Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Music Mash-up

As I'm sure most of you are aware, yesterday was like Christmas, pay-day and million birthdays all rolled up into one, thanks to a bunch of leaked stills from Breaking Dawn. I mean, there was bloody babies, vampy Bella and HOLY FUCKING SHIT TWO HANDS ON A HEADBOARD!!!

Not only did my vagina burst into flames, but my email and Twitter feed did as well. It was off the hook.

Naturally, Summit immediately sent its little evil minions out to crush anyone who actually posted the pictures but that didn't stop us from staring at them over and over and over again.

We will hunt down the leaked pictures of the Precious and strip the flesh from the bones of any who possess them!!!

We here at Twitarded actually debated thumbing our noses at Scummit and posting all the spoilers in their tiny, fuzzy glory but I checked the Twitarded Pay Pal account and I'm not sure if the 32 cents we have in there is going to cover the cost of the fines.

Since most of you are probably still changing your panties and wiping the drool from your lips, I figured we could pretty much write about anything today and it's not going to matter because OMFG THOSE PICTURES!

We wish we could post them here, we really do. But I don't want to share a Summit jail cell with Latchkey Wife so you get music videos instead.

Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You

I love this band. The end. It's not just Ben Bridell's wistful (though sometimes mischievous) sounding voice, it's everything. The way the song starts out soft but slowly builds and crests into something just a little unexpected. It's a little sad and mostly triumphant. And, like most of their songs, it pulls feelings from me by just listening to it.

A.A. Bondy - When the Devil's Loose

Here's another singer/songwriter that twists me up inside every time I listen to him. A.A. Bondy is a spinner of tales, both joyous and sorrowful and his warm, gentle voice is a balm on my soul. I'm not even kidding -- When the Devil's Loose is often my go-to album when I'm feeling really stabby and just need to relax a bit. It always amazes me how something that seems so stripped down and simplistic is actually full of so much.

The last time I did a video mash-up, a lot of you mentioned that the music I was recommending was a little too soft for your taste. While it's true that lately I've been on a very mellow folk-y kick, I am still a huge fan of the harder side of the music world. I did spend my teenage years in a mosh pit, after all.

Every once in awhile I aim to please so... let's get on with it.

The Bronx - False Alarm

If you want shredding guitars, an intense drumbeat that battles the thumping of your own heartbeat and awesomely raw vocals, then you want The Bronx. I have seen these guys a few times and their live shows are just as genuine and electric as their albums. They capture the spirit of the hardcore scene back in its heyday during the eighties and nineties but with a new edge.

Also? They have a side project called Mariachi el Bronx. I shit you not.

Refused - New Noise

Every once in awhile I'll stumble across a band in my searches that is too-fucking-good and I'll get all excited... only to discover that they're defunct. It's been about 12 years since Refused actually existed and I still listen to their albums on a regular rotation, especially The Shape of Punk to Come.

New Noise is one of those songs that has you practically rocking in your seat in anticipation for "that" moment in the song because you know when it comes, it's going to be fucking awesome.

One of the things I like most about Refused is their willingness to mix it up on their albums. Often, there seems to be something a little formulaic about punk bands these days. Refused is anything but.

Fugazi - Waiting Room

Kintail - this one is for you.

Of all the bands I've listened to throughout the years, there has always been one constant and that is Fugazi. It was the summer of 1990 and I was sitting in a cramped backseat of someone's shithole car going to a show when someone put on 13 Songs by Fugazi and it was love at first listen.

Seriously, if you don't believe me just watch this live video of Waiting Room and check out the crowd. It gives me shivers. Man, I miss those days.

I could carry on about this band for quite awhile but... I actually have to leave to go see, well, another band.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments and recommendations are always welcome.

Rock on, bitches.


  1. Oh Jennifer... how I love your music posts. I'm in constant awe of the way you put your feelings about these songs into words. I wish I had the where with all to say something more profound about the music I love other than, "dude, that was fucking awesome!"

    Nice job. I really love that Band of Horses song. A lot.

  2. Perez Hilton's website still has the Breaking Dawn leaked pictures/video up as of right now (6:45pm Pacific Time). Just saying......

  3. Jesus I am still squeeging my vag after those pics and the short video of the precious given it to me, I mean Bella...

