Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hangover Continues... A Donnersun WFE in NYC Adventure

And now... introducing the one and only @donnersun for more hijinx and hot Rob action in the Twitarded mini series -- WFE in NYC! After she told me exactly how fucking close she got to him, I was thisclose to licking her face. *sigh*


Well hello there, Twitardia!! *waves and spills vodka all over Team Hot Doctor Daddy Cullen shirt* For some reason that still eludes me, LKW asked me to write a post about my trip to New York for the Water for Elephants premiere. I can do it in 140 characters or less: Rain. Line. No Sleep. OHMYGODROB! Still no sleep. Home.

*ducks and runs from LKW* haha! Ok, ok. Here’s the real story. Only two weeks late… feel free to pat me on the back for that. heh

So I decided to head to NYC for the premiere after talking to Amber and a couple of the girls from Thinking of Rob who said they were going. I live on the East Coast, so it wasn’t a long trip, and I figured why the hell not? How often do you get the chance to go to a movie premiere and meet the dude you drool over on a daily basis? *nods* Done deal.

We all booked our flights (I changed mine about four times in a month. I’m not entirely sure why I wasn’t hauled off by airport security and strip searched since I ended up booking two one-way tickets) and booked hotel rooms (these too were changed approximately eleventy bajillion times before we finally settled on the Hilton). The studio tried to pull a fast one and change the location and date of the premiere about a month out, but luckily decided to stick with New York once all us idiots who had already booked tickets pitched a royal fit. That was the first hint at how fucking awesome Fox was going to be to us throughout this whole process. I’d give them all big sloppy kisses if I didn’t think it would end in a restraining order.

I got into New York at around 9:00 a.m. the day before the premiere. I took a cab to the hotel, dumped my stuff, and then got back in a cab and high tailed it to the Pearl Diner. In case (like it didn’t with me…worst fan ever) that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s the diner where they filmed parts of Remember Me. The girls were already there waiting for me IN ROB’S BOOTH (!!!!) so I pranced on over and rubbed my bum all over the seat where Rob undoubtedly rubbed his bum. Bum-to-bum contact FTW! I may have wiggled a little more than socially acceptable.

From the diner, we took a Remember Me tour of NYC…from Ground Zero, over to NYU, to Strand (we got an employee to show us the exact row where Rob’s scenes were shot) and then to Central Park. It started pouring down rain and since we didn’t want to get soaked (this proved to be a very ironic decision later in the evening) we headed back to the hotel.

I was told that Rob barfed on the street somewhere along here. I tried to locate the exact spot so I could get someone to take a picture of me standing in it, but apparently no one had the foresight to mark it with a plaque.)

Months before the premiere, I was part of a small group of people who were all planning on going and we thought it would be nice to all get together for drinks Saturday night. Somehow (awesomely) our little get-together turned into a pretty cool cocktail party that included TONS of amazing fans, studio execs, actors, and even Sara Gruen. I got to meet a lot of really great people in the half hour that I was at the bar before we hauled ass outside to get in line for wristbands.

People started lining up at around 6:15. I spent the first two hours of The Great Wristband Line of 2011 in dress pants, flats with no socks, no coat, and a sweater/wrap thing that cost more than I’m willing to admit publicly. Good times. Anyway, this story could go on for hours. Believe me, the night did. It rained the entire 16 hours we were in line. Ponchos, umbrellas, vinyl shower curtains, and screaming at the heavens had NOTHING on the deluge that fell out of the NYC sky that night. I have never been so cold and so wet (shutup) in my life. Fox, God bless ‘em, brought us pizza and kept us updated on plans as best they could.

Sara Gruen came out several times and signed books—she was under a Twilight umbrella and couldn’t have been nicer or more sincere. As the sun started to come up, they brought us coffee and doughnuts and kept telling us to hang in there. At around 9:00, some bigwig execs came out with wristbands, but they weren’t numbered. We told them that they HAD to number them or there would be a riot. They listened to us and came back a few minutes later with numbered wristbands. I was number 27. We crawled back to the room and got about two hours sleep before we had to get back outside for the red carpet.

We stood in the pen across from the red carpet and theater for about two hours before someone from Fox told us that Rob had arrived and was down at the other end of the line working his way towards us. We didn’t even realize he was there because people weren’t acting insane and screaming like lunatics, which was pretty cool. Everyone seemed to be completely respectful of him, and when he got to me I could see why.

For all the shit talking we do about humping his face and other nonsense like that, when you’re face to face with him, you really can’t help but be in awe. He’s just so humble and so sweet. He took his time with each and every person standing in line (to the point where he didn’t even make it through the entire line of press because he ran out of time). And let me tell you, pictures do not do the man justice. It’s sort of creepy how beautiful he is. It could have been the fact that I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, but I swear to god he sparkled in the sunlight.

**Latchkey Wife has flat lined.**

Reese came along right behind him and she was really, really nice too. She actually stopped and talked to us for a few minutes about where we came from and how great the movie was.

It was a pretty fucking amazing experience. We were hoping to get in to see the movie, but the theater was full and the people at Fox just couldn’t pull it off. I was honestly ok with that, considering I hadn’t slept or eaten anything in two days. We headed out to Times Square and grabbed something to eat, I got kisses from a carriage horse (it doesn’t take much to make me happy) and we all crashed again for a few hours. I had planned to go to the Today Show Monday morning, but was just too wiped out.

