Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twihard on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

I'll be honest. I never pay any attention to the Twilight series soundtracks before the movie is released. I'm too old to know any of the artists and looking at the list just makes me feel older. (Case in point: Tony Bennett has been slighted four movies in a row now. Dude gets no respect.)

I saw the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 of 90 soundtrack list was released and didn't bother to click any of the links. I figured I'd just wait and watch the movie to confirm that I am completely out of touch with current society. Unlike Billy, I am not down with the kids.

Sometime earlier this week (all the days are running together), Suzspetals tweeted me to say Christina Perri wrote a song for the soundtrack.  I knew she wouldn't kid about something like that because she knows my level of obsession with Christina Perri. I do my best to stay on the Fan side of the Fan / Stalker line. I have been following her since she was virtually unknown. She went on her first nationwide tour earlier this year and I bought tickets 0.00004567 seconds after they went on sale. I got to see her perform in a small venue and I might have been unnaturally excited.


The show was great and Mr. TK gave me a cookie for not trying to trying to steal a lock of her hair. I read an interview with her a while back ago that she is a huge Twilight fan. (I can't find the article now, but I swear I read it somewhere.) Or maybe she is a huge fan of Nutella. My memory is shit. Either way, we have something in common.

She wrote a blog post about having a song on the soundtrack. You can find it here and I've posted the text below. 
Click for 'in yo face size.'

two years ago i made a bucket list with my best friend full of all the things i could possibly dream of. keltie + i deemed 2010 "the 10" and it was going to be the best year of our lives.

fast forward to july 2010… every single thing on my list came true (ie. quit smoking, sign a record deal, open a savings account, meet jason mraz.. etc..) seriously. it was epic + it all happened.

so this past year keltie + i decided to do it again + this time were were going to dream even bigger! the number one thing on my list this year was:
and it happened!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!! + the whole soundtrack seems amazing! im soo honored to be smack in the middle of all those artists! i am so grateful for this opportunity!

"a thousand years" is a brand new song me + my best friend david hodges wrote for bella + edward. we wrote it after we so luckily screened the movie (ahhhh! you're all going to flip out its the best movie ever!!!)

i couldn't be more proud of this song.
or more proud of myself for not giving up on my dream.

the moral of this story is:
everything is possible!
manifest your dreams!
never ever ever give up!
dream HUGE!


special thanks to: alexandra patsavas, chop shop + atlantic records xo

I can't wait to hear this song. If you're not familiar with her music, her most popular song is Jar of Hearts.

I also love Bluebird. And Bang Bang Bang. And Black + Blue. Oh, just buy her whole damn album, people. The song I am most obsessed with right now is The Lonely. I listen to this on repeat before I write. I would love to embed the video, but Blogger has deleted it four times now and I am about to Hulk out from fighting with it.

Some would say the allegory of her experience is to never be afraid to chase your dreams, impossible though they may seem.  I think the more important point is that I might not be as old as I think I am.


  1. I'm looking forward to this soundtrack. I've even pre-ordered it form iTunes. I'm looking forward to Christina Perri as well as The Features and Joy Formidable. I'm enjoying It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. Mostly, I want to hear what Carter Burwell has written. I'm also hoping they add bonus tracks and that one of them will be Rob playing Renesme's Lullabye.

  2. I have enjoyed several bands over the last three soundtracks. Some I knew but most I didn't. I knew more off the Eclipse soundtrack than the other two.

    I am also looking forward to this soundtrack. I love that so many indie bands are on all of the albums.

    I can almost keep up with my 20 year daughter with music because of these soundtracks! I'm her girl for the 80s and early 90s though. Or maybe the 70s...

  3. I really didn't recognize many (most) of the artists on this list, including Christina Perri. After watching/listening to that video, I'm definitely going to be looking forward to her song, as well as finding more she already has out! Love her voice and style - thanks for the recommendation TK!

  4. I'm sad about the lack of Muse!

    @IGiveUp - if they split the movies at the birth scene, I don't think Edward is going to be singing the lullabye to Renesmee until the second movie.

  5. I think she is a great choice for the soundtrack! I love 'Jar of Hearts' There is such an honesty of emotion she conveys when she sings.

    What I love is that she got to see the movie and then the song was written for it. Inspired by the story means she is definitely a fangirl like us!

  6. I have a few things to say about this soundtrack but I'll address those later. More importantly - who is Christina Perri?

    Miss you, TK

  7. @JJ--We can't be friends anymore.

    @Everyone else--I still love you all.

  8. @TwiKiwiFifty--Gah! You're so right! I totally forgot where the movie splits.

    @JJ--Can't wait for your input!

  9. I won't buy the soundtrack until after I see the movie. I've done that for the other 3; why change now? lol...

  10. I love Christina Perri!!!! I am sooo happy she has a song on the soundtrack and I'm sure it will be amazing! I've gotten all of my friends addicted to her album... :)

  11. I love your conclusion. We are NOT as old as we think we are. Plus, we are as young as we will ever be. Deep, right?!

    I am nowhere near as big a fan of CP as you are but anyone who cops to being such a Twilight fan when it's such a fundamentally uncool thing to be gets my vote. Plus how can you not love Jar of Hearts.

    Anyway, much love to you on the blog in general and psyched to get the soundtrack!

  12. I have only heard of two of these artists. Wow, I'm lame. And old. And totally lame. Can't wait to give it a listen though. Is it Nov. 18 yet?


  14. So who cares if you don't know all the artists before you hear the soundtrack, hasn't that been half the joy of this Twilight journey? I have found so much more music because of these soundtracks and I never feel old because of it. I feel fortunate! I can't wait to hear it all and I also love Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts is an amazing song.

  15. I just love her voice, she's so romantic, I just can't wait to see her concert.Christina Perri has been doing an important performance, indeed. does she need something else?

  16. I have been looking for the soundtrack to gift it to my girlfriend. She really likes those movies.


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