Monday, April 18, 2011

WFE Premiere: We Came, We Saw...And We Came Again!

I'm afraid Snarkier Than You may have led you astray last night with her introductory post to the whole craziness that occurred this past weekend in NYC. For the record, I did not even come close to touching Robert Pattinson. Well, at least not for reals. I touch him every day in my head... in inappropriate places. And seriously STY, I wouldn't be just sitting in Rob's lap in his limo... I'd be straddling that handsome mutherfucker in a very non-I-just-wanna-be-your-friend grindy-type way.

Yup, that's me and Snarkier Than You. I think Rob would love me. Don't you? I mean I seem completely normal, right? RIGHT!??

As you learned in last night's post, we did stand in line on Saturday night for wristbands to Sunday's "Special VIP Red Carpet Viewing Area." However, we bailed out in less than three hours. I'm not proud of myself, but I'll just come right out and say it. I pussied out. Hard. My official Maine citizenship could be revoked if the natives find out what a wimp I became after less than 24 hours in New York City. I mean, shit--Mainers go camping in the winter! There's three feet of snow on the ground and it's twenty below? Quit your whining and pitch that tent! Anyone out-of-state have a spare bedroom for me and Mr. Latchkey?

But I digress...

So Sunday morning I woke up with a festering case of regret. My original plan had been to get up at 5am and go get in line. Instead, I got up at 8am and lounged in bed reading Twitter. If I had gotten my lazy ass out of bed, I would have gotten a wristband. And then I read that there was a possibility that the wristband crew might get to see the movie. Wha-wha-WHAAAAAAT???? Ask Double_Dippin... My profane outburst probably shook the walls of whatever five-star hotel Rob & Kristen were shacked up in at the time. I seriously almost cried. I screwed up royally. It nearly ruined my whole weekend.

But ultimately no worries... I'm nothing if not resourceful and a new plan was forming. Double_Dippin, Laxplays, and I agreed to meet at the Hilton (next door to the theater) at 2pm to stake our claim for some prime red carpet viewing real estate. (Well, as prime as we could get with no wristband.) We even found some nice short girls to stand in back of (shut up, yes there ARE some people even shorter than us!). Little did we know they were going to climb up on the barricade every chance they got, leaving us blind to what was going on down front. Bitches. Lucky they didn't end up in a freezer somewhere - they got a reprieve without even knowing it.

Enter Mr. Laxplays with three footstools and the three stooges grew a foot in height that night. We were on top of the world! Mr. Laxplays is my hero.

Double_Dippin, Laxplays and me. Yes, I'm holding on to her for dear life. My feet were asleep.

Oh MA GAWD! We were so essited, I think we all nearly fell off our stools a time or ten.

I'm not sure our smiles could have gotten any bigger -- unless Rob gave us each a piggy back ride down the red carpet!
(Photo by @17foreverlisa)

But we weren't done yet. Laxplays might be a fucking genius. Always thinking, that one. Since we were waaaaaaay out back... far from the front lines of the fans... completely out of reach of the Preh-tay (probably lucky for him - I get real handsy in the presence of hot men), we were in need of a prop. Enter Ellie....

I'm not sure how much this elephant cost, but it was the second best investment of the weekend!
(Photo by @double_dippin)

It's because of this inflatable elephant (which, btw, you don't want to know where the inflating valve was located. *cough*laxplaysblewanelephant*cough*) we were seen all over the live feeds and in tons of the photos of Rob and Reese. At one point, I'm pretty sure about 20 people @ me on Twitter saying they saw us!

Can you spot us? It's like a "Where's the Twitard?" game.

And that was just the beginning! When Rob showed up (maybe even a little early), the crowd's energy changed dramatically. We went from fun-loving and calm, to manic - frantically waving cameras, posters and other items for autographs. We waved the elephant. At times it was hard to see him through the sea of cameras. PS: I am the suckiest photographer EVER so none of these photos are mine, since they are all blurry. What can I say? I was shaking with excitement!

