Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bel Ami Stills: Lord Have Mercy, I Think I Just Blacked Out!

As is the norm, we here at Twitarded are just a smidge late to the party. I'll admit this time around it's all my fault. See the past few weeks have been so busy at work, at home, with power outages and Red Sox games -- I've barely had time to peek at Twitter or blogs or any other place that may tell me what the hell's been going on. So imagine my surprise when Kintail told me about some new Bel Ami stills that had just hit the interwebs. Wha wha whaaaat? Wherewherewhere?? Gimme. Now.

She sent me a link, I clicked and then I nearly passed out. Mostly because I seem to be burning the candle at both ends and I'm exhausted all the fucking time, but also because period Rob looks hot. And angry. And sexy. And hot. Did I say that already? Well, you get the idea. So rather than blather on about how I have company coming tomorrow and my house looks like a hurricane of dogs whipped through it, and I have no energy to clean, why don't I just show you the pictures. Of course most of you have probably already drooled over them countless times since it was like a week ago when they were released.

Make sure you have your drop cloth ready ladies because 19th-century-DuRob is going to make you lose control of all bodily functions. [Except puking. They definitely won't make you puke.] Don't say I didn't warn you.

Is he sweaty? He IS sweaty! I like sweaty...

My, my... looks like some nekkidness going on. I like naked...

Um... he looks sorta angry. Is he angry at me? I like angry...

Oooh, a wedding! Is this our wedding? If I squint really hard, that could be me. I like weddings...

Oooh, suspenders. And clothes being shed. And a big bed. I like big beds...

And just because it's lovely to watch, I thought I'd throw the trailer in there. Kinda makes you want to nut-punch someone for not getting this thing on the big screen immediately. I haz a feeling our boy is going to knock it out of the park playing man-whore Georges Duroy. I hope at least.

Somebody tell me... does Bel Ami even have a release date in the US? If it doesn't, they better get on the fucking ball or there are going to be a LOT of angry, horned-up women storming their front doors. Because gah dammit, we gonna get to see some of Rob's crack... I neeeed this crack. There's a strong possibility I could end up a Rob's crack whore. Maybe even in Rob's crack rehab. Who'll be with me?

Thanks to Cullen Boys Anonymous for the stills.


  1. ME! I'll be there with you. Holy hell. They're so hot....

  2. At risk of being crucified, I do not like period Rob at all, ewwww

    I choose anonymous since I live within driving distance of LatchKey

  3. Love, love, love Rob in this. I read the book and this looks like a good interpretation. Heard that they are looking for a distributor in the US - what's wrong with these people - somebody needs to pick it up and soon!! I'll be with you - Rob's crack whore all the way!

  4. Good thing I can bootleg this shit...I I can't..*wink wink* This looks drop dead Nasty,Whorishly provocative and I can't wait to see Rob in this..Also i LOVE Christina Ricci..

  5. Maybe we could have a Fandom Gives Back to raise the money to buy and distribute Bel Ami in the US? We would be helping all the poor women who are addicted to Rob ;)

  6. I definitely like @Dangrdafne's proposal! We are truly needy. We need to see this film nao!

    Actually, I'm kinda' scared. If there is as much sex as in the original story, I think it might dead me. I can't handle Rob's crack!

  7. @dangrdafne - now there's a fundraiser i can get behind! i still worry that they haven't released this - with that cast, what's the problem?! what are we missing???

    @anon - no crucifixions on our watch - we welcome crazies here with open arms - lol... i might like less-swarthy-rob, but the trailer looks HAWT and i'll take it!

  8. Get your sham-wow panties ready ladies 'cause Bel Ami has a US release date of October 19, 2011. That's about a month and half away to have DuROb "RUIN YOU" on the big screen.

  9. Sometimes when I look at him I think I might start getting all religious and shit....Holy fucking shit he is hot!!! I love period Rob. Yum.

  10. HOLY POO! I FLOVE period movies! This just makes me want to see Rob in some sort of Jane Austen-y / Bronte book turned film. I know this is about a French guy but it's getting closer!


  11. I remember an interview Rob did way back in '08 or early '09 when he said he was really nervous to kiss Kris in his Twilight audition, because it had been a "long time" and "he'd forgotten how to kiss a girl".

    Rob - you dirty, filthy, fucking LIAR. The likelihood of you "not knowing how to kiss a girl" is right up there with me suddenly forgetting how to breathe.

    SON, you were BORN with this skill. It's fucking obvious. Just LOOK at you! Ya little shit. You're the devil, Rob. BEALZABUB in the fucking sparkly flesh.



  12. @Mama Cougar -- comments like this just make me love you more!

    @dangrdafne -- I like where you going with that thought... we are addicts. We do need help.

    @Anon -- Smart of you to disguise yourself - I'd hate to have to hunt you down if you're so close!!

  13. Oh man, u had me at the first picture of sweaty Rob! Wooo doggie! Sign me up to be Rob's whore!

  14. Ugh I hate all of the girls in this movie. Well actually just Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman but now I hate them even more that they get to get all up on Rob. Not fair.

    I'll totally go to rehab for Rob's crack with you!

  15. beautiful all pictures and Hot looking


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