides*

  14. What a great post! He is so cute!

    Going back to see WFE again today!

  15. Great post; I feel exactly the same way. I really want him to succeed because he's just a great guy who works hard and deserves it. I've had celebrity crushes before and it's always disappointing when they do something stupid or asshole-ish. I hope Rob keeps a good head on his shoulders navigating this crazy journey.

  16. Rob on the Ellen show makes me giggle like a mofo! I still love Ellen's line from '08 "Who's taking care of you man?" Lol!!

  17. See....this is EXACTLY why I am hooked on this blog...I too have a husband, children, a job, a house to clean, meals to prepare, etc., etc. but it all STOPS for Rob and/or some lemony fan fic....and you get that....not only do you get it, you encourage it. I don't feel so strange when I come here...okay, well only when I watch lots of hot Rob, but it's a good kinda strange, ya know? Thank the blog gods for Twitarded!

  18. There are just certain places I go when I'm feeling down and Rob on Ellen is one of my happiest places. I hope he never changes. I hope he never gets to that stage where he thinks he's too good for his fans. And I hope I never want to call him an asshole -- unless it's in bed.

  19. Oh and one more thing... who else lives for the day when Rob is on "Inside the Actor's Studio"?? I can't wait to find out what his favorite curse word is!!


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