  4. OMG. Head. Board.

    And the bloody baby? Like. Wow. I wish we knew who leaked them so we could send them a fruit basket. I think I love them.

  5. holy shit. looked for it yesterday and couldn't find it (I only found the stills), but I just looked again and I found the video. It's on YouTube called "Breaking Dawn Official Scene of Sex Bella and Edward" by ThisJacobNessie.

    I don't think I'll be able to sit next to my mom and watch this one. I'm probably going to want to go and be with... I mean by... myself.

  6. holy f*ing shit. The pics are still up on Perez Hilton. I think I might die right now. Def not taking any kids to this one. Need the theater to myself. The headboard scene and the biting....ahhhhhhhhhhh just kill me now. Will be better than the book by far.

  7. *clears throat* i haz a bunch of the leaks saved to my laptop. i say BRING IT SUMMIT!!

    love the music. here's to another night of itunes downloading. thank you.

  8. my hubby like i have said thinks this blog is retarded(which he is severely wrong..... ass) but he heard me play new noise and realized.... i know what im saying....

  9. Of course you don't wanna share a jail cell with LKW, you'd totally end up being her bitch. I'm not saying that to insult you. I'm saying it because...well, have you met LKW? :)

    I love all of your music recs. Seriously I'm pretty sure you should have gotten a job in the music industry. Your taste is ridiculously good. My pandora station is JJ approved! Man Man FTW!

  10. @JJ - got Fugazi on my playlist at work. Great for all those delicate web page edits. Reminds me that buried somewhere in the pile of crap from my last job is a burned CD with my former boss's entire Fugazi collection. Oh good! Now I have a goal for the weekend.

    Bronx is great. As is Refused. (nothing like a little head banging to do the body good) Since all I seem to be able to do is fall in love with defunct bands, I feel your pain. There are always those reunion tours!

    Looking forward to seeing Black Angels next month - drugged out hippy music!

  11. Ok don't post the pictures, but we can talk about them right??

  12. One of my fondest memories is standing in the million degree heat, in the dirt, watching the Bronx & Mariachi al Bronx with you, JJ. You said it much more eloquently, but they are a lot of fun.

    I love your music posts. You always have some fun new stuff & remind me of some great old stuff I haven't heard in a while.

  13. I missed all of the pictures yesterday but PH still has them up this morning. I have no words.

    Love the music recs. Have a bunch but always love to find something new.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Love the Music. Totally Awesome! The leaked pics and scene of Breaking Dawn.... OMG! I will have to leave the kiddos at home and take husband..then drag him

  16. Two Hands on a Headboard would be an awesome band name. The opening act (opening,lol) Could be My Flaming Panties.

    Verified is moteni...I need a moteni after those pictures. WOW

  17. I always feel ancient when you knowledgeable music whores start talking tunes, but I really enjoyed this post. I love Band of Horses and I'm off to hunt down some A.A. Bondy immediately - I'm big on soulful, lyrical work like that. The Bronx was okay, but I really liked the video - I grew up watching all those classic horror movies:) I'd have to be in the right mood for Refused and Fugazi, but I love your diverse tastes and willingness to share.

    Speaking of music, I highly recommend playing Teardrop by Massive Attack to THE Video Clip. Repeatedly. Trust.

  18.'s my dilema. I was sick yesterday, like sick in bed only getting up to make a mad-dash to the bathroom sick...and couln't get to the computer. So I missed all the amazing photos...grrr. And yes I checked PH no longer has them up either :P Anyone out there that has the pictures AND a kind heart care to send them my way. I will love you FOREVER!!

  19. Thanks for the comments dudes!!

    @Brody - your comment made me snort. Your husband has a point but... yeah, that. ;) On a side note - after Refused disbanded, most of the band members formed a new band (now disbanded I think but am not sure) called International Noise Conspiracy. They are fuckawesome if you want to check them out. Not punk like Refused but still really, really good.

    @Suzspetals - Ancient? Pish posh. Never. You're not old at all. Of course, now I think I need to start discussing some of my favorite bands/songwriters/whatever from previous decades. Shall we start with the 1920's?

  20. I missed it! I missed the whole thing. I still can't find the goods. Curse you, Scummit! How dare you deny me pics of the precious. Khaaaaaaan!


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