Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dakota Fanning Lookin' All Growns Up in NYT Fall Style Magazine!

I know that we don't really do Twilight news here at Twitarded (unless you consider "Robert Pattinson is HAWT!!!" or "New Moon Movie Makes Me Go "SQUEEE!!!" to be breaking stories), but I was just flipping through the New York Times Style Magazine in between doing bloggy stuff and catching up on emails (yeah, that's my lame attempt at multi-tasking) when I stumbled upon these drop-dead-gorgeous photos of Dakota Fanning - and really, they just knocked my socks off. She seems like she's got real staying power and is going to be one of the few who makes the transition from "child star" to "Star" and does it gracefully, which is more that I can say for many young wanna-bes (I'm lookin' at you, Lindsey Lohan - go away already, ok?). Even when she was younger, it was clear she was talented - I saw her in "War of the Worlds," and although I think her only oft-repeated line in the movie was "SCREEEEEEEEEEECH!!!!," I was still impressed. Which says a lot, because I'm generally in agreement with W.C. Fields on the whole "never work with children or animals" thing.

Here's a blurb and I've scanned the photos below (that's right - Twitaded's first bloggy scoop! Woooo!!), but you can read the whole interview at the NYT's website!

Drama Teen

Photographs by Mark Segal

Dakota Fanning is so self-possessed and so articulate that the only reminder you’re speaking with a 15-year-old and not someone much older is her occasional tendency to giggle when she’s sharing some droll aspect of her life.

Such a life. With the camera running, Fanning has been kidnapped, beaten, covered with live snakes, sexually assaulted and menaced by beings human and not.

When I was being lazy and seeing if anyone else had the images that I could just copy (they didn't), I noticed that The Frisky also covered this story (and if you haven't checked out The Frisky, you should!) -

Image from The Frisky.

The fall fashion issue of the New York Times’ T Magazine boasts a stunning spread of 15-year-old Dakota Fanning. Dressed in nude, brown, and cream colors, the star’s monochromatic style is super luxe and features Dior, Lanvin, and Chanel. The actress attends private school, is a cheerleader, and has an obsession with Marni platforms. While she may be growing up into a highbrow celeb, she’s still an adolescent: “[She’s] pleased to exercise the prerogative that states that for a period in one’s life, a particular pair of shoes—or a bag or a boy, for that matter—can be perfect in every respect and should be worn (or phoned) every day.” Of course, if we had a closet full of Marni pumps, we’d be wearing them every day with as much youthful zeal. [New York Times]


  1. She is so talented! I love her! Those pictures are great! (I can't seem to lace the exclamation points any less...)

    I was very excited when they tapped her to play Jane of the Volturi, but, then, was a bit concerned when I saw some pictures of her on set

    as the pulled back hair and ammount of makeup they smear on her makes her look older. I thought it would have been better with her hair down. Then I started thinking about it and decided that maybe Jane would try to look older.

    Mostly, just can't wait for New Moon!!!

  2. I think she is fabulous. I am a bit partial too because many people have told me my 7 year old daughter looks a lot like her. I have always been pleased that they picked her to play Jane--I think she will be great.

    Veriword 'ovenclat'--just guess how I might have misread that one? Yup, mind in the gutter.

  3. Dakota Fanning is growing up so well. I like that she appears so down to earth. She's going to make an excellent Jane.

    I feel that that whole crop of young actresses (i.e. Dakota Fanning, Abigail Breslin, Anna-Sophia Robb) is so talented and self assured. Good for them :)

  4. Love the pics...just wanted to say that my company actually blocks The

  5. Love her!
    (err...that first picture, she looks like she has a pogo leg...)

  6. Some people thought that because Dakota got cast in New Moon, that that made the movie legit (as if it wasn't already!), but I can understand why. I think she's in a rare league--seriously talented, and has her head above young Hollywood antics. I could see why Kristen and her get along.

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  8. I am so excited they cast her as Jane. I think she's going to be perfect. And she's freaking gorgeous.


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