I love this one... gives you sense of the crowd in front of us. He was so smiley! Maybe because we were less scream-y than other crowds.
(Photo by @double_dippin)

It's probably a good thing I wasn't in the front row. Not sure Rob would have appreciated me licking his face. Sometimes I just have no control over my actions.
(Photo by @laxplays)

There were times I just put my camera down and watched. In awe. Drooling on myself.
(Photo by @laxplays)

I know this sounds really corny, but this man does lit'rally sparkle!
(Photo by @laxplays)

Every time the hand went to the hair, I died just a little more. I'm surprised I'm still even here to tell my story.
(Photo by @laxplays)

Reese is absolutely stunning. I want to be her. Or her best friend.
(Photo by @laxplays)

So fucking cute together - I can't even stand it.
(Photo by @laxplays)

Her dress was magnificent. So was he. The only thing that would have made him better was a little more stubble.
(Photo by @laxplays)

And I have to add in some actual "red carpet" photos - there are soooo many great ones over at Thinking of Rob - here are a few.

So handsome in charcoal gray. I'm always impressed how well he wears a suit. I bet it comes off nicely too. Hey! Who's that over his left shoulder way up back?

Rob: Hey, do you see that elephant over there in the crowd?
Reese: I wonder who those amazing women are? I want to meet them.
Rob: I want to do more than just meet them. I wonder what hotel they're staying at?

I can't take my eyes off that inflatable elephant. I want it badly.

A very hard working duo, obviously very tired of smiling. Reese looks like it might hurt her to smile now.

And just in case you missed Josh Horowitz's interview, here it is again... and look who's being a bunch of crazy arses way back across the street!

I can't forget to give props to the crew that endured that horrific weather for 16 hours to get their wristbands. It rained sideways Saturday night. Mama Cougar and Donnersun and their groups - you guys are my fucking heroes. I bow down to your greatness (and stamina!). I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am for you all that you got your up-close-and-personal moment with Rob. Bravo! xoxo

What an aMAZing weekend! The only missing pieces were more of my bloggy partners in crime. I so wish you ALL could've been standing on stools right there with us. Although we probably would have needed an actual ladder for JJ!!


  1. What a weekend, altho I missed out on meeting a lot of people because I was one of the crazy line warriors I got my wristband and it was amazing!! Btw, the fourth pic of Rob there is a blonde head with a gray sweatshirted arm holding a rolled poster for him to sign, which he did *swoon* that's me :)

    Loved getting to meet everyone I did and being a part of this crazy experience with some of the most amazing women I've ever met!! #WFE

  2. ok seriously, how the hell does he make touching his hair look so sexy?! The way he does that push it back from the front and then a little scratch of the neck thing?! (Has anyone else noticed he does that all the time?!) KILLS ME DED...he's so handsome. my good LORD he's handsome. ugh. he's getting better with age.
    I'm so friggen jealous of you guys being in the States! (We Australians have a MUCH lower chance of ever seeing him in person *sob*)

  3. Thanks so much for posting your pics from yesterday! You ladies did Twitarded proud. I'll be watching the vids again just so I can play "Where is Twitarded?"

  4. I think my favorite photo is the foot stools. That should've been what they let baby Taylor stand on to film.

    What an unbelievable experience for you ladies to all share together!

  5. LKW you are fuckawesome! Great post...almost felt like being there except that I didnt' get rained guys did great work and I'm sooooo jealous. Twitarded rules and as for Ellie....I hope she has a special place now she's a star! Hey, did anyone actually see the movie or is that irrelevant? Just wonderin'...can't wait to go this weekend. Reese's costumes look gorgeous and a couple hours in the dark with well spent!

  6. awesome post! Amazing weekend! I so wish I could have been there, but I lived vicariously through everyone's tweets and pics! And LKW, I jumped up and down every time I saw you on the MTV stream which was every time they scanned the crowd! That was so wicked cool! I know you girls had the best time. :)

  7. LOVE you and all the pics! Love everyone who took them & everyone in them...

    More on my Day #2 fail tomorrow, peeps - like it or not!

    : )

  8. Don't feel bad about wimping out. At least you were THERE! Lucky!

    Start planning next premier. Maybe Cosmopolis will be in NYC in the summer.

    Nice pics and love the stools! I think Rob and Reese REALLY were talkin about you.

  9. OMG!!! Rob is coming to Sydney on May 6 for the premier and stupid me bought tickets to watch the live cross and movie a few blocks away not realising we could buy tix to the State Theatre session - thought it was celebs only :( No worries will drag my gf's to the frontline and hopefully catch a glimpse! *Prays* Please let it happen..

