Monday, October 10, 2011

Twilight Tuesdays: I Want to Go to There.

 Say it. Out loud. Twilight Tuesdays!

Today sucked hard as all Mondays do, but then I got the most intriguing email from Jenny Jerkface...

From: JJ
Subject: Some random bitchy email chain

So are we going to go see Twilight again?

Honestly, I was totally befuddled... Back when Twilight was in the theaters, JJ and I (who were not as open about our obsession as we are now) sneaked off multiple times to go see Twilight matinees, unbeknownst to either ML or Mr. Snarky. There was much hand-clutching, snorteling, discreet wearing of Twi-gear, and smugness about our ability to do this on the sly. It was like the end of Thelma and Louise but without the implied deadness. After we got over our initial shock that the movie was not really like the trailer that we had watched approximately 1,256,638 times in the weeks leading up to the release of the movie, it was all good and we needed a near-weekly fix.

We saw the other movies in the theaters multiple times, but nothing was ever like Twilight. It was like the first time you had sex, if it had been as good as you'd wanted it to be and you'd had an orgasm instead of the shitty reality.

So her email was...tantalizing, to say the least. And I had no idea what she was talking about. Was her email sent from the past? From the future where someone finally pays us insane amounts of money to blog and we have a private theater for exclusive Twilight viewings (note: when this happens, you are all invited)?

So I replied with

To: JJ
From: STY
Subject: bitchy email chain says WHAT?!

Is this a trick question???

At which point she told me that Twitter had been all aflutter with it and people who actually pay attention to what's going on in the Twidom were already making plans. Apparently, on each Tuesday in November prior to the release of Breaking Dawn Before the Spawn, select movie theaters will be playing Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (in sequence) on Tuesday nights. To be honest, I have no burning need to see New Moon or Eclipse in the theater again. I am not sure I've even taken my copy of Eclipse out of the cellophane (feel free to light the torches and cast me out of the fandom now). But Twilight??? I would never miss an opportunity to watch this on the big screen again...

Go to HERE to see if a theater in your area is participating! JJ and I will definitely be at the theater for Twilight, and we'll be dragging Myg and Sister Snarky along if they are semi-willing and have babysitters and all that other grown-up stuff attended to... What about YOU??? Say it! Out loud! In the comments...

Update: I forgot to mention that it's rumored (or possibly confirmed - I'm tired and too lazy to go research this properly) that there will be some "extras" with each of these showings - previously unreleased interviews with the cast, stuff like that (probably NOT the original audition footage shot on CH's bed, but I can dream...). So if you have never seen Twilight on the big screen before, I definitely recommend going (and I am sure those of you who HAVE seen a three-foot-tall bronze bouffant in the past will already be queuing up for an encore viewing). 


    sorry, wrong video..


  2. @Toey - lmfao! I FLOVE your vid and will be posting it proudly here SOON!!! roof of my mouth - bwahahaaaa...

  3. Jealous much!

    Last year, for the release of Eclipse, SparklyJul and I went to the triple screening. 7pm-2am in uncomfortable theatre seats was not necessarily worth it - for two movies I'd seen so many times... except of course for the shiny-ness of the new one.

    I had never seen Twilight on the big screen at that point, so it was kinda cool to relive the glory, but my arse-cheeks did not thank me.

  4. Already have the tix!! Little Spunky rolls his eyes and wonders why I would pay $12 to go see something I have on DVD. Twilight IS the ultimate movie of the saga. I will go see it anytime it comes to big screen. Something about the cheap indy quality. :D

  5. omg, I so want to see Twilight on the big screen; never have. The same for NM. My local theatre is participating!! Note to self: email Nancy tomorrow!!! :D :D :D

  6. I can't decide yet if I am going because the nearest theater that is showing it is an hour and a half awary. I have yet to see Twilight in the theater because I didn't get into Twilight until after the movie was on DVD. Do you think that its worth the drive? I would go to see any movie that Rob is in!

  7. My local theater is participating....yippeee! This is the absolute perfect kick-off to my Birthday Month which will climax with the viewing of BD1. It looks like I will need to book some sitters because that is the same night Mr. VitR has soccer. Hell, maybe I will just bring the kids, on second Squeeeeee!!!!!

  8. Me too@TwiKiwi50 not here either.
    I miss Twilight Edward. The hair, the bad make up, the peacoat, the little half smile during the kiss, the look, Pianoward....le sigh......
    Sure CH fucked up a lot of things (the meadow hello) but she captured the look & emotion of it all the best. X

  9. My small Louisiana town has no theater in town (but we are a charming historic port town with lots of haunted houses. I have one and...Fuck, I digress. I am the poster child for ADD), so I called all the theaters in the nearby city...they have no such activities planned. "Big City" movie theater manager, you suck...and yes, I am saying it---out loud.

    Tomorrow, I'll check with the Baton Rouge theaters. Since the BD cast spent so much time there, perhaps a savvy PR person might just use such an opportunity to promote the recent influx of films being shot here.

    Fingers and legs crossed...until I re-read "The List" that is. Wish me luck. I hate having missed out on SQUEEEing to the Precious on the big screen.

  10. Oh, and for the record, that cafeteria entrance scene with that smokin' hot smirk has, unbeknownst to him, gotten my S/O passionately laid on more occasions than I should admit, since I am 46 (when the fuck did that shit happen? Again, apologies, I am the Queen of Digression) and my son is only 2 years younger than RobWard.

    God, when you actually see those words on the screen, I feel like one nasty bitch...and not in the good way. ;)

  11. I'll definitely be going to see Twilight on the big screen! I am soooooo excited to see Edward's (Rob's) piano solo which is the special feature on this movie.

    ditto @STY @SpunkyBookworm @StackedLikeSookie @JoliBijoux (lol)

    @OCD56 - YES! Definitely worth it if you haven't seen it larger than life yet.

