Saturday, August 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson Weekender Edition

Yay! It's the weekend again and of course it's flying by at a speed that Monday through Friday never achieve... So let's make the most of it by parking ourselves in front of our interwebs-friendly device of choice and drooling over our favorite inexplicably appealing man-crush! Seriously--what IS it with him?!? I may have to seek professional help soon... And by "soon" I mean "in two or three years after all the movies have come out and my life has fallen to pieces even more than it has already as a result of my Twilight/Robward obsession..."

First up is a video with "Scruffy Rob" for JJ and some shots of "Book-Signing Rob" for our pal Katherine [I won't call her "TT" again because apparently this is slang for "pee" in some parts - who knew?!]. Swoon...

What's that you say? You need more? Good - me, too.

I also found a great assortment of Rob video goodness over at Random Acts of Rob - this is one they link to - I can't embed it here but trust me: go watch this - it's all pics of "Rome Rob" and the creator of the video says it best:
This is a vid with nothing but Rome Rob pictures and video. I love Rome Rob he looks likes he just got shagged in the limo on the way to the festival LOL SEXHAIR

Clicky here to go! But please come back! We'll miss you!

The Lady GaGa "Disco Stick" video is awesome too (and hells yeah I wanna take a spin on that thang!) but I have to admit I am distracted by whatever movie poster he is standing in front of in most of the shots. Yes, it takes a LOT to distract me from RPattz's smoldering gaze, but apparently a guy wearing a "donut with sprinkles" costume does the trick. Maybe because I haven't eaten breakfast and I am starving at this moment? Hmmmm...

Anyway, I think that Late2thePartee is my new YouTube bff because her videos are awesome!

Check it [warning! panty explosion alert!!!]

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Ugh... I'm.. what... Where the hell am I? What's my name?
    Oh god. Brain has turned to mush and I think my panties exploded...
    Thanks for the weekend kick off STY

  2. Wow, this post made me feel dirrrty - and I like it!
    - Lorabell :D

  3. "Woohooo" *swiveling hips while throwing arms in the air* I like the second video. Fuck yeah Berlin! The song is sooo perfect but I'm also hyper because I just drank lot's of coffee. I may have to steal this link and send to my friends.

  4. Do I dare to watch these videos with DH lurking in the next room? Nope, big chicken shit that I am! I'll watch them later. Nice job with getting those merch banners up and running. I'm wondering... do you think I need to put a warning on my blog too about mature content? Hmmmm....

  5. I refuse to put one of the Blogger "Must Be 18 to Enter" warnings on our blog because I just don't think we're THAT dirty. I mean, relative to what's out there in general, we're not so bad! Right? Right??? But JJ had been thinkin' about the token warning for some time now and because we happen to know that there are ten-year-olds (-ish) lurking abound here every once in a while, we thought it would ease our collective conscience to slap SOMETHING on there so save the kiddies! Not that an explicit warning is going to do a lick of good in that department, but whatever it takes to sleep at night, right???

    Hope you ladies [er, consults Creative Cursing book - Muff Rags! - enjoy the Robward goodness! He makes me weak... WTF is it with him?! I don't even think I crushed this hard when I was a wee lass!

    @Lorabell - we aim to please! You dirty Tit Monkey...

    : )

  6. That was amazing. I adore Rome Rob, and you are right about the "limo look".

    I have no idea why I am so fixated on this man,..young man, but I will enjoy the fixation while it lasts.

    I mean, is there anything on this man that is NOT great looking? How can one human being have so many gifts???

    The warning in my opinion will only bring the 10 year olds in droves....much like when I was 13 and the Happy Hooker Book made its way around the school, nothing like warnings to make them curious, but enjoy your sleep...LOL

    Thanks again for the tasty rob morsels you provide us with...



    oh my effing gawd..i dont know if you have posted this in the past but hur ya go ladys

  8. There is something about a scruffy Rob that makes my insides all mushy.

    @Jaima - I'm sure most peeps will totally ignore it but we figure it's more like a 'we warned you' should any of these parents figure out what the fuck their kid is reading. LOL!

  9. JJ- You are totally right, I forgot about the parents who are supposed to be supervising their children while they are on the internet(snicker)....

