Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Are You? What Do You Want? A Twitarded Poll.

Who are you? What do you want?! 

Lately we've been running a little rudderless here at Twitarded. OK, we've always pretty much operated on a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants system, but sometimes we wonder what everyone out there is thinking... We're like Edward trying to figure out Bella - it drives us batty that we can't figure everyone out! With that in mind, welcome to our Very Important Twitarded Bloggy Poll. We were going to ask for comments, but this is anonymous soooo...have at it! We know a lot of you don't have time (or the inclination) to leave a comment every day, but we'd love it if everyone who stops by this week would respond to the poll questions. It's fast and easier than most of you were on prom night.

Why do you come to this blog?

Do you care what we write about?

If we move to a general content blog, will you follow?

Our content is...

Our blog posts are...

If we're not speculating on RPatts' family jewels, what would you like to see more of?

Something on your mind that we didn't cover here? It's gnawing away at you, isn't it?! Surely we can't be the only ones losing sleep over Twitarded. It keeps you up at night, too, right? Right?! If you have something to say, lay it on us in the comments. Say what you want: good or bad, we promise bloggy amnesty. Go anonymous or send us an email if you want (I swear we won't hunt you down and you probably won't end up in Latchkey Wife's freezer). We want to hear from everyone, good or bad. Bring it.


  1. Ok so there was no fill in the blanks answers so here it goes:

    1. Why do I come to your blog? To read about poop. You're very informative.

    2. Do I care what you write about? Yes. I like it when you tell stories about yourself, it makes me feel better about myself.

    3. If you move to a general content blog, will I follow? Well, I followed you to Forks, didn't I? If you change your blog, It would be just as good and I wouldn't have to get out of my sweat pants (that's for you jj!)

    4 and 5. your content and blogposts are? f'ing awesome.

    6. What do I want to see more of? Naked twi-men. Where have those posts been?!?!
    BTW, I voted the regular way too.

  2. Why do you even have to ask some of these questions?

    EVERYTHING can be tracked back/related to Robward/Twilight! It's a fact. Every. Single. Thing.

    What's your point? Unless it was that one choice "I'm so over it" !!!!?? That right there is blasphemy! Ha! Next, you'll be suggesting we all bring our favorite recipes to discuss/swap while we have our little "get together" in Forrrrks!

    You guys kill me! Even when you're not trying! I don't come here for the latest up-to-the minute Twilight/RPatz news. I come for the snarky spin on everything we do, and how we all bond over His Holy Hottness!

    And 15 Step/Osa Bella/occasional one shots are an extra bonus!

  3. but... you'll still write about twilighty stuff sometimes, right? you ladies make me laugh, i come here for a smile as much as a sense of community (OMG, there is someone who thinks the same way i do!). but i gotta say, the rants usually bring me down. i know everyone needs a good rant once in awhile, though. just keep up the good work, please!

  4. LOVE the comments (and the poll votes!) - keep it coming, people!

    Seriously, sometime we have no clue and need to know what y'all are thinkin' - we do this because we love it and love you and the community, but it can always stand for some tweaking and improvement. It's been two and a half years, to now seems like a good time for a spot-check!

    : )

  5. P.S, @Jaymes - there was no open-ended section on this poll, sadly - i had to do some html work just to embed it in the post and not have it on the sidebar - but thanks to everyone who adds something extra to the comments!

  6. I'll bet it was TexasKatherine who answered question 1 - you guise are still blogging?? 1 response

    You were the first Twi site I read - oh - so long ago, when I thought I'd lost my mind. Reading 4YA books in less than a week, then re-reading for a month. Then goggling for self,er, help.

    And then you rec a FF called MoTU. Sept. 2009. Ch 6. JJ's post.

    I will never, ever, thank you enough. Follow you anywhere.


  7. Love you gals! Also love that at this moment no one thinks your blog is hotter than 7 minutes in heaven with RPattz because well there is nothing hotter than the precious! Anyway I will come here everyday whether you post about Twilight or not. I love the poop talk and the rants and the super hot pics of RPattz and everything in between. Oh I would like more 15 Step though...where did that go?

  8. adonicass - GAH! sometimes i wish i could go back to "the first time" - we were all so immersed! and sf happy when we found each other here!! i am still glad we found each other here. every day. : )

  9. @spaztasticmaz - hey I even voted to test out each poll and i didn't vote for us being hotter than that, either! i keep it all in perspective - lol... and i don't forget what brought us all here. innocent vampire stories, shortly followed by inappropriate lust for a too-young actor and then smexy fanfic!

