Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Won Edward In Forks... He Keeps Me Warm At Night

So as you've heard by now, we had some pretty amazing raffle items to give away in Forks. As much as I wanted one of those fucking awesome Red Bella-crafted pillowcases, I really secretly coveted something else. Some that would keep me warm on those cold, Maine, winter nights...

When we put out the APB on raffle items, we were happily overwhelmed with the response. Even people who weren't planning on making the trek to the Pacific Northwest were willing to donate stuff. Our friend TwiloveSue, who couldn't make the trip (much to our dismay) emailed me saying she had some things to toss into the kitty, where should she send them? I had her send them to my house. When I opened the package, I was greeted by the most wonderful Edward Cullen fleece blankie. Would anyone notice if I just, oooops, forgot to bring it to Forks?

Don't get too attached, STY. That blankie is MINE!!

My conscience got the best of me and in the luggage it went. I figured it would be nice to know I would have extra room in my suitcase on the way home -- you know, for all my purchases. But every time my hand brushed up against that fleecy goodness, I longed to just keep it for myself. I'm sort of a fleece blanket whore. My coffee table if filled with them. I think it's mainly because Mr. Latchkey likes to keep our house at a balmy 65 during the winter and our house was built in 1920 and I'm pretty sure most of the windows are original and old and drafty as all fuck. So every night, I wrap myself in fleece for my television watching.

When it came time to put my raffle tickets in the brown paper bags, I nearly dumped all 15 chances in the fleece blanket bag. But then there were those pillowcases. Those wonderfully hot pillowcases. Focus, LKW, focus! So I dropped a few in each bag and kept my stubby little fingers crossed that I just won something. And wouldn't cha know, when the blanket came up, it was me reading off the winning ticket... and wouldn't cha know, I WON THAT MOTHERFUCKING EDWARD CULLEN FLEECY GOODNESS.

What I did next, I can't be held accountable for. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same.

What? And hey! Why does Snarkier Than You look like she might be embarrassed to know me?

Oh. MA. GAH! Edward Cullen's mouth is on my ass! I can die now. Happy.

So a couple weeks have passed and my Edward blankie doesn't spend a lot of time packed away inside the coffee table because I need to feel his softness on me every damn night. The other night, Mr. LKW comes to sit on the couch and tell me he's going to wrap himself in Edward. I was like "hands off, bitch." And then he did it. My husband, who really knows nothing (or wants to know nothing) about Twilight took my coveted Edwardy fleece and wrapped himself in it.

 My ninja photography skillz are fucking legendary.

If only he knew... shhhh, don't tell him. I think this might definitely be grounds for divorce. Now if he says he wants to watch Twilight, I'm really going to start to worry!


  1. Lovely blankie!

    Tell him to keep his fucking hands off if he wants to keep them!

  2. I have this blankie too! I wrapped it around my pillow so Edward and I are "cheek to cheek" every night...sometimes, "lips to cheek"-mine, his, oh, the wonderful dreams...my hubs doesn't dare touch my Edward stuff...I'd cut off...well, I just got my new butterfly kiss, (thanks for the link!) so parts of him are redundant now...

    fyi, also have a fleece collection...hey, we live in Maine, and it's friggin' freezin' almost year-round!

  3. LKW, you have no idea how happy I was that you won!! I knew he'd go to a good home <3

  4. The Edward blankie is fuckawesome! I want one!! Congrats LKW!

  5. I was stoked to see you win that yummy fleece! I know you wanted it to go home with you :) What a fun night! There was so much awesomeness, it was hard to decide where to put my tickets...But I just had to get one of those pillowcases. And I got one! Scruffy, delicious, and so so sexy. I'm in love with my RedBella pillow. Sweet, hot, fanfic reading love.

  6. That Edward blankie is to fucking die for!! It's even more appealing to me that it's fleece....yum! Seriously, I.Want.One.Badly!!!

    Between "hands off bitch" and your mad photog skillz, my screen is covered in spewage....LMAO!!

  7. My hubby once curled up with my Edward blanket and fell asleep. Big mistake. I took a photo of him and posted it on facebook with the comment "I like to watch you sleep" It was epic. And my 5 year old daughter uses "Eggward" as her go-to blanket. Even though she claims not to like him. Good thing too. I'd take her down.

  8. Not only did LKW snap a picture ninja-style, but she also managed to email it out too. I love that picture.

  9. I am mad jealous, um....happy for you that you won the edward blanket. I put in several tickets in that bag too. I figured that if I "won" those awesome prizes theres nothing the hubs can give me grief about, however if he saw me purchase said items. He'd be like Seth from SNL - Really!??

    " Look Honey, I WON
    a Edward Blanket and Edward Doll" but I didnt win either. sadface.

    Im still hoping that one of my coworkers that "know" will secret santa me something Edward.

  10. I don't get it. If a man is draped in a blanket with Edward's face on it, doesn't that make it easier to pretend he IS Edward as you....pounce?

  11. Oh, listening to Ipod and Bella's Lullaby comes on as I'm gonna leave a comment. *sniffle*

    I was soooo happy you won, LKW!
    And to see all the raffle gifts!

    I just don't want to even think about what you've done with that blanket, that would be like reading fanfic or something! LOL

    Stay warm! Hubs pic is good blackmail material! LOL

  12. @ Danielle, "Eggward" made my heart smile!

  13. That blanket is awsome! I dumped a couple of ticketes in that bag in hopes of winning that. He's got a good home with LKW and your hubs looks so sweet curled up in it. Love the ninja picture taking....

    I wish I could print on fleece, but I don't have the $$$$ to set up to do that. Oh well the pillow cases were fun to make and I'm glad that everyone liked them.

  14. @ Red Bella, your pillowcases are incredible! I've visited your etsy link. I'd like to obtain a set of queen sized pillow cases. Can I get separate pics on each? Perhaps we should discuss in email?

    I'm JoliBijoux@ aol.com.

    Merci Beaucoup!

  15. That was a NICE fleece blanket! I am usually all about cotton and natural fabrics, but I have to admit I have a thing for fleece... And it's SO much nicer than the weird one that Hot Topic put out where Edward just looks so angry - and not "good angry he looks like he's gonna rip my clothes off angry" - mmmm...

    LOVE that you snapped this on the sly - major kudos on your ninja-ness!

  16. Ahhh! I need one of those. I had to get rid of my cats though, not one fur would be allowed to touch it. Those f*ckers fur up all my fleece bankies! On purpose. Because they hate me. Then again, one cat gave me a Twilight ornament last Christmas. Seriously. My hubs put the cats name on the to/from because he didn't want to admit supporting my addiction himself.

  17. Err..I'd have to, not had to. They still live here. Though if I had to choose, Edward blankie would win.

  18. I still want that blankie! But I am happy with my scruffy Rob pillowcase. Nom, nom, nom. I love your mad photo ninja skills. xo

  19. It was so freakin cute to watch you win that. You were so excited. While I was slightly jealous of your awesome blanket win, I am happy you won your blankie. :)

    LOVE the pic of the hubs. Freakin fantastic! Total blackmail material.

  20. Nice shots, it looks like you were having a great time.


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