Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Do I Love Thee, Twilight? Let Me Count the Ways...

Remember how we put together the "100-ish Ways Twilight Has Changed My Life" list because we couldn't find anything sufficiently Twilight & hundred-y to compliment our 100th blog post? Well lookie what I found! Apparently my internets searchin' skilz are right up there with the rest of my "all things technical" capabilities. Or should I say "down there" - waaaay down there - because the whole lot is in the lowest realms of the dumps.

I guess I'm actually glad that I didn't find this last month, since I'm a lazy git and would have never put the wheels in motion to create our own 100-related list had I know I could poach from elsewhere instead.

Anyway take a minute from your weekend activities to check out this list of "100 Reasons to Love Twilight" put together by Nanda Arag√£o at polyvore (just don't ask me what polyvore is, because I have no idea - my very uneducated guess is that it's some sort of a mash-up of blogging and virtual scrapbooking). I think she asked people to contribute their suggestions, and then put them all together into a series of Twi-lovey goodness (this is a blog not a research paper and the details are going to remain sketchy). Er, and in true testament to how much effort goes into putting together a list of 100 things, it looks like this project petered out at around #44...

View 'Twilight (100 Reasons)' on Polyvore

In no particular order (clearly...), here are a few of my favorites--make sure you check out the rest!

100 Reasons to love Twilight: Reason #29

100 Reason to love Twilight: Reason #23

100 Reasons to love Twilight: Reason #15

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Jenny Jerkface is off on a long weekend in New Hampshire [the home of cheap-ass liquor, btw - their state stores practically give away the hooch!] but hopefully she will be able to chime in here and there and will maybe even regale us with stories of Mini-Edward's debauchery upon her return. I happen to know that the two of them are traveling together and have been up to no good...

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now?
You know I run much faster than ML drives, right???


  1. As much as I appreciated the Why We Love Twilight, still doesn't hold a candle to the 100-ish Ways....

    I have found myself thinking of ways being Twitarded has changed my life....the movie caused an issue because whenever I hear a guy say a short "Hi" I am thrown into the images of Edward telling Bella "Hi" on the field trip (sort of smartassy, ya know).

    You guys make my day and will get me fired, but I love every minute of it. Losing the job would simply give me more time to look for vampires! Tee hee

  2. I have to admit that as my company has downsized (aka "fired a lotta people i liked") i find myself thinking about how awesome it would be if i suddenly had more time to devote to Twilight and blogging about Twilight and reading other Twilight blogs and... Well, you get the idea.

    I'll be careful what I wish for, but still...

    : )

    : )

  3. not a work day goes by where i dont think about being fired, followed by thoughts of having significantly more twilight time....especially after the husband leaves me for being fired over twilight. =)

  4. The Twitarded 100-ish list rocked way harder indeed. Do they have wi-fi access in the insane asylum? I hope so because when my family finally stages the intervention and has me committed I want to have all the time in the world to devote to all things Twilight/Rob. "There coming to take me away..hee! hee! ha! ha!"

  5. I think that if we all pool together our meager savings and the remnants of our ravaged 401ks maybe we can get ourselves a nice little community somewhere [er, how pricey is real estate in Forks?] and we can have someone to hang our RPatts posters, cook our mushroom ravioli, and decant our Vampire wine.

    Who's in???

  6. JJ better becareful and keep mini-E quiet or ML is gonna throw his plastic vampy ass out the window on the highway

    ..... hopefully she can contain his antics........

  7. @STY~~ somehow i missed ur last statment...... but im all in!! what should we name it tho? Cullenville? Twitopia?

  8. We can be like the Golden Girls but younger, OK much younger. Can I be the real sexed up one? What's her name? Blanche (I had to Google it). Oh, JJ and STY I see serious blog post potential here.

    My BFFs and I always joke that when our men kick it (statistically speaking we will outlive them) we will all move in together like the Golden Girls. Ha!

  9. Well girls, if you're looking for a cheap nice place, you should come to Mexico and start the community here. You would be more than welcomed! Of course if you want "Forksy" weather, will have to find another location.
    And yes, your list is much, much better...

