Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gratuitous Robert Pattinson "SQUEEE!!!" Fodder

That shirt, those jeans, that slightly-unbuttoned fly...uhuhuhuhu...

Yay! It's Saturday, and like all those other days ending in "Y" that means it's a GREAT day for some gratuitous Robert Pattinson eye-candy! If there's a better way to spend a Saturday morning, I haven't found it yet...

Because you can never have too many good RPatts videos to choose from, check this one out, too! Featuring Rob & his most favoritest thing in the world, his Stoli vodka t-shirt [note to JJ - can you get this for me for my b-day? please? preferably with him still in it but I'll settle for just the shirt if that's the best you can do]. I kinda maybe messed this one up a tiny bit trying to disable the "AutoPlay" feature but frankly it's too early for spontaneously-starting music imho so it had to be done...

There was another zexy "Rob & His Fave Tee" video I wanted to share, but it can't be copied from YouTube, so if you're like me and haven't had enough just yet, go here and check it out!

And if you REALLY have some time to kill and want to space out to some "vintage Rob," take a lookie at the video below... For the sake of full disclosure, this one's long, the quality is kinda crappy, and some of the footage is from Harry Potter-related stuff [the whole Hogwarts/schoolboy thing makes me feel a little pervy but not enough to stop watching], but it's chock-full of "Adorkable RPatts" moments that'll just charms your pants off (not that this likely requires much effort, but still). I watched this periodically throughout the day yesterday and it was the perfect antidote for crabby clients and excessive paperwork! So, say the kids being cranky? DH having another hissy over your decision to redecorate the house with RPatts posters and Twilight merch??? Watch a few minutes of "Giddy Rob" and you'll feel better!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. holy crap! Its about freakin time that a video of Rob pics set to sex on fire popped up! I was seriously thinking of making one but I don't have mad skillz in that department.

    Every time I see a pics of rpattz that song plays in my head lol ;) I heart the kings

  2. I'm total sadface overhere. It beyond sucks that I have to work today and on top of that, your vids are blocked from my viewing pleasure.

    did you see moon's scoop on ROBSTEN? Oh, yeah. It's on like donkey kong.

    have a good weekend girls.

  3. Holy hell fire! I agree with SixPack. It was about time that someone put clips to that song. It suits him down to a tee

  4. Holy FUCK! So I just watched the first one... gotta sneak it it when I can - don't want to get caught by the hubby. I'm like a sad little crack whore who just turned a trick for a fix and I'm hiding in the corner... getting wasted!! *wrings hands nervously*

    That boy should be ILLEGAL! He should come with a warning tattooed on his forehead.

    CAUTION: WILL cause panties to disintegrate instantaneously!

  5. Right?! I KNEW it had to be out there - how could it NOT be? And there. it. is. Yay! I love a happy ending...

    Er, and Christina, please make sure you come back later when you are safely at home and not worky jerk-types are blocking your Robert Pattinson goodness. (How DARE they?!)

    : )

  6. You know i'll be back, I tried to check it on my icrack but i forgot to charge the mo fo. dammit.

    you guys must see this pic.
    manipulated of course, but who the Fuck cares!!!!!!

    @twi crack addict.


  7. @Christina I saw that picture this morning and my reaction was just the same now as it was then!

    *hits the floor with a thud*

  8. Damn. That video/song was yummy.

    I have a T-shirt confession to make. A few months ago a black v-neck T ended up in my laundry (came back with my daughter's clothes I think from a sleepover or camp trip - she's 7, btw and it's a woman's shirt). When I saw the pic of Rob in the same black T, ray-bans and button-flys – I stopped trying to find out who it belongs to. It's fucking mine now and I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I wear it.

  9. Erg!!! those pictures of him at Richards on Richards in Vancouver makes me soooo sad! My friend had inside info that he was going to be there that night and i decided NOT to go!!!!! She got introduced cause shes friends with Sam Bradley!!!!! I missed my chance to meet and grope Rpatz!!!!!!!! But thanks for the videos none the less! They always make my day!

  10. JJ and STY you are totally my dealers. My name comes from the day I was so badly in need of a fix that I had to cross the line from casual observer to something that required me to create a user ID. Don't remember what it was. It all happened so fast. I don't know how or when I became a Raging Roboholic. I can't even admit it to anyone but my peeps. I barely admit it to myself. :D

    word verif: burns
    (hell yah)

  11. know it's nearly two o'clock but I just finished my first cup of coffee as I watched this and nearly drooled all of it down my chin.

    All I'm saying is I got a tweet from STY saying something along the lines of 'how's that shot of whiskey feelin'now, killer?' so I'm a little slow.

    He is insanely good looking. I think I just discovered the best hangover cure EVER.

  12. best 3:23 of my day!
    thank you Jesus for Cannes, The Sex Drive premiere and Rob.

  13. "Raging Roboholic" - lol!!!

    Oh and if I found a shirt that looked like the one Rob has on in "THAT" pic w/ the Ray Bans & jeans (and I know EXACTLY what one you are talking about - it is etched into my corneas practically because I have stared at it so much!) I would totally pinch it, too. Finders keepers - especially in the laundry room...

    : )

    JJ - YOU'RE ALIVE!!! thank goodness... We have to have the "How NOT to mix your alcohols" conversation today, ok? Because I thought you were a little more of a pro until you up and went all amateur on me last night - lol...

