Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Icy... Thanks For the Memories!

I'm not sure the exact moment I met the Master of my Universe but, I do know he changed my life forever... all Fifty Shades of his fucked-up-ed-ness. And truly there's only one person to thank for introducing me to his world... Snowqueens Icedragon.

Over the past several months, my voraciousness for reading fan fiction has severely dwindled. Real life has issued me a swift kick in the ass and with spring here I'm forced to do manual labor. Bleck! Work has been ridiculously busy so gone are the days of reading FanFic for hours and then billing it to a client. And then there's the hubs who demands attention especially when I'm enthralled in a great tale. [Dummy... don't you know what FanFic does??!]

There was always one story I not only kept up with, but most times dropped everything to read an update. Even at work. And that was Master of the Universe. I even made my FanFic virgin friends read it...and they thanked me for it. And their husbands thanked me for it.

For me, no matter what, this will forever be how I picture the Edward Cullen of MotU...his twitchy palm... possibly reaching for his belt. Oh, I've been a bad girl. I deserve to be punished.

Oh Latchkey Wife...I think you need a spanking.

And I'm in some good company in expressing my love for Icy and her amazing, yet damaged creation of Fifty. I'm sure I'm not the only one of this bunch who wants to hold him and gently stroke his hair in comfort.... and then drop to my knees and pleasure him for hours!!

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So a big CONGRATULATIONS to you Icy, from all of us here at Twitarded for getting this great fic published - it's nice to see your hard work pay off. Visit Fifty Shades of Grey to preorder!


  1. Yeah for 50!!!

  2. I think I nearly got fired when I started to read Master of the Universe. I couldn't put it down! Thanks, Icy!

  3. Yay for this tribute! Yay for 50 shades!

  4. *sigh* that Fifty makes my heart (and panties) melt.

  5. Icy rules and Fifty makes my heart stop and apparently my real life too since I spent waaaay too many hours reading and re-reading this fan fic....truly one of the best.

  6. WTF??? Just testing the new comment stuff here on Twitarded - and I'm all confuzzled!

    Anyhoo, that's the order of the day...

    I'm so excited to be a part of this epic blog extravaganza - and who could be more deserving than Icy? MotU opened my eyes (in more ways than one!) and I swear, my hubs is forever thankful (and, quite possibly, a little threatened by my requests!).

    O_o - the twitchy palm... I WANT!!! ;-)

    CC x

  7. Wonderful post! It is definitely safe to say that MotU has been such a big part of our lives this past year or so and I so thankful to Icy sharing Fifty with us. Can't wait to get the book!

  8. I popped my FF Cherry with MoTU. We should all kneel down to Icy and thank her in glorious ways for Fifty.

  9. A lovely tribute LKW.
    I too popped my FF cherry with MotU and was hooked. As soon as any update came through I'd pounce on it. I can't thank Icy enough for sharing Fifty's story. It will always stay with me. Thanks for the memories Icy. Laters baby xx

  10. ::raises glass:: Cheers to you, Icy. I have even pulled over into parking lots to read updates of Fifty. He definitely had me at his beg and call. I see things in a totally different light thanks to that man, and it has led to many a looooong night with The Bentist. He thanks you, too.

  11. I totally want to be punished by his twitchy palms and drop to my knees and pleasure him! Oh Fifty! ;)

    I enjoyed reading the post - I love that others love this story as much as me!

    Laters baby!

  12. Great tribute LKW! MotU is one of the only fics I dropped everything to read an update. When Fifty calls a group of h00rs was never far behind clawing at each other to get their chance with him.

    I think I need to go find a pool table and a twitchy palmed Fifty!

  13. JudestersayitoutloudMay 1, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    I am forever greatfull to Icy for this FF..It is definately one of my favs..I pre-ordered my copy...Just love Icy and Fifty (Got the chucks to prove it) Congrats..always keep Fifty in my heart.

  14. Oh dear god help me!! I started reading MOTU a while back, and shock horror i never finished! I know I know!!!! So you guys have made me want to finish up - where the hell can i find it on the net? I cannot find MOTU anywhere, Twilighted doesnt seem to have it anymore.

    Has it been removed due to publication? Help!!

  15. LKW- great post! I agree about that picture.

    Thank you for participating. I feel honoured that the Queens of Twitardia are represented in my little idea. It's amazing how the community can pick up and idea and turn it into something awesome.

    We love you Icy and we wish you all the best xxx

  16. MotU is the only FF I ever read more than once. In the very beginning, I kept wondering why this kind of thing was turning me on... then I decided I didn't really care! Congratulations, Icy, on your publication.

  17. I still haven't read that yet. I keep saying that I'm going too but I never have.

  18. Oh how I love Fifty & all his kinky fuckery!! I just wanna roll my eyes at him & pray he bends me over his knee for a good spanking......with the silver balls of course!!!

  19. Another great tribute to Icy!
    You billed clients for time reading this? Was this an itemized bill?
    "Time in playroom" was never questioned?

  20. I have nothing witty to say about MotU. It was an absolutely surreal ride, Icy, and I'll forever have your story bookmarked if I ever feel like visiting Fifty.

    I'll be in line to buy the book!!!

  21. Yes. Yesyesyes. And yes. Already ordered my copy. And one for my sis. She better appreciate it.

  22. I love that Twitarded was involved in the celebration of MotU. It seems like the perfect Twitarded fan fiction (not written by a member of Twitarded of course).


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