  10. I've said it before & Im sure I'll say it again (I'm completely unoriginal that way). You crazy twats brought laughter back into my life & are the reason I was able to meet the most amazing women & the best friends I have ever had. I will be forever grateful & hope to be reading poop posts & rants about adult diapers in 40 years. Although, a few more nekkid pics of Rpattz wouldn't hurt. I truly fluv you amazing h00rs :)

  11. I'd love to see more book recs, especially young adult-- help us find the next Twilight!

  12. Well, for my two cents....(stop here if you don't want to read something serious)

    I love what you all are doing and how you do it. I like the mix (with Twilight stuff sprinkled here and there), the personal stories, and the humor. I love the comments and interaction between the bloggers and readers. I love that Twilight is the common thread that brought/brings everyone together but your posts bring out so many others. I think you ladies, and many of my fellow readers, are fab!

    I came to the Twilight parade late having only started reading the first book exactly one year and two days ago (I marked my calendar). A week later, in an effort to help myself end the obsession (seriously, I could barely function) I googled "Twilight fansites" and found you guys. While you didn't end the obsession, you helped me put it into perspective, integrate it as part of my life, and let me feel normal. Thank you.

    I've said it before but I'll say it again:
    Twilight led me to you but I keep coming back to Twitarded because of you.

    *ick, kinda mushy. sorry.

  13. You can't leave me! You can NEVER leave. You can't say things like that to me.

  14. What's not to love about you Twitarded peeps? I come here every day for the laughs (sometimes tears) I never miss a post. I was jealous last year that I could not go to Forks but this year -- I'm there.
    I like the twi stuff, the poop stuff, the bat stuff,whatever you write about. I feel we would be drinking buddies if we lived in the same state.

    Keep on keepin'on

  15. I fluv you guys! Your poll is making me a little nervous though...So here is a brief list of why I read this shizz day after day.

    1. You guys have the bestest, dirtiest sense of humor in the twi-verse. Nothing offends me, but I love that you try.

    2. While I don't need to read about Twilight 24/7, I have the satisfaction of knowing that we WILL be able to perv together about the Prettay and the size of his package. (Does anyone else zoom in to crotch shots, looking for a glimpse of the bulge?)

    3. When I'm feeling like a loser for getting sucked in to yet another amazing twi-fic, you guys make me laugh at you for being bigger losers than me.

    4. The twi-verse is an amazing place because there are people like you out there to share it with.

    That is all.

  16. Yay, I'm able to comment again!! The new format was totally cockblocking me and the universe felt off kilter.

    I think you already know this, but I absolutely LOVE you guys!! Twitarded started out as just a fun place for me to visit for a daily snort, but since then has evolved into a community very dear to my heart. I've met so many wonderful friends here and our trip to FOOORRRRKKS was something that I will never ever forget. My life would be quite a bit different right now (and not nearly as fun) if hadn't stumbled upon this site a few years ago and I'm so grateful to you for that.

    Wherever you go, I will happily follow and whatever you write, I will happily read. Twilight is near and dear to my heart and I hope you don't abandon it entirely, but I don't think it has to be front and center in every post. Basically, I'm your stalker and you're stuck with me forever.

    Mwahhhh!!!! Sue

  17. I just love knowing that there are ladies all over the world that think almost the same as me. I love the recs, the rants, the rambles and of course the Twilight stuff. I don't need to hide my unfathomable addiction from you twatwaffles. Seriously, wherever you go, whatever you write about, I will follow. You have improved too many bad, bad days for me not to ;)

  18. Alright, you asked... here goes:

    To this day I can't remember 'finding you', but I remember that when I did, with SparklyJul, we both spent HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS reading through the archive of every post you'd ever written.

    Through your blog, I (somewhat reluctantly at first) found twitter. Then I found MY UNIVERSE.

    I found some of the best friends in the world. Women who I know I will be friends with for life, many of whom I know I will likely never meet. Women who laugh with me, play drunken-twenty-questions with me (oh god, remember that night?) and cry with me when I need them to.

    YOU, Twitard queens, are the sole reason I am going to America in 37 days' time. I have heard a rumour that Snarky and Jenny will be in SD for BlogHer and if that is the case I cannot fucking wait to tackle-hug you both and buy you copious quantities of alcohol. Yeah, quote me, bitches.

    The day that LKW linked my little blog to the Mecca that is Twitarded was one of the highlights of my recent years on this planet.

    Change your blog, change your focus, whatever. I will follow you crazy messed up bitches wherever you shall go. Including the bathroom.

  19. You need reassurance? This blog is perfect. I love your bitchy, snarky, totally unique view on all things. I think it is the perfect balance of Twitardedness, rants, and bodily functions.

    The pictures & captions that you include in each post are crazy good. You make me LOL and feel like I am not a freak for being in love with a fictional vampire and lusting after the Precious. Seriously, I know NO ONE who loves this stuff as I do. It is great to have this community of like minded women to play with.

