Sunday, April 3, 2011

Water For Elephants-a-Palooza: Videos and Photos

It's almost heeeeeere! Only 14 days until the premiere of Water For Elephants in NYC... and 19 days until its nationwide release on April 22. This weekend there has been a virtual buffet of interviews and photos and loads of stuff on this movie, causing multiple panty changes and constant drool mop up.

While I'm sure you've all been right on top of every bit of news and information that is coming out on an hourly basis, I thought we could post a few things here at Twitarded.

I totally want to make out with Reese...and Rob too...maybe both at the same time.

What is it about a dirty, tanned Robert Pattinson that makes my vagina do gymnastics?

And oh how I love his carefree wardrobe style...I'm almost 100% positive this boy has never operated an iron in his life.

Ok Rob... if you hold out your, ahem, trunk like that, I'll hold onto it for you. And maybe do some other stuff to it too. Especially if you look at me like that.

I'm missing the stubble big time...I'm hoping for its return on Sunday night.

Huh, kinda looks like someone's up for a roll in the hay. ::raises hand:: Pick me, pick me! (And I'm not talking to the pachyderm.)

Uh, I've got nothing... except I have the urge to lick his wounds.

If you've missed the video that was released yesterday with the 8 new clips from the movie... click HERE! MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU'RE TRYING TO STAY PURE! (YouTube won't let me embed the video...fuckers.)

And don't forget, RPattz and Reese are presenting tonight at the Country Music Awards. I despise country music but I'm totally taping this shit just for a glimpse. Fuck me, this man pwns my fucking ass...and vagina.

SOURCE: All videos and pictures borrowed from Robsessed. Check them out for tons of screencaps and other good stuff.


  1. Thanks for posting all this!
    I was just looking at pics that have been posted on twitter etc, is it just me or does Rob look exhausted?!? I am sure the night shoots for BD aren't helping matters either.

    Can't wait until this film comes out, European premiere isn't until May tho! :-(

  2. Okay. Yes, I'm very excited about WFE. BUT, WHERE is Twitarded on this week, of all weeks, re: the LEAKED BREAKING DAWN SEX PHOTOS???? Ladies, are you AWAKE? Helloooooo, anybody home?

    Here's how Random Acts of Rob handled it, as far as actually posting the pics was verboten (this is inspired, by the way) - check it out:

  3. Thanks for the roundup.

    I've been GLUED to Robsessed tonight and soaked up all the Robp0rn. The girls at Robsessed deserve a massive HUG from all of Twitardia for being so fast with updating and keeping us all informed.

    Rob is looking so good right now, and the pics with Tai - adorkable!

    I can't wait until May when this movie is released in NZ.

  4. Two weeks until I get to see Twitards!!!

    I actually didn't get to watch and listen to everything this weekend so thanks for posting here so I can come back and catch up.

    I did watch the country awards though - and I would have even if Rob weren't going to be there but he was a bonus. I though they were cute and it made me laugh and smile.

    I think Rob looks like Edward in the elephant pics - blue top and beige pants remind me of an Edward outfit. Just my thoughts.

  5. Does anyone else wonder why, with all the questions fans come up with, we get stuck with a bunch of interviewers asking all the same questions?

    There is rarely an original question in the bunch. So while I will watch each and every interview because duh, it's Rob, it does get tedious.

    I feel for Reese and Rob, how many times do they have to answer the mother son question?!

    I would pay to watch an interview with you girls!

  6. I really can't wait for this movie to come out. Definitely looking forward to RPattz in a pair of suspenders playing with his elephant...

  7. Mmmmmmmmm CircusPattz. Can.not.wait.


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