  10. I have said it a zillion times and I'll say it a zillion more, I am sooo effing stoked you & some of my other besties got the chance to see HIM in person. He's an engima. He's just...ahhhhh in person!

    Couldn't wait for this post!

    Love you!

    w/v "husident" Watch out for LKW, she'll give you a hussy-dent ;)

    xo J

  11. I have to say it was one of my most enjoyable wedding anniversary weekends ever!!

    Mr Laxplays did us all proud. He put up with our demands, left us to stand in the wristband line whilst he finished our drinks at the bar on Saturday night, deposited me at the Hilton on Sunday and then wandered off to spend his anniversary weekend alone, contemplating whether all marriages are the same as his ; 0

    And then to finish off his weekend, as LKW mentioned, a frantic text was sent requesting stools and he appeared with them an hour later. Wow, what a difference that made to the troops morale.

    I had a great time catching up with Forks peeps and would do it all again a second. You know who you all are, and I thank you.

    p.s. I will not mention Mr Laxplays sudden stalker enthusiasm involving a taxi, chinatown and iPhones.

  12. My favorite Twitarded moments of the premiere night:

    1) Walking down the street to hear "Danger, Danger"!! It was laxplays calling out to me... from her stool.

    2) Being the official stool catcher... no that isn't right... being the office catcher of the people on the stools if they should fall off.

    3) Ellie the elephant and me making laxplays, latchkeywife and doubledippin laugh when laxplays was holding Ellie between her legs and I asked "is that an elephant between your legs or are you just happy to see me?"

    4) DoubleDippin giving me a chance on the stool to see Reese - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    5) Mr. laxplays!!!

    6) Meeting Robzsinger, KassieCullen, and BellaTesoro! Thank you for letting us hang with you. So much fun at Times Square and Central Park!

    7) Meeting donnersun, stephanieS74 and a host of others if even for a moment.

    8) Seeing Rob with other Twitards - it made it even more special.

    9) Last and not least at all - my travel buddy LivingWEdward!! She was too much fun and I can't wait until our next trip (I just hope you don't get sick the next time - feel better soon).

    10) Everything!

  13. So glad you all had awesome fun! I LUV the elephant. You all should get the Twitard Medal of Honor.

    I keep denying I have a Rob craving. But it was great to see THE HAIR back and in full hand-messy mode on Today and Regis.

    Maybe I'll go watch Remember Me on shwotime on-demand...

    WV: shmerri. The ladies had a very shmerri time in NYC.

  14. You darling girls--thanks a million times for going on the barricades for us. And thanks to LKW for writing about it right away, when we were so hungry to hear.

    The true thrill of a lifetime it must have been...and you breathed the same air as the Precious. I could faint just thinking about it.

    But it takes a lot out of you: the tension of such anticipation and the jockeying for position, etc. Yet you all not only did just that, you lived to tell the tale to the rest of us. You are like soldiers.

    Most moving of all though is to read LKW's account and notice that even a hard core like her melted under the spell of the real Rob. Any of you could have yelled "blow job" or whatever, to get his attention. But such was the magic, the sparkle, that ultimately you became your most feminine selves.

    No fuckery even in the writing of the post, really. That says more to me about the power of his appeal than anything anyway ever has. Your gift to us. thanks forever.

    (some Google fail swallowed my first post, but if it turns up, apologies for the semi-duplication.)

  15. Thank you for posting this as quickly as you did. I think what always amazes me is that Rob photographs so beautifully professionally and amature. What was it like to see him in real life instead of a computer screen? I pretty positive I'd loose all brain function and babble like a fool.

  16. Oh looks like you all had so much fun. I so wish I could have been there. I could have put LKW on my shoulders or something. Love you ladies!!!!

  17. OH MY GAWD!!! You were soooo close to HIM! I'm jealous forever.. =D

  18. IDK, I'm totally speechless. I've been following everyone's tweets, and I couldn't believe how close Mama Cougar and 17ForeverLisa were to Rob. I lived vicariously through all that.

    I can't wait to see the movie.

