Sunday, August 23, 2009

And On The Seventh Day, There Was Eye Candy

Since we've been on a Robsten bender this week and also because we're still working on our "Twilight in the City" recap [um, and trying to figure out how to give our livers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation], I figured I'd track down a suitable video for a weekend installment of eye-candy. I know, I know, we usually stick to non-Kristen stuff here but I gotta admit, she's growing on me despite myself...

The song's a little peppy/poppy for my taste (especially since it's still morning here in Joisey - or at least it was when I started this) but the title and lyrics had me cracking up!

[Note from JJ: That song is the most annoying noise I have ever heard. I went into a fucking seizure because of it.]

And even though you have to wade through a LOT of really awful crap to find a genuinely good RobPorn video (plus I got sidetracked watching Joy Division and Nouvelle Vague videos), I took one for Team Twitarded and tracked down the video below. It might be one you've seen before because it's by the talented petitbiel (or just "Biel") who has made some amazing RPatts-a-licious vids (including the three-part "100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Sexy Bliss" series that we all know and love), but I hadn't seen this one before. And besides, I love the Radiohead song she uses and I figure it kind of atones for the song in that first video. I hope.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. There's lots of Robby goodness in the first one. However you must turn the volume down to be able to see it, otherwise you bleed from the eyes and ears.

    Second one rocks! ;)

  2. What a lovely Sunday! You are right about the music in the first one ... although I like the message!
    Second one was great and I craved more, I revisited Biel's part 1, 2 & 3. (You know you are obsessed when ... you have to pee really bad but can't stop watching so you carry your laptop to the bathroom, set it on the floor, adjust the screen so you can keep watching while you pee! Oh, I am so Twitarded).

  3. oh i love me the videos but damn that song ISSSSS annoying - i couldn't do it! But I LOVED The Thinking About YOU video..great soing...Rob is such a feast! watching video of him just being him always makes me smile..along time. I hope hope hope he doesn't lose that as he gets older and more stalked (could he be anymore stalked?). thank you for the yuimminess!

  4. When I hit play on that first video, my dog started barking. No shit.

    I turned the sound off and watched anyway...!

  5. Well, I laughed at the first 15 seconds of the Shut And Sleep With Me . . . and then killed it dead at 90 seconds in. How could you survive that in the a.m.? Ears of titanium, sheesh.

  6. Wow the song in the first one sucks.
    I like ogling Rob as much as the next woman, but my net connection sucks balls so I never bother with YouTube. I know, I'm missing out on all the Robbly goodness. What can I say? Country life stinks. In more ways than one during fertilizer season.

    Anyway, thanks for the effort! The few seconds I sat through before getting bored of waiting were great.

  7. Usually when I’m visiting Twitarded, the kids are either gone or asleep, but twice now they’ve snuck up behind me to see what I’m doing and got an eyeful. Yesterday, I was looking on the Café Press stuff and clicked “back” and it went back to the T-shirt on the blog that says “I want to lick your vampcicle.” I didn’t realize my 9 yo was behind me and she quickly read it and goes, “I don’t get it…” I said, “That’s a good thing,” and closed the site and got up from the computer. She never brought it back up. Whew!
    Then today, I had headphones on and was watching the first video (that song really sucks, btw, but I made it all the way through!) and my 6 yo comes up and says “Whoa!” It was on the pic at 1:35. I agreed wholeheartedly. Sometimes, I can be so proud of my girls! Even if my oldest is all “Team Jacob!”

  8. Wanted to say Hi to my Twitardy friends. Shitty day today. It's nice to get outta my head for awhile and look at something pretty. :D. Thanks for the beautiful distraction. You never disappoint. Just discovered the beautiful bastard about a week ago (Fanfic: The Office). That's quite a distraction too. :D

  9. Oh my goodness the noise of the first vid almost...I said almost took away from 'the pretty'!

    But the 2nd vid! Oh Lawd!!! I *sighed* when it end....and then hit REPLAY! I'm so smitten.

    (Love the tittle of this blog post!)

  10. LOL the first video had to go on mute mode for viewing after 12 seconds. Speaking of this fine state, are you girls going to Twi/Tour?

  11. Thank you @STY! Hope your weekend was very twitarded. Yes, the first song does suck and he had me at the first "shut up"...Argghh! :)
    I'm taking a break today from my love of vampires (Edward) to be sucked into the world of Aliens (District 9) We'll see if I survive the two hour movie. Wish me luck.

  12. Hi Ladies.

    Agree with mind altering song in no 1...WHO comes up with these,albeit the sentiment is rock solid.

    Sunday is twilight quasi rest. ..DH is home and after 6 days of goggling at Rpatz my eyes are bloody sore.---I have to find those eye drops again..

    I swear I have only ever seen one pic of Rpatz that was not cute..and it seemed to have been taken a few years ago and he was in a salvation army type suit and sneakers...the 10,000 others are perfect.

    until tomorrow.


    Love the word verification....snoidoxe

  13. Sorry, I couldn't watch 2 seconds of the first video because of the song. It offended my senses, however, I heart Biel!

  14. ears are bleeediiingg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think there is something really wrong with me because I think I am the only person on the planet who doesn't get all giddy at the idea of Rob and Kirsten actually really going at it - so I didn't even bother watching the first one just because of the title. In fact, it ruins it a bit for me. I am such a loser. I need your help, my Twitarded sisters, to get me back on the swoon-wagon stat! Sister Snarky will understand, won't she??!?!? I am anxious for you NY posts and missed you both! Thanks, as ever, for the fun!

  16. Holy shit! I am back from camping and I am fucking tired and hungover and that first video nearly put me over the edge! It would have been wise for the vid creator to shorten by about two plus minutes. The second video made me go to mush and wish like hell my children would put themselves to bed so I can slip into Twifanfic land sooner.

    Love Joy Division--I was just thinking that would be a good song to attach to some Twivid or PE vid. STY are you in my head again? I swear there is some psychic sista thing going on here.

    Gotta go ready the wee VitaminRs for bed.

  17. I had to turn the sound off on the first one...I've heard those words way too many times over the yrs ::sigh:: and am still single. Oh well, ty for shuffling thru all the crap videoes for these.

  18. Ok, who am I kidding? That second video made me weak in the knees. There's something about watching that man move around that just makes me giddy. So yes, thanks for the Sunday night delight.

  19. I couldn't even finish watching the first video, the song was that bad. I even tried watching on mute but gave up... was it good? But the second video... oh Biel... such a fucking genius! Way to start off my Monday morning... like I wasn't going to useless enough today, now I have Rob on the brain and I'm done!

  20. mixing radiohead and rob is criminal; in a really delicious, send-me-over-the-edge kind of way.

    i don't know why everyone's bagging on the song in the first video. i mean shit, i love that song. in FACT, i habitually carry around a boom box when i go out to bars, so that when i meet sexy men i can just hit 'play' on my boom box and my fav song comes on and lets them know exactly how i feel. SHUT UP AND SLEEP WITH ME. i mean, what more is there to say?

  21. Sigh. I could just stare at videos of Rob all day... Well, now I'm in the "zone" and there's no hope of getting any work done today (yes, I'm easily distracted and apparently require constant supervision)

    I got my Twitarded buttons in the mail today and they are so freakin' cute. Thanks!!

    (veri word: saxlymp)


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