  12. Yes please!

    Twilight Tuesdays were made for me! I'll be at every one!

  13. I would so go, but no one will go with me and I'm way too shy to go alone. sad panda.

  14. YES!! I can hardley wait. I am coming to NYC to see BD1 with Misstejota..I am so excited to be seeing this with (family) If they play it in my area, I won' t miss it. I love the cafeteria's like ..wait for it..wait for it..*swooon/sigh* It IS almost time..skaweeeee.

  15. In the KC area there are theatres doing Twilight Tuesdays and one theatre that is doing the marathon on November 17th.
    There's going to be nothing better than waiting in line outside a theatre in November with a thermos of hot chocolate, Bailey's and peppermint schnapps with 15 of your best Twilight obsessed bitches.
    As soon as we drop the kids at school on 11/17, we're all off to eat breakfast, to the liquor store for multiple purse sized bottles of liquor, Wal-Mart for giant boxes of candy and then perhaps lunch before we go to the theatre and await Twilight's start time of 4pm!
    Hell yeah!!! Giddy up!

  16. I can't believe the only Maine theater it's playing in is Brunswick. Really? *sulks*

  17. I don't really feel the need to go (I haven't taken my Eclipse out of the celophane either), but I have to admit I really, really want to watch Eclipse with the Rifftrax. Last year they had a special showing where they played TW and NM before the midnight showing and I brought my iPod loaded up with the Rifftrax of TW and NM. I tried really hard not to laugh, but by the end of NM I was almost peeing my pants. Let's just say the ladies around me weren't too pleased.

    I purchased the EC Rifftrax, but I haven't yet taken the time to enjoy it. I hadn't really considered going to the movies in November, but I am a bit intrigued. Anyone live in San Diego, have an earphone splitter and want to giggle with me on Tuesdays?

  18. Going! I bought mine and @jiffsimpson's tix! It's been so long since I've seen Twilight/New Moon on the big screen...can't wait for the cafeteria scene and the sex walk w/ a 10 foot tall Edward! *SQUEEEE*

    Don't sit by me. I'll quote the movies the whole time. It's a sickness. I can't stop myself. Even when I try not to, words still slip out.

  19. I wanna GO since I've never seen Twilight on the big screen (I was late to the party...) only on DVD.

    Anyone going in Westchester NY? I'm all alone here!?

  20. Even though I knew that all the theatres listed would be in the US (cos we call them cinemas!) I still had to check :( You lucky lucky women. Not showing in Forks or Port Angelus I notice tsk tsk.
    @JoliBijoux - that is hilarious about the smirk pmsl

  21. Just got confirmation from my theater that they will be participating. I probably shouldn't be this excited to finally get to see it on the big screen, but I have no shame. Sooo happy about this!

    @LKW I think they will be updating that list as more theaters decide to participate, so keep checking!

  22. Mine is playing all 4 on the 17th starting at 4pm.. Last year I watched Twilight & New Moon before Eclipse and I survived but I'm like you.. I Love Love Love Twilight but I didn't care for the over Hollywood'ized New Moon & Eclipse. But I think I will but a tix just to see Twilight again on the big screen!


    I was LTP with reading the books.. I think I read them all in a 1 week span, after the movie had been on DVD for a week or two. I CANNOT wait to see Twilight Edward on the big screen. I bought only 1 ticket, so nobody can distract me from the beauty. Sorry, in-laws who usually go with me to the midnight showings... hehe :)

  24. No worries STY there will be no torch or pitchfork in my hand. My copy of Eclipse may be out of the cellophane but I haven't watched it since I saw it in theater. I might consider going to see the movies at the theater again though...

  25. Thanks for this info! I was VERY late to the party, so Eclipse was the first one I saw on the big screen. Luckily the local theater is participating. I've bought tickets for me and my bestie who introduced me to the series (and loaned me all the books and CDs the week before Eclipse came out).

    I will be purchasing a Twitarded shirt to wear!

  26. I'm so late to this party, but I just emailed my twi-nerd herd of 17 ladies. I will definitely see Twilight because I never saw it on the big screen. The others....I could be talked into.
    How exciting!!!

  27. Hi Amy E! My friend and I will be going to the Cortlandt Town Center in Cortlandt Manor/Mohegan Lake on Nov. 1, Twilight is playing there at 7:30. We'll be decked out in our Twi-gear, leave a note if that movie theater is convenient for you! P.S. I always bring a special beverage so I hope you're over 21!!!!!

  28. Thanks for the response Kat D! Yay!
    I'll meet you ladies there at around 7ish on 11/1!? I gave away my Twi-shirt (don't ask!) so I'll be in civilian clothing (shame...).
    email me if you can -

  29. Oh, and yes, I'm WAY over 21 :)

  30. I CANNOT wait to see Twilight in the theaters again. Maybe we can even lie about where we are going, just like the good ol' days, right???

    What day is this on again???

  31. Hey I am in a Vampire Musical. I play a role like Bella but her name is Veruca. Story line is like Twilight too! Check out my promo video and if you are in Colorado hit me up so I can set you up with some tickets! :)

  32. Hey guys, help me make a decision here. I really want to do Twilight Tuesdays, but the theater I'm looking at is also doing a marathon the day before the release. I'm enticed by the exclusive footage of the Twilight Tuesdays thing, but the marathon has goodies (hat, miniposter, and cards) and is cheaper. Any advice?

  33. If I could, I would do both, but if you can't then just keep in mind that the marathon will be harsh. Lots of sitting and eating theater food so you might make up your up front savings by going to the snack bar more often then you'd like. Last time we did the three in a row and my butt was killing me after. On the other hand... it was a lot of fun and I might do it again if it was offered in my area.


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