    Reading this blog & the comments of all you nasty h00rs is usually the highlight of my day. Boob grabs and ass smacks to u all!

    p.s.: I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of ANYTHING being better than 5 minutes in heaven with RPatzz unless, of course, it is more minutes.

  20. 2 1/2 years of fawesome posts? That's impressive.

    Gotta be honest, I'd be kinda disappointed if Rob/Twi were ixnayed (shh, can't let the precious hear, he may get a line on his face). But then again, it's your blog and you have to write about what moves you.

    If you write it, I will come.

    Without Twitarded, I would have never had a safe haven or started my own blog. WIthout Biel, I would have never wanted to make a video.

    You are the mothership. ;)

  21. I must admit that my love for Twilight and all related things brought me to your blog. Hell - it even took me to Forks last year for your first meet up!

    Everyone's love for Twilight or something related to the books, movies, actors, sets, related retail items for sale or what ever brought us all together here.

    To me I would love to see the blog stay just the same as it is now. It is awesome just as it is.

    I have limited time everyday to look at my favorite websites and get updated on the goings on. I always take time to read what you have to say about something Twilight related even as loose as it is sometimes. Without that I'm not sure I would love it as much.

    You all have created something outstanding here and as the old adage goes - if it ain't broke don't fix it!

    Love you all just the way you are!

  22. For anyone worried that we are going to completely banish PRatts/Twi from our midst - don't be. It'll never happen!

    We love you guys, we love the community we have here, and we just want to make it the best damn blog we possibly can - so thanks for all the input [that sounds dirty here] and keep it coming! [that does, too - egads, i am ruined...]

    i wish i had time to reply to everyone individually (will try to stop back later) but i REALLY appreciate everyone taking the time to participate. we probably don't mention it enough, but we still live for comments.

  23. change nothing. i love it the way it is! of course, more pics of RPatts and other Twiguys are welcome. And keep bringing on the spoilers!

  24. I've been coming here for almost a year, and I have to say, I think the blog is perfect. Love the mixture of ranting (almost all of my recent PMSL moments have been from Twitarded rants, esp Tk's and JJ's latest), sparkle-peen/His Holy Hotness porn (nobody does it better than you guys, seriously), and just general musings on music, fanfic, etc. I love how you are all Twilight fans but don't take yourselves or the fandom seriously, and you call a bitch a bitch when it needs to happen! I don't at all mind straying away from Twilight-related posts, but I do enjoy them when they appear.
    I started coming here when I was very new to the fandom and was still looking for sites which would provide me with daily updates on anything Twilight and/or Rob and Kristen. Needless to say, I did not find that here, but I loved what I read so much that I'm here to stay, even if I don't comment super-often. The first thing I ever read was We Make Babies with RPattz,and I was literally peeing, drooling, and wheezing afterwards. Nobody else can make me feel that way and still have me begging for more, except you guys.
    Stay the way you are, h00rs. You're amazing!

  25. I love this blog and read everyday. You ladies are one of the best parts of my day. Last night I was laughing so hard my husband came to check that I was okay - That being said, I usually don't read on days that LKW posts. If I read on my phone it doesn't say who the author is, but I can always tell. I am really put-off by her "voice" - When JJ is nasty, it is funny, not so much with LKW. She just is too over the top for no apparent reason. I almost stopped reading entirely when she first started posting, but I missed the rest of you too much. So I just skip her stuff. I don't care what you all blog about as long as there is somewhere to read what you guys are thinking about.

  26. This blog is perfect just the way it is! I flove everything about it and I flove you ladies! Twitarded is one of a select few pages that I visit on a daily basis and is more often than not, the first site I visit in the morning (what can I say, I love the thrill of *almost* spitting my coffee or breakfast all over my computer screen on a daily basis because you ladies posted about something ridiculously hilarious). As someone said earlier (I'm too lazy to check who, sorry lol) If it ain't broke, don't fix it! xoxo

  27. I know I've dropped off the face of the earth lately, but I'm still here, still laughing at the crazy shit you guys write. I think we all like you guys, just the way you guys are :)

  28. I came for the sparkle-peen, but I stayed for the snark. I have happily skipped over to your blog every day for years. I don't comment much lately, but I'm still here. Because, and let's be honest, nobody tells poop jokes like you girls.

    I knew all this Twi-stuff had to end eventually, but I still don't like it!! ='(

    BTW, what ever happened to OPattz? Is he still dancin?

  29. Ditto, ditto, ditto (except for the last anonymous comment about LKW)!

    I love the site just as it is (but it is great that you are doing the poll for input), but will follow you if you change it.

    I come here daily for the daily laughs and sense of community. I don't have internet at home, but your site is the first thing I check when I get on the internet at work (often before checking my e-mail).

    I SO wish I could go to Forks and actually meet some of this wonderful community in person, but my husband has been out of work for over two years.

