Monday, January 2, 2012

E! Online Announces Celeb of the Year

In case you didn't hear (which I'm sure you have because as usual, we're a day late and a dollar short 'round here), E! Online recently announced their celeb of the year and the winner is... drumroll please... Robert Pattinson. *tosses confetti* Surprise, fucking surprise. This makes RPattz a two-time champ for this contest and once again he beats out the 63 other celebrities in a 5-week battle on What cracked me up even more was who he defeated for the crown -- none other than the Bella to his Edward, Kristen Stewart.

"Guess what second place is? Looooosing!" *giggle giggle*

You can tell I didn't have a whole lot of time over the holidays to peruse the interwebs seeing as I'm just hearing about this today! Seriously, it was announced like 5 days ago. Someone pull my fan card immediately. I suck balls at keeping on top of this shit.

I'm not surprised at the results -- RPattz had two big-ass movies come out this year. Water for Elephants in April and Breaking Dawn: Before the Spawn in November, both putting him front and center in the spotlight and generally all over the place! And he managed to pull it all off without even one crazy stalker claiming he had fathered her baby. Take that, Justin Bieber!

The Water for Elephants premiere in NYC last April to throngs of adoring fans -- present company included, although I did totally pussy out and didn't sleep on the street in the rain to get a wristband to the special viewing area. That's ok though. Double_Dippin, Laxplays and I were quite happy with the view from our footstools (courtesy of Mr. Laxplays). I imagine this premiere was a million times tamer than any of the Twilight movies.

Look, I even circled us -- and the arrow is pointing right at my head! 
Fuck yeah, those stools kicked ass!

And then the big kahuna, the creme de la creme for any Twitard -- Breaking Dawn Part 1 in LA in all its tent city glory. My admiration for you brave souls runs deep. I don't have the patience or the balls for this sort of craziness. Plus, they would probably have frowned upon me packing heat in such a crowd. What? I need to protect myself from stuff -- like wolves and shit.

"Yo, motherfuckers.... this shit is totally getting me E! Online Celeb of the Year again. You're going down, *giggle giggle* Stewart!" (Not sure why I had to make RPattz all gangsta...)

Both premieres meant loads of interviews and appearances in multiple countries for young Mr. Pattinson which he executed with grace and uber hotness as usual -- despite most likely being ridiculously exhausted. Will I ever tire of seeing his smile and listening to his goofy giggle? I hope not...And while I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's not the greatest actor in all of actor-land, he certainly is the fucking prettiest.

Congratulations on your title, Rob! I'd love to express my compliments in person, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* Call me.


  1. I had no idea either so total fan fail over here as well! I'm glad he won... not like I would have thought differently. Now when is he going to win People's Most Beautiful Person Alive or whatever the F it's called?!

  2. What? You haven't been voting for him every week? Does someone need a personal prompt / reminder whenever there is a contest / poll with Rob in it?

    Even I take time away from my fan-fic reading to vote in these silly things! I have to -- cause he's so purrr-ty!

  3. @Jaymes805- I know, right? Those ass kissers at Peoples mag need to prioritize their shit and vote The Pretty most beautiful man alive. I swear they keep choosing these 'meh' looking guys like Ryan Reynolds, Matt fucking Damon, and George Clooney. Ugh! Then I ask myself in the checkout aisle... why the hell do I care? We, who are in the know, know exactly who's hot enough to melt the panties off a nun. RPatz, that's who.

  4. I had no idea either. I get all of my news from twitter these days, so really I blame all of you for my ignorance.

    That first Robsten picture... oh, my eyes. Too. much. beauty. Your captions made me giggle :)

  5. We, who are in the know, know exactly who's hot enough to melt the panties off a nun. RPatz, that's who. ahhhahhahahahahahaha!!!! I could not have said it any better myself :)

  6. Awesome post. I like and love them all. Ive watch their movies and I was impressed. Big thanks for sharing.


  7. Robert Pattinson? Who is that?


    I've been such a total fail at this sort of thing lately. I'm blaming it on the holidays.

  8. I don't care is she second place, I'd swap with her cause let's face it...she won the grand prize!!!!

  9. @Casch - Very well put, if I do say so myself. :)

  10. *shakes pompoms* Hoorah! Go Rob! Cos, y'know, we know you don't have too many fans out there, good on you for scraping together a couple of people to vote for you.

    I could look at him looking at her all day long. BEAUTY.


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