Friday, November 4, 2011

The Twilight Trifecta and Cement. Perfect Together.

So, apparently yesterday something B-I-G went down in Twidom. Twitter feeds were going crazy and the Twitter fail-whale was weeping. Fangirls were, well, fangirling their faces off and somewhere, scientists were trying to figure why their sonars were picking up bizarre, high pitched, shrieking sounds.

I heard entire bat colonies were freaking out and flying into walls and shit.

Naturally, because I am the biggest fail at being a Twilight blogger, I was hiding in the bathroom in my office playing Words With Friends with my mom when this all went down.

And it all had to do with the Twilight trifecta and some cement. No, KStew and RPattz didn't finally throw wolf-boy-with-the-blazingly-white-teeth into a cement mixer.

Instead, there was a big ceremony and the threesome got to play around with cement. Jesus, that sounds dirty.

There was apparently some footsies involved in this ceremony, which I'm pretty sure sent the Robstens into a frenzy, the nonstens into a cyclone of denial and the don't-give-a-crapstens into a... don't-give-a-crap-land.

 Holy shit she's going for IT, isn't she??? That monster in his pants!!!

As usual, everyone looked fabulous and Robert Pattinson looked even more fabulouser than anyone else.

 Oh dear lawd, that tongue (see more pictures over at Robsessed! Just make sure to put a tarp over chair first.)

To be fair, I usually avoid watching stuff like this because it makes me jealous. I mean, the last time I wrote my name in cement there was no one taking my picture and cheering. Instead, I got chased off the work site by a bunch of hairy construction workers. So not cool.

Something about RPattz on his knees makes mine wobbly...


All in all, I'm sure it was a great ceremony but there is something even more important about this event.

It's the beginning, people. This is the beginning of the insanity that always occurs right before a Twi-movie comes out. It's a taste-- just the tip, if you will-- of the oodles of delicious pictures we are going to be inundated with of the precious until Breaking Dawn comes out in THIRTEEN DAYS.



  1. Play WWF with me for once in your life!!!

    Thank God for 2 monitors at work...that's all I'm saying. This was a time suck yesterday morning..and a good one!

    BTW this is what Rob's hand was doing while Kristen's was on his leg..

  2. Fuuuuuuuck! He looks good in a suit!

    Thirteen more wake-ups!

  3. PMSL! JJ, your take on things never fails to slay me....about to go read this to DG, I know he'll piss himself, he loves your posts.

    I watched the whole shenanigan go down from my work computer. LUCKY for me, the boss works from home on Thursdays. Needless to say, I got nothing done yesterday. NOTHING.

    Bring it on, I'm to the LA convention tomorrow!


    xoxo love ya hoor.


  4. Ever wonder how long KStew sat and practiced her pretty autograph???

  5. All I could think watching them do that was God, I hope Kstew has some shorts on under that dress, because in that position she's one slight breeze away from flashing her coochie on (inter)national tv. There were so many possible upskirt shots from that angle, but good job on keeping those legs clamped tightly together sweetie. Edward would approve.

  6. If I were The Stew, I'd constantly touch his monster....just sayin'.

  7. It's gonna be a fucking CRAZY couple of weeks! I can't imagine what it must feel like for them...All I have to do is double click my mouse constantly (PUN INTENDED).

    @Jaymes HOLY SHIT. Awesome angle. Grab that ass, Rob.

    VW: bovegat

    Running my tongue into the grooves of Rob's signature? I ain't a bovegat.

  8. This was such an awesome event! I couldn't watch it live, as it aired at 5:30pm GMT, which is just about the time I'm driving home from work, but I was lucky enough to catch up online later.

    Aren't they cute? But someone's gotta tell KStew to start wearing some spanks, cuz her dresses are getting shorter and shorter :-o Actually, scratch that, I think someone already did, cuz I think I spotted some on Leno later...

    With all the hype so far, I'm positively wetting myself in anticipation of #BD1 - I'm gonna be one hot mess in the cinema!

    CC x

    wv: nessizi - Hmmmm, Nessie, or necessary? IDK...

  9. *thunk*


  10. Totes off topic but the picture of Edward in the tree made me think of this. I was watching Twilight in the theaters on TwilightTuesday and when he jumped into the tree I laughed my ass off because it made me think of Jimmy Fallon doing his Bothered skit.

    Don't mind me, I'm a little drunk.

  11. It must be exhausting for these three. And their ears must ache from all the screaming, lol.

    11 more days until Breaking Dawn!!! WOOT!!

  12. Rob a suit...then on all a the hot sun...kneeling....dirty, dirty thoughts.

  13. I just wish they had done this a little earlier from the TwiTour and premiere so that we could have seen the cement out at the Theater when we were all there. I liked their ceremony and I thought they all looked amazing.


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