    Love you all! You are definitely a bright spot in my day!

  30. I won't mind0 not hearing about Twilight all the time, but maybe just a few posts here or there until Breaking Dawn 2 is over. I don't think I could live in a world where I don't get a Twitarded POV of the Twilight movies. Now that I've said my piece let's get to some snarky ranting.

  31. I love all four of you! Your blog is the first thing I read every morning at work. Even if you guys started blogging about another YA book / movie / hunky too-young actor I would still read this blog. Too me it doesn't matter what you guys are writing about because it all makes me laugh (except for the ones that make me cry). Sorry keep up the excellent blogginess! Much Love!

    PS - There's only a little over THREE MONTHS until Fooooorks!! SQUEEEE!

  32. I am going anon for this comment, because from the look of the comments so far, I was always an outlier.

    But I came here and stayed here for the sentiment and sensibilities that are/were awakened by Twilight. If you need to go another way, go with the blessings of everyone you have entertained and delighted and comforted all this while. You may lose some of us, but may well find many more new fans.

    To tell the truth, I have always been put off by the poop posts and the like which strike me as infantile and uninteresting. No problem, I just didn't finish reading, and a few days later there would be a post I adored.

    But it always struck me as odd that for all the talk about bodily functions and parts (tho I did like, and learn from, the Brazilian episodes!) and despite all the lust over Rob, the subject of sex itself, as adults long for it and experience it, rarely came up.

    There was once a blog which provoked some moving comments re people's own experiences--I think maybe by TK?--about how Bella always comes on command, etc. The post was funny but it was the comments, in which people opened up and reached out, that were amazing to me, and very touching. How alike we humans are....

    Anyway, although I wouldn't want to hear re that stuff every day, I felt closer to the Twitardedom hearing people talk about that than with the stories about bathroom habits--although I must say that I never read far.

    It's the fear of such stuff--boob nuzzling, wah?--that has kept me from going to Forks. I am afraid to discover that Robward and etc really all just a joke for most of you, and it will spoil the simple joy of Twilight for me.

    I have been impressed and entertained by other posts on the blog (books, music, etc.) but Twitarded has been an escape just like Twilight -- my happy place -- and the further away from its ur subject Twitarded drifts, the less I will read.

    All that said (and you did ask, yet still, I apologies) I have nothing but admiration for you ladies, who have worked your asses off and poured much more than energy into this enterprise for so long and with so much imagination. I thank you for the bottom of my heart. I have loved the distinctive style each of you has developed.

    You guys gotta do what it takes, and deserve to do whatever you and the core audiences likes. So, while I will be sad to see you go in another direction, I do understand that the time may have come. I was always going to come, the end of the Twilight high. That's how life is. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. And blah blah blah, OK, you can gag now.

  33. Why did I write *Sorry???? WTF? What I meant to say was...

    So keep up the excellent blogginess. Dude I don't even know.

  34. if you do veer from featuring twilight at least keep the "Awsesome Peeps We Love" feature. I open Twitarded and then scoot through all the peeps as the days goes by. No-one has the connections that you do. I would be a very Hissy Kitty without them.

  35. MyHeartGoesPitterPattinsonJune 23, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    I love you guys. One of the biggest ways in which I take advantage of you (head fully in gutter) is to forward one of your hilarious but non-twilight related posts to a non-twilight fan. I mean this all but proves that Twilight fans aren't ALL crazy and a whole bunch of us are pretty fuck awesome.

    On a non-related note, I, of course, thought of you guys when I saw this:

  36. you guys @twitardet are great.i come here everyday to chill and to have a good laugh. whether you write about rpattz (what i appreciate the most - i'm from switzerland, but in this case, no neutrality from my side) or twilight related stuff or your so humanly struggle with real life - i love to read it. i don't feel so alone when i see that it's not just me, having dirty thoughts or being a little weird ;-) just keep on going - as long as there is some dirty talk and the pretty, i'll be fine with you.

  37. I'm pretty sure you already know this, but I flove you guys. I lurked for a while but I think I started reading in like March of 2009?, and Twitarded has literally been a part of my daily routine since then. I originally started reading for the laughs - how many people are lucky enough to really, really laugh every day? Aaaaand then I joined Twitter, and went to Forks, and well, yall know the rest.

    That said, actual blog feedback: I'm totally partial to the Twilighty posts. Those are always my favorites. I like the rant-y posts too. It makes me all verklempt whenever you post one of those infrequent but oh-so-meaningful posts about RL struggles and opportunities to help out in the fandom. And OF COURSE I love Forks posts. On that note, please, please make this an annual trip. I don't care if we go somewhere other than Forks (although I reeeeeally want us to go to Forks for BD2), but I need to see you h00rs at least once a year. The thought of this whole community drifting apart over the years hurts my heart. Let's not do that.