  19. Wonderful!

    Well jealous, but very proud of you and of all the other NYC-WFEers for representing Twitardia so well.

    Can't wait to hear more! xxxx

  20. Yay!!!!

    I keep seeing the elephant!

    Great account ladies .... and he is wonderful close up ... far away .... on his own .... with his co-stars.

    EVERY WAY in fact!

    Sooo glad you had fun :)


  21. And again from my gmail!

    So much more to come - another 5 premieres?


  22. Oh man! I soooo wish I could've been there!

  23. What a fantastic, memorable weekend..One of my top 5's for sure.. Oh yes Mrs. Latchkey almost... no not almost because I was in the bathroom when I heard the " FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!! FUCK, FUCK FUCKIN FUCK" and ran out the bathroom like a banshee to see what the matter was..I almost ran for the door..but all was right in the world, we ended up having a fantastic time... we had our super hero on duty Mr. laxplay's who was indeed out hero and knight in shining armor(I'm sure Lax was blowin more than Ellie this weekend, that's for sure.)Had a fantastic time with everyone..And Rob truly does Sparkle..I had binoculars and so got a very up close view..I think tha's why I didn't take that many photo's..Couldn't take my eyes away from him..So glad and thankful to have been a part of such a fantastic weekend.. So great to see some of our Forks bud's again..Love them all so much..NYC rocks.. Awesome post LKW...hard love for you bb.

  24. Watching you all on the internet was all sorts of awesomeness and I lived vicariously all weekend via Twitter with you! I am so excited for you all, and I peed my pants when I saw Mama Cougar's pics. I am green with envy but in a good way...really! He really is the most beautiful person alive.

  25. It was a weekend I won't soon forget. I only wish I could have gotten at least one of my grubby little hands on that man! Oh and a little sniff would've been nice too... oh well, that's what I get for being a wussy.

    @laxplays: "p.s. I will not mention Mr Laxplays sudden stalker enthusiasm involving a taxi, chinatown and iPhones." -- he really did get caught up in the excitement at the end there, didn't he?! It would have been epic had we been successful.

    Can't WAIT to see his video.

  26. Hi Ladies,
    I was there. I did the whole line thing and I am still trying to recover. After spending all that time in line, I was smushed and pushed by some people that jumped over the barricades. To be honest, much of it was horrible.
    However, once he was near I too, watched in awe. So kind, so gentle, so humble. So F*cking Pretty!!!
    Gauh! More sleep needed.

  27. What an amazing weekend you guys had! I just wish the weather had been better for you. Thanks for all the pics. Rob looked delicious!

  28. OME! Sooo jealous! Thanks for posting all of these pics, though, and I *did* see you guys waving that (genius investment) elephant in the interview! Yay!!

    I love Reese, too - I think she's awesome in every way. I live her in this interview, too: "They're here for Rob, let's not kid ourselves." LOL!

    Glad you had a good time, and didn't let a little laziness ruin your weekend!!

  29. OMFG I am just now recovering from what may very well be the BEST FUCKING WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. you know that my fingertips grazed his suit jacket? I mean FUCK....I SMELLED HIM. Not even a HINT of cigarette...just some lovely aftershave and pure, unadulterated Robness.

    I can't even tell you how pretty this boy is, IRL. Literally stunning. I was frozen in my tracks for a moment by just how beautiful he really is.

    I'm rambling, but fuck me if my head isn't STILL replaying the 15.73 seconds where that boy was mere inches from my eyes.


  30. I am still trying to grasp the fact that we were there...right there...where Rob was... Gah!

    It was an epic weekend. I am so glad we got to spend so much time together too. Planet Hollywood was fun (did we get you in or did we get you in - lol). But dropping an obscene amount of money at the bar at the Hilton visiting with you, DD, STY, Laxplays, and Mr. Laxplays was worth every damn dollar.

    Everyone should have a chance to meet Mr. Laxplays. Cute, funny, and a Scottish accent. Um. Yeah. Lucky girl that Laxplays ;)

    I am glad you girls ended up with a good vantage point for the red carpet experience. I know how sick you were feeling when you were texting me about it.



  31. This makes me smile so hard :) I absolutely LOVED reading your recap and am thrilled that you did this. I'm speechless! What an awesome weekend :) XOXOXO!!!


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