Monday, April 20, 2009

Gratuitous Zexy Robert Pattinson & TwiCast Pics + Twilight Board Game Q&A

Sometimes I am glad that I am a bit of a Robward-come-lately to the whole Twilight scene. Sure, sure - it would be nice to say you were one of the first people to get all nutty and Twitarded, have that tatty first-edition book to prove your Twi-cred, converted your poor innocent friends before they even knew what hit them, and so on... But I think I am the lucky one when it's all said and done. For starters, I didn't have to wait several long, surely-agonizing years in between the time when I started Twilight and the moment when I tore through the last pages of Breaking Dawn (how DID you people manage?!). It was a matter of days for me. There' s almost nothing I love more than finding a new author I adore who has a large catalog of work that I can make my way through, and this was like hitting the jackpot in that regard. Plus, by the time I had finished the books, the movie was on the horizon--a mere matter of months away!--and I could occupy myself with watching the trailer over and over and over again on YouTube in the interim. I loved the trailer! Actually, I miss the trailer a ton and I think I'm gonna go watch it again right after I post this... Oh heck - you know you miss it now, too - here you go!

On the down-side, I came face-to-face with the stark reality of all the stuff I missed out on when I came across this freaking Twitabulous picture as I was searching for a random Twilight image online:

Don't be afraid, Robward - I'll save you!!!

OK, so some of you have already seen this photo. I realize that. After I regained my composure, I did a little checking into it, and this is from a series of pics and out-takes from "V-Man" that appeared on the scene some time back in January. But back then, scoping out Twi-blogs for the good stuff wasn't really on my radar. I started this blog and did my first post at about that time [to date: one lonely comment... where's the love?! browse our archives, people! we wrote some funny shit that nobody ever read! lol...], and since I essentially started this blog to spite JJ for telling me I wouldn't be able to post all-Twilight-all-the-time stuff on the blog she started and asked me to join, it just never occurred to me that I could satisfy my burning need for Twi through reading blogs until a bit later (seems absurd now, I know, but I didn't frequent Blogger until then - I had no idea what I was missing out on!).

Anyhoo, expect me to post occasional random older-but-awesome stuff like this. I missed it, and you might have, too. And even if you saw it back in January, didn't you forget until this very moment how much it rocked??? You can thank me later...

Speaking of thanks, Anna over at Peace. Love. TWILIGHT! has been kind enough to offer her assistance with some of the bloggy tech-y stuff that is over the head of the likes of JJ and me (my 10-year-old nephew could probably teach me a thing or two, but it seems ever-so-slightly more dignified to ask someone outside of the family who doesn't have a 9:00 bedtime to help us out). Yay Anna! You're fabulous!

Anna is currently asking people to submit questions for her upcoming interview with Jonathan Keefer, who is one of the designers of the soon-to-be-released Twilight Board Game. You can read the whole post HERE. So ask away! What do YOU want to know about the game??? Personally, I'm wondering what he makes of the whole Twilight thing in general, since I am assuming he is a game designer by profession, not a Twi-fan who made a game (but who knows - I could be wrong on that!). What do you think??? Head over there to share your questions, or if you're too enthralled with the awesomeness that is Twitarded to click away even for a brief moment, share your thoughts in the comments section here and I will forward them over to Anna for you. Either way, Peace. Love. Twilight! will credit you if your question is used, so stay tuned!

And oh what the heck - you've all been good and I [heart] you, so I will break out a real razzle-dazzler for ya' for being so wonderful! MWAH!!! Who loves you, baby? Sweet dreams!

OME oh my...! [swoon...melts...]


  1. STY - I can never get enough RPattz/Twi-crack, so keep it coming! Also, from someone who lost a whole evening reading every post on your blog (you two SERIOUSLY stole a Friday night away from my DH, who puts up with my obsessive Twinternet nonsense admirably), I can attest to the fact that the early posts were just as funny as the more recent once.

    Just don't stop blogging or else I'll have to start trolling for new crack! As if all the fan-fic that Meadow from Twilight-Headed has been suggesting hasn't been keeping me busy. Sheesh!

  2. I love that VMan pic in ungodly ways. It was my laptop background for forever!

    And I too have also read your entire blog. I probably should have commented, but I was laughing too hard!

  3. YAY! Good to hear - I know some of the earlier posts were essentially little more than JJ and I lobbing snarky comments back and forth, but man were were having some fun even if nobody else saw/read it but us most of the time!

    @Heather - don't worry - you are stuck with us! I can't see us going anywhere... Maybe we should set up a network of "abandoned DHs" - like the can have play-dates or something, and then we won't have to feel bad for abandoning them for the computer?? : )

    @Whitley - VMan wallpaper?! Hmmm... I might have found THE only pic that could replace "Edward Staring Moodily Across the Parking Lot" - you know the one I mean! - DH is probably getting tired of seeing that one anyway, might as well mix it up! Good thinking...