  38. I love this blog. When I started reading it, we matched perfectly. Twi-obsessed, funny & sometimes durty.

    I understand there probably isn't enough Twilight stuff happening to make a daily post. Honestly I love 90% or more of the other stuff you post. You ladies are all so funny.

  39. It's part of my morning routine, I may not always comment but I love reading the blog. Don't change a thing, you have created a wounderful community that has brought a bunch of really wounderful people together.

  40. OMG i've been coming to this blog for a while now and i never comment (probly cuz im lazy LOL) but i love what you guys write about twilight related or not. You crazy twats are fucking funny as fuck...I swear you take the words right out of my mouth sometimes!! I dont care if you guys change or not but i just hope you dont stop writing about twilight stuff, even if its every once in a while.

  41. I don't comment much because well..I'm sort of nervous about it. I guess I worry to much that I'm going to get banned (has happened a few times for my pervy ways). But I had to let you know that I Fricken Love this blog. I started loving it April 15th 2010 and have laughed, snickered, & p'd from laughing so hard. Of course I also increased my RobPerving. There are 2 things that your blog is missing (IMHO) 1st Mostly naked Rob pics will always be welcomed, just don't think we will get them; 2nd Please do a Twitarded Dicktionary post. It took me forever to figure out what HHH meant. Please I'm begging almost as much as I would be begging said HHH to me worship The Wonder Peen!

    Oh and on a separate note, Snarkier Than You emailed me in reply to my 1st ever blog post and I got so excited that for a few weeks I was telling everyone about it. It was about Rob's Package, the 'Robanana Nut Muffin' and his magic fingers. ;)

  42. *sings* I love you just the way you are!

    BUT I understand that things change in this world.

    There is very little that I don't read on this blog so obviously I am fine with Twilight or non-Twilight (although I think I would miss the Twi-stuff if it went away completely - you all have such a different take on it and that makes it fun for me).

    I am sure you each know what you mean to me and I am forever grateful that you came into my life when you did and helped create the person I currently am. I do not say that lightly or with any snark - you ladies have helped me be more open, more kind, more loving, more vocal in my wants/needs, more tough, more sappy and a much much better friend that I thought I could be... and you introduced me to much better friends than I was finding :)

    I love each of you and I thank you. I will be here until you can't stand me any more... and then I will hang on a little longer :P

  43. I think you guys are the shiznit. I like coming here (<---hehe) for various reasons...including a daily laugh and sense of community. I don't always comment for lack of time or just plain laziness (<---mostly that). I would probably read whatever you write, so feel free to branch out anytime you want. However, I'm fond of the sparkle peen content, along with anything pertaining to His Holy Hottness.

    You're all are awesome. That is all.

  44. I don't have chances to comment on everything, but I wish I did. I've followed this blog pretty close to the beginning and absolutely adore you guys! Rants, bodily functions, body parts it's all good! :) I feel like you have been there with me through the good and the bad! XO

  45. I have been a very bad bloggy buddy, not commenting on every post, and I deserve a good spanking from Latchkey Wife. I still check in a few times a week to see what my girls are up to, and in fact I am currently taking time out of my miniscule Jury Duty lunchbreak to record my votes. Speaking of Jury Duty, if I wear my Twitarded t-shirt tomorrow, do you think I'll get tossed from the courthouse?? Please say yes.

  46. Love you ladies! Love the heart-pounding, lip-licking RPatz goodness, but also love the absolutley candid rants on everyday stuff that makes me snort and cover my mouth at work. It all works for me!

  47. I came for the Twilight but stayed for the h00rs, poop posts, boudior photos, porn and ALL.

    You girls could write Aesop's fucking fables and I'll still come here to read it because....YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

    And for the record, I'll totally sit in LKW's freezer as long as a certain sparkly motherfucker is curled up in there with me.



  48. I LOVE LOVE LOVE..all your posts ladies. You put a smile on my face whenever I visit. I may not always comment, but I do read all of your posts.
    The best part was finding my cousin (LKW) on here and getting to know her and admire her as a writer, and blogger.
    ** AHEMM Anonymous person who likes to dis people on a blog, was that really necessary? This community does NOT take lightly to the bashing of anyone publicaly, so keep your negative comments to yourself. That was hurtful,spiteful, and wrong, you should be ashamed and I hope you feel bad for making someone else feel bad.** Sorry guise..
    You all have different writing styles and I adore all of them. Thank you for all your time and devotion to making us h00rs laugh,and bringing such a diverse group of people together as a twi-family. I have met some really awesome people thanks to ya'll..Keep on bloggin babies..

  49. I love how the rants are winning. We are sofa king awesome. BTW, I followed your asses to Forks. You're kind of stuck with me.