  14. Hi my name is Jenny and I'm a Roboholic... lol.

    @STY - WHY did you allow me to drink WHISKEY?! How could you?!

    ha ha ha. I blame it on the non-Twi friend who was over last night. She's a bad bad influence...

  15. @JJ WHISKEY IS EVIL! Why would you even go NEAR it? It burns my nose like fuck when someone even opens a bottle of the damn stuff

    And now thanks to this blog, I've spent most of the day robbing the internet blind of all the Robward pictures I can find :P

  16. I'll drink to that....

    My name is Latchkey Wife and I'm a Roboholic too!!

    Well, isn't the first step to recovery actually admitting you have a problem? Problem is, I don't want to recover!!

    I can't get on Twitter... is Twitter dead again today?

  17. @Shiny Volvo Owner - inevitably, any night that involves whiskey is usually an absolute debacle.

    However, last night we ordered Fat Cats in the wee hours of the morning and I was talking to the delivery guy (okay, slurring) when his eyes got all wide and he started backing away. I turned around and my non-Twi friend was pretending that FSE was walking out the door with the money for food. Scared the piss out of him... fun times!

  18. @JJ I hope you know that I can't actually breath right now due to laughing so hard. That must have been fucking hilarious to see! Poor delivery guy!

    @LKW It's been a bitch all day. I can't log on using IE but when I use firefox, I can log on just not Tweet :(

  19. Um, JJ's Non-Twi-Friend IS t-r-o-u-b-l-e - long after Mr. Snarky and I had tottered home, those two ended up ordering laaaate-nite take-out [one of the good/bad things about living near a college town is that there's always someone willing to deliver you a huge sack of hot greasy food at 2 a.m.] and when the delivery guy showed up, Non-Twi-Friend almost frightened him to death by answering the door with FSE... And jftr I was having lunch with the in-laws when JJ finally came to and decided to relay this bit of information to me via text...and I lost it and ended up having to explain what "FSE" is (and why I own one) to my MIL, FIL & SIL (they never thought I was normal, anyway, but they're good sports).

  20. Alls I have to say is ROFLMAO!
    I'm literally sat on the floor, laughing real hard while typing this.
    You should SO turn that event into a blog post!

    Frieste: A combination and fried and taystee!

  21. @STY - Good luck getting the Stoli shirt for your b-day!

    I've been looking EVERYWHERE online for it and the closest I get is a version written in English. I don't believe the Russian one exists anymore.

    I had wanted to wear that shirt to New Moon. :(

  22. Second-hand FSE story almost as good as pictures! Laughed out loud first time today (I had something called pomegranate martinis last night - tasted like something that should come in a juice box with a straw and a cartoon character. Seriously, wine hangovers are sooo much more predictable and manageable.) You should keep a camera and/or camcorder near the Edwards at all times. Just. In. Case.

    Word verif: noncocyt... I don't even have to say anything, right?

  23. I attempted to watch this first thing this morning, but was heckeled by the S.O. until I yelled "This is my brain porn...looking for car parts is yours so back off..."...and then started it all over again - uninterrupted!! Hoooooooooootttttttttttttttttness!

    Thats going to be on replay all day in my head! Thanks guys!! xx

  24. Snarky are you psychic? My DH just had another hissy over the Twilight addiction. He's the one that got me the Edward poster that hangs in the laundry room. WTF!?!

  25. When is the next chapter going up for 15 Step? I need a fix!!

  26. .....FSE walking out the door to pay delivery food take out guy.....(imagining the delivery food guy grabbing his money and gettin the hell outta there as fast and as far as he can).

    Ahahaha.......I'm literally LOLing outloud (redundant I know)
    everytime I read that !!

  27. i've been mia from the comp all day...... had a grad party to go to, and went out to the club with sum i am thankful that when i get home and am all buzzed and in need of eye candy since the guys out left something to be desired, i get all this rob stuff............. thank u!!!

  28. Had to watch this stuff again this morning... such a nice way to start the day off! And I love that the second video is a KofL song too! I never got a chance to watch yesterday!

    Robert Pattinson is like a fine wine... he just gets keeps getting better with age. (Now if he could just catch up with me, I'd be all set!)

  29. @Latchkey Wife"... he just gets keeps getting better with age. (Now if he could just catch up with me, I'd be all set!)"

    I have to agree with you LW. I've always thought men were sexiest in their 30's. Then one fleeting second after my mind begins to enjoy THAT visual, I suddenly realize how old I will be by the time he hits 30 and I feel quite like Bella seeing her grandmother in the mirror....ugh...kill me now...

  30. Love the videos. I had to make one to the song Venus as a Boy because the lyrics are so perfect. Have you seen the video Fire Crotch made for Jackson Rathbone? It's awesome!

  31. Finally after a hard day of stitting on my ass and bloghoppingcommenting on twi blogs all day at work, I got home and watched it. Luckily for vid#1 i was wearing flame retardant chonies. hotness.

    I loved all the adorkable moments in vid#2..spesh when he says "sort of." suhtuf. That is the way I'll say it from now on.

  32. Rob video set to Kings: Check.

    Hubby at work: Check.

    Replay video 6 times: Check.

    video at 1 min 37 seconds in and 2minutes 45 seconds in. thats all i gotta say.


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