Friday, June 3, 2011

JMFHF It's Finally the Weekend oh and We're Live-Blogging the MTV Movie Awards Sunday Night!

Caution: Disjointed ranty stuff ahead. You've been warned.

This week officially sucked dirty sweaty hobo nuts (and not the Hobolicious kind, the actual "I live under a bridge and don't bathe" kind). I scampered bright-eyed and bushy-tailed into Wednesday fresh off a glorious, fun & friend-filled four-day weekend. OK, it was more like "bleary-eyed and possibly vaguely hug over," but let's not quibble. It was a three day week!!! How hard could it be??? [Insert vampire-peen joke here - I am just too tired.] Sadly, I forgot that the penalty for taking two days off is having to somehow squeeze five days worth of work into three. Regardless, it's OVER! Well, except for all that work that I didn't get to before I finally gave up the good fight and decided it was time to get my weekend on. There's always Saturday to catch up, right? Because nothing makes me happier than doing work-work on the weekends. In all fairness, if I had the nice folks in IT disable my internet access, I would probably be slightly more productive. Maybe.

Let's face it - when you find something like THIS kind if picture burning a virtual hole in your in-box on Monday Wednesday morning, how productive can you really be? It was like being sucked forcefully-but-willingly into the heart and dirty mind of every fanfic I have ever read. Which isn't many, but they all feature Edward looking something like this -

Yes. Just YES. I'm not that kinda girl, but whatever it is you want, yes.
LKW would even give up the back door for this. I'm sure of it.

Seriously, every time I start to feel even a tiiiiny bit ridiculous for my Robert Pattinson fixation and get the thought in the back of my head that maybe I am finally "over it," something like that photo comes along. I keep trying to get out...but he keeps pulllllling me back in! In my defense, I am not putting up much of a struggle on the "trying to get out" front. I haven't read "Cosmopolis," but after seeing the images from the set where it's being filmed, I couldn't care less if the books sucks or the movie sucks - it's going to provide uh-maze-ing eye candy!!! And I am sure it will be marvelous. Just like I am sure that Bel Ami is going to be the bee's knees and the reason it hasn't been released yet has absolutely, positively nothing to do with the fact that it's maybe a little bit not-so-good.

But I digress... [Sorry, person who emailed us solely to let us know that our use of "but I digress" was driving them to the brink of insanity. Imma keep using it. Still friends?]

What I REALLY want to talk about is the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, which we'll be live-blogging this Sunday nigh with the lovely laaaadiees of TwiCrack Addict! Like how I say that like I have some idea how it will work??? As anyone who knows me will surely suspect, I have no clue at this time, but we'll be getting more details from Lorabell and will be passing them along this weekend as soon as we have them. So stay tuned!

I'm not usually one for losing my shit over awards shows, but I have to admit that I am way more psyched than I would have thought to see the first Breaking Dawn trailer. Plus Red Carpet Rob is always a beautiful thing to behold, and rumor has it that Rob and Kristen may actually show up as a couple. I'll believe this when I see it but who freaking cares? RED CARPET ROB!!!

If they need someone to fill that seat between Rob and Kristen, I'm volunteering!

Seriously, are they going to all be sitting with a seat separating them? Who is chaperoning this event, anyway??? Sister Mary Katherine Buzzkill??? And I am sure this venue will look lovely when it's filled with beautiful people but sheesh - I've seen swankier looking high-school auditoriums. They should start having awards shows at those theaters where they have big, oversized, reclining leather chairs and tables with bar service. That would liven things up a bit! But Jason Sudakis is hosting and that MTV guy who always has the cutest interviews with Rob is sure to be involved (a man-crush like his cannot be stopped!) and I think the whole thing is going to be full of WIN. Plus we'll be there to make fun of what everyone is wearing, SQUEEE!! when Rob shows up wearing tight-fitting pants, and freak out when they show the Breaking Dawn clip. AND, when Kristen fumbles one of the 87 ginormous and probably ridiculously heavy awards that they will likely win for Eclipse, we'll be there to make fun of her in the bitter, snipey way that only people who are jealous of who she's knocking boots with can muster (although truth be told I've been feeling a little Krisbian lately so I will probably be nice-ish).

Here's a mash-up of previous Twilighty goodness at the MTVMA (or whatever) from PopSugar - I hope that we finally get a big Robsten-y smoocheroo this year! Mostly so that I have more fodder for FaceInHole.

Don't forget to tell the boss that you'll be late to work on Monday! Oh crap...


  1. I'm actually excited to see this clip. It baffles me. I'm getting prematurely irritated because I know they won't show this clip until the end. Damn them.

  2. Oh my...I cannot FREAKIN' wait for the awards. Primarily because I get hot and sweaty just thinking about Robsten possibly kissing (which I know they won't) ...but still. Anyhoo, I have this gut feeling that somehow it's going to be Taylor & Kristen. If that's the case, I'll throw my wine glass at the TV, you can count on it. How will you guys live blog if Lorabell is West Coast and you guys are East...? I assume it's on later for you guys. Hmm..ok my wine is kickin in jeezzz...

    PS Love you STY :) Totally hear what you're saying about kicking off your weekend but having to do a bit of work on Sat....I'm in the same boat.

    xoxoo J

  3. Aww bummed you had a bad week but at least it's over and you're only 2 days away from seeing Rob on tv. :)

    Curious about the live stream as well..I'm in Cali so is it going to be early for me (meaning will the show be on everywhere at the same time or is it showing there and then a few hrs later, here?)

  4. Can't wait for Sunday night!

  5. Based on TV, it looks like the awards start at 9p EDT and 6p PDT, so just like football will be live showings. Us Cali folks won't have to stay up so late! NICE...

    As for Rob, great pic to be sure. However, is it just me or has he lost quite a bit of weight? He looks kinda breakable.

  6. Rob does look pretty slim these days - but I have to say I like it... Lean & mean!

    And I wish I knew how to stop that video from starting automatically - it scared the bejeebus outta me!

  7. I'm super excited for this live-blogging fiesta with my two favorite Twi-blogs! Hooray! My memory sux these days so I actually put it on my phone and work calendars. Move over, Mr. XKR - you are getting neither the TV nor the laptop on Sunday night (we'll see how well this goes over). Can't wait!

    If I STILL manage to forget despite the reminders, someone text or email me so I don't miss it. That would make Monday morning even more depressing.

  8. @STY - re: stopping embedded videos from autoplaying - Firefox has a fix but IE doesn't. Not sure about Safari. The website code can be modified to stop this but it involves changing the autoplay command to false instead of true. I've found no other way around it other than keeping my volume on MUTE or keeping the headphones plugged in. As a thought, if you are gonna stop the autoplay, the looping is right there as well. ;)

    Lean and mean is wonderful as long as they still weigh more than me. That's my rule.

  9. Very excited! It's on Monday afternoon for me, but luckily it's a day off, yay!

    Have you gotten rid of Disqus altogether? *curious*

  10. has anyone else noticed the leading lady to be in in the new movie with rob?? wtf!?!?

  11. I totally forgot those awards were...just as I predicted would happen. Now I'll have to search the web tonight. :-)

  12. Ok, I'm an idiot. I disabled active scripting under Internet Options and no more video autoplay. Of course, I can't see the videos to play them at all, but no more autoplay.


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