  50. Ive been following you guys for a couple of years now. I love everything you write! And I absolutely love the posts by LKW. She cracks me up. You all rock and Im following you wonderfully awesome people til the end! I also love the idea of a twitarded dictionary. I can just imagine the funny with that one. Lol

  51. Guys: I love you. You make my day. I'll follow you wherever you go, do or write. I don't leave enough comments, let's say I'm a happy lurker. But regardless, you girls are a funny bunch, and I love the feeling of not boundaries, no filter, no judging, awesome. It's really hard to find a place like this. Always count me in.

  52. I love the random blogs about whatever, it's fun when you know who is posting by the tone.

    I really like the random book rec's - it's how I got into The Hunger Games & Brass is on my list to get once I have some extra cash that my bills aren't sucking out of my lifeless body.

    Don't fix what ain't broke.

  53. I think is was follower 3hundred something. I don't post often, but I read everyday. Please stay. You guys can pretty much turn any subject area back to the Pretty, so just keep it comin'. Love to all.
    Sparkle Mindy
    or anon if my damn computer won't let me sign on.

  54. Thank you all for leaving comments and taking out poll! We really appreciate all your feedback.

    We know we can't please everybody but we truly enjoy the sense of community and like the feedback you give us because it helps us so much.

    We hope that we can keep entertaining you all for a very very long time. You are our life now.

  55. Honestly, I hope you don't "quit" the twi part of twitarded, however if you were to start another general blog on top of this one too, you know I'd be humpin both!

  56. So, I realize I'm late to the twitarded party but here is my opinion: please God, don't get rid of twilight related posts! I am totally fine with your rants and randoms on occasion as well but I would hate to lose the feeling that I'm not the only one who wets myself when RPatz smiles/licks his lips/moves in any way whatsoever. Love that I found you guys!

  57. YOU CAN NOT LEAVE ME........NEVER EVER EVER......... beleive it or not, this blog keeps me sane inthe fuckery that is my life, i know i can come here and get a great laugh and a good cry!!!! i love u guys and will follow u no matter what or where u go!!! but like others have said, if it aint broke dont fix it, and as for LKW, OH MY GOD how the fuck can u NOT find her hilarious!!!! you are ALL FUCKAWESOME in my book!!!!

  58. @Powerpuffgirl - Don't you worry. We don't plan on going anywhere. Eventually (possibly a loooong time down the road) the content might change but us? As long as you guys are here, we'll be here with you.

  59. I hope nobody was thinking of this as us testing the waters for leaving - you are all stuck with us for the foreseeable future, like it or not. and we'll continue to post pics of RPatts' mouth as long as we are still kicking and he doesn't go all Brando on us.

  60. I come here to feel normal. Because you are all fucking nuts.


  61. I'm impressed that some of the comments have been a little negative. To me, that just shows that we're keeping it real. Heck, we're all crazy, but were not identical. I appreciate everyone crawling out of the woodwork and sharing their honest opinions.

    And just for the record . . . I personally LOVE Latchkey Wife's sense of humor. (But that TK is the devil.)

    JUST KIDDING!!!! She is like bowl that completes the room!

    Love you all and can't wait for the epic adventures in Foooorrrrkkksss 2011!

  62. I don't comment much, but I do laugh (and cry) at the posts a TON! It doesn't matter to me what you all post about, but I always get excited to see what you'll post about Rob and other things that come up in the Twilight world. And you can't offend me--I come from a family of a bunch of hilarious & perverted crazies!

  63. first time commenting ever! just want you to know that i love all of you in this crazy fandom & you make me happy & I feel NORMAL and someday I'm gonna think of a cool name so I can play with the big kids and tell you all about my robolution and please dont change a thing! xoxo

  64. You had me at 'Twitarded'...where's my diamond ring dammit! I want every day of fucking forever. Mwah!

  65. I may not come here on daily basis anymore, but it's not because you're not awesome. My daily routine has changed dramatically, and I had to prioritize. With that being said, I will definitely be here to see through whatever the heck you decide to do next. In all honesty, I am still in awe that you have the inspiration and devotion to update the blog on daily basis. So, if you ask me, go ahead, change if you want to. After all, evolving is the most natural thing to do.

  66. I've never commented, but I thought I'd finally say something. I (like someone else) just read the books about a year ago. Then re-read them. Repeatedly. Then started looking for fanfiction and only found this place last Christmas. It was love at first read. :)I especially like the fact that you have a new post up so frequently and I don't mind if every post isn't all Twilight all the time.

  67. I haven’t commented in ages (farking email police) but this place is still the first thing I check out in the mornings when I get to work (take that email police!). I adore you all and your unique styles you bring to the blog.

