Thursday, February 9, 2012

Forks High School Yearbook

High school. Those two words either caused you to shit your pants or relive your glory days. I'm in the former category. After years of intensive shock therapy I've managed to block out most of my teen years. The pressure is insane. You're surrounded my immature idiots, raging hormones pump through your veins, and you're somehow supposed to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. Fuck that noise. I wanted to go to Space Camp for the rest of my life, and here I am... not at Space Camp. 

I remember taking a number of bogus aptitude tests during my formative years and they all came back suggesting a career in landscape design. I would totally be down with that if it didn't involve  being outside, interacting with nature, and getting my hands dirty. Clearly this was someone's idea of a joke. 

Do you remember those lame yearbook predictions of "most likely to...?" I don't remember if we had those or not, but mine was probably something like "Most Likely to Photo Bomb the Senior Class Picture." What would those crazy Twilight characters say about each other?

 Bella Swan: Most Like to Fall into Money, Marry Well and Still Find a Reason to Whine.

Edward Cullen: Most Likely to Die of Awesomeness.

 Mike Newton: Most Likely to Work at Winn Dixie.

 Jessica Stanley: Most Likely to Answer Every Question with "Movie Night with Bellaaaa."

 Eric Yorkie: Most Likely to be the Last to Realize He's Gay. (Tough break, Angela!)

Tyler Crowley: Most Likely to Star in Ice Road Truckers.

Now it's your turn! What predictions would you make? Do you think Mr. Banner / Molina is likely to change teams from "Green is good!" to "Purple's cool?" Do you think Rosalie Hale is most likely to start and then flounce her own fan club? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Charlie Swan - most likely to become a porn star (with a hot 'stache!)

  2. I'm too busy laughing my ass off at all of these to truly decide.

    I do lucky Rugbymom's suggestion though!

    Jasper Hale - Most Likely to Die From Constipation.

    I used to poo-poo those senior superlatives. Until I won one. Most Bizarre. Not even making that up.

  3. Ahh high school. I was Senior Most Talkative...can you believe it?!?! I can't. Amanda was Senior Most Friendly. Clearly nobody knows us at all.

    I died of laughter at Erik's. How did they make him straight in the movie. Is Angela secretly a dude?

    Hmmmm this is a tough one.

    I'll have to think and come back.


      Esme - most likely to make you feel warm and fuzzy without actually doing a god damned thing

      Carlisle - most likely to melt your panties without actually doing a god damned thing

  4. Lmao... how did my comment become a reply????

    Oh... the vodka...duh

  5. We did an anti-year book most likely. You know our way of rebelling from the sheep of 1998, yet conforming at the same time. I was voted most likely to be in the longest common law marriage. I am still with the same guy, but it's legal, you know for taxes, health insurance, and love.

    Jacob- Most likely to hump a leg.

    That's pretty lame. I got nothing.

  6. Jacob Black - most likely to be caught on an episode of Dateline and getting Chris Hansen's autograph.

    I'm so happy I went to a vocational school where I spent 7 hours of the day bullshitting in a kitchen making food for the teachers. They trusted students to feed the teachers. BWAHHAHA!!! Idiots...I can recall many days where the was a little extra something in a brownie here and there.

  7. Bwaaaaaahaha! I love all of these!

    Emmett Cullen: Most likely to pop a muscle working out.

  8. Hahaha! FLOVE Bella's, so true!!! Poor Yorkie... ok, not really.

    Jacob Black - most likely to lurk around as an awkward 3rd wheel. Forever.

    Mike Newton - most likely to overestimate his talent and attempt to become a dancer. (Haha, he's got some skillz in Twilight and BD1. *snort*)

  9. OMG ..great answers...this is so funny.
    Jaymes - most likely to be caught in a tutu....I don't know, I was going with the whole ballet studio thing.
    Rose- most likely to get caught stealing a baby
    You guys are good.

    1. Oh wait there's more.
      Jacob- most likely to chase tail
      Alice-most likely to cry over a wardrobe malfunction


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