Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Robsten vs. Nonsten - The Debate Rages On

Warning - this post contains pap pictures/videos. And not the OB/GYN "pap" either.

If there is one thing in the Twi-mmunity that seems to polarize the fans, it's this whole Robsten vs. Nonsten nonsense. Much time, debate and mud-slinging has been devoted toward the topic of whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are, in fact, making whoopie.

I've never particularly cared to weigh in on this argument because... well, I just haven't. It's not a major concern of mine whether or not RPattz's possibly hot throbbing member has been inside KStew's cock pocket. As long as the kids are happy doing whatever the fuck it is they're doing, I'm all good.

I do find it amusing just how... excited people get over this issue. When a certain grainy photo of the couple smooching surfaced, I headed straight to the interwebs to see what people are saying.

Oh. Fucking. Snap.



I'll leave it up to you to guess which group said what.

Admittedly, most of the fans who were completely worked up over this (mainly the ones who were plotting KStew's death for stealing their future boyfriend) are of an age where menstruation is still new and exciting, rather than a majorly obnoxious way for your body to confirm that you are not pregnant while ruining your nice pair of power panties simultaneously. I can forgive them their fervor, because they're young. Of course, I still want to make fun of them. My restraint is tenuous, at best.

At the end of the day, I assumed these grainy, somewhat creepy snapshots would be proof enough for any Nonsten to realize that perhaps they were on the wrong side of right but I was mistaken. This really shouldn't be surprising, I guess. After all, there are still people who insist the Earth is flat and the Holocaust never happened.

Kristen - Do I have spinach in my teeth?
Rob - I dunno, let me lean in for a closer look... oh no! Some fucking paparazzi took our picture!!
Kristen - Dammit! I hope he doesn't print a picture of me with spinach in my teeth. Can't imagine anything worse than that coming out of this...

Uh huh. That's what actually happened. Fuck that kissing shit. KStew had some dinner stuck between her chompers.

Speaking of KStew and chompers (okay this is the worst segue EVER), a video from that night also showed something else of Kristen's. Her pants. As in, she clearly wears them in the relationship.

Awww, aren't they cute. I love the fact that KStew can't seem to make it through an entire evening in a pair of heels. At least we have something in common, she and I. Besides our love of RPattz, natch.

Do I think they are together? Yes. I imagine they've been together for quite awhile. Do I care if people disagree with me? Nope. That's the one thing about opinions. Everyone's got one...

What's yours?


  1. Awwwww! They look so happy! Good for them!!!

    Exciting day in the Fandom... peeps are sh!tting kittens over the pics of Jashley at the Vancouver airport, too. Funny!!

  2. Together?? It seems that way to me..But I really don't care either way, I love KStew, but do I think she's the right person for ROB...NO..I am. She looks to totally diss him in that semi kiss, and tries to hide under her hair...really's not you that I'M trying to look at..but whatever, love her, love him, don't care..that's my opinion. Oh and let's not forget...Rob could probably have any woman he wanted

  3. Let's face it, these kids have been happily bumping pretties since the Twilight Vanity Fair shoot. Whatever puts a smile on their faces works for me. I love them both and hope they're happy and boning for many years to come!

    Not sure that was a "kiss diss", I think it was more a "dude...seriously? I thought we were saving this shit for the MTV Awards when you're going to thrust your tongue down my throat in front of millions of fans while simultaneously giving the Nons a 3rd finger salute? YOU'RE FUCKING WITH OUR PLAN, ASSHOLE." kinda deal.


  4. Great post JJ! The way I look at it is Rob is going to be dating someone (and sorry h00rs it isn't going to be one of us in the fandom) so why shouldn't it be Kristen? Sure she is sort of twitchy and akward, but do we really want him to end up with a vapid twatwaffle? I actually think they are good for each other.

    WV: hypnes - this just seems appropriate for a robs ten post.

  5. I don't know why, but when I see them together like that, it leaves a smile on my face. And that Vanity Fair shoot was nothing but foreplay.

  6. JapanPeen was getting it, js.

  7. @Double_Dippin

    And Kristen could have PLENTY of different guys.

    Also he's smiling after she pulls away, he doesn't seem bothered. The fact that you and a bunch of other women would maul him probably gets old. She's a challenge, so she got him. Not hard to figure out.

  8. As usual, I'm in the "what's going on?" camp. I think they are together, but I don't care one way or another. I just need them to keep looking pretty.

  9. Great post. Only thing that I don't find true is the age thing for the "nonstens". A lot of them are women who should know better than to hate for no reason.

    As for Rpattz and Kstew? He's a little fem and she's a bit butch and it works. Pretty clear to me that they are a great fit.