    JJ’s the friend you always keep bail money on hand for.
    LKW is the neighbor whose house you avoid because people keep coming up missing and you’ve heard rumors about her freezer.
    STY is the coworker who is always making inappropriate comments in meetings and sending 'questionable' email content around the office.
    And TK is the hot girl (not that you’re not all hot) who you want to hate but can’t because she’s awesome. I know what that’s like, people tell me that all the time. ;)

    I think there’s a perfect mix of Rob (ok, truly there's never enough Rob) & Twi-related stuff, music and book recs, and personal stories of bodily functions that gross me out and make me cry with laughter at the same time because they’re so true.

    All in all I would say, don’t change a thing. Besides, you know Rob comes (hee hee) here to get his daily giggle and we don’t want to mess with the giggle.

  68. I think you guys have struck a balance between Twilight and the real world. You mix it up and its not repetitive. I have read Twitarded everyday during my lunch break since its wee beginnings and love your sense of humor. I love the books and fanfic recommendations and would not mind one bit if this blog stopped being about Twilight because you have other great things that you already talk about. (STY, please tell us what your think of the Hunger Games Trilogy!)

    If you ask me what I can live without is the poop talk. I loved the fist post about pooping in RPattz trailer, which was hilarious and perfect. A true classic for the ages. But nothing will ever top that and nothing will because it was that funny( No other poop posting has come even close). So whenever the posts turn to that subject I tune out.

  69. I assumed your big plan was to slowly ease us out of our Twilight bubble because - let's face it - after BD 2 comes out on DVD, it's gonna be over. (sniff)
    Although even I was expecting those Cosmopolis pictures to appear this week. Accompanied, as usual, with the snark that makes this the awesomest blog in the world.
    Well, OK, it's the only blog I follow, but that just proves how awesome it is.
    And I love how commenting provides me with the opportunity to let loose some of my own snark on occasion, which I don't have the opportunity to do nearly as much as I need to these days.
    You all have done a super job of keeping the blog moving forward, expanding our horizons (if poop topics can be considered expanding)while still grounding us in what we came for (Twisnark). I trust you to provide whatever it is that we need.

  70. still looking for my vampJune 24, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    I have been coming here almost daily for over a year now. I don't always comment, but I love knowing that there are women around the world who think the same way I do.

    You girls write whatever you want to write about. I think you're all hilarious, and I hope to one day be able to meet you.

  71. Ditto with "I'm still looking for my vamp" ... Except, for one tiny lit difference, Twilight brought us all together, so I hope you always keep Twiight and RPatz as the tie that binds us (no, poop joke intended! LOL!)

  72. P.s. However, I love love love the poop jokes (this might possibly be related to a weeks worth of pain meds from surgery & poop currently being a priority!) Great to know we can all laugh at ourselves!

  73. Thank fuck the old comment box is back! I was telling TwiloveSue and Twired Jen the other day that I gave up trying to comment because it wouldn't let me sign in or it would boot me off of Gmail.

    I have really fallen off the blogging wagon. I don't love you h00rs or Rob any less, it's just that something had to give if I wanted to keep up with fanfiction (remember, I was late to the party with this), graphic designs, emails, and twitter.

    One day, Twilight is going to be behind us, but I think Rob (and Jackson) will be around for a long time, so I don't see myself letting go of any of it any time soon.

    I would love to see the email feature on your sidebar where we could sign up for email alerts. I do not have the flexibility at work anymore to be on blogs (it hasn't escaped me that my lack of blogging/commenting coincides with that crack down - lol), but it's very easy for me to keep up on posts when they land in my email box.

    I said a long time ago that I would love for you girls to do podcasts from time to time. I miss your mugs!

    There is a definite shift in the fandom, as we discussed at length, JJ, and I think the main reason is twitter. We used to all live in the comments to "talk" to each other.

    My thoughts are random and all over the place, I know. I guess what I'm trying to say is that please don't take my lack of commenting as a lack of interest or a "meh." Twitarded will always be my first, and I want it to be my when I get old and die. Ok. Scratch that. When I die. I'm already fucking old.


    PS: LKW, I'll stay with MC in your freezer any time. Mwah!

  74. I'll love anything you do but I do have one complaint and that is with the color scheme. It hurts my eyes so much (I have serious headache issues) that I can no longer read but maybe the first paragraph. Changing the white to another color would help alot. It really makes me sad when I can't get my daily dose of funny because of my stupid eyes. :(

  75. I want a re-write on the first question! I come here for a daily laugh AND the "sense of community". Out of the handful of friends that insisted I read Twilight, none of them wants to sit and discuss and drool over everything twilight-ish like you gals! So I come here to get my fix and enjoy knowing that I am not the only psycho obsessed with all this stuff! Wendy Williams would say you people are my "mind friends" haha.