    I sent you a couple of Rob pics...


  10. oops--anonymous..Yes, I spend 10:34 there DAILY!!!


  11. @Snarky- Thanks for the exposure to the Lovegame vid. I love that I now have a wonderful visual to go with it. However, you focus on the damn donut dude. I focused on the fact that besides him just oozing schmexiness the billboard was literally screaming SEX while he stood in front of it.

  12. Seriously, what is it about him that makes him so damn hot?! I usually go for kinda odd-looking guys eg. Chris Cornell - he may be a complete tool, but he makes me melt. That voice, those eyes...*drools* Ahem.

    Anyway, it's not like me to have such a HUGE crush on someone that tweenagers go 'squee' over. Seriously, Zac Efron does nothing for me. I wouldn't say no, but that's just because I'm single and horny.

    For Rob, however, I might even kick Chris to the curb. Mostly because Rob seems to actually be a nice guy and CC is such an asshole I'd have to gag him before I'd shag him. Okay I'm done ranting. And rhyming.

  13. OMG, a new lip bitey pic (1:20 in the first vid). Not quite as good as my fave, but still pretty good. Of course anything of Rob is, at the very least, pretty good! Enough to make me go SQUEEEE!

    @ Latchkey – In the same room as me are my hubby, 3 daughters and 2 of my nieces and I watched the videos! C’mon, chicken!
    @ JJ & STY – Love that you crossed out mature in the warning!

    @ Jaima – I thought the same thing about the younger kids wanting to check it out since there was a warning. I’ve began to wonder if my 9 yo doesn’t peek when I’m not really paying attention to what she’s doing on her computer time. It could be much, much worse, though…and I do let her see some of the stuff, like the Alex Meraz vid, over and over. She kept saying, look at his 6 pack!
    Is it me, or does Rob look extremely young in the Lady Gaga video? Not that it’s a bad thing, just makes me feel a tiny bit pervy…Like I’m not a big perv anyway.
    @ Banshee – I’ve been wondering exactly what it is about him as well…don’t know what it is, but I like it!

    VW - greedi - yep, greedi for more Robby Goodness!

  14. OMG--the Berlin one was all hot WIN in my book. I was just thinking the other day that some good old 80's sexed up love songs would go nicely with some hot Rob footage--whudda ya know it has been done. Thanks STY. Me heart scruffy Rob the bestest too JJ---damn!

    Mmmm, I think after viewing those it is a good thing that the husband is in the next room....and the kids are in bed....and I have had three beers and, do I have Berlin on the iPod? hmmm, kay bye!

  15. @Banshee713 I couldn't agree more! I love Chris Cornell, when he bodysurfed on me at the House of Blues, Anaheim goes down as the best moment in my life - uh, after the birth of my children. RPattz makes me melt, and I flatline when it comes to Zac Efron. Everyone in the house is asleep but me, perfect time to watch those lovely videos. Thanks in advance for sweet dreams..zzz

  16. OME @ anon - nope I have never seen that!!! I was gonna sit here and type some stuff and maybe start getting ready for our annual block party that starts in an hour of so but now i am just going to stare at the computer for a while and maybe lick it here and there for good measure. Or at least I won't be able to control myself...

    So thanks!!! : )

    And if the rest of you have twn minutes to kill in the best best best possible way ever, I highly recommend that you go and check out that video link above! Or maybe I will just post it... Can't think for some reason... I wonder why... Gah...

    P.S. I don't think I could possibly been more jealous of another person than I am when I see Kristen Stewart with her finger twirling around in Robward's mouth in that deleted/extended scene on the Twilight DVD. Oh. My. Gawd. [fans self, goes to get paper towels to clean up drooly bits on keyboard...]

  17. @Z Any Mouse:
    I. Am. So. Fucking. JEALOUS!!!
    Was he topless washewashewashewashe?! Sorry. Like I said, single and horny. I really wish he was still with Soundgarden or Audioslave instead of that hip-hop crap he's doing now. Oh well. "Black hole sun, won't you come..."
    Mmm, classic Chris.

  18. Oh linked to "Wide Awake" and on went to the site on is now Monday, and I am completely sleep deprived (how appropriate) - what an amazing story!


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