  10. I'm just happy someone is getting some from Rob. That boy is just too damn sexy schmexy to go untouched.

  11. Love Kristen... self-conscious, twitchy tics and all. Think she's fascinating and completely unique. Love Rob...well, duh. No explanation needed. Love them even more together, which I believe they have been since at least the end of the New Moon shoot, possibly before. And like mel in the atl said, if it's not gonna be one of us, I want it to be Kristen. I can't explain why I get so giddy seeing these two together, but I do. Why their touches and eye-fucking make me weak at the knees and dizzy, but they do. I've given up trying to fight it, and have embraced my inner Robsten-shipper!

  12. Don't care either way. Aagh, I remember the days of early 20 year old romancing ; 0 The old heart beating, the moisture in the knickers, the holding of hands, the smooching of tongues, grinding on the sofa.....phew.

    They look good together and maybe things will get better as they move further away from the Twilight Saga death grip.

  13. God love them both! They're both awkward and beautiful and not comfortable speaking in public and sexy as hell, without even realizing it. They're fucking perfect for each other and I hope they're having some really mind-blowing sex. Ah, to be that young again!!! I wish I were.

  14. Of course they're a couple & I'm happy for them. And yeah, the dress & sneakers, that would be me by the end of the night! I avoid wearing heels like the plague.

  15. Ok, maybe I'm weird but what I want to know is what did Rob do to that homeless guy that was on the corner? Did he shake his hand, pat his shoulder, what? How odd..and nice? Or am I just focusing on the non important here? Lmao, it wouldn't be the first time!

  16. I don't give a crapsten.
    I just_like seeing Rob and Kristen smiling and happy. Together, apart, whatever :)

  17. I read it from one nonsten that even if R/K did confirm a relationship or there was proof - they would still be a nonsten.

    It's not that they don't believe, and they can say they don't believe for years and years - deep down they do. But they'll just create a load of hate up because they want Rob single or with some other female.


  18. I don't understand these psycho chicks who wants Kristen's head on a pike because she (may or not be) banging Rob. New alert ladies: He isn't going to date you... ever.

    Get over it and accept the fact that your probably going to end up dating some bland, fatass nerd who once spent the entire weekend pl... wait, I just described my ex and most of the morons I find myself stuck with. Shit, if this is the type of guy I'm going to be stuck dating for life, then I don't want to live anymore.

  19. I. love. them... as you all already know from my explosion of exclamation marks on Twitter when these pictures were published. They are so freaking cute together, and they both look so happy. Love her, love him, love them together. Team Robsten!

  20. @Jen - it's true that Crazy comes in all ages. I'm sure there are women who are totally freaking about it alongside the teeny-boppers.

    As usual, I'm kind of surprised that an army of Nonstens have not stormed the comments on this post. I guess they know better...

  21. Doesn't effect my life one way or the other. He's still on my laminated list whether he's with KStew or not. LOL! :-)

  22. JJ: I was actually surprised at the lack of kids/teens at the WFE premier it seemed to be basically 20-50 yr olds..I mean some kids, but not many..Maybe because we all want to be in their shoes.
    @Laxpalys put it together nicely..young love, bangin like rabbits (with the pretay of course) and just the thought of it brings us to our knees..ot the thought of Rob and Kristen doing the nasty..I hope they have a looooong and happy life together..

  23. @JJ - I love how people are all afraid to have an opinion on Rob and Stewie like you say ;) People are pussies ;) R & K are pretty, young, people who look good together. Amen.

    AS for the video. I said this before, but... Everyone *does* notice that they don't even really kiss, right? That Kstew turns away with the expression: "OH MY god rob there are like 100 camera here, geez!"

  24. ohai, you went there! brave of you, girls <3

    My opinion is... I dislike bad vibes. That's all. Envy people wanting to have what she has. Envy people wanting to have what they have together. Angry people being hateful to the people of these first two groups.

    Believe? Don't believe? Who cares? It should be like religion. You have yours. You don't? Good for you. I have mine. And (try to) respect everybody.

    For me, they're obviously together and it's been a couple happy *cough*fullofsexytimes*cough* years by now.

    OH, MY GOD, SOMEONE DISAGREES??? who. cares? -___-

    Well, no one needs to agree with me. I just love The Beatles. And I sing Let it Be.

    All. the. time.

    (and pray for the sextape, of course. because I'm a bad fan like that)

    Sorry for rambling. Mk. Bye, girls <3

  25. After seeing the video I believe that was a none kiss. I would love for them to be together and I can't wait to get actual proof ;-)

  26. lol Oh seriously, are you thinking they are not a couple or is it a wind up!!!!!!!!

