Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beardy Robert Pattinson Starts the Breaking Dawn Press Tour WOOOOT!!!

So apparently Robert Pattinson didn't get the message that "National No Beard Day" was last week. He surfaced in Paris for some Breaking Dawn-related stuff (let the PR games BEGIN!) and let me just say that Beardy Rob was lookin' GOOD. Okay I'm freaking exhausted and can't believe it's only Tuesday as I write this, but I recognize that "good" is really not going to cut it here... He looked...remarkably scruffy and lickable. I don't even like facial hair generally and I may or may not have whimpered when the photos started coming down the wire from France. I haven't been this hopped up since the debut of RomeRob! Plus it's early in the press game and he looks all refreshed and stuff. Saucy!! And a tad bit devious... Like he's up to something. Something potentially so good it's bad and maybe a little dirty. Me likee.

I'm sorry but that's all I've got... Nobody is going to be paying attention to what I write anyway given the hotness of these shots, so I won't feel too bad that I don't have anything particularly witty to add...

Well helllloooo stranger... We missed yoooooooouuu!

 Remember Rob's last big public outing at ComicCon? Moving on...

 Cheeky monkey... Someone must have given him a pep-talk before he hit the crowd!

 Seriously - has he ever looked better or more at ease in a crowd? He's working it!

Smokin'! Even if Dean forgot to tell you to tie your shoelaces.

Beardy Rob looks like the cat who ate the canary. Or something. Not going there.

 He looks like he has a secret. A veeeery diiirty secret. Maybe he'll tell you if you ask nice...

I still want to wax that uni-brow but it's waaay down on my RPatts to-do list. WAY. DOWN.

 Oh please sweet jeebus let me see this in my theater the night Breaking Dawn releases - gah! 

So are you enjoying the Robapalooza?! This is just the beginning, folks - belly up to the smexy RPatts buffet and get comfy - there's some good stuff coming our way to help pass the time between now and November 18th - bring it on!

Pics from ROBsessed and hishandobsessed.

P.S. Here is the latest amazaballs video from Biel - created in honor of ROBsessed's third anniversary - break out the champagne (or Heineken) and party hats!


  1. He does look cheeky! I like it. I like it a lot. I'm not sure if I could possibly be less eloquent right now.

  2. Rob looks absofuckinglutely smokin' HOT!! Especially that first pic... *THUD*

  3. Droooooooooool....

    I'm not usually a fan of beardy Rob, but holy fuck! I would happily endure beard rash for that. Hmmm. I'm going back to lick my computer screen for a while. Laters.

  4. Fuck. Me.

    Could he be any hotter? No. No he couldn't.

    Oh. Wait. IF he was in my bed. Naked. Yes! That would be hotter.

    These next few weeks are going to DIE me. I hope he isn't burned out before he does the U.S. premier.

    I'mma go dream about that fuzzy face now. Just ignore that buzzing sound. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. O Holy FUCK ME!
    I have nothing more to say because I am dead...

  6. My vagina exploded. Good gravy I lika da flava sava.

  7. Holy panty fireworks! I love goatees, just ask hubward, and this is almost a goatee with sideburns!! He looks dangerously fucktastic.

  8. Being no fan of facial hair in general, I was so surprised when I had to wipe the drool from my keyboard when I saw these pics. Damn. That boy is hot.

  9. I didn't think it possible, but I do believe that ParisRob has surpassed RomeRob in my fantasies! Wow. I'm so ready for November.

  10. He is so totally Robalicious!

  11. Yay! He finally looks a little like I picture him in stories. Ya know, confident, cock-y, and scruffy and yea..... list goes on and on. We all know it by heart.

  12. Hey, did y'all know they are showing Twilight on the FX channel tonight? I'm watching it again for about the 100th time.

  13. Paris and Rob? My idea of fucking Heaven!

    Oh, and I'm totes watching Twilight on FX for the 84,000th time.....I.Want.Edward!!

  14. Does anyone else think he looks like he just got head & smoked a bowl in the limo just before his appearance?? Also, yummmm!

  15. Rested. Relaxed. Freshly fucked. You're welcome.

  16. Oh yeah! Another Biel vid :-)

    Awesome, awesome. He is .... there are no words :-)

    CC x

  17. Okay, I love beardy Rob, really, I do. Goatee Rob? Ummmm, not so much. Or maybe not as much, I should say.

    That one picture where he's signing something and looking into the crowd like they're a bunch of deranged morons cracks me up. I love him.

  18. pant pant....oooooooohhhhh THANK YOU!


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