  4. I too have read all your postings :) Last Fri night my man was out of town which meant I was free to sit at the computer until the wee hours of the night. What fun! Keep it coming. I agree w/ you about the advantages of being a late comer to the game (Nov '08) I seriously would not have been able to function w/o instant access to the books. I too troll to see what great pics and articles I missed before I even knew Twi existed,

    Keep up the snarkiness!

  5. I just read your first post and I'm thankful to hear that another 40-year old is taken by the whole Twilight phenomenon!

    I'm a little confused about something - on March 21st, the DVD release date (as I'm sure you already know!), my friend bought the board game yet you say it hasn't been released yet. Was there more than one board game available?

    Oh and whatever happened to the Twilight perfume?! Was that for real?!

  6. Somehow I have missed the baseball pic! Such a nice way to start the day. :)

  7. I honestly don't think I'll be able to concentrate on a lick of work for the rest of the afternoon after those pics! Not sure if I should say 'thanks' or 'you evil, evil bitches!!' I have to agree with you though on the advantages of coming into the Twi-game late. If I didn't have all 4 books to read immediately, someone would have had to commit me. I never thought of anything else -- not work, not my husband, nothing!

    I also have to say once I discovered your blog, I too lost an entire evening (and maybe some work time too) devouring every last entry. And laughed my ass off the whole time! You ladies fecking rock!

    Thanks for blogging and making me feel like it's ok to be Twitarded at my age!

  8. @Koolio - Oops! Must be my bad - the Twilight game could have been release and maybe I just wasn't aware of it - sorry for the confusion! Now where can I get my hands on one??? (Seriously.)Sorry - will do my homework next time!

    @SEJ207 & mel720w [what's with the names. ladies?!]- I have to admit that it makes me extremely happy to know that you both killed an evening or two reading the blog! Somehow the knowledge that I am not the only one who has found it to be a huge time-sucking vacuum comforts me! lol... We'll keep up the snark and you can call us whatever names you want (it's probably all true - we are ok with it).
    : )

    @Aggie 99 - I KNEW there would be people who had missed that one - and I had to do my part to fix that! I look at that baseball pic and I suddenly get the whole "Bella's heart fluttering/forgetting to breath" thing! When OME has the dazzlemeter set to "stun" - it's like it practically puts you into a trance or something - lol! Holy crap but he's good-looking...

  9. It's cool that your posting older stuff. That's all we got and for me it was the same. I didn't discover Twilight till Feb. 09!! So how late in the game am I and it's like before Twilight, I didn't care nor know what it was, then when I knew. It was everywhere. It jumps out from the wood works and for those that love SM, you become so absorbed in these characters and practically live in Forks in your head. Now only if we could get SM to maybe write a few more books later on down the road.

  10. Hey,

    I agree 100% and more.I read Twi because I saw the trailer (I feel that I am no less of a person tho) and so only had to wait for BD-yay me!! when they were done-Like you-I had U-tube shaped eyes due to multiple trailer watching. Good times. *sigh*

    Board game tho? really?
    Mind you I said that about Plastic Edward....a couple of months went by and yep, I have one *sigh*


  11. @Snarkier - I totally support the DH play group. Where should I send mine? Will you have beer so they don't get bored?

    @Corr - I'm still holding out on the mini-Edward. Is it worth it? Or am I denying myself endless laughs and hysterical pics?

  12. I'm pretty sure my friend got the game at the Hot Topic store in town. They pretty much have everything Twilight there.

    By the way, I now have my very own Edward Cullen action figure! Well, it's really for my 8 year old daughter but she doesn't know it yet. When she does, I'm sure she'll faint, lol.

  13. You rock my world! Thanks so much guys, you're awesome. Hopefully I get a lot of PR for this interview. :)

    Oh btw, I love how you compared me to a ten-year-old. :P How'd you guess? Haha.

    Did I mention I love you?


  14. Hi Girls,

    I've been lurking for a while and felt the need to finally comment. First of all, I love your blog. I am also a 30(something) and totally twitarded as are all of my friends. I check out quite a few of the blogs and fansights and yours by far is the most entertaining!

    I have a suggestion for some new reading material. If you haven't already read Christopher Moore's books, I highly recommend his work. "Bloodsucking Fiends" and the sequel "You Suck" are about vampires and totally hilarious as are all of his books (which are not all about vampires).

    I look forward to reading where Little Edward ends up next!

  15. @Heather - we're not big beer drinkers but we make a might mean cocktail - if he also plays wii, we're golden! And definitely go for it and get yourself an Edward. Totally worth it, dignity be damned.