  27. I just wish people would let them live their lives. Whether they are or aren't isn't really any of our F'kin business and now they are starting on Jackson and Ashley just because they were out and about in Vancouver. Let them Be please and go live your own life. But they are cute together...just saying.;-)

  28. JJ: the majority of the haters are not teens or tweens...they're grown women. That's very scary to me because they're probably raising their children to hate too. Rob and Kristen are together and I'm happy for them!

  29. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here is mine: They are together and they are adorable together. At the end of the day, neither Rob nor Kristen gives a flying f*ck what fans (or anyone else) think of their relationship (rightfully so). I like how they strive to keep their personal lives as private as they possibly can.

  30. My only problem is her Converse sneakers. I don't care how much the heels bother you. Find a BETTER pair of flat shoes.

  31. They are adorable. I am so happy they are happy. I wish they could bottle up their happy and sell it to us....or clone themselves...Okay just a clone of Rob would work for me. I need help. :P

  32. Whatevs. Do I think they're fucking? Yes. Do I think they say "I love you" at the end of a phone convo? No. They're just two young kids who blew up on the scene at the same time for the same reason. That's a serious connection. Might as well bump pretties (can't bump uglies if you ain't got none!)

    And really, I don't fucking care if he's with her or without her. I just fucking love him in that Fifty-worthy suit, and her rocking the Converse sneaks.

    @Elle c'mon, bb! Can you honestly see Kristen in anything more laid back than all-stars?!

  33. Those photos made me so happy. I wish them a long , happy, healthy life together!

  34. It really doesnt matter to me if they are or if they aren't. Im tired of seeing it in magazines and on the web. The "kiss" wasnt a kiss but whatever sells the mag or get you hits in the website. The press is shameless. Do you ever long for the days of the studio controled stories like in the 50's.

    I mean celebs lives are somewhat more exciting then the average person life but its not all press worthy.

  35. My concern with all the are they aren't they is that the papz won't leave them alone because of all the spectulation. I just want to see them happy, especially Rob. If Kristen makes Rob happy then that makes me happy.

  36. Somebody from ADF posted a link to your website by mistake. I read your post on Rob and Kristen and it made me laugh out loud all the way. Some mistakes on God sent.



  37. These "people" do not have too like KS because Rob is with her, but they DO have too respect him enough and stop making up LIES and disgusting stories about KS his girlfriend.

    All this BS because they are deluded and have a fantasy that Rob will one day knock at there door. Its sad too watch, and as a side line fan I can tell you, Its SCARY the lengths of there lies and the hate they have for a 21 year old girl.

  38. Lol, what an epic post. Ok no hate here ladies, but I'm going with the spinich in her teeth theory. *Grins*
    Hey I'm quite happy in my delusions & Jael I really hope in the end I don't land up with a lardass nerd :)
    But then I guess if my "reality" is totally shattered I can always move on to Jackson or Ian Somerhalder (who would be slightly more age appropriate I guess.)
    So the next time you hear of any of them coming to visit a pokey little island in the middle of no-where you know it's for me, hehehe

  39. Let me just say that I did a very long Happy Snoopy Dance when the pics and video came out. How Nonstens can watch that and think they're not together is beyond me.

    My biggest regret about the trip to NYC for the premiere? That I was across the street in my hotel packing up to get in line at 2 am for Regis and Kelly instead of waiting for them to come out of the theater. The hand holding would have been epic to witness firsthand.

    Yes, I'm a card-carrying member of the "I give a crapsten" fan club, but most of you knew that already ;)


    PS: I wonder which security guard got their ass fired for not keeping the homeless dude from reaching out for Kristen. I love the Rob sees him first and extends his arm out to protect her. *sigh*

  40. they're together. Kristen wanted him the minute they were on Catherine Hardwick's bed auditioning.

    why that girl doesn't swing her leg over him and lick her lips with a huge smile for the camera is beyond me. that's what I would do in her situation :)

  41. Great post! Excellent :D They're so sweet together, and he looks like a man who's very happy and very much in love, and she's just bashful (there's papz all around!!).

  42. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, JAEL? Robert Pattinson doesn't want to date me? I thought he'd be standing in line to date a 55 year old women. I'm crushed that he won't be leaving messages on my answering machine, texting & tweeting me at all hours of the night and day, following me on Facebook, begging me to drop everything and join him on a movie set or waiting on my doorstep when I get to my midwest home when I get home from my 9-5 office job? What's a "cougar" like me supposed to do? Seriously funny description of your ex, Jael -- Loved it! :-) P.S. Went to see WFE this evening -- seriously enjoyed it and will definitely go see it again. Highly recommend all my fellow Twitards go too! Happy Easter!

  43. Their totally together. You don't travel all around the world, jet setting to exotic, far off land's just to be with a friend for a few days at a time. Their totally rocking those frequent flyer's miles to get some fine co-star ass. I would.


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