  10. Forwhatitsworth NYC has rained ALL fecking summer. Honestly far more Fork-esque than big sweltering urban sprawl. I say set up the community here- cuz I'm lazy, and after the comments a couple of posts ago the liquor laws in a lot of places near you people are nothing short of terrifying.

    That list seems far too vanilla for my taste. Not nearly enough talk of lemons and booze and debauchery (as I write this in bed, on my iPhone, cuz laymee and I got home several hours ago after too much imbibing and not enough sleep....why can't I sleep again?!?!)

  11. I'm in for the community. Where's cheap and close to vampires?

  12. I am actually making a list of "twilight related ways" to get my friend fired.
    1) spray paint team jacob on all her clothes
    2) "drive like a cullen" into her car
    3) show up at her office claiming to be her long lost daughter "Nessie"
    4)prank call her office pretending to be various Cullens/Hales.
    The list goes on and on.........

  13. I know this may be a bit overdone and obvious, but wouldn't we start our Twi-commune/cult in Forks?

    STY, I think it's definitely worth my life savings and retirement to live among other Twitards and hunt for vampires....I see nothing wrong with that at all...

    Other Twi-ways to get at the receptionist's desk and leave HUGE posters of Robward where anyone that can come in and see it.

    Re-name all co-workers after Twilight characters and address them by their new names in emails, in person, inter-office memos, etc.

    Not that I ahve thought about it at all.

  14. Let's just say that there was a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a school bus and a beautiful outdoor wedding involved in the various debauchery mini Edward and I have been having this weekend.

    And I'm definitely down for a Twi compound!! Can we have a theater that plays nothing but Twilight movies, youtube clips and any other movie that RPattz has been in?

    Hmm, what could we call it? I like the idea of Twitopia. Twilantis?

  15. @JJ--Since I think you and STY would unanimously be voted in as co-mayors of Twitopia (Twilantis made me think of Mylanta for some reason) I think you could make whatever executive decision you want in regard to said movie theater in the compound. BTW--porperty is cheap in and near Forks....I don't think that will be changing anytime your pennies!

    Glad to hear that you are having a lovely weekend.

  16. Can't wait to hear all the PE adventures.. haha

    Oh yes, 'Twiville' would be complete OCD Twilighters heaven. Could you imagine? We would have to drug the DH/SO's just to visit. Bloody fab!

    Off to a 7 yr old birthday party will have to get the hip flask out and fill it to the top with some sort of alcohol, oh and the Ipod is great instead of earplugs, wish me luck!

    Hope you are doing ok STY without the ying to your yang...


  17. Hmm, I like the idea of a twi-community.
    Could the members of the portuguese twivillage visit yours and vice-versa? It would a wonderfull vacations where you know you have everything in common with the locals!

  18. Sorry, it was suposed to read "It would be a wonderfull..."
    I'm just too tired :)

  19. I am definitely in for the Twi community! I would love spending my days with a wonderful group of Twitards. I'm still in the Twi-closet (although I did buy a Mini E today), so being able to openly discuss Twilight - perfect!

  20. Hey Amber, its Melissa! I am so in for a Twi-compound:) My children are young at this point, but I can summer there and visit a few times a year. Full time residency in about 13 years. It would be nice to live out in the open (must be how the Cullens feel!)

  21. @Limey--Love 'Twiville' even better than 'Twitopia' (no offense JJ--I heart you)--OK I like them both but I think 'Twiville' is more Olynpic Peninsula friendly. They don't like those tree hugger hippy types much out there in logging land....we gotta stay tight with the locals ya know.

  22. lol #18 will have to become my mantra for dating ;)

  23. The Twitarded 100-ish list rocked way harder indeed. Do they have wi-fi access in the insane asylum? I hope so because when my family finally stages the intervention and has me committed I want to have all the time in the world to devote to all things Twilight/Rob. "There coming to take me away..hee! hee! ha! ha!"


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