    But I would absolutely follow you to a general content blog ~ even when Twilight isn't mentioned, I still love your junk. Your book, fanfic, and other website recommendations are awesome. BUT like TheRugbyMom said ~ it doesn't matter what you write about because EVERYTHING can be related back to Twilight.

    I would be SUPER excited if you started a blog devoted to Hunger Games - I haven't found one yet that has that "Twitarded" edge - they are all just too PG. If anyone knows of one already out there, please let me know!

    Oh, and maybe a start a scholarship fund for those of us too broke to go to FORKS with yall haha. I am broke like whoa and totally jealous of your trips...

  76. Since we're all being honest... I read your blog because I desperately need a good laugh since other Twilight/Rob blogs I used to follow turned to shit and discuss too much Robsten. (gag)

    I'm a lurker and don't comment a lot because I'm boring and don't have much to add. *shrugs*

    Write, rant, discuss what you want, I'll read whatever. Seriously.


  77. Hey Ya'll - I concur with the many comments made already about how wonderful it was to find Twitarded, after walking around in a Twilight-induced haze, thinking I was completely crazy and the only one in the world who felt the way I was feeling. So THANKS for being there, and for validating my insanity!

    Thanks, too, for all the hard work over the years (gah - it's been years, ladies!). You've made it look easy when I know it wasn't.

    Coming up with relevant, fun comment for us must be a daunting task, and basically, if I don't care for the content of a certain post (re: poop jokes) I'll skip it. I have a high tolerance for crude, rude, snark, and love that you all dish it out with abandon.

    I will admit, however, that I think you crossed a line with the RPattz nose-pick post though. Good Lord he's a human being. I'd hate to see what I'd get caught doing if I were scrutinized 24x7. And, yeah, it's supposed to be funny, but somehow that post just served to show the absolute dark side of such an insane level of celebrity for the guy. I think he would feel bad if he saw the post, and for me, that's crossing a line. We LOVE the precious, after all!

    That's all - thanks for everything, and I'll keep reading!

  78. I'm so happy to read all these (mostly) positive comments!

    @TwiMe? - Actually, I think Rob would think the nose-picking post was funny. After all, I out myself as a picker, don't I? And I think it's probably much less acceptable for a woman to pick her nose than a man. I'm just thrilled Rob and I have at least this one thing in common! I only "pick" on him, because I love him so much...

  79. I came for the adult-only Twilight hilarity, and I was amazed at the community that had formed. I just had to become a part of it.

    As you guys know, I'm a pretty damn loyal Twitard. I may not comment day-of, but I comment on pretty much every post, and and miss the camaraderie that was once upon a time found in the comments. Those were the days.

    And FORKS?!?! The best decision I ever made. It was a truly euphoric experience being surrounded by so many chicks that share a common bond. And it wasn't so much that we love being open about poop and sex and 17 y/o vamps. We had a blast just getting to know the REAL faces behind the comments and bloggy posts. Some of the best friends of my life were forged on that weekend. I cannot wait to see you all again, and some of you for the first time!

    What can I say...I'll follow you to the ends of the interwebz. Love you guys.

  80. I'm grateful to not be the only one who frequently lurks but doesn't say much. There isn't anything original for me to add since I'd only be echoing the majority. Please don't change a thing. ;)

    I do have to share that having Twitarded to lean on for the last couple years (I've followed you guys almost from the beginning) has been both a source of amusement and comfort. In addition to reading the stuff you guys post all the time, when I've had a really bad day I make time to look through past posts (the music and fic recs, the Twi-parodies, the BD rants, and the musings over just what it is that keeps us drawn to the Twilight craziness). With all the stress of real life and even sometimes with the meanspiritedness that takes place elsewhere in the Twi-fandom, I love that for all the foul-mouthed humour everyone here is *awesome* to each other. Twitarded has not only been a place where we can all laugh at ourselves, but where things are kept real, where everyone's accepted.

    Though I don't often chime in, please know I mean this with all my heart: thank you, thank you, thank you for being there. More than the laughs, you guys know exactly what it means to be a community, and I love you all so much for it. I'm proud to be a Twitard. There's no going back for me.

    Oh, and as far as the Twi-love, well, I found you all because of our mutual love for Edward Cullen. I'm glad for the reassurance that you guys aren't going anywhere, since I'm one of those geeks who's still so much in love with all things Twi. I wouldn't know what I'd do without you guys.

  81. The only reason I don't read Twitarded EVERY SINGLE DAY is because it physically hurts. I'm one of those silent laughers and i clench up my stomach,then let it all out with a great big my stomach hurts and I risk nose bleeds on a daily basis here. So I check it out every other week or once a month, get it all over with at once. I don't care if you write about Twilight or not (though I do love how just about every blog has some tie-in to's like the six degrees game), just keep writing!

  82. I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of you changing.... This is "TWI-tarded" Not "Normal BlogSpot"

  83. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.


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