Thursday, February 2, 2012

Audi Goes Vampire Crazy!

Super Bowl commercial spoiler warning!!

I know I tortured you all with my Super Bowl post the other day and I'm sorry, really [note from STY: No you're not.]. But who wouldn't love to get inside the head of the advertising executives and be a witness to their incredible thought process when trying to come up with a suitable and memorable commercial for the Super Bowl? This year a 30-second television commercial within the confines of the big game will cost a national advertiser upwards of $3.5 million. That, my friends, is a whopping $116,667 per second for a commercial with no guarantees on how many eyeballs will actually see it. We gotta go pee at some point!!

Who doesn't love the Coca-Cola bears??

So you can imagine that these companies that are ponying up this type of dough want to fucking WOW the viewers. Working at an ad agency, I'm always very interested in the ads (as much as I am about the game even!) and we usually spend the next week at the office criticizing or commending the final idea that hit the airwaves.

What I love about this day and age of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube is being able to get a sneak peak of the spots before they air. And the car companies have hit it out of the park this year. For instance, VW has incorporated a Star Wars theme again -- if you haven't seen this year's spot yet (click here if you want it), I won't spoil it for you but I fell in love (despite my extreme loathing for VW). They even put out a teaser (see below) for the spot that was almost more entertaining than the actual spot!

And Honda's spot featuring Matthew Broderick, reprising his role as Ferris Bueller, promises to entertain based on the previews floating around the interwebs. And Toyota looks to have gone way outside their comfort zone with a hilarious "It's Reinvented!" theme for the new Camry. Fucking nearly pissed my pants laughing at this one!

But so far, my favorite has to Audi. Leave it to the German car company to latch on the vampire craze and create one amazing 60-second spot. One website says "If you like classic emo and Twilight, with a funny twist at the end, you should love this ad as much as we do." The spot highlights Audi's new headlight technology... and that's all I'm going to say. I'll let the spot do the rest of the talking.

So what do you think? Will the promise of clever advertising get you to watch the big game?


  1. I love the commercials!!! I hope this year is better than the last couple of years.

    PS: Long live 80's music!!!

  2. Love the Audi one! I only watch for the commercials. (Sorry, LKW!)

    1. NO need to apologize... I understand not everyone can be a rabid football fan like me!! :)

  3. I could give a flying rat's ass about the Super Bowl but holy shit was that Audi commercial hysterical.

    Plus, I'm a fan of that Echo and the Bunnymen song...

  4. Oh, and that song was on Donnie Darko. Now that I have it in my head, dammit.

  5. Oh for all that's holy please please do not mistake this brilliant Car
    for a product of Sweden :/ they are German made in my hometown
    and they are fuck AWESOME GO Audi!!! :)

    Love the Superbowl commercials why dont u post a selection
    of the ones u liked best afterwards please :D
    we dont get to see them over here

  6. That was EPIC! The only thing I WILL be watching during the super bowl is the commercials.

  7. I sae this one the other day too, it was pretty sweet.. Can't wait for the game got a 3 day weekend party gearing up my liver...lord have mercy and.....GO PATS!!!

  8. At least we know now why Edward drives a Volvo and not an Audi!

  9. This makes me want to break out ALL my best 80s music!

    And I'll be the one shushing everyone during the commercials on Sunday.

    : )

  10. There was no Super Bowl when I was born, and life is short so thanks for the vids, esp Audi. Part spider monkey part True Blood fangs.

    Even when Twilight is misrepresented this way, it's super how it's infiltrated everything and never stops.

    I read yesterday that there is now fanfic based on "The Social Network," which includes a story in which Mark Zuckerberg and whiny Facebook co-founder Eduardo Severin are lovers, and where Eduardo is a vampire......

  11. OMG!!!!!! I love that Audi commercial!! Hahahahaha hah!!

  12. I LOVE football but this year I could care less about the two teams - sorry. So I will only be watching for the commercials this time.

  13. Best part of the commercial was the use of the song, "The Killing Moon", one of the best songs EVER by Echo & the Bunnymen (it's my fave and fk yes, it was in Donnie Darko!)...

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