Friday, October 28, 2011

Check Your Cha-Chas: A Twitarded PSA

In our usual uber-timely style, I bring you a very important message that I found in my in-box at the beginning of this month:


Just wanted to ask if you would remind all the girls who read your blog to feel their boobs this month. It's October, breast cancer awareness month. :) I was diagnosed last year when I was 24, and 14 weeks pregnant. I am doing fine as of now but it's a horrible experience and goes to show that cancer doesn't care how old you are, if you have family history, or whether or not you breast fed your babies.

I have been following your blog (secretly of course) for about two years now and adore everything you ladies do!

Thanks ;-)


You can read more about Rachel's story and say "Hi!" at her blog, I'm a lucky one.

Men, you need to check yourselves, too.
(Rob, if you need help, we're here for you. j/s. Because we care.)

Need a little more motivation to get those hands of yours on your ta-tas??? I think I have something right up the Twitarded alley... Make sure you watch this all the way to the end - you'll thank me later - 

This app seems like a lot more fun than that mammogram I keep putting off, says the Twilight fan of a certain age...


  1. STY- My Great Aunt had breast cancer and opted to have a double mastectomy, and a very close friend of mine had breast cancer (single mastectomy) when she was 32.

    It doesn't discriminate, that's for sure. I feel my boobies quite a bit. BUT now they're saying that isn't always the best preventative measure, because a lot of women don't know what to look for. SO, do your research girls, IF anything seems off, see your Doc ASAP!

    xo J

  2. A, I love that video. B, I found lumps at like age 16 - turned out to be nothing (other than a seriously too-high daily intake of caffiene) but I hightailed it to the doctor then and still keep a close eye on them. Better safe than sorry.

    PS, do they have a Droid version of that app? I want.

  3. I was watching Eclipse when I checked the blog during a part I didn't need to give my full attention to (read: a part that Edward wasn't in). I decided to go ahead & do my breast exam - because I have been meaning to start. Then I realized how it would look to an watching Rob on TV while touching myself....well, wouldn't be the first time I guess. Nevermind.

  4. An excellent PSA. And Ruthaford has a body, yo! Damn, old man! I'm happy to check my melons if it means I get to stare at yummy boys...

    That lead guy...Anthony? He's got some seriously dark nips. Can't miss 'em. Sheesh!

  5. I'm forever absently squishing my boobs when I'm home. I hope I don't do it when I'm at the office but that might explain why people think I'm so weird.

    Great PSA, STY!!

  6. Love that PSA!! Must get app now and remember gurlz....TLC!

  7. On Sept 25 I participated in the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure in Coeur d'Alene with my daughter. I was abit nervous about the 5k walk. It was my first time and I think I'll do it again!

    There was ALOT of information at the booths and the hospital had a display that you could touch so you would know what to feel for. That helped me.

    I have had several people in my family die from other cancers than breast cancer. I was amazing to see all the people out there to support this cause. That was alot of PINK that day!

    So, I think I'll save this video and watch when I check my ta-ta's.
    Another great PSA brought to you by Twitarded!

    TLC Ladies & Gents! LOL!!

  8. Excellent PSA ladies. Glad I'm not the only one who thought the 'doc' had a hot bod too! ;-)

    Manohman! I gotta get me that app! And I'm gonna be squishing my bewbies at every opportunity from now on!

    (As it happens, one of my very close friends had a mastectomy last year. It gave me the chills when she first told me that she was going to have to have the surgery, but I've learned a lot from her. The major thing being: I don't want that to happen to me...)

    Thanks for the reminder!

    CC x

  9. A good friend of mine was just diagnosed two weeks ago. I go every November for my mammogram and check every month.


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