It took me about a week to recover from the whole thing. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life, but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. This sounds really weird, but I’m so proud of myself for pulling it off. Months ago when I started planning the trip I made a promise to myself that come hell or high water I was going to meet Rob, and I fucking did it! Out of all the millions of fans in the world, I was number 27 in line. And not only that, but I got the chance to meet so many amazing women who I would consider to be some of my best friends. Plus (and this is the most amazing thing) I didn’t throw up, burp, pass out, or fart on Rob. Mission. Fucking. Accomplished.

Now on to Forks 2011!!! *packs heavy duty raincoat*


  1. FUCK MY LIFE, there were only 66 people between us and we didn't get facetime? That's BULLSHIT.

    We MUST, MUST, reunite in FORKS and have a special "WFE Red Carpet VIP" hookup.

    Because we fucking rule.


  2. Gah!!! So happy for you, such an awesome experience. Lol bummed no one thought to put a plaque in Rob's puke as well. I've fallen in puke before (wasn't mine) and had it been Rob's, I would have been so much happier!

    Glad you had an amazing time and thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!


  3. One word: Amazingfuckballs! Okay, three words put together. I'm insanely jealous of all you ladies that braved the weather just to see Rob in person. I wouldn't have the balls to do it...maybe.

    *Stomps foot* wish celebs came to Vegas so I can stalk them. Oh wait, they crappy packed clubs infested with STD's.

    Oh, and AWESOME tattoo!

  4. Awesome post..lived through some of it..glad you stuck it out for all of us..Can't wait to reunite in Forks for face to face time..My next Rob event will be total epicness..I will be prepared..Cosmopolis?? Bel Ami?? I'm in..all the way.. I heart you..

  5. Go Donner, go! You're my Prettah stalking hero and I wanna rub my bewbies on yer bum so I can get some Rob on 'em (and cuz I like to rub my b00bs on stuff).

    Twitarded Gals, thanks for all the guest blows and WFE posts...I need to live vicariously through these posts!

    Squirrelling the pennies away for Forks!

  6. Dearest Donner, pleaze make time while we r in FFFOOORRRKKKSSS to tell me every tiny detail of meeting Rob so I can revel in your awesome luck!!! I wish I could have gone, maybe next time.

  7. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you! You got some great pics. My Gawd, he is BEAUTIFUL. *sigh*

  8. @Donnersun--I love you. That is all.

    @Jaymes805--That was my puke. Both times.

  9. Even though I got a verbal preview I loved your funny, classy narrative of this epic event. I admit I probably would have been camped in the bar with the lesser ambitious Twitardia members, but I'm soooo proud of you. And jealous. Unspeakably jealous. I would ask if I could touch your bum where you sat in Rob's booth, but since we're rooming in Forks I'll probably enjoy more contact than is legal in 32 states. *mwah*

  10. Donnersun- YOU ROCK. So awesome!!! Loved your re-cap. It's so fun to read about everyones experience. Totally die when I saw you got a pick of the "tongue porn!!!" aren't the first to say the crowd stayed calm. So cool! At the NM premiere, everyone went nuts screaming bloody murder. No wonder they whisked him away so fast. Thank gawd for Kimmel.

    PS You're a great writer. Twitarded should let you and @MamaCougar guest post more often!!

    xo J

  11. Wow, totally jealous! That boy is just too good looking to be legal! All I'm saying is that KStew best know what she got!

    I just keeping saying "Luckyyyy" in my head like Napoleon Dynamite. Haha!

  12. ok so that is amazing!

    Laides i SOOOO want to be apart of this group. Don't get me wrong i love my daughter to death but i had her when i was 22 and she took my fucking life away! I need a new and exciting one and living through yours vicariously is just not cutting it anymore!

    I am guessing Forks 2011 will be in November right? of course, it will, why? because that is when i am marrying the father of that "little blessing" that was brought into my life three years ago.

  13. Thanks, guys! It was a blast. And I promise to let each and every one of you rub my bum in Forks. Except for Suz because she has cooties.

  14. Amazing adventure. Thanks for sharing with those of us who live farther away & don't have the nerve to go on a Rob Outing,

  15. Awesome recap! So you told yourself 'come hell or high water' LOL Sounds like you got the water but pure heaven with being that close to Rob!

    That Rob tongue picture...Mmmmmm. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  16. I just love seeing the pics that you gals all took! Thanks for sharing!! :-D

  17. Donnersun - You have such a great way of telling a story! It was so cool reading about your experience and absolutely love your pictures!! Thanks for posting :)

  18. If I took a pic of Rob sticking out his tongue with my very own camera, I would definitely flatline along with Latchkey Wife!

    Thanks for sharing, Donnersun!

    Still kicking myself for wussing the fuck out - lol...

  19. That last picture of Rob... dead. He's sofa king adorable!!

    I so wish I could have been there with all you awesome ladies. Instead, I was having altercations in an elevator lobby with some dipshit who was wearing his crooked.

    Such a sad panda...

  20. I want it noted that my hair is visible in the corner of that last Rob pic! lol

    It had not occurred to me until you said it just how ironic it was that we decided to skip Central Park to avoid being drenched and cold. It would have been good practice for later in the night.

    While meeting Rob was definitely the ultimate goal and a fantastic win, the group of women we met was absolutely fantastic. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

    But next time...I can't believe I'm saying this...I want him to not get quite so close so I can get a better pic! LOL And I'll look at his face while he signs for me instead of watching his hand.

  21. OMG. Just OMG.

    Just realized that I was holding my breath for that entire read.

    Thanks for nearly killing me. ;)

  22. The tongue! The tongue!

    Thanks for sharing my lady friend.


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