    @Honolulu Girl - Right?! It's like when you break up with someone and suddenly you see stuff about relationships everywhere!! But it is nice to be a late-comer - I would have died if this had dragged out over years (and it might have put DH over the edge). : )

    @Koolio - your kid knows she's going to have to share with mommy, right?? And the Twilight perfume is totally real (I can't make shit like that up) and smells like ass. The have it at Hot Topic - sniff at your own risk!

    @Corr - I have resigned myself to the fact that while this whole Twi thing is relatively cheap as far as addictions go,I do require the occasional purchase of Twi-merch. I want that game.

    @Peace. Love. Twilight! - we totally [heart] you too! LOL - I guess I didn't really consider the comparison to a 10-year-old fully, but if it makes you feel better my nephew is very tech-savvy and cool! : ) These days kids are on the internet before they can talk - I consider myself lucky that I have what little lame computer skills I do!

    @mmMoxie - yay! We love to lure the lurkers out of the woodwork! Glad you are enjoying it (and that you have friends who are into it - I'm not sure what I would do without JJ - oh yeah, I would never have read Twilight in the first place - lol! Little Edward is always on the go, so stay tuned for future hijinks! & thanks for the reading suggestions - I will take a look (the name of the sequel sounds promising...)!

  16. Crap STY, now you know I'm gonna' have to buy the perfume for my daughter as well because I think smelling like ass at 8 years old is cooler than smelling like, well, whatever a normal 8 year old girl smells like (which isn't always a pretty scent, if you catch my drift!)!

    I'm wondering come they couldn't make it an irresistible scent like Edward's supposed to have?! I'm certain Stephenie Meyer didn't implicate in any of the books that Edward smelled like ass!

  17. Amazing pic....

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Blogger -Corr said...

    @Heather-Go get him, he is so worth it in the end!!!!
    (sorry screwed up the post above lol)

    @STY-yep....give me a couple of months-and I will have the game. :( At this point it will just be a case of 'well I have everything else'.

    Have just found a Bella style saints bracelet on my arm OME-how did tat get there?!


  20. I am a rubbish blog-reply-er!!!!
    Notice slip up in last sentence?
    (its not tat, its nice)

  21. Oh my seriously! So I must admit, I'm skipping the comments above due to my lame excitement (will read after I post this) because I am shaking! LOL BOY I'm for the gay. But anyway...

    I read the books back in Aug. and didn't have a clue there was this whole world out there, my kids were driving me nuts and I had nothing to do with my life. I feel the EXACT same way, watched the trailer a BILLION times, perused the blogs silently, longed to talk with other, glad I didn't have to wait, sad I don't get the "I've loved Twilight for a 100 years card!"

    Geez... What I love the most is I've got my friends hooked and they are completely unaware of anything Twilight. So as far as they are concerned I am witty, fresh, a freaking Twilight Ninja. ;) But I know the truth...

    Okay, I'm a dork. That's enough. Love it! Reading comments above. :)

  22. OME!!! The trailer just makes it all worth while. If I could go back and do the arrived-late-on-the Twilight scene thing, I would do it all over again. It's totally worth getting the warm fuzzies all over...
    Oh and that pic of Rob is absolutely delish... Swoon worthy :)
    Got to tell you I love your blog, I laugh my ass off continuously. You are AWESOME!!!!
    I completely understand what you have been going through (and are still going through obviously. YAY US!!!!)
    I read Twilight in November of '08 and bought the second book before I could even think about finishing the first. I think I finished those books in like three or four days tops.
    So I am right there with ya STY!!!!!

  23. @Elle - right?! I got chills when I started playing that trailer again - it had been so long (and I had watched it over and over repeatedly before the movie came out!). I kinda want to find that music... Is that bad? I mean, it will give me something to listen to other than the Twilight soundtrack, right? I kid, I kid... sorta.
    Glad you are enjoying the blog - we're having fun with it and it's great for all of us to know we're not alone!
    : )

  24. Gah.. Great pics! I am a also a latecomer to the Twilife, Im a 34 yr old Aussie Mum who is super glad I am on maternity leave. More time for Twilight related activities you know..
    Recently discovered your blog and I am going back through the archives so I dont miss any of the funny shit you gals have written..LOL

  25. Some people are just crazy and obnoctius when it comes to really hott stars, but it's not that big of a deal cuz they're jus regular people and like us so they shouldn't be treated any different than normal really hott boyz!!! people should quit dreaming that Rob is gonna magically fall in love with them,even though he doesn't know them!! I'll admit I looooove Rob but some people are just too obsessed!!!! Get over a guy you probably will never know personally!!!!! And i feel sorry for Rob with all of those crazy fans and i think he would like to go out in public...... without being harrassed by papperazie and crazy lunatic fans.


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